On Point with Charlie McGrath: Trajectory to Collapse

Charlie McGrath Presents Former Wall Street Insider & Activist Warren Pollock

Global "leadership" is either completely incompetent or totally corrupt- there can be no middle ground. Charlie and Warren ask and answer the questions of Leadership, consumerism as an ideology, the profile of a revolutionary, and the security state end game.

*Warren Pollock is a former Wall Street executive who was instrumental in setting up "black pools" for over 200 companies. The past decade Warren has focused his talents on activism. He is renowned for his ability to analyze complex financial, political, and Geo political situations and predict there outcome.

Watch Preview Here:

Watch the Full Video Report Here (Subscribers Only):


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  1. Sorry, but it’s just sad or disrespectful at this point, Charlie. It’s not that difficult of a website name. This is your third sjow.

  2. Technical issue – I’m sitting on a 60Mb download connection and have been waiting 15mins – and counting – for this video to load.

  3. avatar Michael Lanzer says:

    This is the second full show I’ve tried to watch that never starts. The preview works like a dream I would just like to watch the full show.

    • ‘This is the second full show I’ve tried to watch that never starts. The preview works like a dream I would just like to watch the full show.’

      Me too.

  4. avatar Thomas Wonsetler says:

    Yeah im only getting the intro, not the show. I hope its fixed soon. Sounds like a really good show.

  5. avatar Larry Meadows says:

    Why can I not watch it?? Paid subscription for blank video?

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