Ticking Time Bomb: Media Hypes Nuclear Threat in Turkey to Justify Action

In this episode of Newsbud’s Spotlight with Sibel & Spiro, we examine the motives of the recent hype and fear mongering by the media and think tanks concerning the US nuclear weapons currently stored at NATO’s Incirlik Air Base in Turkey. It appears the Nukes are being used as a pretext for justification for US action in Turkey, reminiscent of the media's false reporting of the WMD’s in Iraq and other fabricated stories to justify wars.

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Show Notes

US nukes in Turkey vulnerable to ‘terrorists & other hostile forces’ – think tank

Stimson Center nonprofit think tank Report

A briefing for Congress on possibly moving the US's nuclear weapons from Turkey's Incirlik Air Base

Document: Brief to Congress on U.S. Nuclear Weapons in Turkey

Why the U.S. Should Move Nukes Out of Turkey


Let's get our nuclear weapons out of Turkey

Ex-White House Weapons Chief: US Nukes at Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base Aren’t Safe

Erdogan Threatens To Abandon US Dollar In Trade With Russia


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  1. CuChulainn says:

    a related issue you didn’t touch on–in the last few days NATO has all of a sudden been noticing the terrorists flocking into Syria from Turkey–
    and now the US military has noticed specifically ISIS militants getting support from Turkey–
    (found both links via Christoph Germann’s excellent twitter feed)
    US govt could decide that Turkey govt supports ISIS and thus should be replaced

  2. Sibel said somewhere that “Turkey has its own army”. Should I understand that that army is not under the command of NATO?

    Would clarify earlier question https://www.boilingfrogspost.com/2016/07/29/turkey-accuses-cia-fbi-of-coup-involvement-as-protestors-demand-closure-of-nato-base/comment-page-1/#comment-23573

  3. VoiceOf Arabi says:

    Let me start by saying I have no love for Erdogan or the Muslim Brotherhood mob.. IMO, they are no different than Nazi Hitler and his crew, and would end up doing the same massacres as Hitler, pol pot etc etc did..

    But the danger of NATO and USA dominating the world is much much worse. to understand this better, look at how the average USA citizen lives. in debt, hard work and up to 3 jobs per person, blacks hates whites, left hates right, Christians hate Muslims, biggest prison system in the world (bigger than china) etc, etc.. and that’s the empires core people..

    During the Ottoman empire, the core people who lived in Turkey were living a good live.. only the people outside the core empire that got enslaved and killed.. (we Arabs got the worst of the Ottoman empire).

    So, both are evil, and both need to go, but you have to destroy the bigger evil first, which happens to be NATO, and as a result, the smaller evil might just collapse under it’s own weight.

  4. Ronald Orovitz says:

    Sibel, is the translation of this accurate? …. http://www.thedailysheeple.com/war-turkey-threatens-us-give-turkey-your-nuclear-weapons-at-incirlik-air-base-or-we-will-take-them_082016

    İncirlik”teki nükleer silahlar Türkiye’ye devredilmeli. Ya da Türkiye, bu silahları kendi denetimine almalı

    • Ronald Orovitz says:

      Also by İbrahim Karagül… http://www.yenisafak.com/en/columns/ibrahimkaragul/new-attack-will-come-from-the-south-lets-save-turkey-from-invasion-2031250

      This particular statement is causing me some concern….
      This was the master plan, the project. And this project was not limited to Fetullah Gülen and his terrorist group alone. It was a multi-national operation. Those who tried to cause an Alevi uprising during the Gezi Park events,…

      OK, I know someone who participated in the Gezi Park protest. He certainly isn’t any kind of Gulenist, or PKK, or Soros pawn, etc. Yet if the “enemy” now includes those who simply protested against the gentrification of a public park, then the crack-down is going far beyond the coup plotters….

      Frankly, I’m getting a little concerned about him – haven’t seen any social media posts from him post July 15… I hope he isn’t sitting in detention somewhere….

      • I found this section interesting:

        “Looking now, we see all the military elements aimed at Syria were FETÖ’s men. Those commissioned officers who worked throughout that corridor were his men. The terrorist group within the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) took the entire border under its own control. It conducted operations against Turkey with the PKK, PYD and Daesh.”

        What he’s saying here is that it was the Gülenist faction of the Turkish army that kept the supply lines open for the anti-Assad forces, where “looking now” presumably means “looking back” / “with hindsight”.

        It’s not an outlandish claim to make since presumably Gülen’s interests are aligned with the empire’s. What is strange to the point of being bs is that one would only realize this “looking back”, or more particularly that the Turkish government would only realize such a thing years later “looking back”.

        Looks like the above quote chooses option 2 below to relieve Erdogan from responsibility of the Syrian project, even if neither option is exactly honorable for Erdogan…:

        1. “It wasn’t really me, the American’s told me to do it!”
        2. “It wasn’t really me, the Gülenists did it without my consent!”

    • Horrible as google translations from Turkish are, it would seem the translation is ok:

      But then again, it’s not like a newspaper editor is going to make such proposals to the US. I cannot imagine how even Erdoğan would consider that a useful move.

      The way I interpret it is that this editor’s current assignment is to whip up Turkish public opinion against the US / Kurds / FETÖ , and he seems to be getting on with it 😉

  5. CuChulainn says:
  6. CuChulainn says:

    Christian militias have been raided in Michigan and Ohio. Its members rounded up and tossed in prison. Its cache of weapons confiscated.
    But a well-armed Muslim militia – – composed not of American citizens but foreign militants – – operates under the noses of federal and state law enforcement officials.
    If you doubt it, pay a visit to Saylorsburg, PA, in the heart of the Pocono Mountains.
    “These guys use fully automatic weapons – – AK-47s – – for target practice,” one local businessman says. “We called the FBI but nothing has been done to stop them.”
    “The Muslims have been here for years,” another resident says. “They’ve been engaged in training for guerilla warfare.”
    The Muslims in question are Turks who occupy a 45 acre compound that is owned and operated by Fethullah Gulen.


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