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Sibel EdmondsIn October 2009 I launched Boiling Frogs Post with one purpose in mind: To establish a venue for investigative articles, editorials, analyses, discussions, and interviews on issues largely censored and blacked out by the media. After four months of a successful trial phase this venue is now ready to enter its next stage, and for that it needs your support.

Boiling Frogs Post is solely dependent on its readers, and has no ties to any institution, foundation, organization or corporation. This is the only model I see fit to be called an independent news and views venue, untainted by external pressures, special interests or partisan flavoring.

Sibel Lighthouse Our authors and analysts present their work, not agenda scripts or special recipes handed to them for creation of a particular propaganda to serve a particular interest. And, our weekly commercial-free Podcast Show hosts the voices of noteworthy guests on topics long-muffled and quashed by the mainstream media and their minions on lower levels posing as alternatives.

I’m happy to report that in the four months since the launching of Boiling Frogs Post we have accomplished and delivered every single objective set prior to the launching this site. I am proud to have established a distinguished team of journalists, analysts, authors, and an editorial cartoonist whose work is based on truth and real issues.

Whether it is going after hypocrisy-ridden foreign policy practices, the ever revolving doors of foreign lobbies, or our stomped upon and continuously assaulted civil liberties, our work transcends the webs put in place by partisanship and special interests and agendas.

Here are a few examples of our work:

Sibel Edmonds- The Makings of a Police State Series

Dr. Nafeez Ahmed- Yemen, Energy Crisis & the Nigerian Crutch Bomber Series

Mizgin Yilmaz- Richard Armitage Series

Dr. William Weaver – The Impulse to Secrecy: The Glomar Response

Peter Lance: Fort Hood & the KSM Trial Series

Sibel Edmonds- Op-ed Series

In this short time span the Boiling Frogs Show has been able to present you with over 20 distinguished experts and whistleblowers from the fields of journalism, intelligence, grassroots activism, academia, and foreign policy. Here is a list of select interviews:

James Bamford on NSA & Illegal Domestic Wiretapping

Pepe Escobar on the Current Energy Crisis & the Quest for Central Asia-Caspian Region

Russ Baker on the Concept of Shadow Government and the Real Power Centers in the US

Daniel Ellsberg on Obama Presidency & Whistleblowers

Andy Worthington on America’s Detention Center at Guantanamo Bay

Chris Hedges on the US Media & the Empire of Illusion

Coleen Rowley on Accountability, Whistleblowers & Activism

I believe during this four-month trial phase Boiling Frogs Post has established a solid track record with what it has accomplished, and a view of what it can accomplish given your support and backing. We are now ready to begin our next phase, during which we will continue to provide what you have seen, read, and listened to thus far, and additionally, will present exclusive video clips and investigative stories.

This site will continue and expand only with your direct support. I am asking every one of you to consider yourself as the one who can make this possible, that without your active support this real alternative site will not continue or exist, and that without your help those who consider truly independent channels like this ‘impossible to survive and flourish’ will be proven right, and with that we will all lose. So please do your share, and contribute whatever you can now.

Our countdown to receive your support and donations begins today. No donation is either too small or too large. Please donate what you can to keep this home of the irate minority alive, and thank you for all you do.

Sibel Edmonds

Founder & Publisher, Boiling Frogs Post


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This site depends….

This site depends exclusively on readers’ support. Please help us continue by SUBSCRIBING and/or DONATING.


  1. Hi Sibel 🙂

    So Sorry that right now I cannot make a donation. I did buy one of your
    Police State Mugs awhile back though. *’*

    I hope your P.O. Box is large enough for a rectangular box, I want to send you that ‘pristine’ item I wrote you about a few months ago.

  2. Mescalero205 says:

    Just like all the other “blogs” or bogs would be more appropriate. Rehashing the same stuff, still talking instead of acting. Ms Edmond’s lack of courage for all the years she held information much of which was in the public domain shows how little intestinal fortitude she has. Another damned Cindy Sheehan. No wonder nothing gets done!! What can you REALLY DO? try having a nation wide effort to encourage as many as possible to avoid buying ONE DROP OF GASOLINE FOR ONE DAY!!! More would be better. BUY NOTHING FOR ONE DAY! Do something Sibel instead of looking to make a job out of this useless blog. The people who did the investigation during the Bush Squat already know where the best sites for outed vetted data. You ain’t one of ’em!!

  3. Kingfisher says:

    “Ms Edmond’s lack of courage for all the years she held information much of which was in the public domain shows how little intestinal fortitude she has.”
    I would ascribe many things to Sibel; lack of courage or intestinal fortitude is not one of them.

    “What can you REALLY DO? try having a nation wide effort to encourage as many as possible to avoid buying ONE DROP OF GASOLINE FOR ONE DAY!!!”
    To achieve what exactly?
    What about petroleum derived products?

  4. thymesup says:

    oh yes,mescalero? and what sites and action do YOU propose? i’d like to hear any positive suggestions. i’ve always said i need a bumper sticker that says “buy nothing”. a bit extreme/impossible, but certainly something to strive for. as opposed to bush’s exhortation after 911: ‘GO out and do your patriotic duty and BUY!!!””” i couldn’t believe he said that. now i’m not so surprised. however, i do have homegrown/organic/seaweed nourished GARLIC for sale. hot stuff. get busy gardening and knowing/helping/sharing/supporting with your neighbor is the best advice i can think of.

    as i recall, sibel offered her info AT THE RISK OF PRISON to any media that would take it. sounds extremely COURAGEOUS to me. what’s your problem? frustrated? aren’t we all? rally the faithful with what other good ideas?
    violence only turns us into them. as kennedy recognized. sibel; can you get peter dale scott on this show??? please? these old heros we need to hear before they pass. thanks for having ellsberg on.

  5. To mescalero: it IS the drugs, it is. Even burned out
    hippies come around and have their day, hopefully not so
    obviously embarrassing as you make it for yourself.
    To Sibel & Cie – support takes a while to develop. Nature of grass. But
    remember there is nothing in the world stronger than the idea whose time has come. So we do stay tuned here at BFP for greatness. As the Yi Ching says – “Difficulty at the beginning”. Right place and right time are, well, everything. Too bad there weren’t more cases of nervous jitters
    caused by your work to people like mescalero.
    What with the failed controversy storm caused by mescalero and ilk – I am reminded of the great pugilist Jack Johnson who was jeered in the seering heat of the battle of the century in Cuba. A lady spoke to his perceived (by her) weakness due to his race. Pugilist Johnson retorted out to
    the audience, “Yeah, lady but I am up here fighting and you
    are just down there talking”.
    When it is simple it is clear. The only thing that has to change is everything. Ask Ron Paul and / or Kuchinich.
    Esta revolucion es eterna. Si-mon!

  6. Mescalero,
    “Ms Edmond’s lack of courage for all the years she held information much of which was in the public domain shows how little intestinal fortitude she has.”

    You’re obviously highly misinformed, and probably drunk. Please consider therapy.
    Ms. Edmonds’ information was *not* all in the public domain, and what she held she held due to threats of prosecution. Although, she offered to break the gag order if any mainstream reporter would tell the whole story to the American people. No bites from the self-censoring corporate “mainstream”.
    Get sober and try to get those facts right next time.

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