Empire, Power & People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 122

ISIS, Iraq & Destabilization as Strategy

EPPISIS and Iraq present an interesting - and often contradictory - tale of foreign policy and regional politics in the Middle East: with support from Arab dictatorships, it begins to turn against them; moving into Iraq, it provided the Americans with leverage against a recalcitrant puppet; the Saudis sought to undermine Iraq and Iran, and it brought Iran and America closer together; it emerged from the civil war in Syria, where the US and Gulf states aided in its surge; they arm it in Syria and fight it in Iraq. The regional implications are alarming when power politics are at play. Caught in between, as always, are the largely poor and oppressed populations, subject to the whims and wars of dictatorships, imperial powers, terror groups and a game of empire.

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  1. Matthew Raymer says:

    Excellent show as usual.

  2. 每次都很有趣

  3. Hi Andrew,

    I’d love to hear you integrate, reference, discuss Gladio Plan B, as we have heard so much about from Sibel, when you do stories which obviously relate to this operation. I really like your podcasts and look forward to them each week. But, the time has come for people to call for this name to be discussed. This name that we now know, that we have known for almost two years. This name that alt-media producers have either continued to be ignorant of or not understood or misunderstood or who knows what. I can’t figure it out, but it’s time for people who know about Gladio Plan B to start demanding that it be discussed and this name be uttered.

    We have a name for an operation, run out of an office in the Pentagon, which creates and orchestrates these destabilization campaigns, such as al qaeda in xyz and IS/ISIL/ISIS (purposeful confounding confusion for conversation). Again, an office in the Pentagon runs these badass boogie men with real, horrible, disgusting violent scripted scenes. It has a name that needs to be said and the time has come for us to ask why not. Because, with #TheLoneGladio now out, we no longer can remain ignorant or silent about this operation.

    Sibel has done an excellent job at giving us a background, historical context for the creation of this operation. She has shown how it exists for the same purpose as the Cold War with the Commie boogie monsters. She has given us the context and the details of an operation created by those PNACers and their ilk, and we need to focus attention on it like a laser. Because it was not only 9/11 that was a result of Gladio Plan B, but the killing that continues to this day unabated.

    So, whatever the reason for not mentioning Gladio Plan B, since the series came out last Spring, the time is now for that to change. Let’s hope The Lone Gladio will have this effect on more of the media. We can see Guillermo’s recent interview of Sibel leading the way:


    Thank you, Andrew, for considering this call for an end to the effective boycott of the name of the operation which produced the material in this article. I have no reason to think it was purposeful in your case, BTW, but would be interested to know if it was.

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