Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds: Syria & the Real Winners of a Synthetic Conflict

In this episode we are going to briefly discuss synthetic conflicts. In particular we’ll be looking at the real gains and the real winners- rather than getting lost in the distortion maze that has been designed by the deep state, and implemented via their propaganda tentacles-Media. With all the talk on the ISIL conflict, and with all the speculations surrounding Russia’s in-and-out of Syria maneuver, it is time to put aside the lenses provided by the media (aka the deep state propaganda machine), bring out the magnifier, and search for the truth of these matters by following the money.

With every war, battle and conflict we must engage in the following inventory-taking process: what will be gained, by whom; what are the dollars involved and who gets these dollars. Join me and let us explore the answers to these questions.

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Show Notes

Syrian Campaign Pays Off as Moscow Lands Military Contracts

How much money will Russia make off operations in Syria?

Who Will Profit From the Wars in Iraq and Syria?

Bombs Away! Lockheed Expanding Missile Factories, Quadruples Bomb Production for ISIS Long Haul

Book: The Lone Gladio- By Sibel Edmonds

Operation Gladio B

Corbett Report: Operation Gladio B Series with Sibel Edmonds

Secret Warfare Operation Gladio & NATO’s Stay Behind Armies

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  1. Excellent report! Thank you!

  2. Russia is like the third rail for many it seems. I really was surprised to see you getting so much flak over it on several newsbud videos. You and James being too much anti-Russia or anti-Putin.
    I don’t see anything wrong with pointing out Russia is also pursuing it’s own self interest. Everything they did or didn’t do regarding Syria is motivated by self interest. It just happened to upset the US/Nato agenda somewhat. It makes it easier to ‘side with’ Russia.
    At the end of WWII Syria allied with the Soviet Union. These ties continued after the collapse of the SU. It became one of the last vestiges of Russia’s sphere of influence. Enter the multi-pronged US/Nato attack with a ‘revolution’, a free rebel army and an ‘ISIS’, all providing a pretext to knock down Assad in an hostile takeover. And there are even more with red chemical lines and refugees and so on.
    Like Ukraine, Russia hasn’t got much of a choice but to do some salvaging. They secured Crimea and looks like they secured at least part of Syria for Assad. For the time being.
    Although I don’t believe the primary aim was showcasing their weaponry, it did became a beneficiary factor and thus a real danger of triggering a similar runaway ‘weapons equals profit’ process.

    Queen Victoria (1819 – 1901) was nicknamed the grandmother of Europa because many of her descendants sat on European thrones. The Tsar of Russia, the German Emperor and King George V were all first cousins. It didn’t stop them from plunging into all out war with each other. World war one. Thought to be impossible just a decade before. Not just because of family ties, also because of economic interdependency.
    I believe we’re in a somewhat similar situation. Despite the cooperation at some levels we’re still heading towards a clash between US/Nato and Russia. Do we have a dog in this fight is perhaps the question to ask.

    • Hi Ralph,

      Sometimes it feels like being dragged into an ‘enemy of my enemy is my friend’ position. I’m not willing to do that. I observe what’s going on (to best of my ability). And we certainly agree on who is the main aggressor here. It’s the US neonconized military doctrine. The Wolfowitz Doctrine of world domination. And as long as it’s in effect we’re gearing towards a final showdown. Step by step we’ve gotten closer till we’re now on the verge between proxy wars and direct war. A Nato fighter shot down a Russian fighter over Syria. In 2015 the doomsday clock was set towards 3 minutes to midnight. Save to say we were again at two minutes now. There is no reverse, only temporary reprieve. Ukraine and Syria are open wounds and we’ll see more with no solution because the agenda is still on. “‘Do the orders still stand? – Of course the orders still stand. Have you heard anything to the contrary?”
      US positioning around China same thing, although China is less self reliant and weaker compared to the Russian Federation. It has no recent history of Imperialism either. Still, hence my analogy with pre-WWI Europe. No interdependence is going to stop the war machine. even if it means self destruction.
      So we agree on the main enemy. And if when we find ourself on the same battlefield we’ll be fighting alongside against the same enemy. I am however no ones soldier except my own. I’m accusing my own government of war crimes and high treason, am I to not tolerate criticism on other governments and regimes? On basis of ‘enemy of my enemy’ or lesser of two evils? I can’t.

