Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: 13 Questions About San Bernardino Bloodbath

Key points of the official narrative of the December 2 incidents in San Bernardino produce critical questions, or are contradicted by other information. The FBI director and a lawyer for the family of the suspects agree that “a number of things in this case don’t make sense”. But that hasn’t stopped James Comey from using unverified Facebook posts or unproven claims that the couple were “radicalized” before they married to define them as inspired, but not directed by Daesh. Live coverage presented at least 2 eyewitnesses who described 3 tall, white, male shooters, but the corporate media accepts the police version of two shooters, including a 5-foot-3, 90-pound female. My 13 questions are listed below, with links to source material.

13 Big Questions

What happened to the 3rd shooter described by eyewitnesses during live coverage?

Eyewitness accounts of 3 tall, male, white shooters seem to eliminate Tashfeen Malik, who was 90 pounds and about 5-foot-3? Video clips are here and the amateur “false flag” reporters’ video is here

How did the “active shooter” drill transform into a massive deployment of law enforcement, was it related to active shooter drill 11/30 at Victor Valley College? Local newspaper report here

The Facebook post where Malik allegedly “pledged allegiance” to al-Baghdadi is treated as fact, based on anonymous government and Facebook sources…can we see proof?

We’re told the FB post was made at or near the start of the shooting, but we are also told that Malik had a burner phone without apps or internet access…how’d she do it?

With no evidence, FBI Director Comey asserts that the couple was “radicalized” before Malik came to the US and married Farook. Will they disclose the sources?

News chopper video of final scene is very different from dramatic photos with hood raised and shot up windshield….where are the dashcam videos? Newschopper video is here

Why do photos show Farook lying dead, face down, with handcuffs on?

Corporate media is following up on Farook’s friend Enrique Marquez, Walmart worker who bought the 2 semi-automatic rifles, why does it ignore other issues?

Family attorney David Chesley joins FBI Director Comey in saying “It doesn’t add up” and mentions Sandy Hook as a precedent; corporate media dismisses Chesley’s Sandy Hook reference as “truther” bullshit, obscures his key objections. Why?

Corporate media detailed the apparent conflict between Farook and co-worker Nicholas Thalasinos as a “pro-Israel messianic Jewish Christian…really?

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  1. 13 is a good number of questions to start. The ” family attorney” interview on CNN is a cry in the wilderness. …his questions…bewilderment at what he was seeing.. the 3 shooters description will ring bells in Paris [“He fired lots of bullets. He was white, clean shaven and had dark hair neatly trimmed. He was dressed all in black except for a red scarf. The shooter was aged about 35 and had an extremely muscular build, which you could tell from the size of his arms. He looked like a weightlifter.” ]
    Good work Mr.Collins. Thanks.

  2. Well done Peter! Thank you.

  3. These events seem to be directed by David Lynch. (Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet). Always riddled with these very bizarre elements. Sandy Hook was the most bizarre ever but the Boston Marathon bombing and others also had plenty weird things going on. I haven’t delved into this one, I’ll wait and see what will be sifted out, but the sheer number of police cars strikes me as bizarre. I counted 36 in one frame, chasing ‘something’ and this was only a small portion of the entire procession. And there where several different such convoys! Apparently chasing something else.The scene with the unknown crashed car. Looks like bricks on the road, did it smash through a wall? The scene of dozens, maybe hundreds of cops and other officials setting up camp. Just well, hanging out. The final scene itself and on and on. On Lynch his wiki it says. “The surreal and, in many cases, violent elements contained within his films have been known to disturb, offend or mystify audiences.” Many aspects in these events seem to to serve the same purpose of causing a state of confusion and bewilderment.

  4. Maryanne224 says:

    I also distinctly remember that a woman who was at the scene, near the building, told reporters she saw three “really big guys,” “big, and very muscular” who were the shooters. During very stressful events it’s quite possible to experience some cognitive distortions. But, the fact that two different people, located at different parts of the crime scene saw the same thing is quite compelling.

  5. Mgrdichian says:

    Nice job. I was in the doctors office watching CNN (Ugh!) while it was happening, heard some of this live and can attest to the changing narrative. Also, the nature of the confrontation that caused Farook to leave the party remains amorphous. IMO it’s kinda pivotal to any narrative of the event and it’s being swept under the rug.

    • Does anyone else ever get the feeling that sometimes some in the MSM are deliberately changing the narrative to ridiculous degrees to draw attention to the absurdity of official versions of events? The San Bernardino narratives have certainly made me wonder.

      • Katie,

        Right on. The same patterns with So-Called Bin Laden Kill, with Boston Bombing, with SH … and now with this latest. I think it may be a part of their strategy.

      • Ribbit-Mark says:

        Great podcast Peter!

