Fort Hood & the KSM trial- Part I: What do these terrorism stories have in common?


Al Qaeda’s Master Spy could be the key to them both

In its firestorm of coverage, the mainstream media has overlooked a potential link between the two biggest domestic terrorism stories of the day: the shootings at Ford Hood and the decision by the Justice Dept. to try accused 9/11 “mastermind” Khalid Shaikh Mohammed in New York City.

Five time Emmy-winning former ABC News correspondent and HarperCollins author Peter Lance shines a light on the man who may well be the greatest enigma in the “war on terror.”

MohamedAliHis name is Ali Abdel Saoud Mohamed, aka Ali Amirki or “Ali the American,” the ex-Egyptian Army officer who penetrated the CIA (briefly) in 1984, the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center at Fort Bragg from 1987 to 1989 and the FBI where he served as an informant from the early 1990’s, interacting with top federal prosecutors and Special Agents as he trained the cell responsible for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and “Day of Terror” plots. Earlier he moved Osama bin Laden’s entourage from Afghanistan to Khartoum, set up the al Qaeda training camps in the Sudan, trained the Saudi billionaire’s own personal bodyguard and later served as the principal plotter in al Qaeda’s five year mission to blow up the U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

Ali Mohamed was the ticking time bomb at Fort Bragg who should have redefined the Army’s rules for uncovering traitorous Islamic radicals in the ranks 20 years before Maj. Nidal Malik Hassan went on his alleged rampage at Fort Hood.

But more importantly, for all the critics who think trying KSM in the Southern District of New York is a bad idea, Ali Mohamed could represent the Feds’ best witness at trial; insuring once and for all that Khalid Shaikh will finally be brought to justice.

The spy who hid in plain site

In the years leading up to the 9/11 attacks, no single agent of al Qaeda was more successful in compromising the U.S. intelligence community than Ali Mohamed. A member of the radical Egyptian Army unit that murdered President Anwar Sadat in 1981, Mohammed escaped prosecution, but he was later purged from the Egyptian military due to his radical Islamic views.

In 1983 he caught the attention of Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, five years before the doctor with the spectacles and go-tee joined bin Laden to form al Qaeda. Al Zawahiri saw Ali as the espionage agent he needed to penetrate the U.S.

After the 1983 bombings of the U.S. embassy and the Marine barracks in Beirut, the CIA was hungry to recruit assets who understood the radical Islamic mindset. So with very little vetting, the Agency sent Ali to Hamburg where he went into a Hezbollah mosque only to blow his cover and get his name on a Watch List.

Undaunted, Mohamed got onto a TWA flight from Athens to JFK in 1985. On the brief trip across the Atlantic, he managed to seduce an older American woman named Linda Sanchez who was returning from vacation in Greece.  They were married six weeks later at a drive-through wedding chapel in Reno. After that, Ali moved into Linda’s home in Santa Clara, California and set up an al Qaeda “switchboard” and sleeper cell with an ex-Egyptian medical student named Khalid Dahab.

In 1986 he drove to Oakland and enlisted in the U.S. Army, careful to stay under the radar and avoid the scrutiny of Officer Candidate School. Astonishingly, though still a resident alien, he was posted to Fort Bragg where he managed to work his way up to the rank of E5 (sergeant) and, without any security clearance, get posted to the highly secure JFK SWC where elite Green Beret and Delta Force officers train.

A chilling precursor

So far, in its official reaction to the Fort Hood massacre the U.S. Army has been taking a page from the Claude Raines school of crisis management; imitating the reaction of the duplicitous Capt. Renault in the film Casablanca who professed, “shock, shock” that there was gambling going on at Rick’s club only to be handed his winnings.

But two decades before Maj. Hasan allegedly dropped thirteen people in cold blood, key officials at Bragg were aware of Ali Mohamed’s openly jihadist views. They even used him in a training video, in which Ali declared (with chilling confidence) that it was the duty of all Muslims to change countries with secular governments into Islamic regimes.

“It’s an obligation,” said Ali on the training tape, “it’s not a choice.”
And how much was known at Bragg among the officer elite of Ali’s subversive agenda? Ask his own commanding officer, Col. Robert Anderson:

“I think you or I would have a better chance of winning the Powerball lottery, than an Egyptian major in the unit that assassinated Sadat would have getting a visa, getting to California, getting into the Army and getting assigned to a Special Forces unit. That just doesn’t happen.”

But it did and Ali was so audacious at Bragg that he announced to Anderson that he was going to use his leave to visit Afghanistan and hunt Soviets. It was an act that could have had global implications akin to the Soviet shoot down of Francis Gary Powers’ U-2 flight, if Mohamed had been captured or killed in the midst of the covert U.S. war to help the Mujahideen.

In an interview for my HarperCollins biography of Mohamed, Triple Cross, Anderson said that he tried to get Ali court martialed after he returned from Kabul and brazenly dropped two belts from Soviet Spetsnaz commandos on his desk. Bragging that he’d killed them, Ali wasn’t worried in the slightest that he’d be reprimanded and Anderson said he was told by a JAG officer that there was insufficient evidence “to convict anyone of anything.”

