BFP Roundtable Video- DOD Goes to Hollywood!

Pearse Redmond, Tom Secker & Prof. Matthew Alford on the Largest ever FOIA release from Pentagon's Entertainment Liaison Office"

In this episode Tom Secker and I are joined by Professor Matthew Alford for a discussion of the Department of Defense's' ever increasing relation with Hollywood cinema. We discuss the history and nature of the DOD's Hollywood Entertainment Liaison office, how this office has existed since the early 1900's and has had a tremendous influence on the creation of our cinema and culture, the current head of the DOD Entertainment Liaison Office, Phil Strubb, and how he has gone about expanding the scope and influence of the military's involvement in Hollywood films.

We later move on to a real bombshell - - a massive document dump that Tom and Matt received from the DOD Entertainment Liaison Office through an FOIA request. Representing the largest ever FOIA release of documents from the Pentagon's Hollywood office, these documents offer a rare glimpse into a persistent propaganda effort by the military. The three of us would also like to encourage everyone in the BFP community to look through these documents and let us know what you find. Tom, Matt and I each discovered different nuggets of information, so we would love to see what you find yourselves. Be sure to let us know in the comments section!

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Show Notes:

US Army Entertainment Liaison Office 2010-2015

US Air Force Entertainment Liaison Office 2013

US Air Force Entertainment Liaison Office 2014

Redacted Tonight ep. 58 (Hollywood DOD segment)

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  1. Just to see if this is working again.

  2. Please make sure your guests mikes work well. Alford is hard to understand.

    This is a problem on a lot of shows, not just yours I have noticed.

  3. Also, how big are these files?

  4. 2010-2015 was only about 32 megabytes. I was worried it was huge but my net connection is just so slow that 30 megabyts takes half an hour to download.

  5. Gary Binmore says:

    The first download alone is daunting and the overload of such strange information is almost numbing. “Fort Hood put considerable effort into preparing” for Extreme Makeover Home Addition? International Sniper Competition? Chaplains? Morgenthau? Marvel Comic feature film “Supports Broaden Understanding and Advocacy”? Country music? Dixie Divas? Parachute dogs? Top Chef? Oprah Winfrey? 82nd Airborne Chorus Music Video? Cake Boss? Dog First Aid?

    Re The Hunt for Osama Bin Laden – “I would like to emphasize that our film will not be pursuing any
    political agenda” !
    How to fight the terrorists in Central Asia?
    World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) will host a televised event at Fort Hood – this supports broaden understanding and advocacy?
    Activision/Blizzard video game – Will likely sell in the range of 20-30 million copies. Supports Adapting our Institutions and Maintaining Our Combat Edge.
    A karaoke show called The Singing Bee?

    That the DOD influences military type shows (usually without admission) is bad enough, but the breadth of their influence suggests almost a takeover. That they have the money to put anything they want into the MSM is tantamount to a government takeover of media. The result is exactly what you’d expect – propaganda mixed with mind-numbing dross and a complete elimination of dissenting views. You’re right – this should be big news. But who controls the news?

    • Exactly. That the military are involved in documentaries about WW2 or about developments in helicopter technology or whatever should not come as a surprise to anyone. But the sheer scale of their involvement in reality TV dross is not something I anticipated – they will literally get involved in anything that somehow fits in with their agenda.

      And, to emphasise this once again – this is just the Army. Add in the other branches of the DOD, and also the CIA, FBI, DHS, DEA… I’m starting to wonder if there are any shows on TV that haven’t either sought or received security state assistance. Everything from Sesame Street to The Fast and the Furious to Meet the Fockers to Breaking Bad…

      • Gary Binmore says:

        Judging from this and other disclosures the only genre of visual entertainment the security state doesn’t appear to meddle in is sports broadcasts – a fairly Darwinian, brainless form of entertainment that they’d be happy with anyway.

        In other words, the security state has pretty much got exactly the kind of mass media it wants. And it’s all happened by stealth, with the security state and their media lackeys giving few hints that a takeover was in progress, let alone of its extent. I suppose the rest of us we’re naïve thinking that control of news/current affairs would be enough for these unseen forces – most people don’t watch that stuff so overt entertainment was a logical target.

        But even worse than people not knowing, is that most couldn’t care less. “So the military paid for this? Big deal! Just let me watch my parachuting dogs.” The battle looks over, for the vast majority anyway. They’re too dumbed down to realize how pernicious this is. It’s a depressing area of research you’ve entered.

