DNI James Clapper: Mission Accomplished!

The US Should Have Told Americans They Were Being Surveilled Right from The Start

After all the brouhaha and media sensationalism surrounding the NSA’s spy-on-all-and-everything operations the United States government has finally come out with its true stand: Mission Accomplished, Thank God It is Now Finally All Out and in the Open; Mission Accomplished!  And in all this Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper has one, one and only regret: We should have told the American public they were being surveilled right from the start. He says that if they’d just announced it publicly after 9/11 “most Americans would probably have supported it.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Beast, Clapper said:

“I probably shouldn’t say this, but I will. Had we been transparent about this from the outset right after 9/11—which is the genesis of the 215 program—and said both to the American people and to their elected representatives, we need to cover this gap, we need to make sure this never happens to us again, so here is what we are going to set up, here is how it’s going to work, and why we have to do it, and here are the safeguards… We wouldn’t have had the problem we had,” Clapper said.

“I don’t think it would be of any greater concern to most Americans than fingerprints. Well people kind of accept that because they know about it. But had we been transparent about it and say here’s one more thing we have to do as citizens for the common good, just like we have to go to airports two hours early and take our shoes off, all the other things we do for the common good, this is one more thing.”

You know what? Here is what: The Director of US Police State Intelligence Operations is absolutely right! Considering the parasitic and maggot-like US representatives in Congress, considering the partial and complicit US Federal Courts, considering the corporatist and government-driven US media, considering our lala-land’s apathetic and too-busy-to-think majority, our government’s gestapo-modeled intelligence operatives should have told the public right from the start and been done with it:

Welcome to Panopticon State USA, where we the rulers watch and listen to everything you do, everything you say, everything you write, and everything you think, everywhere.

They are right. They should have had this all out in the open right from the start, rather than resorting to complicated and costly script-writing efforts. After all, they have for decades watched Americans submit to their police state practices unquestioningly and willingly. Haven’t they?

It’s been almost two decades since our medical and personal privacy has been officially nullified and overridden by our government under The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.The HIPAA rules provide a wide variety of circumstances under which medical information can be disclosed for law enforcement-related purposes without explicitly requiring a warrant. In other words, law enforcement is entitled to your records simply by asserting that you are a suspect or the victim of a crime.

So what! So what that we are required to submit to all disclosures of our personal and health records by our doctors and hospitals?! They didn’t have to make that a secret. They just said this is our rule (call it a law), and that was that.

Same goes for our financial data. The privacy of our financial records was overridden decades ago- and this was done without resorting to any secrecy; out in the open:

In the debate over the PATRIOT Act and other broad surveillance measures, the Bank Secrecy Act should be thought of as a 30-year experiment in subverting the Fourth Amendment. The experiment has imposed tremendous costs on individual privacy and the economy (even before 9/11, the banking industry was estimating compliance costs of $10 billion a year), with few tangible results in stopping crime and even fewer in preventing terrorism.

Financial surveillance has been massively expanded during the last 30 years…The Treasury Department's BSA regulations required banks, subject to some exemptions, to file a currency transaction report on every cash transfer of $10,000 or more. In the 1990s, the department established FinCEN, which expanded the regulations to require that banks file "suspicious activity reports" on all transactions of $5,000 or more if they have "no apparent lawful purpose or are not the sort in which the particular customer would normally be expected to engage." Banks are forbidden to notify customers about the reports. "

The ownership of our health, personal and financial information has not been limited to our Federal police operators. States have been claiming and receiving their share as well. After all, what is good for the goose is good for the gander!

States such as Texas say your info is our info to hold and to sell:

The state doesn’t just make money off you when you register your car; it’s also making money off your personal information. In 2012 they made $2.1 million to be exact. Here’s how it works: The Tax Collector’s office in your county helps the state out by collecting your information and your money. Once you’re in the Texas DMV database your information can be sorted by where you live or what you drive; and it’s that information that’s up for grabs.

The State of Florida DMV makes millions of dollars from legally selling personal information. And catch this: they sell everyone’s information except for police officers and judges.

