Empire, Power & People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 103

Bankers Meet in Secret; Emerging Markets Face Trouble

EPPIn this episode of Empire, Power, and People, I examine the history and relevance of the International Monetary Conference (IMC) - an annual meeting of hundreds of the world's top bankers who meet privately with policy makers and central bankers - which began in 1954 and continues up until present day, where at the last conference, Janet Yellen was a guest speaker prior to her appointment as chair of the Federal Reserve System. From there, I discuss the role of the Federal Reserve and financial markets in creating the conditions for a future crisis of the emerging market economies, something likely to grip global headlines in the coming few years.

Listen to the full episode here (BFP Subscribers Only):


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  1. These people are so despicable. Your soft spoken narrative somehow brought it out to me how insidious it all is. All the people of the world caught in a sort of spiders web. They don’t even know what is going on. They just wake up one day and discover that they are in debt due to nothing they have done wrong and then they are hit with austerity measures. Meantime these elites sit around and decide who is going to live, die or just suffer.
    Thanks for all your hard work digging up this information. I can imagine it is a tedious endeavor but enlightening for you and us.

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