On Point with Charlie McGrath- Central Bankers on the March

Charlie McGrath Presents Ellen Brown

When the US Federal Reserve bought an 80% stake in American International Group (AIG) in September 2008, the unprecedented $85 billion outlay was justified as necessary to bail out the world's largest insurance company. Today, however, central banks are on a global corporate buying spree not to bail out bankrupt corporations but simply as an investment-to compensate for the loss of bond income due to record-low interest rates. Indeed, central banks have become some of the world's largest stock investors.

*Ellen Brown is an American author, political candidate, attorney, public speaker, and advocate of alternative medicineand financial reform, most prominently public banking. Brown is the founder and president of the Public Banking Institute, a nonpartisan think tankdevoted to the creation of publicly run banks.

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  1. the little wheel goes around and around but the video never starts

  2. Well the short version works — and it says “Howdy, ProudPrimate” in the upper right hand corner
    checking my emails for notifications . . .

  3. I see my payment from PayPay went through as of June 18th (this year), so that’s not the problem — I wonder what it could be . . .

  4. And it’s “plethora”, not “prethora”. πληθώρα, fullness, from πλῆθος, multitude, ultimately from πολύς, many (Latin “poly-“, also “plus”)

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  7. Good guest and solution. Public banking is an example of empowering we the people, at the expense of the oligarchy. I know James Corbett once touted North Dakota’s success with this as well, and find him to be a closeted statist/collectivist. His distaste for being fooled by the official stories well into his adult life, I guess, have made him think that he needs to run away from all of the things he believed in, though I don’t think he’s been successful, precisely because I hear him talk about collectivist ideas all the time, without acknowledging it. Same with all the formerly big R’s who went all libertarian. It’s as if they are still being whisked away by the facade of words like “liberty”, while totally ignoring the fact that they actually agree with socialism and collectivism.

    Let’s fight for civil liberties in the context of an empowered public. Instead of individual liberties in the face of common sense. Individual liberties are a natural product of power to the people and the relationship of individual liberty to the context of the public interest can no longer be discounted. A balanced approach must have the correct priorities.
    I hope that, soon, the individualists will give it up and be honest about the real solutions available. Stop allowing the establishment to split the resistance with emotional sinkholes of isolationist drama called libertarianism, anarchism (any kind that’s not democratic socialism), voluntaryism. BFP needs to lead the way with this realization and send the message back upstream to the Mises Institute, and beyond!

    PS – Charlie, I know you’re working hard on getting the name right. Keep trying! You’ll get there!

    PPS – Can we add an mp3, until the streaming issues are resolved? Can’t consume on mobile at all. Even used the cloudfront url that comes up when it errors out, to download the video, which then wouldn’t play on my android. JWPlayer used to work for EyeOpener, though I still needed to use a firefox browser on android, or it would only play the first few minutes. Adding an mp3 would allow us to hear it at least. Thanks!

  8. Got it all — great! Love that lady

  9. for the benefit of your system admin, I guessed right that if I sent the prev. comment (during the ending theme) it would stop the vid and begin another 10-15 min. spin cycle

  10. chuck70 says:

    Dear Charlie,
    Is it possible to offer smaller versions of the video or at least a podcast?
    I have limited high-speed download and the MBs are killing me.

  11. Great post. I believe that public banking is one of the biggest solutions to the problem of getting our democracy back and out of the hands of the corprotocracy. I agree with Xicha regarding libertarian thought. Some of it is good but it throws the baby out with the bathwater. I think social security and the new deal has kept our country unique in taking care of it’s poor, disabled and elderly. What’s to hate? I think TPTB would love to see it dismantled and so they are using a divide and conquer method when they put it out there that social security is broke. This has young people looking at the elderly as the problem and keeps their eyes off where the money is really being spent–the military, wars, death and destruction, bailing out the banks from their own fraudulent mistakes, etc.

  12. I had trouble getting this to work at first but then the little circle just went away after a few minutes!!

  13. jpsousa67 says:

    Ellen (10:45): It looks to me that China is just playing our game in a different way because the People’s Bank of China is owned by the government and it serves the government, I mean it is the government.
    Charlie(11:44): At the end of the day they’re both [The Federal Reserve and The People’s Bank of China] doing the same thing. You know, we pretend to have free markets here and that’s definitely a communist system, but at the end of the day they are operating in the same capacity.
    Ellen: Correct.
    Ellen (15:50): We can have a public credit system where it’s our credit. We the people are backing this credit. It’s backed by the full faith and credit of The United States. The United States should be issuing the credit.

    So a public coercive monopoly banking system operates exactly as a quasi-private coercive monopoly banking system thus we should have a public coercive monopoly banking system. Is this hypocrisy, insanity or both?

    Charlie (19:45): We will have a choice to make. It will be more of the same solutions…or go a different direction.

    Well, it looks like Charlie and Ellen have chosen more of the same solutions; more coercive territorial monopolies of money and credit.

    For a great critique of Ellen Brown I recommend you follow this link http://www.garynorth.com/public/department141.cfm

  14. thymesup says:

    yes; it finally played after 10 mins,

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