The Fifth Estate Exposed- Media Watchdog NGO’s Pocketed & Controlled

In this episode of Newsbud Spotlight, Sibel and Spiro expand upon Newsbud's Confront NBC Campaign by taking a deeper look at the illusionary role of the so-called media watchdog organizations (NGOs), the inherent conflict of interest between the public’s right to know and their funding, and their role in controlling dissent and opposition. We also discuss the revolving door between these NGOs and the mainstream media.

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Show Notes

Newsbud Live Coverage Confront NBC

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange: NBC involvement in Turkey Coup

Congress Approval Rating Lower Than Cockroaches

FAIR’s Financial Overview

FAIR’s Sugar Daddies  

Newsbud Demands Public Retraction from NBC for Unethical False Reporting

Confront NBC: Social Media & Government Information Operations- The Modern Day Psy-Op

Newsbud’s Call to Action: Join Us at NBC HQ in NYC to Demand Accountability & Ethical Journalism 

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  1. CuChulainn says:

    i think you mean the fifth estate

  2. A fine report and worthy action. I don’t think real journalism can be separated from activism, as any intelligent action begins with accurately informed and grounded ideas. To do otherwise is to be left punching pointlessly at ghosts.

    As to FAIR and other like-minded (like-funded) agencies, I think it’s worthy to note how various countries that still retain some autonomy have set about restricting their activities. Some real intellectual work can (and has, though I’m no expert) be done exposing their activities, but ‘the proof is in the pudding’ as they’re already being expelled from various countries. This report points out that those same NGOs are operating in similar fashion here in the U.S., surprise, surprise. That’s an important piece of the value of informing the American mind of the fuller context and culpability of a monumental event like 9/11-anthrax: “they’re here,” and in their view we are all peons even if, perhaps, of a slightly higher order. The kicker is that these “watchdog” agencies are typically funded by our own monies as I’d suspect that the contributions that groups like FAIR receive are tax-deductible for the funding agencies — i.e., we typically pay for the privilege of our own enslavement.

    Keep it up. Good work.

  3. CuChulainn says:

    so you’re upset about US govt/media support for a coup attempt in Turkey, Sibel, with your friends waving Turkish & US flags in front of NBC.

    how about Erdogan’s ongoing support for the jihadist attacks in Syria, including key Turkish assistance in this weeks al-nusra assault on Aleppo? how’s that for a coup attempt??? sponsoring jihadists to kill hundreds of thousands in Syria and then blaming the president of Syria, as Erdogan did yesterday in Moscow? if i were Turkish i would be ashamed to wave the flag, as I would not wave a US flag.
    Erdogan: We don’t want Syria’s disintegration, but the departure of Bashar Assad who is guilty for the deaths of 600,000 people. This is the condition for preventing this scenario. Syria’s unity cannot be kept with Assad. And we cannot support a murderer who has committed acts of state terror. Let the Syrian people themselves elect an individual they want to see in power

    • I believe Sibel has been very clear this entire controversy is about NBC (a branch of MSM) participating in a coup in another country. An immediate retraction could have been seen as just admitting a mistake by the producer. This is not about Turkey other than that was the country involved in this coup. There have been other podcasts, both here and at (Sibel with James), about Turkey and about Syria. I agree that when proof is found the activism is both justified and is a better opportunity for publicizing the action by NBC. I wholeheartedly agree with the actions taken by Newsbud!

  4. Dear Sibel,
    While pondering over the laments of those who said you had become an activist instead of a journalist,
    this quote came to me;

    “”It is not enough for a gardener to love flowers; he must also hate weeds.”
    – Anonymous

    All the best in your fight for Truth,

    • tallsexyblonde says:

      Though I agree that you appear to take the role of an “activist”, moreover, I would say you’re filling the shoes of an “activator”, which is commendable.
      I love your passion and enthusiasm. (And of course I believe in the quality of your work – otherwise I wouldn’t have subscribed.)
      Thanks for your awesome work Sibel & co.

  5. Good work, SIbel and Spiro. It is good to see the gibberish of the news cycle questioned out loud. I will happily fund anyone who stands up and questions the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party that we’re living in.

    The brainwashing is so complete that questioning the status quo has become activism. It should be a normal part of everyday life, to question everything and anything, without fear of recrimination.

    I would love to see FAIR explain why NBC’s recent behaviour is not of interest to their mission statement.