        • Sadly, the military are involved in sports broadcasting too:

          “From fighter jet flyovers to military performances at halftime shows, the National Football League and U.S. military have shared more than 40 years of Super Bowl history.”

          And yes, they explicitly say in the documents that movies etc. have a much greater ability to shape people’s perceptions than news coverage. It is somewhat depressing. But on the other hand it isn’t as depressing as false flag terrorism, which I spent a decade working on before I entered into this field. I think the point I’m making is that any area of NATO hegemony that we decide to research will spit out some pretty depressing conclusions.

          • Gary Binmore says:

            I stand corrected:

            ““[The NFL] feels that the 70,000 fans attending the Super Bowl this year should be cheering louder for the military than the two teams playing,” he said. “It is, indeed, very important for the NFL to look for every opportunity to support the troops.”

            And Petraeus made the coin toss that day.

        • I actually don’t find this work all that depressing. I do know what you mean though. Looking at it head on it is very upsetting when you realize the scope to which this is happening. On te other hand my a lot of people are doing this sort of in depth research so that makes it exciting, as does figuring out the puzzle of culture creation as is functions today with regards to the DOD/CIA/Hollywood nexus.

      • 344thBrother says:

        I agree, the breadth and scope are mind boggling. Obviously there’s a LOT of stuff that’s slipping into the (Sub) consciousness of TV and movie watchers and probably music listeners as well. I would be looking for real subliminal content now. If you haven’t checked out the subliminal messages in the national anthem end of broad cast day messages from back in the 60’s, definitely worth a look. Just youtube Star Spangled Banner Subliminal on Youtube. I think it’s legit and IT REALLY PISSES ME OFF. Since I used to watch that SHIT and remember many times waking up from creature features as a young boy and standing to attention to watch it, back in my boy scout days.

        Subliminals… shudder.

        • 344thBrother says:

          I meant to say that this is just another way of funneling HUGE funds from the secret state black budget into the entertainment industry as a sop to put out their propagandistic pablum for mass consumption. I wonder how much of it is really targeted at Americans (Already mind numbed, dumbed down, propagandized and hypnotized into oblivion) and how much is actually aimed at the rest of the world. (Be afraid be very afraid, now for a word from our sponsor).


          • Not just that, but in the days of social media I wonder how much are the Pentagon spambots working to promote these films and TV shows?

          • Don’t they already have opinion controllers spamming up net forums and such? And isn’t promotion by that means already the norm with other businesses?

          • Also, on that note I think very much that they farm this task out. I swear when I read some of the comments by people I suspect, they really seem to use english in a very Indian manner.

          • Yes 344thBrother…You do not have to
            Wonder about That…
            Right On…
            Kind Regards from

      • Nice work.

        Makes me wonder why the government tipped their hand via FOIA. Why not come up with some excuse or water down the level of involvement? It’s not like any major news outlet would report on it and investigate it, aside from alt media.

    • I have to agree with Tom on the sports angle. You can not watch a football game in America with out seeing an endless stream of military propaganda.

      Interesting finds in the documents Gary. I did not see anything on Central Asia when I was going through them so I will need to make sure to use that as a search word next time. You also nailed it with the observation that this is a take over of the entrainment world. As we were saying this should be front page news. Alas the the news (particularly TV news) has become just another extension of the entertainment industry. When CNN stops reporting on actual events to bring us the latest update on Kim Kardashian or Justin Beiber you really do start to wonder. They have become so entrenched in Hollywood entertainment that they would never want to talk about how they are all in bed with the DOD, CIA, FBI…

      • Gary Binmore says:

        I might be over-reacting. I hardly ever watch anything, especially American sports, so I had no idea of the extent of the infiltration. In the government – big corporation partnership that has run the U.S. from day one, the corporate world has been dominant, but research like this and developments like growing NSA surveillance show the balance of power shifting to the government. I know the two entities are often indistinguishable, but a dominant government makes for worse entertainment. That must be slightly off-putting.

      • 344thBrother says:

        Right Porkins.
        Hunter S. Thompson called it “Flag Sucking” that seems about right.

  6. I wonder if the point is not so much to control the message of specific programs, but to establish a working relationship, comfort with that relationship, and dependency on that relationship. In this way total media domination could be established so that, when the time is right and the necessity apparent, the desired media effect can be establised, and through that the control they desire over the public.

    You know, these documents are a very explicit admission by the DOD that they want to and have the money to manipulate public opinion.

    But is not that manipulation illegal?