        Katie said:
        Does anyone else ever get the feeling that sometimes some in the MSM are deliberately changing the narrative to ridiculous degrees to draw attention to the absurdity of official versions of events? The San Bernardino narratives have certainly made me wonder.

        I’m not exactly sure of what you are trying to say here Katie?

        Why would the MSM go out of its way to draw the public’s attention to the absurdity of the official version of events?

        If the MSM was in bed with the government, wouldn’t they do the exact opposite; stick to the official version and not give the public any reason to doubt it?

        • Ribbit-Mark,

          I can’t speak for Katie, but the pattern emerges so vividly. From Bin Laden Kill story to Boston Bombing and San Bernardino: conflicting reports, contradictory statements … You’d think with all their resources the gov would write better (more consistent) script? Right? Unless this is by design: creating confusion and letting everything float and get quickly forgotten. One example: the story and photo of Obama-Clinton-etc watching the supposed live coverage of Bin Laden Kill Op. Why would they all go about doing it, and later come out and give a totally different story, and then again, and again? The other aspect pointing to this being by design: they achieve the end goal every time: People get scared, then confused, then confused further … and then say, ‘I don’t know. I just don’t understand,’ and then the whole thing gets to be forgotten and replaced with another similar ‘event/operation.’

        • well, I do agree with Sibel, it looks like a strategy, an effective one at that, used to keep the masses confused. But, my comment is maybe partially in jest, I guess, because the bizarre contradictions with the narrative on San Bernardino seem above and beyond normal. I mean, for example, we get this renewed push for increased surveillance, the crack down on encryption, etc., as a result of this attack and the Paris attack. But the media is blatantly exposing, all over the place, that the surveillance doesn’t work, it never catches these guys, without straight up saying that. In the San Bernardino case, we’ve been told that Farook at least, has had prior contact with known terrorist suspects, and that he withdrew $10k and that was maybe unreported (unlike Hastert’s withdrawals), and today I saw reports on the fact that investigators are searching in a lake for the couples’ computers in order to recreate their digital history (because there is no record of any of that in some data storage facility suddenly?) So, the mass data collection/surveillance failed, once again. The reporting just makes me wonder if there are some in the MSM who are trying to call attention to these inconsistencies, without actually coming out and saying it, because if they said it, it wouldn’t make the cut, and they’d be out of a job. But, just maybe, they are trying to say it anyway. I know, probably too optimistic.

          • Mgrdichian says:

            “The reporting just makes me wonder if there are some in the MSM who are trying to call attention to these inconsistencies, without actually coming out and saying it, because if they said it, it wouldn’t make the cut, and they’d be out of a job. But, just maybe, they are trying to say it anyway. I know, probably too optimistic.”

            I’ve had people in MSM tell me privately that they are censored and not allowed to go certain places. But they love their job, and they are not censored on other issues that are also important to them. Their argument is that if all of the good journalists pack up and bail because a few subjects are taboo, look at who’ll be left. IMO they have a point. Our problem remains, but they have a point. I work at a small newspaper and we censor stuff all the time. In those circles it sorta goes with the territory.

      • Mgrdichian says:

        Katie, The feeling I’ve had since 9/11 is that if, indeed, these are false flag events, it’s easier to deflect scrutiny amidst chaos than amidst certainty. Also, all “they” need to do is inject a few crazy on-line sleuths (like the fire truck license plate connection to freemasonry that Peter B mentioned) to lump ANY alternative evaluation in with the conspiracy theorists. IMO THAT”S by design.

        As much as these events may be staged by someone other than those being blamed, these events happen in real time with people who are not involved in the plot, or they wouldn’t have real consequences and the effect that they have. There can only be so much advance control over the entire scene during the preparation. They have to be prepared to spin it to their liking after the dust settles and they see which witnesses and narratives they need to massage and/or alter. They may have a lot of people in their pocket in the lead up and aftermath, but they can’t control everything in advance. It’s risky business for them, but they’re confident they can squirm out of anything that would fully expose them…. and the more they do it successfully, the more confident they become. And sloppy.

        I once asked Cynthia McKinney why she is so zealous about 9/11 instead of the MLK hit, which she knows and I know was blamed on the wrong person. Her answer was simple: “On 9/11, they fu#ked up a little too much.”

        Regarding San Bernadino, how testimony from three eye witnesses who saw three big white men conduct a military-style slaughter morphed into one guy and a 5ft 3inch 90-pound woman with no corroborating witnesses is IMO beyond the pale of journalistic ignorance. I’ve gone from being mad about this stuff to being sad…. for everybody. So I come here and look for hope.

        • “… it’s easier to deflect scrutiny amidst chaos than amidst certainty …”- Great way to put it, Mgrdician.

        • You put that so well, Mgrdician, thank you!

