Another ‘Viable’ Candidate Bites the Dust …

Maksim Bakiyev: A Groomed Puppet Who Never Came to Be King

STBakKyrgyzstan’s Wanted Fugitive: Maksim Bakiyev. The story is more or less the same - the one that has been repeating itself for many decades.  The one based on a script written by the very same conductors who wrote the ones before, and who will probably be writing the ones to come (yes, they’re blessed with longevity; a curse for the rest of us). The location - always a resource rich country or one strategically crucial to resource rich countries. A viable candidate (sometimes candidates) chosen based on the exact same set of criteria - such as degree of corruptibility, and degree of atrocity or criminal tendencies. The grooming and training locations also are the same: the United States of America or the proxy brother, The United Kingdom. The supporting actors are a combination of old timers, think World Bank or IMF, and newer ones with even fancier names, such as XYZ Democratization and Development Fund, posing as well-intentioned NGOs. Okay, enough with the details, since we are very familiar with this repeating script and its consistent execution - collectively known and referred to as United States Foreign Policy.

The Bakiyev ‘Groom & Plant’ script, like almost all its predecessors, contains the same good ole classical elements: strategically important Central Asian nation, vital US fuel supply artery to keep the war machines humming and destroying in Afghanistan, major artery for transportation of heroin, puppet NATO partnership & the same-o-same-o big bad Russians to compete with, dozens of US NGO’s planted to serve you-know-who’s interests (here is a hint: not the people of Kyrgyzstan nor the American people), a staged and orchestrated revolution by our State Department - named after a innocently beautiful flower - to overthrow the guy who was closer to China & Russia, planting a new corrupt despot clan all carrying the same last name-Bakiyev. Then taking the son, the prince, Maksim Bakiyev, under ‘the mighty’ wings and starting his grooming and training here in the United States, helping the new groomed prince set up companies to corrupt & embezzle, and actually having our CIA operator(s) and politicians partner up with him in these enterprises - allocating  US financial experts, politicians,  and operators to execute a massive embezzlement scheme by the ‘groomed & planted’ prince, later to become a wanted fugitive ‘groomed but no longer planted’ prince with at least $70 million to be rescued and brought under protection…

CilBasically, with the Bakiyev story we have another all too familiar foreign policy and practices abroad scenario repeating itself. Before I get into that way too familiar story I want to revisit a couple of old ‘groom & plant’ examples I have covered here at Boiling Frogs post, starting with a ‘groomed & planted, and later protected’ Former Prime Minister of Turkey, Ms. Tansu Ciller as a perfect example of a Middle Eastern leader who was selected, declared ‘viable,’ supported, promoted, installed, and protected by our foreign policy script writers:

1. Ms. Ciller completed her advanced degrees in the United States – M.S. from the University of New Hampshire and PhD from the University of Connecticut. During this extended period while she resided in the US we had ample time and opportunity to train and mold her for the leadership position in Turkey.

2. Ms. Ciller was granted citizenship in the United States. In order to keep this fact from tarnishing her image during her candidacy campaign in Turkey and afterwards, we designated her US citizenship status ‘Classified and Top Secret’ on the grounds of Sensitive Diplomatic Relations. To this date, despite all attempts, Turkish authorities have been unable to have these files opened.

3. Ms. Ciller and her husband Ozer Ciller were closely involved with certain CIA operations prior to and after her return to Turkey, and their intimate relationship continued throughout her tenure as Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey. In fact, the CIA’s Roger Tamraz (see BCCI) was their partner in two front companies: ‘Emperyal’, which acquired and operated six (6) Casinos in Turkmenistan, and, ‘Lapis,’ involved with the oil pipeline project.

4. Ms. Ciller and her husband, before being considered ‘viable’ by us, already had an established shady financial past, including involvement in an embezzlement scandal connected to the collapse of ‘Istanbul Bankasi’, one of Turkey’s largest private banks. This along with involvements fortified Ms. Ciller’s qualification criteria when compared to competing applicants.

