‘Kosher’ Schakowsky: Still AIPAC’s Number One Darling

Fierce Competition Between Two Jewish Candidates in Chicago

ShakowskyAccording to the latest reports the degree of allegiance to Israel and its lobby has taken center stage in two Chicago election campaigns for a congressional seat. As far as the two candidates, the incumbent Jan Schakowsky and the Republican Joel Pollak, are concerned, this race and the issues are not about the tanking economy, over a trillion of dollars in deficit or unemployment, neither it is about our disastrous state of civil liberties, quagmire state of our wars, or speedily declining foreign standing and dignity. No.  The number one issue for both candidates is the level of allegiance to the State of Israel, the approval rating from Israel’s number one US lobby AIPAC, and the degree of religiosity in Judaism. The main question and top competition arena in Schakowsky v. Pollak is ‘Who does and will do more and better to represent and protect the Jewish interest?’ And so far our current representative, Ms. Jan Schakowsky seems to be way ahead (the emphasis are all mine;-):

Pollak tends to carry a map of the Middle East with him on the campaign trail, and to present it to the voters. Last week he visited the reform synagogue of B'nai Jehoshua Beth Elohim in Deerfield, Illinois, which hosted a debate between the two candidates. He spread the copy of the Google map in his possession and announced to the audience: "My focus tonight will be Israel."

Pollak's main obstacle is that Schakowsky was labeled 'kosher' by the pro-Israel community, and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a prominent lobby group, has praised her work.

I’d say Schakowsky is way ahead since her closeted ties and certain long-term commitments go beyond AIPAC, and extend to other Israeli and Turkish subsidiaries all operating under the main lobby’s umbrella.

ISFlagDo you remember the cover-page story on Jan Schakowsky’s questionable loyalties and skeletons last November? Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t have a clue since the Israel-Loving mainstream media made sure it stayed quiet and censored. The AmCon Magazine dared to explore the topic after my under oath testimony in Schmidt v. Krikorian case:

So the FBI was monitoring these connections going from a congressman to a congressman’s assistant to a foreign individual who is connected with intelligence to other intelligence people who are located at different embassies in Washington. And all of this information is in an FBI file somewhere?
EDMONDS: Two sets of FBI files, but the AIPAC-related files and the Turkish files ended up converging in one. The FBI agents believed that they were looking at the same operation. It didn’t start with AIPAC originally. It started with the Israeli Embassy. The original targets were intelligence officers under diplomatic cover in the Turkish Embassy and the Israeli Embassy. It was those contacts that led to the American Turkish Council and the Assembly of Turkish American Associations and then to AIPAC fronting for the Israelis. It moved forward from there.

GIRALDI: So the investigation stopped in Washington, but continued in Chicago?

EDMONDS: Yes, and in 2000, another representative was added to the list, Jan Schakowsky, the Democratic congresswoman from Illinois. Turkish agents started gathering information on her, and they found out that she was bisexual. So a Turkish agent struck up a relationship with her. When Jan Schakowsky’s mother died, the Turkish woman went to the funeral, hoping to exploit her vulnerability. They later were intimate in Schakowsky’s townhouse, which had been set up with recording devices and hidden cameras. They needed Schakowsky and her husband Robert Creamer to perform certain illegal operational facilitations for them in Illinois. They already had Hastert, the mayor, and several other Illinois state senators involved. I don’t know if Congresswoman Schakowsky ever was actually blackmailed or did anything for the Turkish woman.

I think it would be wise to also concentrate on Rep. Jan Schakowsky’s convicted husband, Bob Creamer. After all, this is Chicago! The following is from what I wrote a while back titled ‘Chicago! Not the Musical, but the Action-Suspense Docudrama!’

Creamershak1In March 2004 Schakowsky's husband, lobbyist Robert Creamer, who was also executive director of the Illinois Public Action Fund, was indicted in federal court on 16 counts of bank fraud involving three alleged check-kitting schemes in the mid-1990s, leading several banks to experience shortfalls of at least $2.3 million. Later he pleaded guilty to tax violations and bank fraud for writing rubber checks and failing to collect withholding tax from an employee. Here is a report in USA Today:

Creamer, 58, a prominent Chicago political consultant, was accused of swindling nine financial institutions of at least $2.3 million while he ran a public interest group in the 1990s.Creamer told reporters Wednesday there was "no doubt that my actions a decade ago were very foolish and placed myself, my family, the organization and many of those who worked with me at considerable risk."The indictment alleged Creamer caused a series of insufficiently funded checks and wire transfers to be drawn on accounts he controlled as executive director of the Illinois Public Action Fund. According to the indictment, he allegedly then used the inflated balances to pay the group's expenses and own salary.

