Boiling Frogs Video Presents Colonel Larry Wilkerson

Exclusive Interview: Tyranny & Politics of Fear, Loyalty to Israel vs. US

Boiling Frogs Post presents an exclusive interview with Colonel Larry Wilkerson on the tyrannical presidency and politics of fear, Israel’s interests versus US interests and the question of loyalties, and more:

As a card carrying member of the Likud Party, whose interest did Douglas Feith really serve?

Is our current situation due to incompetent leadership or venal leadership exploiting politics of fear?

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*A Special Thanks to Kristina Borjesson & Katrina Rill.

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  1. This is fantastic footage Sibel – great work by Kristina and Katrina. It’s important to have someone as senior as Col. Wilkerson on the record talking about Israel and dual loyalties. Hopefully some of the other senior people he is referring to will have the courage to come out and discuss the concerns that they have about the dangers inherent in having senior officials with dual loyalties.

  2. Good interview. Thank you… he talked about polls…

  3. makes sense.

  4. Lukery I agree with you.

    I do think however that the term dual loyalties in this context is a politically correct way of Not saying what he really feels/thinks regarding some of the deep state administrations going on during the Bush Years and possibly beyond.

  5. At the risk of raising the ire of one said Sibel, Wilkerson is a frequent speaker who I have heard in a number of venues. I am glad he supports Sibel. Of more concern to me is whether the bright, and charming Sibel with her acerbic wit is still with us. Internet is such that personalities can be manufactured, and there has been little input from Sibel herself of late. Considering the recent fund raiser and then failure to follow up, I have concerns – not about any personal loss of money – mine was rather small, but about commitment to this site or even if Sibel remains in good health.

  6. @Simon

    She just did a podcast a week ago.

    Curious about what Col. Wilkerson thinks about our current president. I’m guessing along the same lines.

  7. I think giving the facts of history, it is safe and accurate to say that, the zionist “state” of israel is a filthy stain on the fabric of society that must be cleansed. The sooner the better

  8. Kingfisher says:

    “Internet is such that personalities can be manufactured, and there has been little input from Sibel herself of late.”
    The truth is that Sibel’s voice in the podcasts is produced in the same studio where they make all the new bin Laden videos, and all the posthumous 2Pac albums.

  9. Col. Larry Wilkerson makes some strong and wise statements in this video, as far as he goes.

    But “Exclusive Interview”? What’s exclusive about it? After this 5 minute video ends, YouTube shows us other choices in which Wilkerson says similarly strong things. And is it an interview? Nobody is asking questions in the video.

    One more point about the video: It must be old. He is talking about Bush2 and the Bush crime family, so to speak: Cheney, Perle, Powell, et al. Nothing about Obama. And the images, which are often distracting from what’s being said by Wilkerson, are all somebody’s stock footage of Bush as president.

    That said, I’d like to end on a positive note. It’s good to have Wilkerson, who had a high position in our government beside the crafty criminal Colin Powell, to say these things on the record. Many of us can say the same things, and much stronger things, but more people will believe them coming from Wilkerson.

    Oh, one more thing. Sibel, it was a month ago when you said you’d be traveling for “a few weeks.” I hope all’s well with you and that we’ll have you back (fully back) soon.

  10. cinderman says:

    Wilkerson only beats around the bush to assuage his own conscience for his role in supporting Powell, et al in the 9/11 false flag, and Powell’s lame rhetoric at the UN hyping Iraq’s “weapons of mass destruction.” This guy should be in jail just like the rest of the neocon cabal. At the very least he could get witness protection for rallying around the flag/constitution for which our country supposedly stands. In my book, he’s just a “johnny come lately” who at heart is just another chicken shit too afraid to stand up for what is really right. Powell only got into the power that he did by helping to cover up the mi lai massacre in Viet Nam while he was only a captain in the army. But that’s how one advances in the military – you help with the coverups. The US is in deep doodoo, and do gooders like Wilkerson need to put a little power to their punch, otherwise they’re just playing softball. Ultimately his contribution to the truth is almost like fly speck – little bits of shit on the window sill that barely get noticed!

  11. @Simon: traveling for work, but regularly connected. I will be back by June. Meanwhile: we are expecting new editorial pieces from Gould-Fitzgerald, a new piece by Luke Ryland, my soon to come Round Up, and will post our interview with Prof. Francis Boyle…and more.

    @KF: That’s funny.

    @ James Laffrey: The piece was produced by KB production, and was kindly given to BF Post for exclusive first-time publishing…

  12. camusrebel says:

    I’m with Cman on this. LW rehashing stuff we all already know is not cutting it. Perle and Feith are Zionistas at heart? Wow. Groundbreaking. Cheney and Rummy love the toys of empire? Stop the freakin presses.

    To put the treasonous traitors where they belong( a cold dank cell 4 life or at the end of a rope) we need to all step up our game, not recycle old news.

    Sibel, I also am worried about you. Traveling? Where? Why? I write some of my best stuff in airplanes, cheesy motels and lonely campground picnic tables. I miss your unique poetic prose, your colorful turns of phrase, your condensing of complex issues into simple memorable metaphors.

    “for work”? May we, your donors, ask what that is besides “setting brush fires” in the minds of irate minority so as to shine light on the path that leads us to the day when we become the majority?

    We got the kindling. We got the fuel. We miss your spark.

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