De-Manufacturing Consent- The Adversarial Billionaire, Media Consolidation & False Idols

Guillermo Jimenez Presents Mark Mondalek

On this edition of De-Manufacturing Consent: Guillermo is joined by Detroit-area writer and BFP contributing author, Mark Mondalek. We discuss Mark's latest article on BFP, titled "And an Oligarch Shall Lead Them: Omidyar, Greenwald & First Look Media’s Attack on the Future of the Press." We consider various issues throughout our conversation, including the shifting media landscape; First Look's consolidation of "independent voices"; the lack of criticism directed at Pierre Omidyar over his connections to the national security apparatus, the White House, and USAID; Edward Snowden and the "hero vs. traitor" false dichotomy; and much more.

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Processing Distortion: “Lara Logan Isn’t the Only Problem at 60 Minutes”

Peter B. Collins offers Critical Analysis

As CBS News suspends chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan for the recent embarrassing and misleading report about Benghazi, Collins comments and says that Logan should be fired, in part for her criticism of the late Michael Hastings for his coverage of Gen. McCrystal, which Logan said was out of bounds. Collins plays segments from Leslie Stahl's recent 60 Minutes report on Guantanamo, where she displayed deep ignorance of Shaker Aamer--the last British prisoner at Gitmo--when Aamer shouted comments from his cell as Stahl toured the block with Col. John Bogdan. Collins is also sharply critical of the way Stahl covered the hunger strikes and force feeding, and that she asserted that 100 men who have been released returned to the fight--without offering any proof or details. This episode takes a critical look at corporate media, its errors of omission and commission.

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Jamiol Presents


US Media: Washington’s Prostitutes Tell & Sell Lies

Paul Craig Roberts on Silencing the Critics

BiasedMediaI just finished reading Paul Craig Roberts’ latest commentary on silencing the critics. It is a must read- maybe not for the already-vigilant minority who’ve been saying and writing about this for years, but for those still in denial. Here are a few fiery excerpts telling the truth as it is:

The idea that the US is a democracy when it most definitely does not have a free watchdog press is laughable. But the media is not laughing. It is lying. Just like the government, every time the US mainstream media opens its mouth or writes one word, it is lying. Indeed, its corporate masters pay its employees to tell lies. That is their job. Tell the truth, and you are history like Buchanan and Napolitano and Helen Thomas.

Whose interests are being served by Washington’s endless and multi-trillion dollar wars? Certainly not the interests of the 50 million Americans with no access to health care, nor by the 1,500,000 American children who are homeless, living in cars, rundown motel rooms, tent cities, and the storm sewers under Las Vegas, while huge amounts of public funds are used to bail out banks and squandered in wars of hegemony. [Read more...]

Make a Statement- Make the Real Alternative Your Media

Support this Independent, Corporate & Corporation-Foundation Free Alternative

Fundraising ThermometerWe at Boiling Frogs Post, disgusted with the mainstream and pseudo-alternative media, have made a statement. We have taken action. We have become the needed alternative media.

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Sibel Edmonds



Truly Independent News- Information Is A Collective Responsibility

The Only Way to Remain Corporate-Free & Nonpartisan

SibelEvery time I read lines pertaining to this ludicrous and completely illogical expectation that everything on the Internet should be free I am tempted to sit down and write a lengthy analysis of the illogical and ludicrousness of this unfortunately prevailing mentality among the new ignorant internet-dependent generation. However, each time I restrain myself and move on since the limited amount of time I have could instead be spent on far more critical and needed projects. This time I will slightly change my routine, take a few minutes of my limited time, and write a few words on this topic as it directly relates to our website and our efforts to keep it alive, running, and effective.

The other day I came across a well-written and argued commentary on this outrageously ridiculous and uninformed “everything free on the Internet” mentality:

“We created this culture. We’re the ones who have been giving stuff away for free for the past decade, not collecting anyone’s credit card information. We’ve conditioned users that everything should be free, always. This gives advertisers the upper hand in any negotiation, because they know that their way is the only way that most sites can make money. Why is this such a big deal? Relevant, contextual advertising isn’t bad, right? Not in moderation, no (see The Deck). But when ads become the only way out and advertisers are the ones calling the shots, users suffer. Also, as a matter of principle I firmly believe that it’s better to pay the makers of things directly than through some convoluted ad system.”

