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Turkish Deployment May Redraw Battle Lines In Syria’s Idlib

Ankara’s zigzagging between its fading regional ambitions, national security priorities, the conditions set by its partners in the Astana process and the realities on the ground continue to shift Turkish policy in Syria. The Turkish deployment in Idlib — part of the latest de-escalation zone agreement in Astana — comes as another product of those […]

Exposing the Shoddy Syria Sarin Gas Attack Fabrication

Eliot Higgins is a “nonresident senior fellow” with the Atlantic Council whose functions appear to include seeking to discredit any reporting or analysis and documentation that conflicts with the DC-based think tank’s interventionist agenda. Higgins’ agenda dovetails closely with his employer’s funders in NATO as well as Atlantic Council backers like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and […]

Next Stop Idlib: Erdogan Announces Turkey’s New ‘Serious’ Operation in Syria

The Turkish president has announced plans to start a new military operation in Syria in a move which has been rumored for weeks. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced plans to deploy the country’s soldiers to Syria’s Idlib, where the Free Syrian Army rebel fighters backed by Ankara have launched an operation. “We intend […]

News Analysis: Turkish-Iranian Rapprochement Over Kurds’ Issue Could Bode Well For Syria – Analysis

The Iranian-Turkish rapprochement over the Kurdish issue of independence could possibly bode well for Syria, with a shift of the Turkish stance toward Damascus expected, not for the sake of President Bashar al-Assad, but Ankara’s own interests, as the Turkish neck is on the line with the Kurds becoming more eager to make their dream […]

Kurds’ Aims In Syria Far More Likely To Succeed Than In Iraq

As planned, three days before Iraqi Kurds went to the polls in a referendum over their own political future, elections for local Kurdish communes in northern Syria took place on September 22. While the latter vote – in which an overwhelming 92% voted in favor of independence – sent shockwaves throughout the Middle East, the […]

Editorial- Analysis by Analogy: Myanmar is not Syria

Many geopolitical analysts and commentators have noted many worthwhile similarities between the Syrian crisis and the one now unfolding in the Southeast Asian state of Myanmar. However, what is different about these two crises is just as important as what is the same. The Similarities Particular focus has been placed on evidence emerging that US-ally […]

Conditions to End Syria War In Place, Joint Success With Turkey – Putin

The de-escalation zones “have de-facto created the necessary conditions for the end of the fratricidal war in Syria and the final defeat of terrorists as well as for the Syrian people’s return to normal life,” Putin said at the news conference in the capital of Turkey, Ankara. He added that it was an “issue of […]

US, Russian Militaries Hold Unprecedented Talks On Syria

WASHINGTON — Senior American and Russian military leaders met for an unprecedented, face-to-face session somewhere in the Middle East this week to discuss the growing tensions in the competing battles to retake one of the remaining Islamic State strongholds in Syria. Syrian government forces, Russian special forces and U.S.-backed militants are all battling IS around […]

Syria Opposition Activist, Daughter Found Dead In Istanbul: Report

A senior Syrian opposition activist and her journalist daughter have been found dead at their apartment in Istanbul, the Dogan news agency reported on Friday. Friends raised the alarm after being unable to reach Aroubeh Barakat and her daughter Halla Barakat by telephone, the news agency said. Turkish police then arrived at their apartment in […]

Turkey, Opposing Kurdish Independence, Warns of Global Conflict if Iraq or Syria Break Up

Turkey escalated its opposition to a Kurdish independence referendum in northern Iraq on Tuesday, training tank guns and rocket launchers across the southern border and saying the break-up of its neighbors could lead to global conflict. Defense Minister Nurettin Canikli said in Ankara next Monday’s vote posed a major risk and Turkey would take “every […]

Debunked Syria “Sarin Gas Attack” Was a Crudely Staged Deception – Editorial

The United Nations Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria issued a report this September that reinforced the official narrative that the Syrian air force dropped a bomb containing nerve gas sarin on the insurgent-controlled town of Khan Sheikhoun, Syria on April 4. That conclusion comes several weeks after the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical […]

Much Ado In The Mideast: 3 Theories on Russia’s Syria Trips – Editorial

Russia has been busy. Really busy. The past couple of weeks have arguably been the country’s most bustling period on the Middle East track: On Sept. 12, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu paid a snap visit to Damascus. In his second trip to the region during the past two weeks, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov visited […]

Pentagon Hires Scandal-Hit Brokers For Syria Arms Buy-Up

The Pentagon’s battle against ISIS relies on an Eastern European arms supply-line operated, in part, by firms and executives linked to fraud, foreign bribery, Bulgarian organised crime and the death of a contractor. “You just gotta be smarter than the government,” boasted arms dealer Marc Morales to an undercover FBI agent in 2008. He was […]

China Says Ready to Take Part in Russia-Led Syrian Peace Talks

Beijing recognizes the challenges of the Astana negotiations on Syria and is ready to actively contribute to advancing the talks, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Hua Chunying said at Friday’s regular briefing. “The goal of the talks in Astana is to end the bloodshed in Syria. It is an important framework along with the consultations in […]

Syria: As the Endgame Approaches – Editorial

As Syrian forces reach the Euphrates River, breaking the siege of the eastern Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor, Damascus and its allies, along with the state sponsors fueling the militancy that has consumed Syria for the past 6 years, are putting in place their final pieces as the endgame approaches. Syrian forces having already retaken […]