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World News

World News

  • SCO Holds Giant War Drills in China
  • Georgian Armed Forces: NATO’s Proxy in the Caucasus



  • Joseph Margulies: The Reclamation of Torture
  • Nat Hentoff: Where in the Constitution Is CIA Absolved of Its Crimes?


National News

  • Oklahoma City bombing: Claims of second accomplice and FBI intimidation
  • Which Companies Profit from the Use of Military Equipment by Police?


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Iran sanctions: US plays dirty game

Washington’s Middle East policies are only meant to incite chaos, to capitalize on the chaos and turn things to its own benefit.

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From Boston to Ferguson: Have We Reached a Tipping Point in the Police State?

Remember, it’s a slippery slope from a questionable infringement justified in the name of safety to all-out tyranny.

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BFP Exclusive- “The EU and IMF Rape of Ukraine Agriculture”

Ukraine’s rogue regime lifts the ban on sale of farm land and to open its rich agriculture to Monsanto, DuPont & the GMO agribusiness cartel.

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