5. Ms. Ciller understood and participated in Turkey’s important strategic and operational role in the supply and transportation of heroin. She skillfully and very aggressively combined and furthered the marriage between the state military-police-intelligence and the underground heroin industry. Her notoriety even reached the German Courts, where she was accused of supporting and protecting the drug mafia – active not only in Turkey but elsewhere, including Europe and Central Asia.

6. Ms. Ciller played a direct role in scandals involving corruption, embezzlement, and state sponsored terrorism and narcotics operations. The best known scandal, one of her masterpieces, is known as ‘Susurluk’. Ciller and her husband – who is known for his mafia links and dealings, were directly implicated in Susurluk. The high profile kept by Ms. And Mr. Ciller during these scandals and their handling of them afterwards significantly bolstered their ‘value’ and ‘viability’ for us.

7. Ms. Ciller’s ‘known’ wealth is confirmed to be over $50 million, all of which was gained after she became a ‘’viable’ candidate supported directly by the US. A large portion of her investments and accounts are in the United States.

BhuttoZAnd here is our second example with the almost exact same script, a ‘groomed & planted, and many times rescued’ puppet(s) in Pakistan. I am making that ‘puppet’ plural since the same script happens to extend to the spouse who currently rules, kinda! And here is the list for the Former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Ms. Benazir Bhutto:


1. Ms. Bhutto obtained her bachelor degree in the United States – BA from Radcliffe College at Harvard University. Later she attended Oxford University in the UK where she pursued International Law and Diplomacy. She spent a total of eight years in the US and UK – 1969-1977. Again, this time spent ‘abroad’ was ideal for the satisfactory grooming of Ms. Bhutto for ‘installment.’

2. Ms. Bhutto was granted British Citizenship and maintained her dual citizenship throughout her career as a candidate and later as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Her husband, the current President of Pakistan, also received British citizenship and has maintained his dual citizenship to date. The perceived conflict of interest back in her home country did not prove to be an obstacle for ‘us’ or the Bhuttos, thanks to our PR and global image projection activities.

3. Ms. Bhutto and her husband maintained intimate relationships with the underground economy and high level players of the heroin pipeline. Ms. Bhutto was a close ally, protector, and intimate friend of convicted Pakistani Drug Baron and Former Parliamentarian, Ayub Afridi, who like Bhutto, was given protection and safe haven in Dubai, one of our closest allies. These relationships and direct connections, some of which were directly inherited from her father, significantly bolstered Ms. Bhutto’s value for us and our British counterparts.

4. Ms. Bhutto and her husband proved to be desirably ambitious and admirably skilled in using their power, position, and connections, together with our protection, to misuse their proceeds of corruption and embezzlements to accumulate great wealth. Today her husband, who inherited this wealth, is the fifth richest man in Pakistan with a net worth of nearly $2 billion. As confirmation of their successful accumulation of wealth, in the 90s Ms. Bhutto and her husband purchased a 20-bedroom mansion in Surrey, England. They were known for their proficiency in receiving ‘kickbacks.’ Just the kickbacks they received from Swiss Cargo Inspection Companies alone were worth $12 million, which they stashed wisely in offshore companies in Swiss bank accounts.

5. Ms. Bhutto’s Bill of Mental Health was not of much interest. However, she was permitted to transfer credits from her husband, Mr. Ali Asif Zardari. His is a far more interesting mental health record, made all the more interesting since she pledged to place him in an official position of power. He and his ‘mental health’ conditions proved to be extremely useful in ‘necessary’ operations involving murder, drug smuggling, corruption, and embezzlement, thus our making an exception for Ms. Bhutto was justified in this particular case.