According to a recent report, the Department of Motor Vehicles in Florida has been selling names, addresses and dates of birth to companies in return for a promise that they not to harass anyone. Among the firms that allegedly pay for information many consider confidential are Lexis Nexis and Shadow Soft. The only people who are exempt from the sale of their personal information are judges and police officers.

There are dozens of examples I could site of how our government has been violating our privacy, gathering our personal data, and spying on us for a long time. Not only that, the operators of our police state have been doing all this openly, and, thanks to their extended tentacles in Congress and the Courts, self-servingly legally.

This brings me back to DNI Clapper’s recent statement. The guy is right. Look at the lack of outrage by 99% of our police state inhabitants. Take notice of our maggot-colony in Congress. Check out our cohunes-less judges occupying the Courts. The government should have made this all open and transparent right after 9/11. They should have come out with it right from the start. Our police state should have declared our state a Panopticon State years ago.

A few weeks ago I preempted DNI Clapper. I wrote and published an article saying exactly that: The Entire Snowden NSA Cache Exposed Once and for All

Now we all know: NSA spies on everyone via every piece of hardware, every bit of software, every network, every ISP, every news outlet, every game, every cartoon, possibly through every poop hole. The hidden code in the Snowden-Greenwald Mockery appears to be one objective; one message: Be Afraid, people, be very Afraid. You are watched every second of every minute, and everywhere. You live in a Panopticon State, so watch out (all the time) and behave accordingly.

Well, now, finally, they are doing it. They are making it official. Maybe it took a long-cut and tedious scripted play to get there, but at least they are now there: Mission accomplished! Welcome to our Panopticon Police State!

# # # #

Sibel Edmonds is the Publisher & Editor of Boiling Frogs Post and the author of the Memoir Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story. She is the recipient of the 2006 PEN Newman's Own First Amendment Award for her “commitment to preserving the free flow of information in the United States in a time of growing international isolation and increasing government secrecy” Ms. Edmonds has a MA in Public Policy and International Commerce from George Mason University, a BA in Criminal Justice and Psychology from George Washington University.

Thank You NSA, Snowden & the Media for Showing our Super-Ness in Something!

The Entire Snowden NSA Cache Exposed Once and for All

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  1. But wait, now we know (from our hero, knowledge guardians) that GCHQ was looking at visitors to Wikileaks. Whoa, Nelly! Now we’ve got ’em. Is that the two by four you spoke of with Peter B, Russ Tice (media consultant)?

    • 🙂 I had that ‘OMG’ moment as well. Who would have thought??! NSA also monitors activists in the area of human rights, transparency, etc. Wow!!! Shocked; so very shocked! How about this: NSA monitors and stores communications between whistleblowers & their attorneys! OMG!!

      You know, in early 2000s we the whistleblowers were going about communicating with our lawyers in person (never by phone/e-mails). And we didn’t even have access to Snowden Cache. Wow, how prolific!

      The whole thing is so very sick.

  2. An apt analogy, Sibel. I thought I would put up the definition of “Panopticon” means:


  3. I think your right Sibel. I can’t get the image out of my head, the media asking “people on the street” if they would be willing to trade freedom for security, and those mindless zombies (or paid actors?) readily agreed. Had they come out and said they were removing all privacy, to keep everyone “safe”, people would have agreed.

    It certainly seems that the object of this whole NSA debacle is Fear..

    • I had another speaking event last Saturday: One woman got very upset when I gave her the quote ‘Those who are willing to give up liberties for security deserve neither …’ She said: “9/11 was real. It happened. It changed everything. How could you blame our gov for protecting us from another 9/11 …?!”

      You combine that with heightened self-censorship coming from the awareness that our gov is monitoring all of us, 24 X 7, our conversation/communication, our spending/financial record, our health record, our social media record … you get doubly zombified people. Seriously.

      Think about it: except for a minority activists (less than 1% of our population), everyone knows that they are being watched 24X7, and for them it is a fact of life- just like NDAA/PATRIOT ACT/Extrajudicial Killing. And they go on with their lives knowing that-acceptance. A big win for the police state.