    Turkey falling to a coup will not help Syria. Especially if it was facilitated by the same foreign interests who brought the trouble to Syria in the first place. They would install someone worse than Erdogan and Syria would fall faster, and/or the destabilization resulting from the coup, would give the foreign interests an excuse to engage even more in the region. If Turkey goes down with Syria – ‘oh well, collateral damage and all that’.

    To speak plainly, it is weird behaviour by NBC to not retract or apologize or explain themselves, like it never happened. Nice fantasy, guys. Good luck with that thinking. It is immoral. It is unacceptable. As is all the other drivel they and their ‘competitors’ air 24/7.

    To all those NBC reporters who were watching out the window last week, who are equally appalled by their management, who no doubt told them to speak to no one on this matter – if you truly believe in journalism, speak.out., question, refuse to collaborate with the enemy of your profession. Earn that press pass.

  6. VoiceOf Arabi says:

    Excellent work Newsbud team…. a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. (Chinese philosopher)

    Voltaire said “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

    To all journalist out there….
    “When you call yourself a journalist, you make certain promises to your audience. Journalists make these promises to protect the credibility of their work and earn the public’s trust.
    Much of the public doesn’t realize just how strict the code of conduct is that journalists have traditionally followed. Unfortunately, there are news organizations that have chosen to erode these standards in their newsrooms, particularly in recent years. ”

    Does your news organization erode these standards? if yes, you can fight back.

  7. jackdonovan says:

    Wow! This is awesome, Sibel and Spiro!

    It’s great to see you with your great energy, Sibel! Newsbud is picking up steam! Don’t let it get to your ego, though.

    I listened to the 6+ hours of Gladio B interviews recently. So when the name “Fetullah Gullen” came up, I instantly knew the CIA had a hand in this. Now there’s a story: what exactly is the Turkish government doing to expedite his extradition process?

    I must say Sibel, you should stop putting The Intercept in the same bag as Amy Goodman and the rest. The Intercept is breaking several great stories. Put the Snowden issue aside for a minute. If you reach out to them, they have to give you an answer. And that process in itself is a good story.

    Your podcasts about the foundation sugar daddies were very informative. This type of report is fascinating. “Follow the money”, right?

    • jackdonovan says:

      P.S.: what did you think of the NY Times expose of the Brookings Institution?

    • VoiceOf Arabi says:

      Hi Jackdonovan,

      you say
      “I must say Sibel, you should stop putting The Intercept in the same bag as Amy Goodman and the rest. The Intercept is breaking several great stories.”

      I think the Intercept is exactly the same as Amy Goodman and Noam Chomsky… They will give you “real” information for 60% of the time, and hit you with their version of reality when it really matters… i.e. they are gate keepers.

      I have been following the Intercept reports from the middle east, and they often glorify terrorist in Syria by calling them freedom fighters and give them undeserved air time.

  8. Thank you for coming to New York and raising sand in front of NBC. This is a worthy issue.
    And I was also thrilled to see you take on FAIR. I was one of the suckers that used to give them donations.
    I haven’t for a few years. I was disgusted with their silence about the reporting of 9/11.
    Now I am glad I stopped. What about “Media Matters” ?
    Keep fighting Sibel. I am proud to be one of your donors.

    • Ribbit-Mark says:

      I guess this says all we need to know about this ‘media watchdog’.

      From Wikipedia:
      “Media Matters has a policy of not comprehensively listing donors. In 2010, six years after the Democracy Alliance initially endorsed MMfA, financier George Soros — a founding and continuing member of the Alliance — announced that he was donating $1 million to MMfA. Soros said his concern over “recent evidence suggesting that the incendiary rhetoric of Fox News hosts may incite violence” had moved him to donate to MMfA.[18][19] During a 2014 CNN interview, David Brock stated that Soros’ contributions were “less than 10 percent” of Media Matters’ budget.[20] According to Politico: “Media Matters, however has received funding from or formed partnerships with several groups that Soros funds or has funded. These include the Tides Foundation, Democracy Alliance, and the Center for American Progress.”[21]”

  9. OMFG! I do not like Trunp, but Hillary’s team is blathering on about Trumps ties with Russia. This coming from this old bag who sold Russia a U.S. uranium mine and who Putin personally thanked for her service. I wish you would roast them both with both their ties to Russia and Epstein.

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