On Point with Charlie McGrath- The Hate Train: Why Government Wants You to Hate Thy Neighbor

Charlie McGrath Presents Activist & Author William Grigg

Election season is upon on us and the hate train is full steam ahead. We discuss how politicians use the establishment media to keep the masses dumb downed and angry. William Grigg does a powerful, masterful job of showing how everything from race to religion has been weaponized in the battle for truth. We discuss who benefits from this hate pandering and how it has been implemented against the American people for decades to maintain the status quo and how it is leading America to its demise.

William Norman Grigg is a passionate activist & the author of several books including America's Engineered Decline and Liberty in Eclipse: The Rise of the Homeland Security State. He was formerly a senior editor of The New American magazine, the official publication of the John Birch Society.

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  1. I’m concerned with the name of BFP being incorrect a couple times at the beginning.

    Boiling Frogs Post
    not The Boiling Frog Post!

  2. Looking forward to a good variety on Charlie’s new show. This guest is yet another in the long line of Mises downstream pundits. Let’s just shoot to the heart of it, which is what he mentioned at the beginning. He is interested mostly in individual property rights. Which isn’t a bad thing, unless you reduce every problem to that question.

  3. Sorry, welcome Charlie!

    So, why are we talking about Donald S?

  4. There is never a mention of any villain beyond the state or the idea of the state. Exactly what the oligarchy wants a n d that’s why I’m guessing they’re funding the anti-state message through foundations and through private donations to Mises and the like. Who are the real criminals behind the puppets? Why is that absent from the discussion?

    • “Exactly what the oligarchy wants a n d that’s why I’m guessing they’re funding the anti-state message through foundations and through private donations to Mises and the like. Who are the real criminals behind the puppets? Why is that absent from the discussion?”

      Hi Xicha,

      I haven’t dropped into the boards for a while. Was just wondering if you’ve discovered your sought after, ‘money behind the Mises’ yet, or are you actually just asking, still? It’s hard to tell from this post.

      • Still guessing. Though I’m repeating it so much that it’s starting to believe it is a well known fact. The fact is that they get Millions annually in private donations. I did find out that much. Could be 20 bucks from a whole lot of individualists.

  5. “Weaponizing race”. Exactly on point.
    Welcome aboard Charlie and William!

    • In the last week, I’ve suddenly heard this meme of “weaponizing race” on three different alt-media shows, two of them on Red Ice Creations. The most recent one I heard, Lana interviewing a white race propagandist, made my physically sick to hear. She and the guest theorized that the oligarchy was injecting anti-racist wedge issues into society to destroy the white race, because, they ironically suggested, the white race was the only one who could challenge them. This was because of the white race’s natural penchant for creativity, free-thinking, ingenuity, etc. So, now they are creating new meme’s and using what they call the “broken record” strategy to propagandize pro-white, anti-mixing, white nationalist ideas.

      There’s a lot of stupid going around. Of course, the race card is abused in many instances, but that is not actually rationale for promoting white supremacy. It seems that this meme is travelling fast through the libertarian, anarchist, you know, religious individualist streams. I don’t want any of this BS bleeding into BFP.

      • My grandfather stood up against the Klan during the Great Depression, way up North, not too far from where Charlie sits now. He and my family suffered for that and I won’t easily slide down the slippery slope of discounting all instances of White Privilege and racial disparity, just because we catch Bibi using anti-semitism to deflect criticism or see a young black teen wearing new sneakers while buying groceries with food stamps. It’s not just PC for me and everyone else should be careful not to be duped by the peer pressure that some individualists are using with the pretense of liberty.

        • Not quite sure where you’re going with this, Xicha. In my home I never heard a racial slur from either my father nor my mother. I married and have one son from a ‘mixed race’ marriage. I was just acknowledging that race baiting is an old tried and true ‘divide and conquer’ meme.

          • Hi PeterM,

            Yeah, my apologies for not being more clear. Sorry about that.

            This was directed at the Red Ice interview described above, but with the worry that the sudden (to me) appearance of this meme across several alt-media shows in the last week is some kind of ‘broken record’ strategy by folks who follow that White Rabbit guy in the interview, which I’m assuming are generally the individualist movement leaders and followers.

            I did not mean to imply that you are a white supremacist. I’m sorry if you took it that way. I am just worried about seeing varying levels of the meme hitting at the same time, especially when the White Rabbit guy is basically saying that’s their strategy.

          • And the White Rabbit guy IS a white supremacist.

            They want people to repeat things every time they hear them (like robots). Such as racism = white genocide.

            So they’re taking it a step further than you are.

          • Edit.

            Calling out racism = code for white genocide

  6. Mark Passehl says:

    Definitely one of the numerous divide-and-rule memes. Since I’ve just re-read the following while looking up something else, I’ll quote it here. From the introduction of Knuth’s Empire of the City (ed. 2, 1946) p. 5 :

    a sovereign world state located in the financial district of the loosely knit aggregation of buroughs and
    cities popularly known as the city of London. The colossal political and financial organization centred in
    this area, known as “The City” operates as a supergovernment of the world ; and no incident occurs in
    any part of the world without its participation in some form.
    Its pretentions are supported in the United States by the secret International Pilgrim Society, sponsor
    of the Cecil Rhodes “One World” ideology which was launched about 1897. The President of its American
    branch is [1940s] Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, who is also President of the allied Carnegie Endowment for
    International Peace. The ultimate objective of this camarilla was defined by one of its noted propagandists,
    the late William Allen White, as : “It is the destiny of the pure Aryan Anglo-Saxon race to dominate the
    world and kill off or else reduce to a servile status all other inferior races”.

