Podcast Show #88- Karzai Cartel & Its Washington Guardians

The Boiling Frogs Presents Michael Hughes

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Michael Hughes joins us to discuss his investigative article exposing President Hamid Karzai’s mob boss brother Qayum Karzai, and the subsequent legal threats issued against him and his exposé by the family’s business partners in Washington. He explains how the infamous Karzai brothers, who lived in the United States, went from middle-class small business owners living on average wages to bringing in billions of dollars a year and building mansions in Dubai, all in less than a decade and through the unholy alliance that was forged between the brothers Karzai, rapacious warlords and incestuous multinational corporations-all lubricated by US Taxpayer dollars.

HughesMichael Hughes is a Washington D.C.-based journalist and policy analyst whose work can be found in The Huffington Post, Examiner.com and CNN. Michael has also been quoted as an expert in Reuters and the Middle East Policy Journal and has made several live appearances on RT News. Mr. Hughes has recently been assigned to attend and cover daily press briefings at the U.S. State Department for Examiner.com.

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BFP Exclusive: Karzai Clan Attorney Threatens US Journalist, Uses Intimidation Tactics

An Inside Story into How the Beltway Powers Intimidate & Silence Journalists

karzai1Boiling Frogs Post has obtained a threat letter issued by Technologists Inc to the Examiner in response to its recent exposé involving President Hamid Karzai’s brother Qayum Karzai and his mob-like operations.

In a letter dated May 5, 2012, the company’s General Counsel Michelle E. Crawford accuses the investigative reporter of being inaccurate and libelous without providing any specific or concrete counter claim, and threatens the Examiner with legal action:

If the Examiner.Com fails to print the requested correction/retraction , Ti will be left with no choice but to seek legal action against your organization and will seek damages as well as the costs of litigation, including any filing fees, attorney’s fees, and any other costs that may be incurred.


The letter was provided to Boiling Frogs Post by an anonymous source familiar with the case. To read the letter click here.

karzai2On April 27 the Examiner published an exclusive article written by investigative journalist Michael Hughes titled ‘Karzai Family Looks to Extend Boss Rule in Afghanistan.’ The article exposes President Hamid Karzai’s mob boss brother Qayum Karzai, who has lived and operated businesses in the United States and has reportedly been on the list of ‘hand-picked’ potential candidates as Afghanistan’s next president.

Two of Qayum Karzai’s companies, Technologist Inc. and Daman Construction, are known to dominate the construction, logistics and security sectors throughout southern Afghanistan, and win every government contract with zero competition:

Qayum's primary companies, Technologist Inc. and Daman Construction, win every government contract without having to deal with the nuisance of free market competition, which allows Qayum to reap healthy margins by, for example, selling $4 million generators to the governor of Kandahar for $50 million.


Hughes provides accounts of Qayum Karzai’s manipulation of business and news sectors in Afghanistan and his mob-style intimidation tactics including assassination plots against competitors: [Read more...]