  7. “Mallory Crosland
    PGA of America
    CBS PGA Reach Requests to film two
    veterans at Fort Carson
    who say golf has
    transformed their lives.
    Footage will be included
    in an hour—long special
    Preproduction; PAA fully

    When I see crap like that it causes me to think I am right. It is all about making an excuse to get their tentacles into hollywood.

    • There are a couple of explicit mentions of the sort of thing you’re talking about – meetings with talent agencies and big studios so that they can get more involved in the writing phase of productions. That’s not just about having influence over scripts, it’s about getting more deeply entrenched in the Hollywood dream factory.

      On the other hand, there’s only so much Hollywood to go round, and when you’re competing for influence with the CIA, FBI and so on the tactics might become quite aggressive. These different agencies have sometimes pursued quite conflicting agendas when it comes to the motion picture industry.

      • 344thBrother says:

        This is one of those episodes that’s so wide reaching and important that I’d REALLY like to see it outside of the BFP community. (Of course lots of them are, but this reaches right into the public subconscious.

        Is there any plan to send this info out into the etherium where it belongs? Or perhaps a special made for youtube episode on this subject?

        I sure hope so, I’d love to share the hell out of that.

        • @334th,

          Much as I appreciate your enthusiasm and support, it is up to Sibel. I will broach this with her when I next speak to her though.

          I will say that the documents themselves and my article on this (which has been picked up by a few outlets, as was the Mirror’s article) are all publicly available. Likewise the episodes of my podcast ClandesTime which covers this stuff, and the series The CIA and Hollywood which Pearse and I do together. We have been working hard to try to push this discussion into the public domain and to provide freely-available coverage on this. Indeed, my whole spyculture site is basically a repository for information on this.

          But like I say, I will talk to Sibel about this.

  8. I was not speaking of getting deeply invloved in particular individual productions necessarily. I was thinking more in terms of creating a ministry of truth with a facade of entertaintment to sell it to the public as a good and desirable thing. Eventually it might be seen as wrong to NOT have this influence in a production kind of like it would be seen as wrong for a treatment to not have FDA approval.

    If you combine that with that thing a while back where they wanted there to be government licenses for journalists you start to see how something like this could grow into an official institution.

    Instruments, as the DOD would be when supplying warships for a movie, tend to become institutions. An institution is distinguishable by the fact that people serve it instead of it serving the people. Any instrument that exists long enough almost inevitably becomes an institution. If it is not already the case, eventually the DOD will become the institution that hollywood serves.

    Then it will not be a matter of “can we have this character”, but instead a matter of “here is our budget and this is what we are going to do with it”.

  9. “That’s not just about having influence over scripts, it’s about getting more deeply entrenched in the Hollywood dream factory”

    I should have read that before I started typing.

    • On another of your points above – I do wonder about the legality of all this, but who is going to challenge it in court? Has anyone ever won a major lawsuit against the Pentagon?

      So like a lot of things, it being illegal doesn’t stop them from doing it. And to be honest, of all the Pentagon’s many, many, many crimes their role in mass entertainment propaganda is not that high up on the list. Flipping it round though, would they be able to get away with so much if it were not for Hollywood et al giving them such a positive public image? One could make the argument that this is key to their entire operation and status in the world.

      • That and their ability to keep secrets is key to their power. If people knew the f-ed up experiments they do and and some of the screwed up scientists and such that work for them, things would not go so well for them. Look up that Jose Delgado dude or that Aquino dude.

  10. Media alert !!
    If any ever wondered where parts of Victoria NULAND’s five billion USAID went in Ukraine, and pertinent to this discussion BECAUSE of its pure IIO /Hollywood production values – go see “Russian Woodpecker” on the festival circuit near you.
    Subtitled underground as “an Amercian Cuckoo”, the disinformationalists have laid several ‘memes’ in this parody, including calling the protagonist ‘a classic cult-hero.’
    Occult-anti hero more like.
    Without peer review, nothing becomes ‘cult’. And a ‘classic’ is not up to publicists to decide.
    Instead, professionally produced and with GREAT camera work for the highland shots, the boffins of USAMIIO, in conjunction with PravySector and god knows who at PENTBOM, deliver us a serious look at modern propaganda.
    With a cast of every known sentiment, including footage of the Stalin terror-famine, its history makes no mention of Ukrainian fascist genocide at Babi-Yar, nor mounting evidence of The right sector as snipers ‘killing-their-own’ in Maidan. nor GLADIOb. Any serious conspiracy analyst in Ukraine would know and discuss these facts as part of the the present reality either way. and ODESSA too. The NARRATIVE certainly didn’t mention Ukrainian SU jets seen shooting down MH17 in this classic diversionary pap piece . So I guess it didn’t happen in ‘Fidor’s’ world.
    Instead, it introduces a very stereotypical but curiously malevolent ‘outsider artist’ hunting down the next great conspiracy after 911: that of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster being cover for an ill-functioning radar system built nearby dubbed ‘the Woodpecker’.
    Which may or may not be true.
    We know governments routinely kill their own people to facilitate agenda, so that part of the ‘doco’ remains possible, but moot. More to the point, The possibility of a conspiracy at Chernobyl is the nest the myth-makers have pooped their disinformation eggs in. It’s actually about Fascist Ukraine pretending something they very plainly ain’t with the backing of Hollywood and the NATO NGO’s.

