Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: Israel’s Propaganda War

Peter B. Collins Presents Journalist Joe Lauria

Reporting from Ramallah in the Palestinian West Bank, independent reporter Joe Lauria offers keen insights into the claims by Israel that it “has no choice” but to attack Gaza, and its irrational assertion that its disproportionate assault on Hamas and Gaza is somehow “defending itself”. We explore the shifting pretexts for military action against a densely populated area with no exits, and Israel’s escalating demands for a cease-fire. We talk about the Iron Dome myth--unchallenged in the corporate media--and Israel’s furious pushback on Kerry and Obama for seeking an end to the violence, even as they declare unstinting support for the Netanyahu government.

*Joe Lauria is an independent journalist who is covering the war for the Wall Street Journal.

Listen to the Preview Clip Here


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  1. Matthew Raymer says:

    Very touching expression in that free-verse. It brought a lump to my throat.

  2. Moved me to tears…..
    “And now is your chance to run to nowhere”

  3. YourEyeColours says:

    Please consider releasing this podcast to non-subscribers. We need to put these thoughts out there… <3

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