Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: FBI Infiltrates Peaceful Activists, Again!

Peter B. Collins Presents Hendrik Voss

For many years, peaceful protesters have gathered each November at Fort Benning, Georgia to advocate for the closure of America’s torture academy, the School of the Americas (renamedWestern Hemisphere Institute for Security and Cooperation). Hendrik Voss explains that his organization, School of the Americas Watch, has accessed FBI documents showing that undercover operatives have infiltrated the group for at least 10 years on the pretext of potential violence. The files show that the infiltrators repeatedly reported that the activists “never exhibited a propensity for violence”, yet peaceful First Amendment activists continued to be monitored.

*Hendrik Voss is national organizer for School of the Americas Watch. Get details on the Fort Benning protests November 20-22 here.

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  1. andrew everett says:

    The amount of death and destruction the U.S. has left behind over the past century down in Central and South America is alarming–wish more people would WAKE UP. In the early 1900’s the U.S. decided to improve the Empire with a canal–so Panama was carved out, cheap laborers were imported (and taken advantage of) so the Empire could improve our shipping lanes. The 20th century also saw many forms of overthrowing regimes, economic and environmental plundering–one recent count showed the U.S. had attempted to overthrow at least 40 different Latin American leaders.

    The FAKE Drug War is another issue–as it is certainly obvious to anyone who has looked closely that the OSS/CIA and U.S. military have been involved in the drug trade in WWII…the Golden Triangle in the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s. The Manuel Noriega-CIA ties are also documented fact. I’m sure many of the readers here have listened to Sibel Edmonds’ claims of the Turkish-U.S. drug pipeline as well.

    Well–THANKS to those who will make it down to protest and all those who have helped bring this issue to our attention!!! There are signs the protests have worked: First, they had to rename the SOA–and there are now countries officially opting out of the program.

  2. stevan topping says:

    Superb Podcast. Having to monitor the Government monitors. A result of the FBI spying on a non governmental organaisation. Hebdrik Voss, may you thrive, full power to you @

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