        • inject a few crazy on-line sleuths

          Yes exactly. I had that thought when reading this after MH17:

          Pro-Russian Rebel Commander Says Passengers on MH17 Were Long Dead

          They had this story ready so quickly that I presume false flags these days to be packaged with some juicy online smoke for your convenience at no extra cost.

          In fact there may be different shades of smoke:
          1. Smoke for confusing people to the point of giving up understanding
          2. Over-the-top purple smoke for discrediting those that don’t buy the narrative, which can be either:
          a. The enemy (the Russians in the above case)
          b. Curious minds.

          • Ribbit-Mark says:

            Olivier said:
            In fact there may be different shades of smoke:
            1. Smoke for confusing people to the point of giving up understanding
            2. Over-the-top purple smoke for discrediting those that don’t buy the narrative, which can be either:
            a. The enemy (the Russians in the above case)
            b. Curious minds.

            While it is fun to engage in this sort of speculation, none of us will of course know with certainty what, if anything, that is presented to us is planned disinfo.

            There is something else to consider.
            The perps and the MSM (the messengers).

            Are we to believe that the perps are in total control of the MSM?

            Perhaps partial control?

            If it is only partial control (as Katie was speculating)
            can the MSM ever do any harm to the perp’s agenda?

            And if so, just how much harm would we be talking about?

            So far, the consensus here seems to be that even if the MSM injects some rogue angles to the official story, it always plays out in the perp’s favor as it serves to confuse the masses.

            So are the perps always in a win-win situation?

          • Ribbit-Mark said:
            Are we to believe that the perps are in total control of the MSM?

            I think the power of salaries goes a long way, but you’re right, that’s just generic talk of course. On the other hand there’s a pretty long list of examples illustrating the situation. Are you familiar with Udo Ulfkotte by the way? If you understand German [smug ;-)] I can recommend this one:
            There’s also some condensed interviews on RT.

            So are the perps always in a win-win situation?
            I think it’s a race against the clock: Either you convince the people around you that there is something rotten in the state of Denmark, or we’ll all end up like in the last scene of the Body Snatchers.

      • “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” – William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting, 1981)

        “IO or IIO (Inform and Influence Operations) defined by the US Army includes the fields of psychological operations and military deception.
        In military IIO operations center on the ability to influence foreign audiences, US and global audiences, and adversely affect enemy decision making through an integrated approach. Even current event news is released in this fashion. Each portal is given messages that follow the same themes because it is an across the board mainstream effort that fills the information space entirely when it is working correctly.
        The purpose of “Inform and Influence Operations” is not to provide a perspective, opinion, or lay out a policy. It is defined as the ability to make audiences “think and act” in a manner favorable to the mission objectives. This is done through applying perception management techniques which target the audiences emotions, motives, and reasoning.
        These techniques are not geared for debate. It is to overwhelm and change the target psyche.”

        • Thanks for the link. Is there some reasonable source for that Casey quote? I got weary of them once I discovered this kind of stuff:

          • You judge:
            Barbara Honegger
            “I am the source for this quote, which was indeed said by CIA Director William Casey at an early February 1981 meeting of the newly elected President Reagan with his new cabinet secretaries to report to him on what they had learned about their agencies in the first couple of weeks of the administration.
            The meeting was in the Roosevelt Room in the West Wing of the White House, not far from the Cabinet Room. I was present at the meeting as Assistant to the chief domestic policy adviser to the President. Casey first told Reagan that he had been astonished to discover that over 80 percent of the ‘intelligence’ that the analysis side of the CIA produced was based on open public sources like newspapers and magazines.
            As he did to all the other secretaries of their departments and agencies, Reagan asked what he saw as his goal as director for the CIA, to which he replied with this quote, which I recorded in my notes of the meetingas he said it. Shortly thereafter I told Senior White House correspondent Sarah McClendon, who was a close friend and colleague, who in turn made it public.” Barbara Honegger

          • As far as what goes on with United States foreign policy and anything related to “domestic terrorism” I’m of the opinion that everything that makes its way to the public is essentially disinformation. That’s not to say everything is an outright fabrication; that all information is being generated out of thin air (although this does happen as well). I doubt this is particularly unique to the United States. What may be relatively unique though is the extent that Americans have been willing to believe that freedom of speech, as far as this extends to the press, means that there’s a certain amount of integrity with respect to the accuracy of at least a good portion of the information which eventually reaches the public; that exposures such as the Pentagon Papers and the Snowden leaks are somehow unmitigated triumphs of the 1st amendment, opposed to triumphs of highly sophisticated psy-ops, which have managed to fool even some of the most cynical and savvy of the skeptics.

        • Remo, inform and influence operations, thanks for bringing that up.

  6. According to a former CIA/NSA contractor Steven D Kelley, the 3 shooters are from Craft International. Here’s the link to the story.