    While there may be differences between the ultimate objectives of the ruling houses of the gangster state (some of whom have Jewish-German and Venetian ethnicity) and recruiting organizations for their agents and representatives in the U.S. like the Pilgrims, the ideological links between the latter and KKK are pretty obvious. The forging of the U.S.-British “special relationship” was coeval with the establishment of the Pilgrim Society, under presidents who were vigorous KKK supporters and white supremacists like Roosevelt (Th.) and Wilson.

    It’s perhaps worth adding in this gruesome context that there exists a creepy organization known as BRIT-AM whose agenda includes trying to demonstrate the historically bogus proposition that the Anglo-Saxon and ancient Judaic peoples are the same, or at some point fused. I first became aware of this group after they misappropriated (stole for misuse) parts of an online essay I wrote c.2003 on the ancient Parthian ministerialage (a servile-status Iranian warrior caste)

    • This is written a bit too cryptically for me to decipher. Would you care to extract the essence of what’s being said here? It may be obvious but I’m honestly not seeing it.


      • Mark Passehl says:

        Hi Benny B

        This was meant to be a quote, in indented text, from E. C. Knuth’s 1946 book. It didn’t work and the broken lines make it hard for me to follow my own message(!!). Recommend you read the whole text (available for free download at archive.org, and only a little over 100 pages).
        The point of the quote is that claims of anti-white racism (let alone genocide) are ridiculous in the context that Anglo-Saxon racism is mainstream in the international co-operation between U.S. and British corporate/financial elites, and that a particularly virulent and aggressive form of it was a fundamental element in the initial forging of that co-operation, in the period 1890s-1910s.

        On the other hand the white majority of the U.S. is as surely suffering erosions of its basic rights and exploitation of its labour and creativity as every other racial or economic group, not because the whites are victims of racism but victims of a financial parasite ruling class which does everything in its power to obscure its responsibility and to deflect or re-direct the hostilities generated by its misrule back into and among the subject population. A form of reverse-engineering of the process known as sublimation.

        • Hi Mark,

          Thanks for the clarification. I’ll make a note to check that link.

          To be clear, I agree with what Charlie and his guest are saying about the way the race card is being used in the media as a method to create unnecessary division and distract people from taking on more pressing and serious problems (which there’s bipartisan support for ignoring). I think you did a good job articulating some of what I was getting at in my previous comment. I’m not intending to level unnecessary criticism on Charlie or the podcast. Hopefully I haven’t made to much of an unwelcoming jerk with my comment. I was just reacting to that meme and the concept in general.

          I think there’s a general lack of humility on the part of those who lament the erosion of civil liberties, rise in income inequality, an increasingly aggressive militarized police force, and a corrupt, unconstitutional judicial system, when for a minority of Americans (not necessarily racially), this decline more closely resembles the norm. White privilege was initiated by the wealthy following the end of slavery to divide former slaves from poor whites who’d formed solidarity in agitation around common grievances. Clearly a lot has changed gradually and painfully over time, but saying and acting like this country is “post racial” following the election of the first black president just won’t fly and fussing about being forced to discuss racism, even in cases where the intentions aren’t bad, nearly ensures that race will remain divisive and discourage solidarity, which IMO is necessary for agitating and wrestling for desperately needed change.

  7. BennyB-DoubleD says:

    The whole weaponizing race meme is revealing to the extent that whoever’s using it feels threatened, or perhaps disenfranchised, by having to bare the brunt of the latest media/political complicity in avoiding any issues of substance when it comes in the form of being dragged under the ‘PC’ bandwagon. This sort of political softball, better yet- dodgeball, disgusts me on the whole too, but no more per se than any other form of this type of establishment BS. Still, I can’t help noticing how acutely this form of distraction seems to affect some people more than others. Maybe not explicitly, but I think Xicha alluded to some of my own sense of apprehension here as well.

  8. Welcome Charlie & Guest. The above discussion is confusing to me. I took the video as a statement about how Govt uses divide and conquer to distract us all from real issues and believe this is right on. The one thing I might add is that although I think the libertarians have many good points about how we have ventured off from the founding fathers ideas, I view them (libertarians) as throwing the baby out with the bath water. They want to do away with some of the best reforms (such as social security for people in old age and the disabled). They would take back some of what has made America great. Visit some other countries and you see the unfortunate begging on the streets because there is no safety net. Yes, welfare has been negative in some ways but if you look at the big picture, who put blacks and poor whites into separate spaces in our society to begin with and provided them with no good recourse to get out of their situations? Lets face it the founding fathers were the elites of the time and since that time the people of the US have made many good adjustments to the strict outline of the Constitution. I see property rights being taken away from people today and so also agree with the what is being said in the video in regard to this issue.

  9. John Osborne says:

    I’ m so happy to see Charlie get picked up by BFP!

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