  3. I read in an article on the BBC this morning details of the attack were being uncovered by authorities showing how the PM was being ‘searched’ online from a carelessly discarded PC.
    “The discovery of the computer emerged the day after the Brussels attacks. It had been abandoned in a bin in Max Roos street in the Brussels area of Schaerbeek.”
    Why is it in story after story we hear this same stradegy? You might think the public would be wise to the overkill. Supposed ‘mastermind terrorists’ care enough to detail their plans digitally, and in an effort to cover their tracks, these sophisticates always hide their secrets on – computers, cell phones, etc. in nearby trash bins? They never seem clever enough to discard this info they supposedly care so much about keeping secret, thereby allowing authorities to uncover and plant what ever ‘intel’ they choose. One eye witness at the scene also stated he saw no suicide vest or body, just the remnants of the bomb.

  4. Bizantura says:

    I had to ponder on this proposition video for a while before trying to adres it.
    But no I do not agree. Russia did this because of defensife measures foremost and not solely for war profiteering. That they now will profit from it no daubt and it would be foolish not to cash in on it.

    Mr Putin, a difficult one to quess what he is after and I am curious like anyone should be. Can an oligarch agenda ever coinside and therefore beneficial to normal people?
    I agree more with Catherine Austin Fitz idea that Mr Putin is a bureaucrat. He propably can fly one of his warplanes and asemble and disasemble it. The man has brains and uses them well planning well ahead what western oligarchs can’t do anymore.

    There is a “relative” tiny country 4th on the 2016 GDP list. How did it get 4th place on the GDP list? Selling arms maybe?
    They still produce little cute U boots.

    If it’s money to be followed I would look elswhere, namely Germany.

    I am sorry but I see more American oligarchs jumping up and down like fools drooling after a promo video screeming I want that popgun and I want it now. Todays presidential candidates don’t help in discarding this image.

  5. Money Makes the world go Around..
    Big Players or small players..
    Something like this..
    “We are the country of Lego,’”
    And Warships…Design.
    In Denmark..( Nato ).
    Best Regards
    Jens and Bornholm.

  6. While we’re all looking at which country is doing what, when, and to whom, let;s not forget that all sides are financed by the same people – thus tweaking all outcomes in THEIR favor. No matter what, they win big.
    Warm Regards,

  7. Speaking of synthetic war, erm this happened…

    “In Syria, militias armed by the Pentagon fight those armed by the CIA”

  8. I still need to watch this, but balkanisation and tribalism is aparently a goal. See syriangirlpartisan video “Exposed: Plans to Balkanise #Syria” on the y tube.

  9. Speaking of silly anti-Putin/anti-Russian inventions that have become a tradition at BF, I often recall a one-time friend of mine. He had the misfortune to be born by Korean parents in the state of California. To this disaster he added another by becoming a Communist. In short, here was a grad student aspiring to become a history professor, who by the age of 30 was fucked up twice. One time – by being Korean, second time – being a Communist. And here comes the gist of this contemporary parable from the land of the free. This friend of mine was a member not of the pro-Soviet CPUS but of the rabidly anti-Soviet Shachtman’s sect. So during his scholarly trips to the then Soviet Union he carried out some small-time delicate assignments that had little to do with the “defense of socialism.” It was much later that I realized why. To get fucked up three times in a row–being a Korean, Communist, and pro-Soviet– was too much for him as for most so-called “progressive people.” He was a good man, not a hero. What every educated Westerner knows one way or the other, but rarely admits is this: Russia is the only country capable of annihilating the West which is NOT of the West. In the last analysis, this is what counts: who can annihilate who. This is why TPTB in this country don’t give a damn about you being a communist, anarchist, a “true alternative journalist” or whoever. Just don’t cross the real red line, don’t be pro-Russian, this can be dangerous to your health. This is the unwritten compact between “the true opposition to the system” and the system.

    • Ronald Orovitz says:

      Why Russophobia? They were our allies in the wars that were justifiable -the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, WWII, and they have never demonstrated any intention of annihilating us that wasn’t in reaction to our intention to annihilate them; and that intention, I would suggest, was never truly ours, but something that was imported… from the Rothschild dynasty? from the nazis who lost Germany but gained the U.S. clandestine services and foreign policy establishment? -the latter is essentially the thesis of David Talbot’s recent biography of Allen Dulles, The Devil’s Chessboard.

      Whatever the case, here is a once again timely lyric from Bob Dylan, from With God On Our Side

      I’ve learned to hate Russians
      All through my whole life
      If another war starts
      It’s them we must fight
      To hate them and fear them
      To run and to hide
      And accept it all bravely
      With God on my side

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