    • The three shooters issue is serious. We have at least two witnesses, unconnected to each other, describing the same thing. It should be hammered home repeatedly. But I don’t think Kelley does the credibility of this report any favors by talking about the bullet wounds not being real. Until somebody can produce a verifiable fake victim, alive and well and rolling in cash, and preferably tearfully apologizing and confessing with full details that can be corroborated, I think the phrase “crisis actor” should be officially retired.

      • Mgrdichian says:


      • John,

        You know my stance on the issue, but the crisis actor meme needs to be retired and placed under protective custody unless proven that they’re not a threat to themselves and those around them. You don’t hear people like Peter B or Sibel going that route, because they know it’s a great way to completely undermine your credibility.

        I’m not saying it hasn’t happened or won’t happen (I never argued with the term when people were referring to half baked tv-dinner “eyewitness reports”), but if it becomes a more prominent feature in future incidents I wouldn’t be surprised this would be due to the deep state recognizing that this is an element which conspiracy theorists have gravitated to and it’s not only a great ruse to get alt-media figures to undermine their credibility (if they haven’t already completely destroyed it to begin with), but also to elicit outrage from the general public and in turn, a general air of hostility towards those who question the “official narrative” (beyond the extent which this already the case).

        We need to take advantage of the daytime television drama quality plot holes and point them out, not become an extra on the episode, winning an Emmy for biggest schmuck of the year for questioning the authenticity of a personal tragedy and being wrong. Credibility is everything. Once again, Peter B demonstrates how to handle this kind of inquiry both critically and professionally.

    False Flag Islamophobia Conference: Live Stream from Paris on Dec. 12th
    Coming Up Saturday, December 12th…To Be Live Streamed
    from Paris, France. (this is a 4 Hour live Broadcast)
    9:00 am – 1:00 pm Pacific * 12 Noon – 4:00 pm Eastern
    6:00 pm – 10:00 pm Paris * 17:00 – 21:00 GM

    • Just finished watching this alternative “Islamophobia” conference podcast from Paris hosted and organized by Dr. Kevin Barrett and wanted to echo remo’s suggestion that it be watched. The range and depth of information and views was extraordinary and I hope that it may be adopted and incorporated as a template into Sibel’s new media enterprise. The show will be archived at

    • Nice find, remo.

  8. Top shelf, PeterB.

  9. Ben Wolfson says:

    I’m not sure if this was ever confirmed or debunked, but I read that the female suspect maleek had attended a well-known radical mosque, Lal Masjid in Islamabad that was a recruiting hub for mujahideen during the Soviet-Afghan War and was the scene of the siege in 2007.

    One of the Clerics there has denied being photographed with her and it remains unclear eactly how she was tied to the mosque. Again this is coming from anonymous US officials so i’m not sure whether it has any merit. If anyone can clear this up it would be much appreciated.

  10. #14
    The FBI is saying that Tashfeen practiced at local shooting ranges but the only shooting range ever mentioned is Riverside Magnum, and an instructor there who identified Syed never saw Tashfeen at the range. So why is it a mystery where Tashfeen learned to shoot, if indeed she did?

  11. CuChulainn says:
    • CuChu,
      Thanks for the link, I just checked it out. Good comprehensive analysis of some of the literally unbelievable aspects of the Terminator style husband and wife rampage we’re supposed to take at face value, supposedly following an argument between colleagues at an office party… “Honey, he said your homemade spinach pies tasted like you bought them at Costco’s. Grab the Smith and Wesson, vests, and ski masks and don’t forget the cellphone so we can post a comment on facebook during the rampage, pledging our loyalty to Al Bagdadi and thank ISIS for giving us the inspiration not to let infidels like Jeffrey make jokes at our expense.” Unfortunately, the last laugh has been coming at the expense of Muslims and there’s nothing funny about it and it’s good hearing other people speaking about the kind of social volatility these sorts of events are stoking that I’ve been finding so perverse and disturbing. All the more important to expose what’s going on to a wider audience.

  12. Excellent podcast!

    This story has more holes in it than a piece of swiss cheese, but (surprise, surprise) the general public are willing to swallow the bologna and swiss sandwich, wash it down with a bud light, and cheer on Donald Trump when he calls for a halt on Muslim immigration.

    I have to admit there’s a part of me that boils with indignation on behalf of Muslims who have to bare the brunt of the backlash followed by disingenuous calls from the president, be it George Bush or Obama, for people not to take out their anger on their fellow Muslim Americans, since (with the president’s deep understanding and respect for the Islamic faith) they understand that this is merely a “perversion of Islam”. Not without a bit of finger waving though at the “good Muslims”, telling them that they need to work harder to denounce extremism. Presumably this would mean advising disgruntled family members to avoid allowing themselves to be coerced into participating in some sort of terrorist plot at the behest of an FBI informant… “I know he’s given you $100,000, supplied you with the explosives, and reassured you that this will be ‘just to send a message’, Malik, but you have to understand that what you’re being asked to do is a perversion of Islam.”