And here is more:

The husband of U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) will spend five months in prison for committing bank fraud as part of his efforts to keep afloat a nonprofit group that he ran. U.S. Senior District Judge James Moran handed down the punishment on Wednesday to Robert Creamer, who also will serve 11 months under house arrest.

The sentence fell far short of the three-year prison term that prosecutors were seeking for Creamer, who pleaded guilty last year to writing a series of bad checks worth millions of dollars to numerous banks to generate cash -- a scheme known as check-kiting.

Now, Rep. Schakowsky served on the organization's board during the time the crimes occurred. She happened to sign all the IRS filings along with her husband during this almost decade long of … basically embezzlements. She was fully aware of her husband’s additional income of $100,000 from these fraudulent funds. Yet, this woman, who happens to be a Representative, claimed she had no idea, that she had not noticed, that she had not known or suspected.

I don’t know about you but no matter under which one of the two scenarios - she didn’t know or she knew and went along - this woman should have been kicked out of her congressional seat. Let’s take the first scenario:

If she is so dumb and stupid as to sign all these joint IRS documents and it doesn’t register that there are unaccounted for millions of dollars, she is not competent to be a congresswoman. PERIOD! If she is so irresponsible and intelligence-wise challenged to serve on this organization’s board, sign all the minutes and papers and bank dealings, and yet doesn’t realize millions of dollars are coming out of nowhere, then she is not capable and mentally unfit to occupy her current congressional seat, and should be removed. PERIOD! So here is the question for Schakowsky’s constituents: If she is telling the truth shouldn’t they be voting this uber gullible, stupid woman out of office? [Read more...]

Updates & Weekly Round Up for March 28

Today marks Boiling Frogs Post’s fifth month of operation, and the last day of our fundraising campaign. On behalf of our team members I want to thank all of you for your support, with a special thanks to 658 of you who donated to our cause. We may not have reached our benchmark for our desired objectives and planned expansion, but we have you and a good start, so we’ll continue as best as we can, and work toward those objectives.

I am thrilled to announce the addition of a new team member, Luke Ryland, a good friend and a partner whom I have known and worked with since 2006; please welcome Luke and here is his bio:

LukeRylandLuke Ryland is an independent political analyst and online journalist based in Australia. He has been an expert commentator on the Sibel Edmonds case and nuclear black market cases for various progressive radio shows and online publications. Mr. Ryland’s work focuses on the nuclear black market, the Turkish lobby in the US, the energy and geopolitical wars in Central Asia, and the corruption of US Congress. Mr. Ryland has an MBA and a Bachelors degree in Commerce from the University of Melbourne. Visit Luke Ryland’s website.

We recently published Luke Ryland’s expose on FBI documents confirming major criminal investigations of Turkish operatives and their US official friends in Chicago. And here is a link to a recent interview with Mr. Ryland conducted by Scott Horton of AntiWar.Org: Click here.

Starting this coming Wednesday I’ll be on the road for a few weeks, traveling for work and personal matters. I won’t be out of touch. We have three Boiling Frogs interviews, one of which will be posted every other week: Professor Francis Boyle, Naomi Wolf, and Peter Phillips. Meanwhile, Peter B Collins and I will find ways to overcome significant time zone differences and connection difficulties, and continue to conduct additional interviews. We will also have articles and analyses by our contributors, and of course Paul Jamiol’s great editorial cartoons.

Here is my list of noteworthy articles and links from this past week:

Let’s start with our President, since we’ve been keeping tabs on his changes on his promised changes. The following piece is also related to the Obama White House’s 180 degree turn on protection for national security whistleblowers, which we’ve been covering for over a week.

A little secret about Obama's transparency
Andrew Malcolm, LA Times

The current administration, challenged by the president to be the most open, is now denying more Freedom of Information Act requests than Bush did.

The Democratic administration of Barack Obama, who denounced his predecessor, George W. Bush, as the most secretive in history, is now denying more Freedom of Information Act requests than the Republican did.