There is nothing that is free-on the Internet or anywhere in life. Period. There has never been, and will never be. Period. In almost all cases, when it comes to the Internet, “Free” has one meaning: someone or someones is paying for what is being offered. The only logical question then becomes: Why. If advertisers are paying- why would they? If corporate foundations and the sugar-daddies behind them are dishing out the money- why are they? If political parties and persons are chipping in- why do they? If a group motivated by a certain goal or agenda is shouldering the cost: Why is it?

This is why it is extremely hard to find information and news sources that can be considered truly independent. This is the reason it is a rarity to see those that are 100% nonpartisan. This is the explanation for way too many agenda-driven propaganda channels on the Internet posing as alternatives. And this is exactly why we at Boiling Frogs Post solely, completely, 100%, only, depend on our readers’ contributions and support.

Fundraising ThermometerYou see, the question we face at BFP is not whether we should offer our diligently prepared podcast shows, time-consuming video productions, and in depth analyses and articles for free, or, not. The real question we face is: whether we continue this website and all that we provide, or, go out and work full-time and cease operation all together. There are no in-between points here.

You see, I first reduced my part-time contract work hours to start this project. I then reduced it again by half. And after that, last September, I quit it all together. If you have a chance please take a look at my qualifications under ‘About Us.’ For my ex-contract analyst-specialist contract work which also needed my linguistic skills I made $125 per hour. This is money my family no longer has. And there is no way I could manage full-time motherhood, part-time contract work, household work, and a full-time website. No one could. For me it boils down to: shut down BFP, obtain another 25-hrs per week contract, or, make far less, live on far less, have your modest support, and continue and expand this great news-information project.

One of our partners-producers had to quit his full-time academic job in order to provide greater and far more needed public good: investigative reports-production. He too has a family. He too has to sustain his family. He too must choose between living on far less, continuing this needed work by depending on your modest contributions, or, go back to a full-time teaching job and consider doing this an impossibility.

Another one of our partners-producers lost his primary part-time job (thanks to the corporate media!). This is a critical period for him to see whether he can make it through a couple of public-supported information sites, or, go out and enroll full-time with semi-mainstream operated channels out there. That decision too depends on you.

Yet another partner-producer-author is in the position of juggling a full-time student load, a part-time job, and our project here at Boiling Frogs Post. Neither I nor anyone else with common sense could expect him to choose getting evicted from his house or quitting his academic pursuits as the price for working for a far greater public good.

The other day I got an e-mail accusing us of being elitists and offering our work only to those who pay for a subscription. This is nonsense. It is uninformed and frankly, very ignorant. We have gone out of our way to find the right balance in being able to afford to run this project and yet offer all our services and news to everyone. That is why we are making all our archived podcasts and video reports open and free to all. And you know what? Without our supporters doing their share, contributing, however modest, we won’t be able to continue doing that. Again, this is why we call the maintenance and continuation of this project a collective responsibility.

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The Formula: Inform, Organize, Action

They Say it all Starts with ‘Informing’ …

InformThose of you who’ve been listening to our podcast series know how impatient I sometimes get when the question boils down to ‘what do we do? Where do we go from here?’ Look, I understand and agree with the general consensus out there among the intellectuals and activists: We must educate the people- We must inform. After all, isn’t it what we’ve been doing with our podcast series, investigative video reports, hard-hitting editorials, bold and eye-opening editorial cartoons, and propaganda-free real news? Right. But that doesn’t make me any less impatient and restless. I simply can’t stand the idea of spending decades to just  keep informing, meanwhile have no idea or even a certain degree of consensus on the next two important steps: organize & action.

If you’ve listened to our last podcast, our first episode on the making of a police state, you know exactly what I mean. I frankly admit to being very naïve once-upon a time when I wasted time and energy organizing whistleblowers, went around collecting petition signatures, held rallies in the congressional corridors here in our own little Red Light-District …Yah, all that jazz; futile jazz. So yes, one side of me understands and sympathizes with those who are engaged in all that waste of time and energy, yet, another side of me gets impatient and exasperated. It ain’t gonna happen with sending thousands or millions of petitions to the sold-out Congress, which happens to be one of  the main players-actors responsible for the terrible state we are in. Why do you think the corporate moguls-Soros, Rockefellers, Ford …put so much money into NGO operatives who have been re-channeling people’s restlessness-dissatisfaction-anger into writing and signing petitions to Congress-President and the rest of the enemy cabal, or lobbying to pass more ridiculous legislation? Look, last year alone, those red light  district porkies drafted and passed 40,000+ new laws-legislation. With each legislation-law adding further links to the chains that have turned us into slaves. [Read more...]