    All this, while reports (once again) of a trio of ‘muscular white men in military attire’ go virtually unnoticed and are quickly forgotten like statements from Donald Trump’s challengers for the Republican nomination. (Yes I can’t even escape Trump in my own damn metaphors! oi…)

    I know I’ve made similar comments recently, but it’s an insidious slander on top of an insidious lie on top of an insidious agenda. (“this sentence is brought to you by Insidious, the official Black SUV of the CIA, FBI, and US State Department”…)

    Once again, this is really an excellent podcast. These are well thought out critical questions, presented professionally in a way which very clearly distinguishes fact from speculation. Inclusion of the audio from the youtube clip of the guy pointing out the preposterously overwhelming and immediate response of officials is presented tactfully by Peter B, with the proper disclaimers about the nature of the lack of ‘credentials’ (so to speak) of the person who put out the video, while still taking advantage of what I’d have to say are all the right sorts of observations to be making when some sort of spectacular “terror” event takes place.

    You know, I hesitate on putting the quotes on “terror”. Even though I know this audience understands the logic, regardless of where one separates fact from fiction, this indeed is “state sponsored terrorism” and there’s always a price to be paid in human lives and a collective loss of humanity. Meanwhile, douchebags like James Comey can come out so quickly and give us the information about how the couple was “radicalized” even before they got a temporary visa, through what; facebook chats? Yet he still feels that we need to make loopholes in encryption to help law enforcement fight “terrorism”? That’s like the security guard at the front of an office building falling asleep during an armed robbery, then turning around and saying that the company he works for is putting pressure on the employees to hand over their bank account numbers so they can monitor for any suspicious activity.

    Great excuse btw for justifying our selfish, hypocritical, and shameful policy of not accepting Syrians fleeing the catastrophe our country is responsible as being the ringleader for… but damn that Donald Trump, his Islamaphobia is just so unAmerican.

    Plus, how is it that after one of these spectacular events you have law enforcement on “heightened alert” responding to intelligence regarding possible threats? What is this the terrorist supermarket phenomenon where everybody ends up at the checkout line at the same time? “Sorry, I’m in a rush, I need to meet up with my FBI handler outside of the mosque at 3pm… oh you are too? Great I can give you a ride, I’m in the gray Toyota truck out front.”

    Okay, okay… enough jokes, but you all know by now it’s just my way of venting. Seriously though, I’ve been challenging people to look at these events more critically, pointing out these fallacies on the level in which whomever I’m talking with has the capacity to absorb at some level and I’ll say it once more, I feel that I’m getting more traction in response then for years and years in the past. Podcasts like this and some of the other great work by contributors here is undoubtedly part of that equation. Despite my cynicism, I’m have a feeling optimistic that when the new media venture goes online and we “turn it up to 11”, it’s going to shake a lot more people out of their slumber. In reality, we have no control over when, where, and how these events happen, but in the moments of relative calm, while the MSM parrot feed is switched back from ‘spicy Islamic terror’ (“couple met on Tinder and radicalized by Syrian grandmother here on work visa, Squawk!”), to a light mix of superficial news and celebrity gossip (“Donal Trump attacked for racist slurs by an eagle, Squawk!”), we have opportunities to remind people to step back and take into consideration key points from these previous conversations and remind people, like Flava Flav from Public Enemy said: “Don’t believe the hype”.

    • Well said, BennyB. I too am feeling more optimistic as I hear more and more people questioning the narratives. I hope we are all sharing this podcast, as the obvious holes and questions are articulated so well by Peter B. What a great way to share the needed conversation!
      And to the new media project, I think you’re right. And I am so ready to see that shake up!

  13. Huge thanks Peter B., for this excellent podcast!

  14. samadams73 says:

    Just a couple supplementary bullet points:

    This attack occurred just days after the NSA “supposedly” reigned back on their unlimited wiretapping.

    New calls are now being made to universalize and strenghen the passport system.

    Not one shred of evidence of terrorism, but that didn’t deter Obama from making his speech.

    Anyone heard much from the Paris climate talks since this occurred? Went to the background.

    Finally, thanks to Peter for sharing the info about the suspect’s handcuffed wrists. To my uneducated eyes, HIGHLY suspicious is the significant red bruising on his wrists(but again, I don’t know forensic science)

    Oh, also, the mother said they were going to a doctors appt. Did such an appointment exist?

  15. I can’t remember whether it was CuChulainn or remo who posted it (maybe after one of Tom’s podcasts), but you had that bizarre spectacle where reporters had descended on the home of the alleged, now deceased shooters, and were ransacking the house handling what would’ve at least theoretically been key evidence in a major mass shooting. Did they end up finding all sorts of “evidence” in that open house rummaging the way they did with the ‘death to America’ manifesto Dzokar supposedly managed to write inside the boat which was cited immediately by the media as “proof” of his radicalization and role in the bombing?