      • Meanwhile, there’s still a giant posse of deputies who are riding high in the saddle, thinking they’ve lassoed the whole James Gang. Even while Jesse himself announces “we should have just let the people know that we needed to rob that bank, to protect them”, as he rides off into the sunset, free as a bird.

        Be careful not to tap them on the shoulder and clue them in, unless you’re ready to be tarred and feathered yourself, and labelled “sour grapes”.

        From Hero and Villain – One Minute Melodrama:


        Now is your chance to return with us to those bye-gone days … those yester-years when heroines were plum beautiful, heroes were (well) truly heroic, villains were dad-gum scoundrels and everything seemed just so “melodramatic”. As the scene begins we find our fearless Hero and our cad of a Villain thrown through the saloon window in the middle of a rough-and-tumble fist fight for the love and honor of the Hero’s lovely sweetheart.

        The Villain:

        Running into you is endlessly fascinating because it’s so planned, so familiar , yet so accidental. Is that not the way it is in life.

        The Hero:

        Do you believe in luck? ‘Cause that’s what it will take if you think you are good enough to best me this time?

        The Villain:

        I must admit I did not think much of you at first … but now that I have seen you do your worst … I think even less of you. (pause) You cad!

        The Sheriff:

        (Pulling out a half-finished bottle of cheap whiskey) Lands sake! Now … don’t get your dander up … what is the meaning of all this rukus you two? If you want a real fight … take it out onto the street.

        The Villain:

        All I want to do is go back to the first act where all of this made more sense. Maybe I missed some important piece of dialogue opr somebody dropped a line. I just know it.

        The Hero:

        If you are looking for trouble … then lets have at it! (The Villain ignores the Hero and actually pulls out a dime novel and begins to read it, turning away from the Hero. The Hero gets flustered then upset.) You contemptible scoundrel. You hear me? I called you a scoundrel!

        The Villain:

        Dog-gone, gol-darned, son-of-a-gun. Blast-it-all … it looks like you bested me this time. But wait … what is this here in my pocket? It looks like the deed to your ranch. So toss yer guns on the dirt.

        The Hero:

        You have an evil way about you that just is not normal. You really need to get intouch with your inner villain. (pulling out a pad and pen) Let’s start at the begining

        The Villain:

        You may think that you have won this time … but you have not seen the last of me. (he whistles and then leaps out the window onto his trusty steed.) “Beilzibub”… away!

        (All cast members come back on stage including the bumbling “Doc” – Mel Practice, The Town Librarian – Paige Turner, The Town Saloon Girl – Lacie Camisole, and the Enigmatic & Secretive Heroine’s Friend named Anna Graham)

        Now the entire cast joins in singing the Melodrama’s Finale with the audience with a song entitled:
        Hand over all your money then vamose.


      • It’s sadly pathetic to me how “dumbed down” (not dumb) people are. I recall a comment during the early Snowden material debate where a woman says “I’m not breaking any laws, so I don’t mind the NSA’s spying.” She was asked if it would be ok for them to install cameras in her bedroom and bathroom and I believe her answer was something to the effect of “well that’s different”. What bothers me is now military vets are being labeled as potential threats. Even Christian groups and law abiding gun owners are being eyed as potential “terrorists”. The adage pertaining to gun owners that goes like, “they came for the machine guns, but I didn’t own a machine gun so I did nothing. Then they came for the military style rifles, but I didn’t own one so I stood by. Etc… Until they came for him and there was no one to speak out for him.” It’s being played out today and I’m not just talking about gun owners here. This covers all topics. Free speech, religious beliefs, most every area of those who believe the constitution and bill of rights are, or should be, the rule that we apply to everyone. It’s all up for grabs. Food, water, personal property. Even how we raise our children, all being taken over by the government, by the authority. And depressingly, it appears that people don’t see the threat as ever impacting them in their personal lives when it IS impacting them on a daily basis!