Transparency and openness were so important to the new president that on his first full day in office, he dispatched a much-publicized memo saying: "All agencies should adopt a presumption in favor of disclosure, in order to renew their commitment to the principles embodied in FOIA, and to usher in a new era of open government. The presumption of disclosure should be applied to all decisions involving FOIA."
One of the exemptions allowed to deny Freedom of Information requests has been used by the Obama administration 70,779 times in its first year; the same exemption was used 47,395 times in Bush's final budget year.

An Associated Press examination of 17 major agencies' handling of FOIA requests found denials 466,872 times, an increase of nearly 50% from the 2008 fiscal year under Bush.

ObamaMar28We’ve been keeping tabs, and our list of ‘Bush-Like’ and ‘Worse-Than-Bush’ points has been expanding continuously. Mr. Obama’s love and usage of State Secrets Privilege, his position against government whistleblowers, his support for illegal domestic wiretapping, his passion for wars and drones, his kind-heartedness towards torturers & other criminals…During his first few months in office, a few of his previously duped supporters were too generous and maybe a bit too naïve to label him ‘Bush-Lite.’ How about now? Is it time to call the President ‘Bush-Dark’? You be the judge; what say you?


 Karzai talks peace with militant group linked to Taliban
Deb Riechmann, AP

President Hamid Karzai held an unprecedented meeting yesterday with representatives of a major Taliban-linked militant group, boosting his outreach to insurgency leaders to end the eight-year war.

Less certain is whether the talks with the weakened Hizb-i-Islami faction represent a game-changer in the conflict, given its demand to rewrite the Afghan constitution and force a quick exit of foreign forces.

HekmatyarIt is the first time that high-ranking representatives of the group, led by warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, have traveled to Kabul to discuss peace. The reconciliation offer from Hekmatyar contrasts with his reputation as a ruthless extremist.

Hekmatyar, who is in his 60s, was a major recipient of US military aid during the war against the Soviets in the 1980s but fell out of favor with Washington because of his role in the civil war that followed the Soviet withdrawal. The US government declared Hekmatyar a “global terrorist’’ in February 2003, saying he participated in and supported terror acts committed by Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

Unless that tag is removed, the designation could complicate any move by the United States to sign off on a deal, even though in recent years Hekmatyar has expressed a willingness to negotiate with the Karzai government. A spokesman for Hekmatyar said the delegation had lunch with Karzai at the presidential palace and planned to meet with him again.

Last January our team member duo, Liz Gould and Paul Fitzgerald, wrote an excellent piece on this opium dealing terrorist, who happened to get his grooming from our very own CIA. If you haven’t read the Gould-Fitzgerald piece titled ‘Apocalypse of the American Mind’, click here. Was he ever off the CIA list of ‘operators’? I for one would certainly doubt it.


NATO rejects Russia's demand to destroy Afghan poppy fields
Deutsche Press-Agentur

NatoMar28 Brussels - NATO and Russia clashed on Wednesday over how to tackle the drug problem in Afghanistan, where Western nations have been fighting a Taliban-led insurgency for eight years.

The country is the world's largest producer of poppy seeds, a key ingredient in the manufacture of heroin. Russia is keen to pursue an aggressive eradication strategy, while Western allies fear that such an approach risks antagonizing the local population, who rely on selling poppy crops to survive.

The different points of view came to a head at a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council attended by the head of Russia's Federal Drug Control Agency (FSKN), Victor Ivanov and NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

'Afghan opiates led to the death of 1 million people by overdose in the last 10 years, and that is United Nations data. Is that not a threat to world peace and security?' Ivanov asked journalists after the meeting.

Russians know very well what this is about. After all, they used to be a major player in ‘this’ particular field, and now a bit grumpy because…their share of this pie has been significantly reduced? Certainly it’s not about a million+ deaths caused by ‘overdose;’ of that much I can assure you. So maybe our guys will let their guys have a bit more; like this maybe: [Read more...]

Updates & Weekly Round Up for February 14

A Brief Report Card, Israel, AIPAC, Blackwater, Turkish Style Democracy & More

And, I am back! After two flight cancellations and missing two major snow storms I arrived home late Thursday. As I had mentioned in my previous weekly round up, I had no direct access to high-speed internet connections, and as I promised I did my best and posted  Part VI of my Police State Series, our interview with Coleen Rowley, and Mike Mejia’s great piece on the drowning and doomed Democratic Party. Other than that, I was totally and blissfully cut off from all news and never-ending scandals. What does this mean for this round up? I don’t have much to report, and I’ve got lots to catch up with.

