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Beyond the Flint Tragedy: Contaminated Drinking Water is Everywhere in America

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan, became a national news story, and for good reason. Republican leaders in the state were finally forced to take steps to stop the poisoning of Flint’s drinking water with lead and other toxins, foisted on the community as part of a short-sighted cost-cutting measure. Despite improvements, the future of […]

Russia Tried To Kill Ex-Double Spy Because He Trained Eastern European Agencies

Russia may have made the decision to kill former double spy Sergei Skripal because he continued to provide counterintelligence assistance to Eastern European governments, according to media reports from Prague. Skripal, 66, a veteran military intelligence operative who spied for Britain in the early 2000s, has been living in England since 2010. He was recently […]

Israel Baits the Hook. Will Syria Bite? – Editorial

Israel has repeatedly struck Syria with missiles and rockets – the most recent exchange taking place after Israel claims “Iranian rockets” struck positions the Israeli military is illegally occupying in Syria’s Golan Heights. Headlines like the UK’s Independent’s, “Israel and Iran on brink of war after unprecedented Syria bombardment in response to alleged Golan Heights […]

Syria: Military Moving Troops To Aleppo For Fresh Offensive

The Syrian military’s offensive in northern Latakia has been postponed due to the recent developments in the northern part of Aleppo city, Al-Masdar News reports. According to a military source, the recent attacks by Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham in Aleppo city has forced the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and their Russian counterparts to beef up their […]

India-China Relations In Age Of Xi Jinping – Analysis

Amid global uncertainty, China’s Xi adopts a conciliatory approach with India’s Modi – a timeout for the two rivals. Two leaders of Asia’s largest powers – Xi Jinping and Narendra Modi – emerged on the scene two years apart with similar promises. Different paces of growth, different approaches taken by each, dramatically altered their respective […]

Tajikistan: Saudis To Acquire Stake In Troubled Bank

An investment fund from Saudi Arabia has agreed to buy a controlling stake in a troubled bank in Tajikistan, throwing a lifeline to the country’s wrecked banking system. Tojiksodirotbank announced on its official website on May 14 that the deal for Saudi Investment Group to acquire a 51 percent stake in the Dushanbe-based lender has […]

Extensive US Meddling in Malaysia’s General Election Revealed

After now 2 years of accusations and constant headlines regarding allegations of still unproven “Russian influence” in the 2016 US presidential election, it is difficult to imagine that real political meddling or election interference anywhere around the globe could go unnoticed. This is especially true regarding the Western corporate media who has portrayed itself as […]

European Commission Launches Measures to Protect EU Business in Iran

The European Commission said on Friday it had started the process of renewing a sanctions-blocking measure to protect European businesses in Iran, after the United States pulled out of the Iran nuclear accord and reimposed sanctions on Tehran. The Commission said in a statement it had “launched the formal process to activate the Blocking Statute […]

It Begins: Government Drone Spying On Sacramento Neighborhood

Neighbors say they’re furious over a drone that’s flying over the neighborhood, and we’ve found out it’s tied to a government agency. The mysterious drone has been spotted during late-night hours, hovering over residential neighborhoods and looking down on homes. John Mattox first spotted the mysterious drone about a month ago. “The drone would fly […]

The Other Art of The Deal, Tehran-Style – Editorial

The art of the deal, when practiced for 2,500 years, does lead to the palace of wisdom. I had hardly set foot in Tehran when a diplomat broke the news: “Trump? We’re not worried. He’s a bazaari (merchant trader)” – implying a political compromise will eventually be reached. The Iranian government’s response to the Trump […]

Joshua Schulte Named As Suspect in ‘Vault 7’ Leak of CIA Tools to Wikileaks, But Charged Instead Over Child Porn

Federal investigators believe a man who once worked for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency is responsible for last year’s massive leak of Top Secret CIA hacking tools, court documents reveal. The suspect has been named as Joshua Adam Schulte, 29, who lived in New York, and is now in federal jail in Manhattan–not for the […]

DOJ’s Stealth Nationalization of Local Police

Under a Department of Justice program known as “Equitable Sharing,” local police are being deputized as federal agents in order to participate in Joint Terrorism Task Forces, enabling them to bypass their state’s own forfeiture and surveillance laws so they can spy on individuals suspected of terrorism or other crimes falling under federal jurisdiction. This […]

The Age of Petty Tyrannies – Editorial

“Whether the mask is labeled fascism, democracy, or dictatorship of the proletariat, our great adversary remains the apparatus—the bureaucracy, the police, the military. Not the one facing us across the frontier of the battle lines, which is not so much our enemy as our brothers’ enemy, but the one that calls itself our protector and […]

Sanders Among Few US Lawmakers to Condemn ‘Horrific’ Israeli Attacks on Unarmed Gaza Protesters

Though many U.S. lawmakers chose to stay silent on Monday as Israeli forces massacred Palestinian protesters in Gaza, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) was among those speaking out to condemn the violence—which Amnesty International warned may amount to “war crimes”—as he also called for the United States government to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, instead […]

US Journalist Urging to Blow Up Crimean Bridge Claims He Got Support From Kiev

US journalist Tom Rogan, who wrote an article urging the Ukrainian government to blow up the recently opened Crimean Bridge, said he had a pleasant conversation with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin after his piece was published and received a promise of support from Kiev. On his Twitter account, the American journalist said, that the […]