Does this resonate with the kind of audacious behavior Maj. Hasan exhibited at Walter Reed Army Hospital only to be given a pass? As the French say, “plus c’est change, plus c’est la meme chose.”

Al Qaeda’s secret spy in New York

But the Afghan theater of ops wasn’t where Ali Mohamed did his most damage. On weekends, in 1989 he began commuting up to New York from Fort Bragg where he trained Mahmoud Abouhalima, a six foot two-inch red headed Egyptian cab driver, Mohammed Salameh, a Palestinian illegal alien, and Nidal Ayad, a Kuwait émigré and Rutgers grad – all later convicted by Southern District prosecutors in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Working out of what the Feds called “the Jersey jihad office,” the Kennedy Boulevard based Al-Salaam mosque in Jersey City, Ali even played his Fort Bragg training video for the “brothers” as he schooled them in and weapons training and other covert operations.

AlSaalamMosqueShould the Army have known about Ali’s clandestine trips back then? Maybe not initially, but the alarm bells should have gone off at the JFK SWC in November, 1990 when El Sayyid Nosair, another Ali trainee, gunned down Rabbi Meier Kahane, founder of The Jewish Defense League as he gave a speech at the Marriot Hotel on Lexington Avenue.

That night as multiple law enforcement units descended on Nosair’s house in New Jersey they found a treasure trove of intelligence suggesting that Ali Mohamed (who stayed with Nosair on his New York visits) had betrayed not only the U.S. Army, but his adopted country.

They filled forty-seven boxes with evidence seized, including Green Beret manuals marked “Top Secret for Training” and communiqués classified as Secret from the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Another memo, entitled “Location of Selected Units on 05 December 1988,” listed the precise positions of Special Operations Forces (SOF) worldwide—including the army’s Green Berets and Navy SEAL teams—along with details of their missions. That single communiqué could have easily gotten Mohamed indicted on charges of espionage and treason, defying the legal judgment of the JAG officer at Bragg who had spurned Lt. Col. Anderson’s request for a court martial.

A warning of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing

The cache also contained hints of al Qaeda’s most famous New York target: the World Trade Center. One passage inside Nosair’s notebook called for the “destruction of the enemies of exploding...their civilized pillars...and high world buildings.”

Considering the “stove piping” that existed back then, you might ask how would the FBI have known about Ali’s presence at Fort Bragg or his links to El Sayyid Nosair?

Fair question, until you realize that 16 months before the Kahane assassination, the FBI Special Operations Group followed Nosair and a group of other “ME’s” (middle eastern men) from a Brooklyn mosque to the Calverton shooting range on Long Island.


Over four weekends in July, the Bureau agents took dozens of surveillance photos of Nosair, Abouhalima, Salameh, Nosair and Ayad (all trained by Ali Mohamed) firing handguns, AK-47’s and other semi-automatic weapons. They even had shots of the chrome-plated .357 Magnum, Nosair would use to rub out the rabbi.

The “lone gunman”

Even more shocking, when you ponder why the dots weren’t connected, was the presence of Abouhalima and Salameh, Nosair’s intended getaway driver’s, at his New Jersey home the night of the assassination.

They were taken into custody; only to be released by the NYPD the next day. Later, despite the involvement of three co-conspirators, Chief of Detectives Joe Borelli labeled the assassination a “lone gunman shooting.”

Nosair, a Prozac popping janitor who worked in the basement of Manhattan’s civil court was tried locally by the Manhattan D.A. and to the surprise of Bill Greenbaum, the ADA who prosecuted the case, the Army kept their distance.

“We had people from Fort Bragg who came up,” he told me. “But then they went home and we never heard a word.”

Nosair lawyered up with William Kuntsler who succeeded in getting him convicted on mere weapons charges vs. the actual Kahane murder. Years after the 9/11 attacks Eleanor Hill, chief investigator for the House-Senate Joint Inquiry, revealed that Osama bin Laden himself helped pay for Nosair’s defense.

The first U.S. blood spilled by al Qaeda

The legal fee from the Saudi billionaire suggested that the rabbi’s death at the hands of an Ali Mohamed-trainee was the first in a series of al Qaeda missions directed against U.S. citizens; the next being the murder of six people in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the 1998 Embassy bombings, the loss of 17 sailors in the bombing of the U.S. Cole in 2000 and the mass murder of 2,976 on 9/11.

Ali Mohamed was personally connected to three of those five acts of terror. In the Embassy plot, he actually took the surveillance pictures that bin Laden used to pinpoint the location of the suicide truck bombs.

And what about the culpability of the two “Bin Laden offices of origin;” The FBI’s New York Office (NYO) and the Office of the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) in failing to sniff out Mohamed as an al Qaeda spy?

In retrospect their record is shameless. But the seeming inability of the Southern District Feds to connect the dots continued up through the mid 1990’s.

In prepping for the 1995 “Day of Terror” plot, an al Qaeda scheme to blow up the bridges and tunnels into Manhattan, assistant U.S. attorneys Patrick Fitzgerald and Andrew C. McCarthy put together a list of 172 un-indicted co-conspirators.
Ali Mohamed was on the list along with Osama bin Laden and a little known individual named Waleed al Noor – co-owner with Egyptian Mohammed El-Attris of a small check cashing and mailbox story in Jersey City called Sphinx Trading.