  16. CuChulainn says:

    In our previous articles on this subject, we pointed out multiple markers which clearly indicate ‘active shooter’ armed rehearsal drills held at and around the Inland Regional Center location. Here’s another – another unbelievable development discussed recently by the LA Times:
    “About a year ago, employees of San Bernardino County’s Environmental Health Services division underwent an “active-shooter training.”
    “It was held at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino — in the very same room that would one day be a site of bloodshed and horror.”
    “It was not clear if gunman Syed Rizwan Farook, an environmental health specialist for the county, attended the earlier training, but some of the victims of Wednesday’s mass shooting were likely to have participated, said a county spokeswoman.”
    One must consider that statistically speaking, the chances of a real shooting event taking place in the exact same room where a multi-agency ‘active shooter’ drill took place approximately one year ago – has to be close to zero. Furthermore, this strange and unlikely coincidence should highlight the suspicious nature of the shooting event itself.

  17. Im not so sure it’s statistically near zero that a real shooting would take place in the same room a drill had taken place in the past year. Active shooter drills in the workplace are becoming common. My kids have to endure regular lockdown drills at school, I have a family member who works at a college, they do them regularly, I have another family member who works for the state, they do them regularly…I don’t see why a facility such as this one wouldn’t do them regularly too, in any of the areas the employees used. Especially in a room used to hold a large number of people, as it could easily be chosen as a good target for someone who wants to kill as many as possible in the shortest amount of time.
    I do think the nearby SWAT drill that was supposedly taking place is much more suspicious, personally.

    • Katie,
      Thanks for the perspective on the drills. It’s important to keep as much of this in perspective as possible. I’m not convinced that it’s not relevant, but I know that’s not what you’re saying. You’re referring to the “near zero” probability comment and the balance in this respect is useful.

  18. Thank you, Peter, for the good synopsis and pertinent questions. The timing of this event was interesting to me, in that it occurred right after Russia presented documentation of the ISIS oil trade through Turkey. The shooting completely drowned out the ISIS oil story with its links to Turkey and by association, NATO.

  19. Good piece. Thank you. The entire case smells to high heaven. But in the current climate in America, it’s an easy sell to the public. And even if it’s balked at for a moment or a day or a week, next week’s sensation will replace the public’s attention more easily than a Kim Kardashian tanning session. It’s repulsive that the witness’s video testimony has already been banned (removed) from social network.

    • James, I’m out of the loop on this (sorry for my ignorance). What do you mean the witness videos have been banned on social media? First I’m hearing of it.

  20. I think the recent surge in false flag terror is related to the TPP review period. Rather than give people a chance to organize against the TPP everyone’s focus is on terrorism, immigration and “security”. I expect more to happen as we get closer to the end of the 90 day period at which time the vote on TPP will be lost in the noise of the terror threat.

  21. CuChulainn says:
    “The SUV was spotted four hours later, two miles from the crime scene. How did the police find this SUV? The Daily News says only this: “a tip.”
    Think about this. Two people shoot 35 people, and escape unnoticed the police. They then disappear for four hours. Then “a tip” informs the police of their whereabouts: two miles away from the crime scene.”

  22. I saw yesterday that the neighbor and friend, the owner of the guns, is being charged. And it was reported that he called 911, I think as soon as the news of the shooting broke, and told the dispatcher that Farook was the shooter. So, that’s likely the ‘tip.’

    • Charges are probably a de facto gag order, Boston Marathon style, and the guns were “his”, so they could press charges, since they probably couldn’t pin together a story which would hold about about the couple getting all those weapons. At this point I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they chose this couple because they had suitable backgrounds which could be copied and pasted into the “Radicalized Muslim” template. Obviously this is just speculation, but it doesn’t like a patsy situation.”Here’s one boss, this guy Farook just came back from Saudi Arabia with a wife of Pakistani descent.” … “Perfect, that should be an easy enough sell.”

      The guy leaves an office party after an argument, supposedly comes back with his wife after dropping off their baby daughter, then go on a shooting spree at the office, evade capture for four hours, only to show up dead with his wife (apparently in handcuffs) in a pool of blood after some sort of epic shootout? I’m usually conservative about my speculation, but this just seems like a complete pile of steaming horse shit to me. I’m not buying it and I’m mad as hell…

    • No Katie. Marquez (the friend) called 911 the next day and only after he realized that it was his guns that were used in the attack. I haven’t seen anything to indicate that he tipped off police while the (three) shooters were still at large.