    So, the influence -the magnitude of influence being peddled, ranges across the entire field of film, tv, publications of all kinds. This is the festival anti-Russian HIT arm of deepstate /method.con.

  11. How exactly would a nuclear disaster hide the wood pecker? I mean, they call it the wood pecker for a reason. It is very noticable on certain radio frequencies, and probably easily visible from a satelite or spy plane too. All that thing was supposed to do was detect over the horizon objects. And by the time chernobyl happened, wouldn’t it have been oudated at that point?

    • Gary Binmore says:

      The thing was probably outdated before it was finished. A decent satellite system is far more efficient at detecting rocket launches than a 10 mw emitting monstrosity. More than anything, it was just a nuisance to locals – the U.S. always knew it was there. Thrillseekers climb the rusty wreck now.

      The trailer alone suggests the film is such an over the top parody that a thinking person would identify it as a Russian satire of US neocon paranoia/belligerence. Can you be duped into believing the subtext of blatant nonsense? I suppose it happens. The radar and the forest look great. Throw in a Chernobyl mutant or two and you’d have a techno-gothic thriller that would be pretty hard to resist.

      • Ronald Orovitz says:

        What happened to my comment?

        • I have no idea. What did it say? We have experienced a couple of glitches with comments here recently.

          • Ronald Orovitz says:

            It was a multiple link comment – hence it was awaiting approval, but then it was gone. It was mostly youtube videos of shortwave intercepts of the new Russian “woodpecker”, and a link to a Russian language site with a photo of the suspected source of the signal…. I’d have to look it all up again.

            But the point was – in response to Gary – if the woodpecker was outdated then in the old Cold War, why they firing it up again in the new Cold War? There is perhaps more to the story than over the horizon radar.

  12. Oh, that’s deep. It was a Russian production.
    A thinking person.
    Hadn’t thought of that.
    @A name. Who knows. Possibly/probably….it does not matter to the purpose of the movie. It is about propagandizing Russia as the enemy, and writing Ukrainian fascism out of the present coup reality.

  13. CuChulainn says:

    This material well illustrates the integration of state and economy in the integrated spectacle.
    The society whose modernization has reached the stage of the integrated
    spectacle is characterized by the combined effect of five principal features:
    incessant technological renewal; integration of state and economy;
    generalized secrecy, unanswerable lies; an eternal present… The integration of state and economy is the most
    evident trend of the century; it is at the very least the motor of all recent
    economic developments. The defensive and offensive pact concluded
    between these two powers, economy and state, has provided them with the
    greatest common advantages in every field: each may be said to own the
    other; at any rate, it is absurd to oppose them, or to distinguish between
    their reasons and follies. This union, too, has proved to be highly favorable
    to the development of spectacular domination — indeed, the two have been
    indistinguishable from the very start. The other three features are direct
    effects of this domination, in its integrated stage.

  14. I haven’t had much time to put into reading the documents but I was able to browse thru for a bit and one thing I noticed was there was a significant amount of redactions in the 2014 Air Force documents. The others were mostly the names of the staff involved. In the 2014 documents, its the actual projects themselves that were redacted in full. Any ideas?

    • Absolutely. The 2014 Air Force documents were released to me at a later date. They should have been attached to their original response about 3 months ago, but I only got copies of them a couple of weeks back. They were a lot more redacted than the 2013 ones or the Army ones. Included in the follow-up response was another copy of the 2013 Air Force reports, but they were about half the size (number of pages) compared to the original release.

