Richard Armitage: New Chairman of the Premier Turkish Lobby in the US

Another Neocon Makes Turkish Ties & Connections Official

ArmitageNow it is official. Former U.S. Secretary of State Richard Armitage is on his way to take over the Chairmanship of the American Turkish Council from Brent Scowcroft.

Richard Perle and Douglas Feith were the first Neocon operatives to officially become lobbyists for Turkish ‘special’ interests in the US in 1989. They set up their lobby firm, International Advisors, Inc. (IAI) and formally registered as foreign agents for the government of Turkey, while still connected to the Pentagon. Since 1989 other major-league politicians and bureaucrats have joined the list, including Former Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, and Deputy Secretary of State, Marc Grossman.

Here are a few excerpts from the brief article on this official announcement, which interestingly took place on October 30, over a week ago, but was completely censored, blacked out, by the media.


ATC Board of Directors announced with a statement Thursday that it elected Ambassador Armitage to succeed Scowcroft --who served for 9 years as chairman-- on January 1, 2010.

The American-Turkish Council thanked General Scowcroft for his personal commitment to a strong U.S.-Turkey relationship and particularly for his highly successful leadership of the ATC.

ATC said it was looking forward to working with Armitage to strengthen the business, defense, trade and investment, foreign policy and cultural relations between the United States and Turkey.

Scowcroft and Ambassador Armitage will travel to Turkey November 16-20 for senior-level discussions with Turkey's government, military and business leadership.


We will have more on this and relevant points soon. Please stay tuned, but meanwhile disseminate this - let it be known. As you can see, the mainstream media and the lobby-influenced & managed pseudo alternative counterparts don’t want you to notice these things 😉

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  1. The sad thing is, Sibel, so many ‘liberals’ will object to you calling Armitage a ‘neocon’. As the fable goes, Armitage is from the State Department, therefore, he is a ‘realist’. And, oh, by the way, his leaking of Plame’s CIA employment to the media was just an accident because he’s such a notorious ‘gossiper’, a line of B.S. I heard Tom Oliphant buying into on the Al Franken show.

  2. Rob Clark says:

    Thank you again, Sibel.
    And you touched on something near and dear to my heart at the end, there.
    I started being a ‘truther’ at the age of eight. I was watching the evening news (yes, at the age of eight. It has always been my favorite ‘soap opera’) and heard Walter Cronkite state that the Pentagon had announced that our military would not go into Cambodia. The very next segment was Dan Rather live from Cambodia, following the troop movements.
    When I called my mother into the room and explained what I had just seen, her response was “I don’t think you were supposed to notice that.”
    “Our” government lies. “Our” media lies. Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough, as at least you seem to be telling the truth, as far as anyone could ever know.
    And just what is the statute of limitations for the crime of treason? Rhetorical sarcasm on my part there, as I know it doesn’t matter. There is no chance in our current system to even get a fair hearing.

  3. Kingfisher says:

    I probably wouldn’t qualify as a ‘liberal’ per se, but I too would challenge the characterization of Armitage as a neoconservative. He and Scowcroft are certainly not beyond criticism and it is disheartening to see their participation as details emerge, but I do not see them as subscribing to key elements of neoconservatism. This is not to say the two have not been allied with neocon personalities or groups.

    Further, I do not condemn the support of our ally Turkey as being exclusive to the neocons – or even a bad or nefarious thing. The problem as we have found, has been in the implementation.

    I’m on the record here so as to be transparent about my biases!


  4. @ Miguel: …and don’t forget how they played the denial card on his role (and Grossman’s) in Brewster Jennings/Plame case. He didn’t fit the picture they wanted to see and portray…I forgot the name of Betty-Jenny site who supposedly ‘covered’ plame case…anyway, part of the same denial/ignorance/biased/partisan front.

    @ Kingfisher: The point here is not ‘ideology’ or ‘Turkey.’ The point here is the revolving door & loyalties. Same with the Afghan carpetbaggers and their US partners/pimps: cashing in with no oversight, and guess what: the money they are pocketing is not business-capitalist venture revenue, it is your $$$$ mine $$$ and everyone’s $$$$-called taxes. These contracts are paid by our money to crooks with no credibility. Also, with Hasterts/Feith/Perle/Scowcroft you get into several areas of conflict of interest; their value is also driven by who and how many they have INSIDE to pave the way…

    @ Rob Clark: Thank you for your sincere comment. Many don’t see, and many don’t want to see. This is how the thought process goes: Ignorance is bliss…

  5. Asia minor is so important geographically that it’s impossible to imagine the american national security apparat (and our Likud lobbyists) doing anything but clasping to its breast the governments/powers that hold sway there. And Armitage is nothing if not a loyal instrument of the apparat.

    If I could wish them all away — levitate the Pentagon, blow it east and drop it in the ocean, I would. But what in particular (corruption aside) is wrong with Armitage’s appointment? Aside from the fact that he’s a scumbag dripping blood, I mean?

