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Fundraising ThermometerA truly alternative media is a truly independent media: independent of foundation mega-bucks, independent of corporate-sponsors and billionaire Sugar-Daddies, and independent of mega-advertisement dollars. There is only ONE way for a truly independent alternative to exist, survive, continue and expand: The People- direct contributions, subscriptions and donations by the people.

Without the people’s support there will never be a true alternative.Thus, it is up to the people to decide and take steps to support the real independent and counter the mega establishment and its Dumb-ification of the Masses.

For over four years Boiling Frogs Post producers, authors, reporters and analysts have been presenting you with untainted, bold, independent and nonpartisan facts and discussions through original video reports, podcast shows and commentaries, editorial cartoons, news, articles and analyses. We believe we have been effective: we have been shining the light on the truth, and have been irritating the powers and their puppetries. We have expanded our team and coverage. And, we have accomplished this through one source (and one source only) – You and your support.

This quarter, as before, we are depending on you. Please take a stand and make a statement today by supporting a real alternative. You can, and here is how:

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You can make a one-time contribution to support our team and projects. Those of you who do not wish to subscribe to our multimedia projects or commit to recurring annual- monthly payments but want to support our team, our news, editorials, commentaries, political cartoons, and other features provided by BFP can make a one-time contribution. You can contribute by Credit Card here:


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  1. Please take a look at this interview of Sibel, done by James Corbett, from just over a year ago. Sibel and James do a nice job describing Boiling Frogs Post and some of the motivation behind its creation and the successes and accomplishments that we can share as supporters of this site. Supporting BFP is one of the most effective forms of activism available to any rational, serious human being, who cares about liberty, justice, and accountability. We are witnessing and contributing to a truly histiric endeavor, that is already making the establishment nervous and spearheading a change in the paradigm of truly independent journalism.

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