Before I list the very few noteworthy links for this round up, I’ll give you a glimpse of my report card from the last 11 days:


First day with the biggest sandbox ever!

They don’t make these swimming trunks in my size!

The coolest music, lime … but no Tequilas for me


Always the first customer for breakfast!


Searching for Geckos

Last Day in Paradise

So, you see ‘someone’ could not care less about not having high-speed internet connections or two last minute flight cancellations 😉


Noteworthy Links

Israel is accused of waging covert war across the Middle East
Sheera Frenkel, Times Online

Israel is waging a covert assassination campaign across the Middle East in an effort to stop its key enemies co-ordinating their activities.

They are also suspected of recent killings in Dubai, Damascus and Beirut. While Israel’s Mossad spy agency has been suspected of staging assassinations across the world since the 1970s, it does not officially acknowledge or admit its activities.

AIPAC Officials Duplicated Classified Policy Documents Before Returning to US Government
Business Wire

Top officials of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee duplicated a stolen classifiedUS government policy document before returning it under order of the US Trade Representative.

The newly released FBI form FD-302 is available for download at http://IRmep.org/ila/economy/FD302.pdf .

Testimony about AIPAC's executive director and top lobbyist reveals AIPAC duplicated the classified report "Probable Economic Effect of Providing Duty Free Treatment for U.S. Imports from Israel" after covertly receiving it from Israeli Minister of Economics Dan Halpern: "REDACTED immediately called REDACTED at the USTR to make arrangements to return the document. The report was subsequently returned to the USTR by a member of the AIPAC office staff. Prior to returning this document, REDACTED asked to have a duplicate copy made so that the staff of the AIPAC could further examine the report...


Angry U.S. warns there will be a price for Britain to pay after judges reveal MI5 DID collude in abuse of terror suspects
James Slack & Jason Groves, Daily Mail

The U.S. has warned its relationship with Britain has been harmed by the court ruling that revealed Guantanamo Bay detainee Binyam Mohamed was tortured at the behest of American authorities.

The White House expressed dismay after the Government lost its bid to suppress the documents which showed MI5 knew about the treatment of Mohamed.

By ‘the White House’ they mean Obama’s White House; just so that you know. You know, the man who sold tons of blah blah on how terrible the Bush Administration practices were, especially on torture and secrecy. Remember?

Okay, let’s read further: [Read more...]

US Media & the Coverage of the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Biased, Tainted, and Filtered?

A few days ago I was on the phone talking with a great journalist and one of the best analysts around on the US media. We were discussing various factors of influence on our media, including many so-called alternatives, and naturally, we started talking about the Israel Lobby Factor. You know, one of those extremely important topics many know about but very few dare to mention, and even then only in hushed voices, which tells you how deep and far-reaching their tentacles explore, exploit, and extinguish …

I will be writing about this factor now and then, and no, I won’t be doing it with trembling pen strokes or in a hushed voice.

So back to the real purpose of this post. She told me about a solid documentary on this same topic, US Media & the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, produced by the Media Education Foundation. MEF produces and distributes documentary films and other educational resources to inspire critical reflection on the social, political, and cultural impact of American mass media. I encourage you to check out their site and some of their projects here. As soon as I hung up I went to my PC, clicked on the site, and played the film. It is slightly over an hour in length, but I was glued to my chair and watched the entire film, and later that night I watched it again.

Amazingly, this film was released three years ago! How in the world did I miss it?! Oh well, I’ll go ahead and blame that on our media tooJ Anyhow, some of you may also have missed this film, so here it is, please watch and let me know what you think:

Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land: Media & the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Produced by Media Education Foundation

This site depends exclusively on readers’ support. Please help us continue by contributing directly and or purchasing Boiling Frogs showcased products.

Podcast Show #3

The Boiling Frogs Presents Philip Giraldi

BFP Podcast logo

Philip Giraldi discusses the Israel Lobby, Larry Franklin, the recent scandal involving Representative Jane Harman, the continuous erosion of our civil liberties, and much more.

Philip Giraldi is a former CIA and DIA counter-terrorism officer, member of the American Conservative Defense Alliance, and contributing editor at The American Conservative magazine. He has a regular column, Smoke & Mirrors, on Antiwar.com.

Here is our guest Philip Giraldi unplugged!

