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  1. Thanks, Paul. With that, was in Greenwald going to say which we don’t know already?

  2. I am jealous. Paul can express in one great toon what takes me tens of pages to convey. Great work, as always, Paul!

  3. This great cartoon got me thinking. I was watching Robbie Martin’s new film ‘American Anthrax’ (posted at MediaRoots.org) which included numerous clips of GG asking very pointed questions about the obvious problems with the FBI’s story. Nobody believes it except those that are paid to believe it. Yet we’ve ‘moved on’. Does Glenn ever bring it up anymore? Or does it function like Hoover’s veiled threats (“Oh, and don’t worry about that mistake you made with your mistress, Senator, we don’t wanna see your family hurt by this.”)? So my thought is, does that stint of GG’s hard hitting reportage function in the same way? The cynical view might be “I can hurt your interests, but I won’t… for a price.” And then it begs the question of how any rational person/reporter can separate the problems with the anthrax case (which explicitly in the letters are dated 09-11-01) from a healthy skepticism about the official narrative of 9/11. Yet, I’ve not seen GG seriously poke at 9/11 (correct me, anybody, if you know of such).

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