The EyeOpener Report- WARNING: Nullification is Catching On! Be Afraid! brings you a public service announcement warning of the dangers of a new idea to stop NSA spying, put a curb on federal government overreach, and bring back slavery and civil war: nullification! Whatever you do DON'T look into this issue for yourself, just trust the likes of Rachel Maddow to keep you informed on this subject, and remember: you're with the federal government, or you're with the terrorists!

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  1. Mgrdichian says:

    you forgot to mention racism.

  2. donilo252525 says:

    Ha! Another great video James! Idea: If you haven’t already done this, how about considering a splice-up job comparing Maddow to Fox News bits. I haven’t watched her for some years now, and when I was your clips in this nullification story I was impressed by how much she has “devolved” into the Fox format.

    I used to send her emails about how disappointed I was in her various positions – they seemed in direct conflict with earlier ones she stood by in her earlier radio years. But now she has succeeded in taking away that disappointment and changing it into disgust.

    You seem to have a special talent for this video medium. Congratulations on your ability to connect very directly with the public. Humor and sarcasm can work if handled correctly. You have the knack of doing that.


  3. donilo252525 says:

    P.S. to BFP

    Is there an “edit” feature with these comments so that I might correct some typos, unintended omissions, and just plain bad grammar? It would be great to be able to edit them out – especially when I’m posting late at night 😉


  4. mariotrevi says:

    I suppose many readers here know of the Onion fake-news website. It has a humorous side. The same is true for the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. So I agree with donilo252525 that humor and satire can work if done well.

  5. dutchbradt says:

    Aside from the fact that it invites legal chaos, the problem with nullification is that it conflicts with the supremacy clause of the US constitution. Allowing states to nullify the Civil Rights Act or the Voting Rights Act would have been a disaster. We need to think long and hard about heading down the slippery slope of nullifying unpopular (and unjust ) laws. I think it would be better for state legislatures to focus on pressuring their congressional delegations to amend or repeal those federal laws that they find onerous, and in the future to provide more guidance to congress critters as to the state’s views on proposed legislation.

  6. There was some discussion about driving for a solution – but no apparent solution exists right now to confront the corrupt government. Could massive, peaceful, public demonstrations have an effect? They worked to get the 40 hr work week, womens’ voting rights, civil rights, and possibly even ending the Vietnam War when government arrogance like at Kent State became so visible. In each case, voting could not bring change but the demonstrations apparently did. There are really only two ways for the public to hold an elected official accountable, either the regularly scheduled vote or a recall. Since the elections are now a sham, with candidates following the money not their voters, only a recall remains. If public demonstrations catch on then getting enough signatures for a recall becomes much easier. If enough recalls get initiated the others must recognize they could also be at risk.

    I believe this alternative has been recognized and that is why (from anecdotal evidence across quite a few demonstrations) any violence typically arises from an informant, because any violence during the demonstration can be manipulated as an incompetent, rowdy brawl, thereby lessening the impact of whatever numbers are present. WI Governor Walker was heard to consider putting troublemakers in the crowd to discredit them, during the large 2011 protests.

    Even with that, is the idea valid in the context of 2014 politics?

  7. In reality the citizens , as per the Tenth Amendment, can propose all sorts of things. Of course some things are too ridiculous–new confederate money, allowing dolphins to vote, burning all comic books, etc.–they will never make it out of a state’s own Assembly(I say this with a minor concern about certain southern states).
    Using the Tenth Amendment, however, to stop federal spying on citizens, stopping the federal avalanche of aspects of militant police as growth industry, the prison industry, forbidding fracking, EPA violations and on and on–I say use that Tenth Amendment baby!
    Of course, now in Fascist America, any thing which is actually good for people in a state or states and will be supported by the Tenth Amendment, will automatically wind up in the Supreme Court–which, as per the plan, is stacked! The thrust of the Supreme Court’s defense will come from their interpretation of Article VI of the Constitution whereby the Constitution basically defines itself as “the supreme Law of the Land”. Reality is a bitch and freedom is a struggle–know what to expect. We used to yell “Power to the people!” Now that I’m slightly wiser and much older I utter “Power to the people who have empathy!”
    I do feel that this good intentioned, anti-fascist quasi-movement must keep on pushin’!

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