      This, and other evidence from the Army documents, points to increasing secrecy on the part of the Entertainment Liaison Offices. Hopefully Matt and I will be publishing something on this in the coming months, when we’ve got it all nailed down.

      • What was the difference in redactions of the 2 different 2013 releases?

        • I didn’t see any obvious difference in redactions, just that the first set of 2013 reports was about 120 pages but the second set were about 60 pages.

          • I’m curious what content they left out in the 2nd version you received. I’m away from home and don’t have my laptop to view documents . Could I contact you thru spy culture and perhaps you could send me the alternate version and I’ll take a look when I’m home?

          • Lizzie,

            Sure, email me and I’ll dig out the two versions and send them to you. The more eyes we have on this, the better.

    • The whole redaction issue is very intriguing to me. I think a large part of this has to do with the sort of research Tom, Matt, and I all do. People are starting to put some of these peices together and perhaps this has made the DOD be more careful about the information it is putting ou there.

      I do also wonder if there are names being redacted because they would be well know individuals, or people that we wouldn’t expect to be working for the military. This might become a trend though. Tom and I had already noticed how the CIA is no longer as upfront ad obvious about their work in Holllywood. They are relying more and more on third parties.

  15. 344thBrother says:

    I just wanted to put in a kudos to you Tom. This was well done good work.

    And thanks for the heads up. I was aware of this on one level, but not as much on the subliminal level, so a heads up is always good. I’m more cognizant of the little military intrusions into “Entertainment”. Awareness is always a good thing.

    Here’s something that I noticed long ago. Just after the DC Sniper event, a made for TV movie came out about it. I had a friend of mine video tape it (Yes back in the day). He just ran the tape so it picked up all the commercials as well. I HATE commercials, so as I was watching I just fast forwarded through them and I picked up a pattern. When a commercial came on on FF I’d see FLASH FLASH FLASH FLASH. In most of them. It seems obvious but in FF it was pretty consistent and startling because I tied that to the fact that 20% of the population can be hypnotized literally like that *SNAP* and 60% can be hypnotized using more persistent means (From the Ultimate Revolution by Huxley). So, for what it’s worth, it appears that commercials then and also Movies nowadays follow the same format and they include THX technology to include BOOOOOOM BOOOOOOOOOM BOOOOOOOOM BOOOOOOOM, just in case one was dozing off during the movie.

    Just food for thought on the weaponization of TV and Movies.


    • I have been wanting to ask you, when you search for that fluoride gulag stuff, what engine do you use? I tried searching a while back and only got websites I do not trust.

  16. 344thBrother says:

    I have a request. In that this is a fairly busy forum overall (BFP) commenter’s, please consider naming the person you are replying to? It’s confusing to look for a reply to your own comment and have to look through all the comments meant for other posters.]\


  17. jackdonovan says:

    This is a fairly big discussion so I haven’t read all the comments. I’ll just add my own.

    First of all: Pearse, I don’t know if you were the ‘host’ for this show but as a host, you should let your guests do the talking, instead of you. This is something I notice with Peter B. as well. You two tend to make sure your opinions are on the show; I don’t think that is wrong, but you should give more time for the guests to develop their points of view. After all, you have many shows; your guests have only one.

    Second point. I think everyone is overreacting over this document. It’s very natural that such a huge institution as the DoD is portrayed so often in the entertainment industry. There’s no way around it, they’re everywhere. So it’s not that they control, or propagandize over everything, it’s just that the artists and producers need to contact them to do their work. That is not to say it’s irrelevant; but if you’re going to talk about their control, you should talk about specific programs. If a US Army soldier is interviewed for some random show, that’s not direct propaganda, it’s business as usual.

    • jackdonovan,

      With all due respect I think you are under-reacting to this document. There are several instances, not just the one Pearse mentioned regarding the talent agency, where the DOD are actively trying to get involved at an early stage to help shape major productions. Very few of the entries are just ‘such and such got in touch requesting permission to interview Sgt (REDACTED) for their show…’.

      Moreover, the reasoning offered by the Army for their involvement in these productions frequently reference the importance of the company behind the production, the anticipated audience numbers and profitability, even the key demographics. Their rationale is the same as that of a board of directors for one of these massive media conglomerates. It’s the same kind of thinking that someone adopts when they want to take over control of a market.

      This is not business as usual. This is not the same as the DOD’s involvement in Hollywood even as recently as the end of the Cold War. And I will emphasise this again – this is just the DOD. The CIA, DHS, FBI, DEA and other security state agencies are all involved in this, and not just in a ‘providing permission to film at such and such a base’ way. This phenomenon is happening on a huge scale.