If the Feds had any doubts about how “mobbed up” with al Qaeda Sphinx was, all they had to do was visit the building that housed the “Jersey Jihad” office  and the al Salaam mosque where blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, al Qaeda’s spiritual leader, held court. Sphinx Trading was on the ground floor.

The 9/11 dots that never got connected

One of the most shocking discoveries I made in researching Triple Cross was that, six and a half years after McCarthy and Fitzgerald put Waleed al-Noor on that list with bin Laden and Ali Mohamed, Khalid al-Midhar and Salim al-Hazmi, two of the muscle hijackers who flew AA Flight #77 into the Pentagon on 9/11, got their fake ID’s at Sphinx from Mohammed El-Attriss, al-Noor’s partner.

Meeting Mohamed face to face

In 1996, Assistant U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald (now the top Federal prosecutor in Chicago) was charged by DOJ brass with getting an indictment of bin Laden. He turned to Squad I-49 in the FBI’s NYO where he began working with Special Agents Jack Cloonan and Dan Coleman.

By the summer of 1997, suspecting that something very bad was developing in Africa, Fitzgerald sent Coleman to Nairobi where he searched the home of Wadih El Hage, a bin Laden confident who was one of the principal bombing plotters.

Coleman was shocked to discover links between El Hage and Ali Mohamed, who had been cooperating with the Feds since 1992. That prompted Fitzgerald himself to fly across country to Sacramento where Ali was then living. In a face to face meeting, the federal prosecutor naively hoped he could turn Mohamed.

But Ali was not about to betray his “sheikh,” Osama. He actually admitted to Fitzgerald that he “loved” bin Laden and “believe[d] in him.” Then, he uttered words that amounted to treason; boasting that he didn’t need a fatwa to make war on the U.S., since America was “the enemy.” There was no way he was going to betray the jihad to these hapless Feds. Finally, he got up and left.

Moments later, Fitzgerald turned to Cloonan and said, “That is the most dangerous man I have ever met. We cannot let this man out on the street.” But that’s just what he did; allowing Ali to remain free for another 10 months; waiting to arrest him until a month after the bombs went off in Africa killing 224 and injuring thousands. It was a plot that Ali had been perfecting since 1993.

Cutting a deal with the devil’s “aide”

Back at Fort Bragg, Col. Anderson, Ali’s C.O. had described him to me as a “fanatic.” He wasn’t the devil, the Colonel said, “ he was more like the aide to the devil. He had an air about him; a stare, a very coldness that was pathological.”

Does that not echo the growing testimony we’ve heard from Army colleagues who interacted for years with Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan?

It took Fitzgerald more than a year to get any real cooperation out of Mohamed. It wasn’t until the year 2000 that Ali finally pled guilty to the Embassy bombings in return for being spared the death penalty.

The problem was, as the months counted down to the 9/11 attacks, why didn’t he give up the “planes as missiles plot?” From what Cloonan told me, Mohamed knew every detail. How could a top Fed like Pat Fitzgerald cut a deal with al Qaeda’s chief spy and not squeeze the truth out of him about bin Laden’s ultimate goal?

In PART TWO we’ll look at how much Ali may have known about the 9/11 plot and why, if the Feds were smart, he could become the secret weapon against KSM.

#  #  #  #


PeterLancePeter Lance is a five-time Emmy Award-winning investigative reporter and former correspondent for ABC News. He has covered hundreds of stories worldwide for 20/20, Nightline, and World News Tonight. Peter is the author of 1000 Years for Revenge, Cover Up, and the novel First Degree Burn. For more details visit Peter’s website.

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  1. Amazing. What a mess.

  2. Sibel,

    Thanks for including this piece by Peter Lance and the Boiling Frogs interview with Kristina Borjesson. We need to hear and see the information that these insiders have in order to form our own opinions. With info like this we can jump out of the boiling pot, eh?


  3. contextofnocontext says:

    Mr. Lance,

    At what point along this timeline was Ali Mohamed working for Northrop Grumman?

    Considering the significant efforts Patrick Fitzgerald has gone through to try to attack your credibility, I wonder if he’s not under a fair amount of pressure himself. Is there any evidence to suspect he was told to back of Mohamed at the time, given his stated fears?

  4. Peter,

    Thanks for joining BF. I thought Triple Cross and 1000 Years were incredible – if not very disturbing books.

    Recently Pete Blaber, a former commander of the Delta Force, published a book called “The Mission, The Men, and Me”. Shortly after 9/11 he met with Ali Mohamed in preparation of inserting into Afghanistan. Blaber says Mohamed was very cooperative and provided useful information for hunting AQ in Afghanistan. The impression of Mohamed that Blaber got was that he was a thrill-seeker playing all sides in a game, that he was a man of flexible morals rather than an extremist or ideologue.

    Have you seen this book? If so, what are your thoughts on this conflicting interpretation of Mohamed?

    What is the best way to contact you?