  4. Mark Green says:

    “Snowden claims that he’s won and that his mission is accomplished,” Clapper told the Senate Intelligence Committee. “If that is so, I call on him and his accomplices to facilitate the return of the remaining stolen documents that have not yet been exposed to prevent even more damage to U.S. security.”

    Clapper did not say what he meant by accomplices, but DNI public affairs director Shawn Turner told The Hill that Clapper was referring to “anyone who is assisting Edward Snowden to further threaten our national security through the unauthorized disclosure of stolen documents related to lawful foreign intelligence collection programs.”


    And how about the ‘unauthorized disclosure of stolen documents related to *unlawful national* intelligence collection programs.’
    You didn’t mention them Mr. Clapper, so are we to assume they are OK?

  5. I just caught a segment where they discussed this statement from Clapper. One of the prime media/Gov shills Wolf Blitzer talked to Rep.King, the hawk. What they said was just bla bla bla. But one thing stood out to me and I’ve no clue if its factual or not. King said that only 2% of what Snowden took was related to the NSA. The rest concerned other agencies and material? That’s the first time I’ve heard this. But if true, why the sole focus on the NSA in GG’s articles? Here’s a link to the interview, its fairly short.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WX71cJNhbkU

  6. Well. you can bet your left NAD clapper doesn’t have to take HIS stupid shoes off at any airport.
    The ‘beyond TopSecret’ fetishists fly above the laws they so routinely shape and then generously break on our security’s behalf. Letting a charge go off here and there just to pony us along. GOD they must laugh themselves wet sometimes ! Proclaiming each and every ‘right’ stolen from us all for worthy cause. Theirs.
    An inversion of gigantic proportion took place on 911. Clapper claiming 911OCT as mandate for all security state actions in doe eyed innocence is a big fat pig with lipstick. Obviously not out of place ‘on the hill’ and ‘behind the beltway’ where it is known damn fkn well how those buildings came down boom-boom-boom and why NORAD was looking the other way with its thumb in its mouth. So that every part from then on is just sinister manipulation. with agenda. Thats what pisses me off. Previous ‘deregulations’ and ‘info sharing’ partnerships were smaller prep charges for the 2.25 second free fall demolition of right and wrong. of our ability to know the difference – an actual ‘corral’ of thought the designers of the ‘911event’ built into the narrative for each and every one of us to be driven down the beasts we must obviously be considered by them, down, toward the abattoir of free thought.

  7. I remember hearing back in I think the late 90’s about Eschelon and Carnivore and even in my naivety assumed the govt could listen into phone conversations and emails if they wanted. What I didn’t understand at the time was how precarious and corrupt the system was, and how they would need this kind of info gathering to go after those who would inevitably speak out against their global destabilization efforts and campaigns of death.

    Clapper saying they should have admitted this stuff after 9/11 is just a further display of system pathology. He’s basically admitting publicly they should have manipulated our fears even more than they already did. Do people hear this stuff and think, yeah that makes sense, they should have just been up front with us then…well I guess it was an honest mistake, and at least we know the truth now. Well it’s good to know there are people who are also hardening to this nonsense. True clinical psychopaths will not reform. They will run us all aground if we let them.

  8. Something else that struck me a ludicrous that Peter King said in the piece I linked above. He said that had they disclosed what the NSA was doing right after 9/11, it would have alerted our “enemies”‘ and made them change their plans….. Plans for WHAT? They havent done anything else! Even within the first year or two after the 9/11 Operation, nothing happened! His argument is as weak as his imbecilic rationale. Every instance of “terrorism” they cite is setup just like what happened in the NATO 3 article posted here.

  9. “cohunes-less judges” 😉

    Lets assume palm nuts are not in stock.

    Another good one and always a fine sense of humor, Sibel

  10. From WaPo:

    The switch-up carries some implications for news organizations on the national security beat, which are often asked to suppress certain scoops and details on account of pressing national security concerns. In light of Clapper’s confession to the Daily Beast, they might just ask, “Is this really critical to national security, or is it something that you should have disclosed to the American public years ago?”

    Like maybe the rest of the cash, I mean cache?

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