Help Us Challenge the Main & Quasi-Alternative Stream

How We Differ from the Rest & Why We Need ‘You’

HandIf a few years ago someone had told me that I was going to start a blog, gather a team of like-minded irate partners, expand, and turn the site into an alternative news and information site with daily news, top-notch editorials, independent analyses, weekly podcast programs and investigative video reports, commentaries, political cartoons and more, I’d say ‘are you nuts?!’ Don’t get me wrong. I was one of the major advocates for truly alternative news and information sites to challenge the illegitimate, stinky, completely dependent and sold-out, meek, weak, government propaganda machine, corporate pet-boys mainstream media. However, as a very private recluse foreign to the blogging-forum sphere with zero technical knowledge or abilities, I never saw ‘me’ in that scenario. You know, I was one of those a bit lazy ‘they’ should do this, ‘they’ should start that, ‘they’ must challenge it … cases. See, I admit. [Read more...]

Peter B. Collins & Sibel Edmonds Unplugged & on Fire

Boiling Frogs Podcast Show #60

BFP Podcast Logo

Peter B. Collins and Sibel Edmonds discuss the meaning of true alternative media, the role of corporate-foundations in mainstreaming the so-called alternative news, the shameful state of mainstream media as the mouthpiece for the government steered by mega corporations, the joint pseudo alternative-mainstream media black-outs on information pertaining to 9/11, government whistleblowers, secrecy, and the falsification of the truth by tentacles of our shadow government. We go on record with examples of establishment alternatives in disguise and real cases of operatives who sabotage true alternatives like Boiling Frogs Post. We talk about Boiling Frogs Post, our partners and team members, our goals, our pledge to complete independence from the corporates and their foundations, our stand on partisanship, and more!

Here are Peter B. Collins and Sibel Edmonds unplugged & on Fire!

This is the final week of our Boiling Frogs Post subscription drive. As always I want to thank all our subscribers who believe in us; have faith in what we are doing, and have shown their support in action. We want to thank every single one of you who recognize, appreciate and support a true alternative without corporate or foundation ties.

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BFP Food for Thought: What’s so “Alternative” About These Alternatives?!

All Quasi Roads Lead to the Same Establishment

mazeI simply don’t get it! Actually, I haven’t been ‘getting it’ for a while. Maybe you can help me get it; will you? Here is the quandary:
There are several major websites out there with quite a following. These websites advertise themselves as the ‘alternative.’ That is, the alternative to the mainstream media. They market themselves as ‘raw’ news and commentary sites. That is, the ‘real & raw’ news versus the processed, filtered, span bull sh.. sold to the public as ‘news.’ So, they say all that, right? Well, that was the straight forward and easy part. Here is where the quandary begins:

I have been visiting these ‘alternative & raw’ news and analyses sites for a year or two. I go to these sites and check out every single headline-title boldly displayed on their homepage. When I click and check out these titles-headlines-links I end up finding myself standing right in the middle of the mainstream media news outlets: New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC, LA Times, ABC …And I go ‘ what the he..’. I check to see whether I made a mistake, took a wrong turn along the way, that is from the moment I entered these ‘alternative’ sites and clicked on their supposed ‘alternative’ headlines links, and frankly, I can’t see how I (or anyone) could have lost my way and ended up right in the bosom of the very mainstream media I’ve been trying to avoid. I then turn around, all disgusted, and quickly leave the very mainstream sites I have come to despise, thinking; heck I ended up adding one more hit to their traffic stats, and most likely contributed a penny or two to their corporate advertisers. Are you still with me? I kinda get it up to this point, and this is where I get stuck: [Read more...]