  5. Many thanks to all of you for your positive reaction to this piece.

    First of all, anyone who has not yet read TRIPLE CROSS can get a free pdf download of the 32 page illustrated timeline in the book at:

    Re: contextofnocontext’s question about Northrop-Grumman, here’s the section from pages 210-210 of the new paperback:


    One would think that Mohamed’s final attempt at sleight-of-hand would have pole axed his chances for a security clearance. But according to retired special agent (Jack) Cloonan, though, Mohamed was able to get himself a job as a guard with Burns Security, working at a facility run by Northrop-Grumman in Sunnyvale, California.

    “They were building some components for subs,” says Cloonan. “It was a cleared facility. A base that made the triggers for the [Trident] missile. Ali had to get a security clearance because he worked for Burns, and since Burns had the contract at this facility, which is a defense contractor, that’s why the DIS interviewed him.”

    Mohamed “never got the clearance,” says Cloonan, but he nonetheless ended up working for Burns inside the gates at the facility. After Mohamed’s arrest in 1998, when Cloonan interviewed personnel from Northrop-Grumman to get the full story, he says “their reaction was ‘Okay. But he never got access to sensitive information.’ But… he told us he’d walk around and he had access to a computer. I think it was password-sensitive so the sensitive, classified information, he did not have access to. But he was there, nonetheless.”
    “It’s amazing what Ali Mohamed was able to get away with at Fort Bragg even without a security clearance,” says Lt. Colonel Anthony Shaffer, who investigated al Qaeda beginning in late 1999 as a DIA liaison to Operation Able Danger. “The intelligence he accessed as a supply sergeant is proof that he didn’t need the keys to the front office to do harm to U.S. interests. The very fact that he was at the Special Warfare School meant that he would have access to information on all units at Bragg, no matter how classified it was.”

    I wasn’t able to pinpoint the exact time that Mohamed worked at the facility in Sunnyvale. Maybe other subscribers to this blog from the defense/intel community can shed some light on that.

    Ali Mohamed, is the greatest enigma from the “war on terror.” He operated openly in the U.S. from his arrival in Santa Clara, CA in 1985 until his arrest n 1998. Anyone with more information on him can contact me at my e-mail address: or through Sibel.


  6. I am currently reading Triple Cross (1/2 complete). Most of these details appear to have come from the book so I dont see any new information pertaining to Hasan.

    Peter: Are you suggesting that Hasan was also working as a spy for AQ and his attack at Ford Hood was a direct order from bin Laden?

    Can wait to finish this book and start 1000 years. Its great to see yourself putting out this information. I try to explain and talk about this stuff with people and they think im crazy. Its too bad that MSM has kept this in the dark on REAL issues.

  7. OK first in order to prepare for the inevitable backlash I’m likely to get from some here let me say that I’ve been working on nothing but my thesis for the last 9 months and have been lucky to read the amount of news I have. So I haven’t yet had a chance to read your book Mr. Lance nor some others that might shed some light on this. But I was thinking back to Sibel’s revelation of the fact that we were working with bin Laden directly at least up till 2001 and her story of the way the subject of Ali Mohamed was treated at the 911 commission hearings. Given these two things don’t you think it’s not unreasonable to suppose that Mr. Mohamed didn’t just happen to get all these high level clearances but that he was being given them and the training he got in hopes of using him, perhaps to recruit and maybe also train mujahideen to import into Central Asia? Perhaps this is at least a question you’re intending to raise without coming down for or against. As I said I haven’t had a chance to get ‘Triple Cross’, so forgive me if I’m just being a bit dense.

  8. @Metem: I think that’s a very good point. Personally, I tend to lean towards ‘our man’ Ali Mohamed, rather than, we were fooled. Again, I don’t think this angle includes FBI…But the CIA? Come on, he was the guy who was fighting against the Soviet in Afghanistan: we nurtured, funded, trained…those people.

  9. I will ask the question, since no one has to this point. If Ali Mohamed is in OUR Witness protection gaol, is there any chance he can be put on the stand under oath, like Sibel, and spill the beans?

  10. Kingfisher says:

    I will ask the question, since no one has to this point. If Ali Mohamed is in OUR Witness protection gaol, is there any chance he can be put on the stand under oath, like Sibel, and spill the beans?”

    It wouldn’t be Witness Protection if you couldn’t testify.

  11. Kingfisher says:

    @Metem: I think that’s a very good point. Personally, I tend to lean towards ‘our man’ Ali Mohamed, rather than, we were fooled. Again, I don’t think this angle includes FBI…But the CIA? Come on, he was the guy who was fighting against the Soviet in Afghanistan: we nurtured, funded, trained…those people.

  12. It doesn’t matter whether Ali Mohamed is in some form of custodial witness protection. He can testify.

    My point is that as al Qaeda’s chief spy ,he clearly knew the details of the 9/11 plot.

    Wait until you read the open to Part Two, which I believe Sibel will run on Wednesday.

    Whether or not you subscribe to the Ali as “our man” theory there’s little doubt that he got help from either CIA or the FBI in getting past a Watch List, coming to the U.S. and ending up with his posting at the JFK SWC at Fort Bragg. Even his commanding officer Col. Anderson believes that.