  6. @ King Fisher – It may be “unfair” of me, but I consider all PNAC folks neocons. See Armitage’s signature on the following PNAC letter to then-President Bill Clinton.

    @ Sibel – Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    @ Miguel -I’m one of those dastardly liberals, and I do see Armitage as a neocon, although I don’t reserve harsh judgment just for neocons. There are plenty of so-called Democrats and progressives/liberals who play this game too . . . only I think they usually do it in a less obvious way. The most recent example of a self-described progressive engaged in shady self-serving business interests would be Lanny Davis, and his SUPPORT for the Honduran coup-regime. Enemies of civil rights, human rights, democracy, and international law come in all kinds of political flavors. It’s easy for us to look overseas–somewhere like Afghanistan–and point these people out, but sooner or later we have to realize that the US has its own warlords (bankers and corporatists) and its own one-party rule (Republicans and Democrats). Instead of dividing us by tribe or religion to distract us and keep us fighting amongst ourselves, we have the wedge issues of abortion rights, gun rights, gay rights, worker/union rights, illegal immigration, and pro/anti-war beliefs. While those issues have to be quibbled over from time to time, the most important thing is to pay attention to economic policies–foreign and domestic–and see who is benefiting from them.

  7. i thought one of the definitions of neocon WAS armitage.
    Tough.silent. powerful. aggressive[bully] rich.Alpha. murderous[phoenix]secretive.stacked/wired/interconnected.innocent of all associations in crime/importation/export and has never pulled anything and knows nothing about drugs/guns/bodies.
    pure as the driven snow.
    salutes the flag.

  8. @ Sibel – I thought the slogan was “Ignorance is Strength”?! 🙂 We truly are living in Orwellian times. War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength. And apparently, debt and unemployment is economic recovery! Oh, and fraudulent Afghan elections are legitimate if the opposition candidate cuts out of the runoff election.

    So long as everyone here continues to encourage thought crimes, we might be okay in the end.

  9. @Remo:Right on!Mizgin is working on many-sides & many-faces of Armitage; we’ll publish it here soon.

  10. Kingfisher says:

    I agree it is the revolving door that is the issue. But it is disingenuous to tell me that the point is not ideology, when it is your subtitle that reads “Another Neocon Makes Turkish Ties & Connections Official”.

  11. Kingfisher says:

    “@ King Fisher – It may be “unfair” of me, but I consider all PNAC folks neocons. See Armitage’s signature on the following PNAC letter to then-President Bill Clinton.”

    I don’t think it is unfair, I just think it is wrong. I think it is a very superficial understanding of neoconservatism and its ideology. A cursory examination of Armitage’s background would reveal his aversion to idealogy, and his stark contrast to the neocons on China policy.

    “i thought one of the definitions of neocon WAS armitage.
    Tough.silent. powerful. aggressive[bully] rich.Alpha. murderous[phoenix]secretive.stacked/wired/interconnected.innocent of all associations in crime/importation/export and has never pulled anything and knows nothing about drugs/guns/bodies.
    pure as the driven snow.
    salutes the flag.”

    Yes Armitage is a tough and silent guy, he was a combat veteran. You know who weren’t combat veterans, aren’t tough, and don’t shut the hell up? Perle, Wolfowitz, Kristol, Bolton, et el.

  12. The question is whether or not Armitage is a crook and a traitor, not whether he is a “neocon” or a “realist”.

  13. You pigeonhole the alpha as neocon and wonder why you have no help.

  14. KF – Pretty difficult to imagine anyone who hung out with that crowd having an “aversion to ideology.” Those people were and continue to be hyper-ideological. PNAC was a neocon think tank. In that letter, they were clearly focused on invading Iraq. And as soon as they gained power, they saw to it that they got their ideological wish.

  15. ZicaTanka says:

    Maybe they got to him with sexual blackmail? Wouldn’t want to blow that stoic image with photos of the human dildo show in Barnum’s elephant tent. Better sign that letter.

    Or maybe he had different motivations for reaching the same goal and shares the by-any-means-necessary attitude of the neocons.

  16. @ Kingfisher: There is ‘Neoconism’ the idealogy, and then, there is the ‘Neocon Club’ where this idealogy is supported, followed, and implemented. What is really disingenuous is your disregard of Armitage’s actions, his practices, and his record. He was in there implementing the Neocons plans and policies; he was the enabler. That makes him a member of that Neocon club. What he believed, what kind of idealogy he had, didn’t matter, and doesn’t matter. What matters: he was chosen by them, not only he went along with the crowd, he actually enthusiastically went about plaing his role as an enabler. As simple as that.

    In fact, I consider him to be worse than many other Neocons; when the things got bad for the Neocons, he became the whining weasel and tried to sell himself as anti-Neocon. Not very different from the other weakling whining two-faced Collin Powell, who later, after the fact, after all the damages he did, came out trying to distance himself from his old bosses. These guys are chameleon parasites, and they represent their ideology based on who is in power, and what is the current trend.

