Empire, Power & People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 117

Technocracy or Conspiracy?

EPPDo powerful people ever engage in conspiracies? Of course. Is the world run by a conspiracy? Are institutions like Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission deserving of their conspiratorial reputations? Here, the question becomes trickier. These institutions represent a structural, institutional and ideological basis for understanding and manipulating power on a transnational basis. The very nature of these technocratic institutions is designed to make conspiracies unnecessary by bringing together powerful people to form consensus, establish inter-personal and institutional relationships and interactions. Conspiracies do exist, but they are not institutions. This episode examines technocratic institutions as needing to be separated in understanding from a mere conspiratorial analysis of the world.

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  1. jackdonovan says:

    Thanks Andrew, I appreciated it.

    Something occurred to me while you were talking, which might help clear up the “conspiracy” talk which bundles every organization together (I’m looking at you, Alex Jones).

    The people that get invited to Bilderberg meetings or to compose the Trilateral Commission, they already have gone up the corporate/political ladder. What I mean is, they’re veterans by the time they integrate these organizations. So they have already done their share of conspiracies and profiteering before coming to those organizations. That’s why the members say “oh, this is just a friendly get-together” (between powerfreaks). Of course, the invitation and the “impress people” part consolidate their position – you might even say that a Bilderberg member has gone to the very top of the world power structure.

    On the other hand, organizations like the selective fraternities (Skull and Bones, Phi Kappa Delta, etc., etc.) are different, because they pick people BEFORE they even begin their ladder-climbing (although some have already done military/intelligence service). They’re more “sinister” in a way because they CAUSE the people who integrate it to rise to the top.

    Besides that, there’s also the royal families who are the ultimate “insider” club and not surprisingly, are prominent in these organizations.

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