    Naturally, the SDNY Feds won’t want to put Ali on the stand, because although he’d be the best witness vs. KSM, they won’t want the defense peeling back the layers on his years as an FBI informant and Sgt. at Bragg.

    In TRIPLE CROSS I document how in 1994, a defense attorney named Roger Stavis tried to subpoena him to testify at the Day of Terror trial being prosecuted by Andy McCarthy and Pat Fitzgerald. McCarthy was so concerned about this prospect that he had Ali summoned back from Africa and flew to CA to meet him.

    Ali shined him on, telling him he was running a scuba diving business in Kenya and McCarthy apparently bought that. He and Fitzie put Ali’s name on the list of 172 un-indicted co-conspirators in the case, along with bin Laden. And in the end the trial went forward without Ali “Amiriki,” aka Ali The American.

    for a pdf of the list go to: page 12-13:

    You would think, since Ali pled guilty to his key involvement in the African Embassy bombing plot that Fitzgerald would have used him as his star witness in 2001 when he ran U.S. vs. bin Laden, the bombing case. But rather than put Ali on the stand, he risked losing the case with his second tier witness Jamal al Fadl.

    That’s how worried these two top Feds apparently were about exposing Ali to the light of day in an open trial in New York.

    My point is that if Patrick Fitzgerald really did CUT A DEAL with him to avoid the death penalty — as he says he did — Ali copped a plea in 2000 — then Mohamed should be willing to play ball and talk as Sammy “The Bull” did when the Feds pled him out to 5 years for 19 murders in return for his testimony vs. John Gotti.

    But if the Feds WON’T call Ali, maybe the defense will. He’s a one man 9/11 Commission with more potential insights into bin Laden’s mindset, tactics and the planning of the 9/11 plot than anyone short of KSM.

    If he gets on the stand as either a friendly or hostile witness, and the world media focuses attention on him, we will learn so much about how the FBI failed multiple times to stop al Qaeda on the road to 9/11.

    Why should we care?

    If we ever needed evidence of how the Bureau has failed to reform since Sept. 11th we need only look at how they recently bungled their investigation of Maj. Hasan and his close ties to the al Qaeda linked imam Anwar al Aulaqi.

    Stay tuned for PART TWO


  13. @KF Thanks, I should have known to check historycommons. I’d read a fair amount about Ali Mohamed there in the past but I missed that particular bit.

  14. Maybe this is why Harry Callahan kept flying off the handle.

  15. Since the narrative of 19 hijackers flying planes into buildings on 9/11 is full of lies, errors, and deception and there was undoubtedly explosives placed in those towers as the could not have “collapsed” from office fires, the plane strike or the burning fuel the 9/11 conspiracy is much more involved than an AQ operation.

    I suspect what is going on is that you have double and triple agents here where it’s hard to tell who is pulling the strings. I suspect that AQ is a front for the CIA, a creation of the CIA… the enemy we need and can use when needed to create the excuses for war and occupation.

    The radical islamists who are protected or are agents must believe that they are in a unique position to exploit the CIA to further their own crazy agenda.

    But one needs to step back and examine the reality that AQ could prevail in any sort of war with the USA. At best they are like a nasty illness that you have to live with, but is not fatal. AQ is not a threat to this nation.

    The creation of AQ has enabled the black ops in the national security state to pin these attacks on them, and probably have these guys under their control with them even knowing it.

    How convenient the timing of the Fort Hood murders, just as Obama was having to decide what to do in AfPak… and this event has align public opinion once again against the islamic militants and will smooth the way for Obama to ramp up the war. He has been given no option by the MIC but a reasonable excuse and the fear climate to give them what they want.

    The key here is that 9/11 was not simply an AQ job. If they were involved, they were only thinking they were the guys to pull it off. Their guys were nothing but patsies and AQ would get credit for the attack although I believe Bin Laden never claimed he was behind it.

    When 9/11 is unraveled it will most probably reveal who is pulling the strings and it will become clear how the FBI and CIA has not only allowed these guys to run around causing mischeif, but they were aiding and abetting it. But the real question will be who is running the master plan for these black ops and using intel to do their bidding?

    One only needs to look at Gladio to see exactly the modus operandi of intel when they instigate terrorist activities. Whether this is done by rogue or ex intel guys is the real question. But it is clear that they have access to resources way beyond the capabilities of AQ.

    Mr. Lance, you need to do your homework on the facts about 9/11.

  16. Ali Mohamed, in my opinion, has always been a Fi’dais of Ayman al Zuwahiri and Islamic Jihad. His integral role as al Qaeda’s head of security while simultaneously infiltrating key segments of the military’s Special Warfare branch is a classic example of the playbook first written by Hassan-I-Sabah and Ras-al-din Sinan in the Thirteenth Century. His relationship with Patrick Fitzgerald is key to understanding Fitzgerald’s appointment as Special Prosecutor in the Plame outing case since Fitzgerald was already compromised by his behavior towards Mohamed.