    As for recommending to read what Armitage had to say (which changes based on what is in vogue): get real. It is like saying ‘Francis Fukuyama’ is a liberal anti-Neocon, based on what he wrote after 2004, when they started going down hill.

    I understand Armitage wanting to shake off that label, ‘neocon’, the one he earned and deserved, the one he avidly helped implement, what I don’t understand is your gullible-ism to buy it. Maybe you are into bald guys who appear tough and talk from both sides of their mouth…Maybe you are one of the lefties who’ve chosen to excuse Armitage’s role, to burry his real role in Brewster Jennings/Plame case, and his self-serving cashing in practices afterward, and instead pick a few easy target like Rove/Perle/Feith/Cheney and pertend that’s the extend of Neocon Club…

  17. Ahhh. Richard Armitage. The Other designated fall guy for Cheney, providing just enough wiggle room over who actually compromised Plame/Brewster=Jennings for Libby to appear, well, slightly less guilty and keep attention diverted from Grossman. I offer this quote from Irving Kristol, founder of the Neoconservative movement and father of Bill Kristol, the George Costanza of pundits:

    “There are different kinds of truths for different kinds of people. There are truths appropriate for children; truths that are appropriate for students; truths that are appropriate for educated adults; and truths that are appropriate for highly educated adults, and the notion that there should be one set of truths available to everyone is a modern democratic fallacy. It doesn’t work.”

    Hmm. I guess, to them, truth is not so self-evident anymore.

  18. This is slightly off topic but in line with the interest of the blog in militarization of children’s education. Apparently Northrop Grunman is sponsoring a cartoon on PBS aimed at pre-schoolers to early grade-schoolers. See here especially.

  19. Rob Clark:

    <i>heard Walter Cronkite state that the Pentagon had announced that our military would not go into Cambodia</i>

    I was 18 at the time and heard those same reports, full knowing 2 of my friends were already in Cambodia – had been for weeks.

  20. the higher up the chain, the bigger the secrets. the worse the lies the less in the loop will know them. The more powerfully they will protect them. the more permanent the solution to guard them. in neoxecon land the ‘corners’ have to be held by muscle. For me, armitage is /was muscle.High end. like the ‘muscle hijacker’ of commission lore.
    Definitions have been ‘managed’ all through this. Freedom means something to be endured where whole societies get carpeted in bombs.for what? Torture is enhanced interrogation.producing what? human rights are renditioned to boil in the tubs of uzbekistan. Fear. constitutional imperatives redacted. Conventions forged thru centuries of war discarded at the stroke of a little bush pen. explosive demolition becomes sequential collapse because we were told.Democracies ‘owned’ by 1% of its population still get called ‘land of the free’….I just learned from a traveling 20yr old that jesus is american european and would torture to protect his country. The truths of the children no doubt. like the 911 commission comic book [Stan LEE: “should be required reading in every home, school, and library”]. Funny it never once mentioned MC Dickerson and high rise plans.

  21. Sibel,

    By the “neocon club” we do not seem to a group of people with some identifiable ideology, but simply a gang inside our government operating under cover of state secrecy. The primary motivation of the gang is not ideological but simply money and power as an end in itself. In the year 2000 they reached the presidency when the king snake, Poppy Bush, got his moron son into office. With the experienced duo of Cheney and Rumsfeld to handle everything, all Junior had to do was keep his mouth shut, which is the only thing he does know how to do. 9-11 was engineered as a result, primarily using Bush’s longstanding Saudi connections with the bin Ladens and with Bandar Bush and Saudi intelligence. 9-11 was of course never investigated, only covered up during the Bush adminstration and of course it still has not been. The people who did it are still at large while our army chases the ghost of bin Laden around Afghanistan and the NSA continues to fabricate and authenticate fake bin Laden audio recordings.

    That’s how I’m looking at it. What do you think?

  22. It is such a disheartening realization to understand this time more fully. Irving Kristol is a symptom of corrupting power unchecked; his son and Ariel Fleischer are two of the worst scumbags on the propaganda tube. Is this the Soviet Union? Is the NSA the KGB? Are the contemporary slaves the “drug offenders” in prison, 90% minorities? One ethnic group legislating black markets to foster atrocities (of course, requiring military/swat/paramilitary intervention, terrorizing the population or propping up drug buddy governments) and a climate of informants among the population in order to fund the “civil asset forfeiture” ready “drug police” who “attack the evil cartels” they themselves have generated among the populace; The “drug police” who just happen to be their own ethnic brethren and whose “criminals” are another ethnic group.

    To say nothing of stories like this: (warning: little red pill)

    Who will wake us up from this nightmare?


    zb Says:

    You pigeonhole the alpha as neocon and wonder why you have no help.

    That is the most flat out mafia criminal statement I have ever heard. Very telling of thuggish ways among “honorable statesmen”.

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