Newsbud Report with Peter B. Collins- Radical Feminists Oppose Transgender Bathroom Rule

Peter B. Collins Presents Kara Dansky

Recently, 13 state attorneys general sued to block federal orders regarding access to bathrooms and locker rooms by transgender individuals, and separately, the Women’s Liberation Front sued the Departments of Justice and Education over related issues.  Kara Dansky argues that any biological male can claim to be transgender to access women’s facilities, and offers some examples of assault and voyeurism that have occurred.   The interview airs some interesting viewpoints that haven’t been heard in the recent commentary about transgender bathroom access.

*Kara Dansky is a board member of Women’s Liberation Front.

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  1. John Richardson says:

    You should not be wasting your time and ours reporting on gender issues. The entire topic is a fabricated divide-and-conquer distraction from reality. Any reporting on this topic other than how it is a propaganda tool does nothing but make you a tool. If you want a real story, break down the who’s who of Bridger Capital, and the lily white ties to “Black Lives Matter”.

  2. RichCabot says:

    This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen on boilingfrogspost. This wasn’t an interview, it was an attack on the interviewee. As a reporter you aren’t supposed to be debating the person being interviewed, pushing your own position. If you wanted a debate, get an unbiased moderator and run the piece with the three of you. You make a mockery of newsbud being an unbiased source of news.

    It’s amazing to me that Peter can’t see the other perspective. From a safety perspective, being able to keep men out of the womens showers and locker rooms is a pretty fundamental issue. According to the Obama administrations new regulations public facilities of any kind could not legally prevent a man from entering a womens facility as long as he asserts that he is transgender. They would have to wait until an act occurs to be legally able to take any steps. As the interviewee noted, at that point it is too late.

    It’s worth noting that the executive director of the ACLU in Georgia resigned over this issue. She has young daughters and could not accept the ACLU position that boys/men should be allowed to shower with them.

    The original case that raised this issue was a school in North Carolina which provided a third changing space for a transgender individual. That individual sued claiming that they were stigmatized by having to use a special space and the federal government came down on the student’s side. The discomfort of transgender people has now been elevated above the discomfort of everyone else.

  3. I’m psyched about having helped phase two meet the goal and I’ve been really happy about the work that Newsbud has been doing, but I can’t help wondering what happened to Peter B (or Pepé Escobar for that matter). Seems like this was the last contribution he made and perhaps Sibel’s comment is telling. Like RichCabot, I was surprised that Peter seemed unable to grasp the safety implications being addressed by the guest. Even though I can appreciate why this topic might have struck some in the audience as suspect of coming across as an example of the sorts of divisive and politically agenda driven pseudo-alternative variety, I felt that the subject itself was worthy of discussion.

    At first glance my impression of the law was that it was intended to protect transgender individuals from having to use a restroom which corresponded to their biological gender (genitalia etc), but not their gender identity. For example, someone with male genitalia who, for all intents and purposes, identifies and attempts to present themselves as a woman (wears women’s clothing and might very well pass as a woman in appearance). To the extent this could “out” someone who would otherwise blend in if they simply went into the stall to go to the bathroom I could see the argument for and potentially agree the rationale that someone ought to be permitted to use the restroom which would cause the least amount of disruption privacy-wise for all parties involved. However, a law which entitles an individual to freely choose their “identity” irrespective of the specifics of the person in question with no regard for the comfort and safety of the rest of the men or women that physically match the gender of the respective designation strikes me as an irresponsible and even reckless position for the federal government to be enforcing. This is what the guest is clearly getting at and Peter’s apparent failure to grasp this frankly perplexes me, even if he’s attempting to play the devil’s advocate.

    Back to my starting point, I think the topic is worthy of discussion and don’t categorically reject whether or not it belongs at Newsbud, but if this is somehow the straw that broke the camel’s back, given Sibel’s past policy of not interfering with or “censoring” the views of contributors (regardless of whether or not she agrees with their position etc) I think it’s a real shame and an overall loss for Newbud. Even if I didn’t always agree with Peter B (certainly here for example), I appreciate what he contributed to BFP and Newsbud for the time that he was part of the team. There’s probably more to the story, but in contrast to my overwhelming satisfaction with what Newsbud has been delivering thus far, as a long time BFP supporter and someone who generally valued what Peter B brought to the table a great deal, if he has indeed been cut from the team, I feel that it’s only right that I express my disappointment and a certain lack of satisfaction with not knowing what happened.

    I regret having this be one of the few contributions to the discussion that I’ve made for a while, but I guess it’s something that’s interfering with my otherwise overwhelming sense of satisfaction with the successful conclusion of phase two of the kickstarter campaign, so I feel that it’s only right that I air my views and make my opinion known as has always been the case in the past.

    • VoiceOfArabi says:

      Hello BennyB,

      I have to agree with you on the overwhelming sense of satisfaction with the successful conclusion of phase two 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      It appears none of the other subscribers feel in the mood to celebrate (or at least too shy to write any thing about it..)