    To me, all of this converges together at Tora Bora in 2001. Both former CIA operative Gary Berntsen and Delta Force commander “Dalton Fury” have written that bin Laden AND al Zuwahiri were pinpointed in Tora Bora when it was surrounded. Berntsen’s and Fury’s accounts detail their pleas for a large US force deployment to seal them in and command authority’s(Tommy Franks/Bush) refusal to authorize it, even though those forces were available and large enough to totally seal the area without using local Afghan militias. Because US forces were not deployed, bin Laden and the top al Qaeda and Taliban leadership were allowed to escape into Pakistan. After that, forces were quickly moved out of country to begin the propaganda drumbeat and preperations for the Iraqi invasion. Bin Laden was needed alive but incommunicado to provide some semblance of credence to the Bush admin’s lies of cooperation between AQ and Saddam Hussein and justify Iraq. That spurious link, advanced by the Bush admin with the aid of it’s MSM partners, gave the rationale needed to invade and occupy Iraq and it’s oil reserves.

    Let’s also remember the other “Fruits” of 9/11. The enactment of the Patriot Act and subsequent Military Commissions Act that stripped everyone in the US of any and all rights under the Constitution, the still-unsolved Anthrax attacks that specifically targeted opponents of the Patriot Act, the rapid growth and utilization of Private Military Contractors in place of troops with no legal accountability, the exponential growth of the still-ongoing Warrantless Wiretap Program and the NSA’s new mandate for Domestic Surveillance can all be traced back to 9/11 and it’s aftermath. Is it any wonder that a large percentage of Americans believe 9/11 was an inside job?

  17. “The 9/11 dots that never got connected
    One of the most shocking discoveries I made in researching Triple Cross was that, six and a half years after McCarthy and Fitzgerald put Waleed al-Noor on that list with bin Laden and Ali Mohamed, Khalid al-Midhar and Salim al-Hazmi, two of the muscle hijackers who flew AA Flight #77 into the Pentagon on 9/11, got their fake ID’s at Sphinx from Mohammed El-Attriss, al-Noor’s partner.”
    In my struggle to identify the dots of differing aspects of american foreign policy in the world, reading your words , and others, I find many unknowns that have to be taken at face value.
    In the reading, I have come across coherent information pointing to something ‘other than’ a commercial airliner hitting the Pentagon. There appears to be substance to the claim. Certainly enough to counter the commission report and warrant further investigation.
    Your discussion is quite definite. you have them in the cockpit.
    Have you made any study of this debate?

  18. SEC watchdog eyes insider trading probe
    “The IG’s office continues to probe allegations that two SEC enforcement lawyers repeatedly disclosed nonpublic information about agency investigations to a corrupt Federal Bureau of Investigations agent and a short seller. That agent and short seller were subsequently convicted of several criminal violations including fraud and conspiracy in connection with a stock short-sale operation, the report said.”

    Btw, the short seller mentioned here is the same guy Bob Baer is referring to when he said “I know the guy that went into his broker in San Diego and said ‘cash me out, it’s going down tomorrow.’”[re:9/11/01]

  19. “Btw, the short seller mentioned here is the same guy Bob Baer is referring to when he said “I know the guy that went into his broker in San Diego and said ‘cash me out, it’s going down tomorrow.’”[re:9/11/01]”

    He was convicted? Sounds like you’ve researched this short seller Kf. How did you find out this guy was the same one Baer was referring to? Can you give any sources? Were the convictions of fraud and conspiracy in connection with the stock short-sale operation related to the 9/11 short selling?

  20. “If he gets on the stand as either a friendly or hostile witness, and the world media focuses attention on him, we will learn so much about how the FBI failed multiple times to stop al Qaeda on the road to 9/11.
    Why should we care?


    Is this merely a matter of “failing multiple times” presumably due to incompetence, or is it cold, calculated deliberate treason on the part of criminal elements in the FBI, CIA and military? It seems to me that there is no way 9-11 could have succeeded without cooperation at the highest levels of our government.

  21. Makes me wonder what they’re teaching in the Army these days with regard to secrecy, treason, spies, intelligence, etc. I know when I was in the Navy, we had specific instructions about informing the chain of command about anyone (including our fellow service-members) who might in the least be a security risk. Surely more than just Anderson noticed Ali? Surely others must have reported their suspicions about him and heard his rhetoric along the way, and yet nothing was done? And this guy continued to fly all over the world, had access to secured areas, and _nobody_ stopped him?

    Something stinks… my inner warning bells are clanging.

  22. I’m sad because the people who develop the violent queers are just the beginning.

  23. The presumption that Al Quada is a stand alone terrorist group with no intel assistance is preposterous. Anyone who tries to pawn off the myth that these guys infiltrated the un military and intell establishment and walked away with all sorts of classified secrets, weapons, and planning skills as well as maintaining ties to the highest levels of the CIA and FBI so they could simply outfox them and pull of 9/11 has their head in the sand.

    AQ was the creation of the CIA as part of the proxy war with the USSR and they don’t deny that. But the CIA surely knew everything they were up to because it’s impossible to accept the notion that we create and stand up the killers and then set them free to do what they will and don’t monitor their every move. The CIA is watching anyone who they see as a threat, armed and so forth so why would they let these guys roam around… like they were NOT a threat? Because they were PART of the CIA or whatever rogue elements of the CIA (one and the same?).. MI5, Mossad and so forth. If you don’t think these intel groups are working together you are again terribly naive.

