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Newsbud’s Call to Action: Join Us at NBC HQ in NYC to Demand Accountability & Ethical Journalism

Newsbud & Supporters will Demand Public Explanation & Retraction from NBC.

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Legal Reality Check- It’s High Time the Court System Takes a Serious Look at Transparency

Wouldn’t more Judicial transparency be in everyone’s (except perhaps the lawyers’ & judges’) best interests?!

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BFP-Newsbud Exclusive- Western-Backed Chechen “Freedom Fighter” Named as Istanbul Attack Mastermind

Meet Akhmed Chatayev and his journey: Freedom Fighter - Government Informant - Most Wanted Terrorist!

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Newsbud BFP Exclusive- What the CIA Sent Me About Its 1990s Foe Slobodan Milošević: The Gimmick of Declassification

The CIA is ready and willing to censor & doctor its own reports in order to make them suit the foreign policy agenda

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