      But I also agree with you on the issue of Lack of Feedback from Newsbud team on certain issues (and questions with regards to some reports they produce – the only one who is responding currently is Eric Moshe – thank Eric)

      • Thanks for making that point VoiceOfArabi. I know the team has been working overtime, but I do have to admit I sort of miss some of the interaction with contributors and other members as was the case in the past with BFP, so it’s good to know I’m not alone, or that I’m not just missing it somewhere. Still, I believe that, as I said, this has mostly to do with the amount of work that’s going on behind the scenes and I suspect that, provided the financial support from subscribers increases, that contributors like Sibel will have extra help with operations that allows them the luxury of having the time to participate in the comment sections more frequently. I have a hunch this has more to do with hours in a day at the moment than anything else. Speaking of which… 😉

  4. Could all of you help pester the Newsbud team into making translation services and multi country outreach a priority? This phase 2 drive was too close to failure for my tastes. I even donated this time even though I am broke (yes, I know I should have the first time too, but… anyway). The drive to get the word out about Newsbud needs to spread to other countries. If only certain percentages of populations are interested in this stuff, this needs to become a world wide phenomena to really gain ground. Maybe someone could set up another kickstarter or patreon or whatever to gather the extra… $28,000?… to get translation services added?

    This really is vital.

    And maybe special shows for the non U.S. audience would be a good idea.

    • Dr. No,
      Glad you chipped in to support and I agree that it’s important that this site is able to reach a wider audience. I also agree that the phase two drive was far too close for comfort for me too, but we made it! That said, rather than pestering the team, I think the best way to support them and ultimately help them reach a wider international audience would be to try to increase the number of supporters by promoting the site and the content. I have no doubt that reaching this wider audience is something on the road map, but I think we have to trust to some degree that the Newsbud team are using the resources in the most effective way they see fit.

      That said, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to reach out to individuals who might be willing to contribute their time and energy to providing translation for some of the content. I know this is something which supporters of James Corbett’s work have done on occasion. Maybe that someone is you 😉 Again though, that’s a good idea and something I also hope to see in the future. Fake news is the common standard no matter where you go and I’m all for any efforts to overthrow the status quo.

  5. Is there a way to start a patreon or kickstarter and make sure that the money goes to Newsbud without ever being able to touch the money? I cannot allow that much money into my account on two accounts 1) It would screw up my finances and 2) I don’t want to be taxed for it.

    I would really like to do something like that. As far as reaching out to someone, I really don’t know anyone to reach out to other than all of you.

    Spanish, Chinese and Russian. And common middle eastern languages too… that is what we really need.

    And this would allow us to tap into so many more people. I wonder, India is a mostly english speaking country, yet we see nothing from them on the donations list. How would we market Newsbud in India?

    • VoiceOfArabi says:

      Hi Dr. No,

      I agree with you on the translation. but I think you have to be very selective at initial stage. You will need to select 1 or maybe 2 most effective languages (Chinese most spoken, but Spanish or Arabic covers more countries). You also need to select the most appropriate audience (India has more people, but they are not suffering as much from results of American foreign policies as South American countries are!.)

      So, I suggest Spanish language focusing on South American Issues as first translation (over 20 countries with 440 million people). possibly followed by Arabic (Arabic alone will get you about 27 countries and about 300 million people.

      • Mark Ribbit: Yeah, the pizza gaters would love a forum they could have some level of trust in. They have been scouring the net for safe places to talk and post. That would be a huge opportunity for Newsbud even if Sibel does not agree with talking about those Podesta types as Satanists (which could be a psyop).

        I want to add Russian to that list that Mr. Arabia is talking about. Can any of you start a kickstarter or patreon…etc… to get the extra funds for translation services? Even if we could raise only $15,000 that would still add at least some translations to help with the base expansion.

  6. Mark Ribbit says:

    I have to agree with you about the importance of broadening our subscriber base by introducing a translation service to the Newsbud content.
    As far as the lack of comments by the Newsbud team is concerned, as I’ve said before I believe this is mainly due to their busy schedule of behind-the-scenes work.
    What I’m looking forward to is the bona fide forums section promised at the start of the Newsbud campaign.
    This will open up many more possibilities of member interaction and discussion.

  7. A lot of rockus about alt media lately. Besides alt media not fabricating totally out of thin air, I am not as convinced it is about supporting thruth and diversity on various subject matters. Seems more of a stratagy of penning people in to their “convictional” pen boxes.

    If you are a cow don’t stray into the horse pen because if you can’t whinny like a horse you are a troll. As enthusiastic I once was about alt media being a improvement in bringing several realities to the forefront from different viewing angles I now believe diversity is not the objective.

    There are just a lot more pen boxes available to choose from to emulate diversity. Better make shure if you are in a duck pen to quack like a duck.
    Needless to say I am loosing interest fast.

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