      • My mistake. That seems to rule him out as the tipster. I remember seeing a little blurb in some report that the police suspected Farook within a very short period of time because of the supposed altercation that occurred at the party that caused him to leave in anger. So, the report went on, the police went to Farook’s house, and spotted the SUV driving by slowly at that time. Of course, none of that explains how three large shooters turned into Farook and Malik.
        I’m in agreement with somebody who posted above, this is an effective distraction, if nothing else.

        • Mgrdichian says:

          The “tip” may very well be that upon learning that Farook left the party in a huff, they went to his house and then spotted a black SUV. But why didn’t the police just come out and say that after it was over? It seems THAT scenario would make the police look good for responding immediately and effectively to the earlier events at the party, i.e. swift detective work on their part. Why the need to label it as a “tip” after the fact? Problem is now we’ll never know and they can make up any story to cover their ass.

        • Mgrdichian says:

          Katie. from the police scanner, about an hour and a half after the shooting someone at the party named Salazar Ramiroh told Junior Officer Sholke (a police cadet) about the heated conversation with Sayd and how he left the party. Ramiroh also told the officer Sayd matched the description of one of the shooters.

          • I’m honestly not going to believe anything that comes out through any MSM or pseudo-alt media from the day after on. The press have a momentary window the day of, while events are occurring, where some of them actually start doing real reporting. By evening it gets massaged into place the rest of it is further massaging the message through witnesses “willing” to speak with the press. Either that, they get ignored, or silenced through legal means (having charges pressed against them/imprisonment). That’s my take anyway…

          • I imagine some of the uncooperative or problematic associates of the deceased will be in police custody within the next week…

          • Oh wait, that already happened did it not?

          • Benny, what I reported is what I heard listening to the scanner recording myself. I’ve been listening to the scanner recording in the background today while I’m working. I didn’t lift my comment from any secondary source.

            Listen to it yourself here
            the witness is identified at 31:46

          • Mgrdichian,

            Sorry about that. I guess I missed part of the conversation where you’d previously said you were listening to the police scanner and sort of half-read it, thinking you were pulling something from an article (which is pretty idiotic on my part!). I guess sometimes I get a bit lost when there are posts within a series of comments that include quotes from outside sources. I’m not saying that as an excuse, but it’s the only plausible explanation I can think of for why I read it the way I did. 🙂

            I think my main point though was just that I don’t think pretty much everything which comes out in the media (witness accounts etc…) are essentially useless information, beyond analyzing what the objectives are behind the way the propaganda is being spun. (I think that made sense…;)

            So, I listened to the clip you were talking about and hear them saying the part about the witness saying there had been an argument about an hour before and that and he thinks one of them was “him”. I think it’s too difficult to discern without more specific details like the name Farook for example. However, I was reading the description for the video and it says that there were three men reported and that there’s a dead man in the back of the SUV with an AK-47 strapped to him. It would be interesting to know if this was one of the three shooters described…

            It’s all very bizarre, but my feeling is still that the couple were already dead before the shootout… come to think of it, the dead man with the AK strapped to him could have been Farook. I better quit this speculation/theorizing stuff now though. I’m starting to sound way too Alex Jones for my own comfort 😉

            btw: The scanner info is interesting, but putting it up there on youtube seems a bit dicey. I mean, they were reading off people’s names and license numbers etc.

          • Mgrdichian says:

            “I’m starting to sound way too Alex Jones for my own comfort” LOL! I’ve been too hasty plenty of times over the years, even here at BFP. Learning the hard way is a good thing.

            Yes, the scanner is very interesting. The reports of shooters heard on the scanner ranges from one to three, in-line with the earliest media reports. And UR right, beginning the next day media coverage took a downward spiral. Thankfully for us, some of the best coverage and analysis is right here at BFP.

            Did you notice that right after the part about the witness who gave police the info about Sayd there is a report of someone who called the police to say “two race-unknown males were seen removing black clothing at a nearby overpass?” I haven’t finished listening to the scanner, but I will, and curious to see if there is ever a resolution to that call.

            Like with the Marathon bombing and manhunt in Watertown, the scanner is a useful tool. Since I live in Boston and know the streets in Boston and Watertown like the back of my hand, I heard several incidents on the scanner that never got reported or investigated further. Same old, same old.

            As far as speculation, the holes in the San Bernadino story are so outrageous, there is no need to speculate. This is best exemplified by Peter B. who started this conversation, where in his opening remark he refused to speculate about it being a false flag. IMO that’s why this thread is turning out to be a valuable one.

  23. Ribbit-Mark says:

    What I’m mad as hell about the most is that this couple was tried, convicted and disposed of Bonnie and Clyde style, without their right to a fair trial.

    How did that song go? ’50 ways to catch fleeing suspects alive’.

    • Mgrdichian says:

      Me too, but beware of disinformation campaigns saying Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were really Jewish spies trying to deflect public criticism of the newly formed Federal Reserve that had recently collapsed the economy 🙂

    • Exactly, Mark! That’s how I felt with Boston. “Oh, they were Muslims, they must have been terrorists.”