The EyeOpener- Murdoch Empire: How Media Shapes Society

The Power of the Media to Commit Evil is Laid Bare


Welcome. This is our EyeOpener Video Report by James Corbett for :

“Despite the faux-shock with which the mainstream media seems to be “discovering” the extent of Murdoch’s political clout, the facts about News Corporation’s ownership of a bewildering number of media outlets around the world has been a matter of public record for some time. Nor should the idea that Murdoch uses his political influence to shape public policy come as a surprise to anyone who has followed the admissions from his broadcasting networks and from Murdoch himself that this is precisely what he has been attempting to do.”

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Podcast Show #45

The Boiling Frogs Presents Paul Craig Roberts

BFP Podcast Logo

Paul Craig Roberts joins us to discuss the September 11 terrorist attacks as the defining event of our time, which has launched our nation on interminable wars of aggression, a domestic police state where the American President is a Caesar and completely above the law. He describes the US corporate media’s role today, which is to serve the government and the interest groups that empower the government, their astonishing blackout on legitimate investigations regarding 9/11 such as the investigation results supported by more than 1500 architects, and how currently the majority of Americans are ruled by propaganda and with little regard for truth and little access to it. Mr. Roberts talks about the conflicting, ever-changing and in many ways dubious accounts of the killing of Osama Bin Laden, the Military Industrial Complex’ need for the next ‘black hat,’ the question of China, and more!

pcrPaul Craig Roberts is a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He has been reporting on executive branch and cases of prosecutorial abuse for two decades. He has written or co-written eight books, contributed chapters to numerous books, and has published many articles in journals of scholarship. A new edition of his book, The Tyranny of Good Intentions, co-authored with Lawrence Stratton, a documented account of how Americans lost the protection of law, has been released by Random House. Mr. Roberts has testified before congressional committees on 30 occasions on issues of economic policy, and has been a critic of both Democratic and Republican administrations. His writings frequently appear on OpEdNews,,, Lew Rockwell's web site, CounterPunch, and the American Free Press.

Here is our guest Paul Craig Roberts unplugged!

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American Conservative Magazine Beats UK Papers in News Delivery

UK-US Media Reports… Only When it’s Safe to Publish?

mediaYesterday this made the headlines in UK:

Britain Held Secret War Talks With US Generals 11 Months Before Iraq Invasion

America's most senior general flew into Britain for top secret talks on the invasion of Iraq 11 months before the attack on Saddam Hussein’s regime.

Details of the classified meeting, held at RAF Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, suggest Tony Blair’s Government was involved in detailed discussions about toppling the Iraqi dictator earlier than previously disclosed.American General Tommy Franks flew in to the base in April 2002 to attend a summit meeting called by the then Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon.

No kidding? And not bothering to cite previous reports on this, hmmmmm, more than a year ago?

This is what I’m referring to:

Who’s Afraid of Sibel Edmonds?
The American Conservative, November 2009

AmConsThe monitoring of the Turks picked up contacts with Feith, Wolfowitz, and Perle in the summer of 2001, four months before 9/11. They were discussing with the Turkish ambassador in Washington an arrangement whereby the U.S. would invade Iraq and divide the country. The UK would take the south, the rest would go to the U.S. They were negotiating what Turkey required in exchange for allowing an attack from Turkish soil. The Turks were very supportive, but wanted a three-part division of Iraq to include their own occupation of the Kurdish region. The three Defense Department officials said that would be more than they could agree to, but they continued daily communications to the ambassador and his defense attaché in an attempt to convince them to help.

Meanwhile Scowcroft, who was also the chairman of the American Turkish Council, Baker, Richard Armitage, and Grossman began negotiating separately for a possible Turkish protectorate. Nothing was decided, and then 9/11 took place.

Scowcroft was all for invading Iraq in 2001 and even wrote a paper for the Pentagon explaining why the Turkish northern front would be essential. I know Scowcroft came off as a hero to some for saying he was against the war, but he was very much for it until his client’s conditions were not met by the Bush administration.

So, what’s the deal? Report only when all is considered safe and sound; sanctioned and blessed by the high & mighty above? Or is it pure ignorance and lack of research in this age and time, and despite their research and search engines? Or maybe it is their superiority complex act surfacing as an inferiority complex when a smaller publication beats them to a story?

You tell me. What’s the deal?

# # # #

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