    The so called black ops intel is beyond the reach of congress, has no supervision, is accountable to no one so we need to ask… who IS setting their agenda and giving them marching orders? Who DOES call the shots for these black ops secret activities?

    We saw a bit of the veil come off as the extroadinary rendition was exposed, the black sites for torture and the not all released photos of Abu Graib. The world saw the ugly side of out “beloved” CIA who is tasked to protect us from our perceived enemies. We also saw the cover up and clamping down of the exposure. And we saw not a single person held accountable for the attrocities they committed except the low level sadist who did their bidding.

    The Italian court recently convicted in absentia the CIA of kidnapping, but of course the US is not handing these men over or trying them for the same crimes.

    Obama is about to make a huge mistake in staging a show trial. He’s counting on the new increase in Islamic terrorism which “they” stage, such as Fort Hood to swing the public again to the blood thirsty, irrational vengence and hatred to insure a conviction.

    But they are not counting on the fact that 911 will be in the spotlight and there are thousands of “truthers” who know that the real perps are not standing trial. They really DO have something over Obama, he’s playing all the right notes for them.

    Peter Lance is missing the story, or is that the point of his efforts?

  24. Saw a Lateline Australia interview with the new U.S. Ambassador. Yes, he’s one of Obama’s best mates. And Non-Surprise #2, they didn’t press him at all in it.

    What do you say to Obama’s critics that he’s not decisive enough? That he’s not sticking to his promises of change?

    I don’t agree with that at all. I think he’s accomplishing everything he’s set out to do.

    (All said with a perfectly straight face).

  25. Kingfisher says:

    “He was convicted? Sounds like you’ve researched this short seller Kf. How did you find out this guy was the same one Baer was referring to? Can you give any sources? Were the convictions of fraud and conspiracy in connection with the stock short-sale operation related to the 9/11 short selling?”


    Anthony Elgindy (born Amr Ibrahim Elgindy) was convicted and is serving a jail sentence for racketeering, securities fraud, wire fraud, and extortion.

    The convictions are not related to 9/11 short selling, they go back to 1990’s scams. It is depressing that the SEC is just now getting around to going after these lawyers, but also hopeful in that they are finally cleaning their own house.

    It is not known if Elgindy is connected to 9/11 short selling (of which there is some reason to believe did happen). There are more questions than answers.

  26. Kingfisher says:

    “Peter Lance is missing the story, or is that the point of his efforts?”


    There are plenty of websites that entertain your line of thinking; why do you need another? Posting your prattle is one thing, but this is the second time you have insulted the author in this thread. Please re-evaluate your behavior.

  27. Kingfisher says:


    I have nothing personal against Obama, nor do I question his motives or sincerity.

    That said, Candidate Obama was too many different things to too many; people projected what they wanted on him and his platform of ‘change’. The result is that President Obama has impossible expectations to live up to. People interpreted candidate Obama much differently then what he actually campaigned on, and too much emphasis was placed on ‘change’ through one person when the problems are beyond that of what one man can solve.

  28. Im going to have to second that Kingfisher


    I too use to be a “truther” but as I read more and looked at the facts I began to use reason and logic. Your train of thought goes against all that and is rejected.

    Further more to direct statements to Peter Lance for not “doing his homework” and “missing the facts” is nothing but insulting. You obviously have not done your homework because his track record proves otherwise.

    What does your resume contain?

  29. To be fair, it would have to be noted that mr Obama was GIVEN to us as the mender of all things. The media machine sold the ‘all things to all people’ image and Mr Obama didn’t check them on it. This was a ride, and we all got on it. It has certainly bought the oligarchs more time. Are we saying here that the SEC hasn’t begun investigating the puts and other 9/11 stock questions?

  30. Tonight, Obama makes his big speech about more troops to Afghanistan. Which means some questions that the MSM will NEVER touch:

    Sending 30,000 more troops will let you finish this war in 3 years?

    Since when is “terrorism” a global organization like the CIA or MI6?
    Or does packaging it this way make it easier to sell to the public?

    Obama will spend more on Afghan isnfrastructure (roads, schools and more). Yet teachers here continue to be underpaid and laid off.

    Continuing this war means that China will keep paying for it. What will Obama do if the Chinese suddenly stop carrying our debt?

    Who determines what the “benchmarks” are? If they constantly change, will we have even more pointless Congressional hearings on this?

    The Iraqi “security forces” have been training now for what, eight years? Can you name one country in the world that would allow their recruits 8 years of “basic training”?

    Gordon Brown wants Karzai to push Afghan farmers to switch from growing poppies to growing wheat. If you’re a dirt poor Afghan farmer, which would YOU choose?

    Does Blackwater still have it’s govt. contracts for Iraq and Afghanistan? If yes, (considering all of the “alleged” stuff they’ve done), do govt. officials feel hypocritical at all using them?

    More later.