      I think the more appropriate song would be “50 ways to leave your lover…” I think Ashcroft did an adapted cover 😉
      “Let the eagle soar…” Nah, F##k that, I’m not letting this parrotted BS fly! 😉

      • Ribbit-Mark says:

        BennyB said:
        I think the more appropriate song would be “50 ways to leave your lover…”

        That was the song I was parodying with my post.
        I was trying to emphasize that it didn’t have to be a ‘do-or-die’ situation.
        First you shoot the tires to stop the vehicle.
        Then you wait to see what the suspects do.
        They might even come out with their hands up, G_d forbid!

        If they shoot at you, you aim to injure them, not kill them.
        There are 50 places or so on their body that you can do this. 🙂

        • This is probably the best presentation of various aspects of what happened which are alarming that I’ve seen:

          The family lawyer for Maleek says nothing makes sense, including the fact that the couple was apparently found handcuffed and dead in the back of an SUV. It seems to me like the couple was whacked long before any shootout. I know that’s a bold (and crass) statement, but I doubt whoever was responsible for going into an office building and opening fire at random would have any problem authorizing such an act. Like I said, I think they just fit the description of individuals who could have a story constructed around being “radicalized”. When the media had a field day in their home (which absolutely disgusts and infuriates me!), it just looked like a regular couple’s home, not a prep station for so-called jihad. The most incriminating thing was what; shredded documents? How uncommon is that?

          Maybe the deep state got too cocky this time around. It’s about time…

  24. Mgrdichian says:

    Another witness to three shooters that I didn’t know about. Frank’s niece texted him about three shooters while the shooting was happening.
    Frank Montes said his 27-year-old niece, an employee at the facility, had been outside during her break when she heard gunfire. “She said there were three shooters wearing body armor and machine guns,” Montes told The Huffington Post.
    All those claiming three shooters, including police scanner, documented here:

  25. After all is said and don…
    It is the rebirth of the sun.
    Shab-e Yaldaa or Shab-e Chelleh.
    December 21’th…
    It’s Christmas time’s.
    Best Regards whit Hope.
    Jens and Bornholm.

    • Best regards to you too, Jens. As angry as I am about this incident, I’m holding on to some optimism that this event in particular is going to lead to an awakening of sorts.

      Some time, maybe ten years ago I was talking with my Mom, lamenting that the mentality of the country following 9/11 was like that of the boiling frog. That said (in those terms specifically), I believed this was leading to a state of hubris on the parts of those running the show and in this state of hubris these actors would eventually get too cocky and impatient and turn up the heat on the stove too quickly. Perhaps this is such a time.

      Come to think of it, there’s a sort of meaningful irony in the fact that I used the boiling frog metaphor specifically and as I type this Sibel is steady at work planning to leap from Boiling Frogs Post to something dramatically more bold (not to take anything away from BFP:) I’ll wrap that thought and plan to celebrate an early Christmas 🙂


  26. Mgrdichian says:


    Glenn Willwerth, of Martinez, Calif., says he was working at his San Bernardino paper company when a man ran into his business and said someone was shooting inside the building across the street. Willwerth told the Herald he approached the business carefully, hearing numerous gunshots ringing out, before watching a black SUV with tinted windows “calmly” leave the scene. He had armed himself with his .45 caliber handgun.
    “Soon after the shots stopped I saw a black SUV slowly pulling away, as it started heading toward me I thought I might be able to get a good enough look inside of it to see who did it but the windows were heavily tinted and I couldn’t see inside….. I wasn’t going to travel onto their property to get involved … but I went up to the edge of it and that was as close as I really needed to be getting to the whole situation”.


    “Now, a third prominent eye-witness, Chirs Nwadike, has stepped up to challenge the mainstream narrative. He recently told reporters he received a phone call from an unknown person around 7 p.m., on the evening of the shooting, who told him that he must say that Sayd Farook was the shooter.
    You read that right, he says that he was called and told to change his story and say that Farook carried out the attacks with his wife, even though that is very different than what he witnessed.”

  28. Ribbit-Mark says:

    What we desperately need is a Hollywood-style feature film that spells out in no uncertain terms exactly what the deep state has been up to the past couple of decades (pre-9/11, 9/11, and all the post 9/11 wars/false flag events etc.).

    A modern day action-packed ‘Network’ type film that climaxes with a scene where everyone runs to their window and shouts out:
    “I’m sick and tired of all these false flags and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

    The film would likely not be allowed to be produced in Hollywood/US but that’s OK.
    Probably a European production.
    Eventually it would make its way to the U.S.
    And if it was banned there, that would probably pique the interest of more Americans
    than if it was not.

  29. albatross0612 says:

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