In Congress We Trust…Not

Responding to Questions & Clarifying a Few Points

I can’t believe it’s already been a week since my last op-ed piece, ‘In Congress We Trust…Not,’ was released. Where did the ‘week’ go?! Interestingly, the latest on torture and the Democrats who had known it all along and for too long has revived the e-mail spree with comments on relevancy or applicability of the piece. So, the piece is not completely dead yet, and it may not be too late to respond to a few points brought up by readers…

Most people got the irony of my quoting Senator Kerry, but some misunderstood and mistook me as an admirer of his:

For this piece I am going to break with tradition and start with an appropriate quote from a living current senator, John Kerry: “It’s a sad day when you have members of congress who are literally criminals go undisciplined by their colleagues. No wonder people look at Washington and know this city is broken.”

The main reason I quoted Kerry was to show the ‘hypocrisy’ of these politicians. The unwritten obvious there being ‘When was the last time you called for disciplining of a fellow corrupt or criminal congressman, Mr. Kerry.’ And, here, on record, no, I am not an admirer of Senator Kerry. Paleeeeze! Oh, and I am still not over that ‘Duck Hunting’ fiasco of his during the 2004 Campaign!

Some readers ‘couldn’t believe’ I was so naïve and or uninformed to have hoped for ‘real’ change via electing Obama.

Please read the corresponding paragraph:

I, like many others, believed that changing the congressional majority in 2006 was going to bring about some of the needed changes; the pursuit of accountability being one. We were proven wrong. In 2008, many genuinely bought in to the promise of change, and thus far, they’ve been let down.

As you can see, the first sentence includes ‘me.’ Yes- I was naïve or excessively optimistic (all right, let’s say it - even stupid to a degree) to entertain that hope for the 2006 congressional elections, but not for the 2008 Presidential Race. I did not vote for Mr. Obama. I went by his record, not by his ‘elegantly crafted’ words. Neither did I vote for McCain. Okay, that’s as far as I’ll go in terms of whom I did NOT vote for. Let’s leave it at that 😉

There are those who argued that it wasn’t fair to ‘write off’ President Obama’s change so soon, about 100 days or so into his presidency.

I understand their point, and I must say I envy their purity and optimism, but I differ. In fact, I can turn that ‘only 100 days’ logic and make the opposite point. If in a hundred days, give or take, he’s done so much to either continue (stay) or expand upon the previous administration’s abuses, how much more damage is he going to do in ‘(4 X 365)-100’ days?! I am talking about Obama not only continuing but actually expanding upon the State Secrets Privilege to gag and bury information; completely forgoing accountability on torture - first starting with the torturers, then the previous White House cabal, and now extending it to those who drafted it; sustaining the illegal NSA wiretapping; deciding to bring back the Bush style military commission…just don’t get me started on this. Currently I am working on my next piece, exactly on this particular point, so, more on this, soon.

A few, including a friend whom I admire a great deal, Coleen Rowley, thought that the emphasis on changing the representatives, “If we have Senators and Congressmen there that can't protect themselves against the evil temptations of lobbyists, we don't need to change our lobbies, we need to change our representatives.”---Will Rogers, should be accompanied by an emphasis on needed ‘systemic changes’ to help prevent the new-comers from succumbing to the same temptations and ending up in the same place many are today: in the pockets of this or that interest.

I wholeheartedly agree, but we must also make sure that we’ll go further than putting in place some Act(s), such as Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), or, passing some new lengthy laws with exceptions and loopholes galore in a myriad of footnotes…Without enforcement we will still end up in the same place. How do we come up with truly ‘independent’ bodies to oversee and investigate congress? Who will be given the power to enforce? Etc., etc., etc... For instance, take a look at those ‘Inspector General’ offices- they lack independence (report to the head of the department they oversee!), and they have ‘zero’ say over implementation of recommended changes, even if they had a certain degree of integrity…But do you know how it started? People got fed up with abuses, waste and fraud in Executive branch offices, and said: let’s pass some legislation, establish overseeing entities, and have a place where people can go and report wrongdoing/waste/fraud/abuse. And, they got it; all in theory: The Office of Inspector General (OIG). Did it solve anything? Forget about solving, did it even reduce the level of abuse/corruption? Sadly, the answer is NO. In fact, by giving that illusion, it completely wiped away any chance of real reform.

Let me know if you have other questions or comments regarding this piece.

As I mentioned I am currently working on a piece on ‘Change.’ You thought this piece was grim and depressing?! You ain’t seen nothin yet 😉 Who knows how long it will take, but I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, in the next few days, I’ll have a few posts you may find interesting and controversial.