  31. Kingfisher says:

    “To be fair, it would have to be noted that mr Obama was GIVEN to us as the mender of all things. The media machine sold the ‘all things to all people’ image and Mr Obama didn’t check them on it. This was a ride, and we all got on it. It has certainly bought the oligarchs more time.”

    Maybe, I hate to play the victim card, though.

    “Are we saying here that the SEC hasn’t begun investigating the puts and other 9/11 stock questions?”

    No, we are not saying that.

  32. I am only a 62 year old architect whose been observing things. I am not a professional journalist such as Mr. Lance.

    I believe I am entitled to comment – or prattle on – as you put it. I don’t believe Mr. Lance has examined or understand the physics involved with the collapses of those 3 towers. If he has any interest he has to rely on experts who understand these matters, such as architects and engineers. My professional opinion (for what it’s worth) is that those buildings did not collapse from steel weakened from office fires and jet fuel. Explosive were involved. If explosives were involved the plot thickens and more people than the 19 hijackers were involved… or another way of looking at it, if part of the story is false, you need to re examine the entire story.

    My position is very simple. I look at the evidence in the public record. I can’t see a plane hitting the pentagon, so I won’t admit one did. It may have, but the evidence is very thin on that.

    When you examine the video of the building collapses and time the descent of the top they fall to fast to be a “progressive” collapse and there is no reason for any of the three structures to suddenly experience “global collapse” and fall as rapidly as they did.

    I haven’t see convincing evidence of who was in the planes that struck the two towers, that alleged to have hit the pentagon or crashed in PA. I have read about what looks like planted evidence in the 911 Commission Report, such as a found passport on the street after the towers fell of one of the hijackers and a similar ID in PA. I find that approaches an impossibility or a miracle.

    We were told and heard some telephone calls from the hijacked planes – cell phone calls. This was impossible at the altitudes and times they were supposed to have been made. The FBI has admitted this now. Those calls were faked. I don’t know how, but they were not made from those planes. And Ted Olsen the Solicitor General of the US lied about the calls from his wife.

    None of the hijackers names were on any of the plane manifests. That’s odd, would you say?

    There is more than enough evidence presented which is pure fabrication and therefore I question the narrative and call for a new investigation. In that light I view Mr. Lance’s work as questionable and it appears he has failed to examine the evidence in the public record which conveniently, I might add, undermines his thesis.

  33. Kingfisher says:


    Some of your questions are rhetorical, and most are loaded. So no, the media will probably not be discussing those exact questions. Some of the issues underlying your questions are discussed, sometimes.

  34. Good discussion. I read ‘Triple Cross’ once. I believe Peter Lance is pursuing a research direction that does not deny ‘controlled demolition’; rather he suggests that the paper trails around SDNY can reveal the puppeteers i.e. Jamie Gorelick, Robert Zoellick of the World Bank.

  35. there are two words that answer the question of the towers destruction. For the record. Free fall. or, fall free . you cannot have free falling gravitational collapse WITHOUT structural removal .otherwise it aint freefall. It is very simple. free fall has been established for 2.5 seconds on #7,[NIST] and 1 and 2 were just over free fall. 11-12 seconds for 110 stories? Go figure. All that structure just ‘got out of the way?’ Yeah. right. Our ‘intellectuals’ have let us down.Thank you the American architects and engineers with guts getting up and onto this one at last.

    What is known of the SEC or other investigations into the stock put spikes that day? And, with regard Mr Obama. the victims here are those thousands of dead civilians. Were any of them our children?

  36. BTW Kingfisher since your bringing up resumes and bona fides, what’s your resume got in it?

  37. It is irrelevant whether KSM is a citizen or not, we citizens have a Constitutional right to hear his trial’s arguments and evidence. KSM, call ALI MOHAMED TO THE STAND!

    An Islamic radical and Egyptian ex-commando, Ali Mohamed, worked at Fort Bragg in the Pentagon’s Special Forces, was an FBI informant and CIA asset, but yet, Ali Mohamed was also:

    – Osama Bin Laden’s personal security chief
    – Escorted Al Qaeda’s second-in-command, Al-Zawahiri, in the US on ‘fund raising’ trips
    – Trained the World Trade Center 1993 bombing cell
    – Took the targeting photos of the bombed US African Embassies.

    Ali Mohamed has been in US ghost custody since 2000 – meaning, he hasn’t spent a day in prison.

    KSM, if you have worked with him, call ALI MOHAMED TO THE STAND so we citizens can hear!

    But alas, why do you believe KSM’s trial will be in Dick Cheney’s newly created and secretive “military” commission? (Which is separate from our civilian and military Constitutional justice system—a creation of the Bush Administration and Republican Congress through the illegitimate “Military Commissions Act” of 2006. Do NOT confuse it with real Constitutional based military justice!)

    Have you ever heard of the good cop (Obama) / bad cop (Cheney’s) routine?
    Peter, I truly appreciate your work. Thank you for letting us read between the lines. You don’t have to vocalize what is obvious, you have done enough for the truth.

    Ali is the smoking gun link between the US Empire and its Al Qeada hitman squad. Suppressing the KSM trial means indefinite plausible denial-ability.

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