    • @jackdonovan

      I don’t think anyone is overreacting at all. This is no longer about military propaganda. This has turned into the takeover of our culture and entertainment. You really should go through these documents for yourself. I think you will see the level to which this is happening and how it’s nt “buisness” as usual. When the DOD is activly trying to figure out how they can get involved at a developmental level to re-write stories and characters then we had entered into a whole other world.

      Yes I am the “host”. This tends to be why I am on every episode and produce the show. I know that I can talk when I host but it is really difficult to host a show and keep everything moving. Somtimes the guest doesn’t say as much as you would like them to And you may have to jump in. A lot of people think podcasting is super simple, but trust me there is a lot of stuff to deal with and do.

    • Red alert!!! Woop woop!!!

      “That ancient aliens one is mentioned, with the same exact section repeated, 14 times on different pages.

      ” Supports Modernizing the Force.” appears at the end of each mention.

      They are definately seeking to manipulate public and congressional opinion.Next they will argue that this is necessary for them to get us to help them help us.”

      This is provably about more than just supplying resources.

  18. Since this thread is at base about manipulating the public I thought I would ask, is this Jim Marrs dude a disinfo agent? Corbett covered the fakeness of the whole ancient aliens thing once so I am kinda wondering about it… i need to look that up in that file. I cannot remember, but wasn’t that something you went ovwr the DOD funding on the history channel?

  19. That ancient aliens one is mentioned, with the same exact section repeated, 14 times on different pages.

    ” Supports Modernizing the Force.” appears at the end of each mention.

    They are definately seeking to manipulate public and congressional opinion.Next they will argue that this is necessary for them to get us to help them help us.

  20. jackdonovan says:

    Just wanted to give a heads up, it’s been fascinating to cross references between the files and IMDB…

  21. I don’t think the video is bery good. I takes a littlle more than a friggin’ english accent! We ain’t that provincial any more’s!

  22. O. Tom Cruise[is that his real name] plays Barry Seal in MENA [: Daniel Hopsicker /madcowmorningnews] . Cruise as SEAL. gagg.
    I bet the director cuts the scene finding GHW BUSH’s phone number in his POCKET after the HIT.

    Cruise can play Hastert next… the child sex scenes will have to be[REDACTED]to mean something [REDACTED] common deviant elite behaviour …… pretend.pretend…..when you wake up in the dream to find you are asleep…..Ari Emanuel is Rahm Emanuels brother. I don’t imagine they talk much about running William Morris talent agency or narrative content as it pertains deepstate Chicago Politics or 911 cover-up.
    That our ‘culture’ is being decided by SPOOKS of narrative at EVERY level, is truly part of our time. This is ‘how they do’..ownership means just that. the narrative, the production. The acting agency. Again. “The Russian Woodpecker” springs to mind as classic mind control docudrama pretending authenticity. has a very interesting approach to a major conspiracy, by hunting out the official neutering of content by hierarchical control networks smoking forensics into oblivion, but also by documenting interactions in the press tent, allowing the viewer to see how second tier controls are exercised at the more human level by the ‘aging cynical HACK ‘ in the corner, directing an ‘overview’ in conversation.

    • Remo,

      Yes, this Barry Seal biopic bears all the hallmarks of being a CIA-assisted production. Other forthcoming films in this genre include one on Benghazi and the Zero Dark Thirty crew re-telling the Bowe Bergdahl story.

  23. CuChulainn says:

    all the jihadi video spoxes come from media-savvy backgrounds, which in itself dont prove nutn, of course
    EXCLUSIVE: British son of Hollywood movie director, 26, is revealed as bloodthirsty star of al-Qaeda propaganda videos after converting from Catholicism and smuggling himself to Syria
    London-born Muslim convert identified as Lucas Kinney starred in al-Qaeda video after changing his name to Abu Basir al-Britani
    Father worked as assistant director on several popular blockbusters
    Mother Deborah fears Lucas, 26, could be killed in a RAF drone strike or decide to become a suicide bomber
    She said she can’t understand conversion to radical Islam by her son who wanted to be a priest when he was 13
    Uni dropout was into rock and was in a band called Hannah’s Got Herpes
    Changed name to an Islamic name after being radicalised in Austria. Moved to Cairo and went to fight in Syria in 2013
    Mother found out he was fighting in Syria on Mother’s Day last year

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