6. Ms. Bhutto exhibited great skills in ‘Multiple Image Projection’. With our direct backing and promotion she quickly sold her image as a needed progressive, democratic, and pro humanitarian leader for Pakistan. Just as quickly, at home in Pakistan, she was able to establishherself as equal to if not better than her dictatorial predecessors by sanctioning and carrying out extrajudicial killings, torture, persecution of religious minorities, and arbitrary detention. She also determinedly took extraordinary measures to muzzle the independent media. These skills were also applied to her utilization and exploitation of feministic support. At the same time she was portraying herself as a progressive and feminist example for ‘that’ part of the world, she was making deals and establishing close ties with the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, notorious for their abuse of women…

Maksim Bakiyev: A Brief & MSM-Preferred Case Background

Let’s start with the commonly known, easily retrievable Wikipedia and mainstream media based background on Maksim Bakiyev and related recent news.

Who is Maksim Bakiyev? He is the 33 year old, fugitive, Kyrgyz businessman, the younger son of Kyrgyzstan’s former president Kurmanbek Bakiyev. Maksim currently lives in the United Kingdom - where he’s been granted residency and provided with protection (including for his embezzled millions). He studied legal law in Kyrgyzstan. According to his Wikipedia bio:

He received additional education on legal issues in Britain and the US. As a student, Maksim worked in a consultation firm, specializing in investment into emerging markets in Central Asia and the Middle East. Maksim was widely believed to be the richest man in Kyrgyzstan.

Hmmmmmm. What are the major information points missing here? What the heck did he really study in the US and Britain? Which universities? Was it Langley Campus? Where did he reside? McLean, Virginia? What was the name of this mysterious consulting firm specializing in investment into emerging markets in Central Asia & the Middle East? Was it one of James Baker’s firms? Or was it Henry Kissinger’s? Or, was it Carlyle? And, how did he become the richest man in Kyrgyzstan, from having nothing, in less than 5 years?

After skipping over all these important ‘missing links,’ we are fast forwarded to the latest presented by the media and here at Wikipedia:

Maksim was in charge of delivering fuel to the Manas International Airport, which also hosts a US airbase,[2] through Mina Corp. Maksim was appointed the head of Central Agency for Development in October of 2009. Since the 2010 overthrow he has been charged with embezzlement and abuse of power by the interim government. It is suspected that transferred about $35 million of a $300 million loan from Russia into his private bank accounts.[3] Prosecutors also allege that companies he owned almost $80 million in taxes on aviation fuel.

And finally, his latest and current status has been summed up below:

When the 2010 uprising took place, Bakiyev was headed to the US for a series of meetings in Washington.[5] However, he never showed up, and it is believed he spent his time in Latvia. In May Interpol posted Maxim Bakiyev as wanted on its website.

On June 13, 2010 Maksim was arrested in the UK when he landed at Farnborough Airport in Hampshire in a privately hired jet.[6] He is seeking asylum there, but the interim Kyrgyz government is demanding his extradition. A senior Kyrgyz official warned that the interim government would consider shutting down the Manas US airbase if Britain refuses to hand him over. [7] However, this was later denounced by president of Kyrgyzstan, Otunbaeva.

On June 18, 2010, it was reported that Bakiyev was granted temporary asylum in the UK, but this was later refuted by the UK Border Agency. [8] He does however have permission to stay pending consideration of request for asylum.

As you can see above, I highlighted another important missing link – a major point that has been so far glossed-over: This fugitive was initially headed to the US for a series of meetings in Washington. And these meetings were set up during and after the scandals involving him coming into the surface. Okay, at The State Department, CIA, and of course the not-so-visible agenda-setters at their companies, think tanks, and front NGOs? Then what happened? I guess  it was decided that he was too hot of a potato in too hot of an environment, so our State Department put a request to their counterparts in Britain to kindly ‘receive and harbor’ their ‘groomed & planted’ Kyrgyz prince…and they did.

So the above information is the sketch, the general story line on the ‘Bakiyev Story.’ Then, there are some additional juicy details and tidbits provided by a few, although still highly sanitized and consciously refrained from posing ‘the real’ questions. Let’s take a look at these and pose logical questions as we go.

Maksim Bakiyev & ‘Foreign’ Facilitated Embezzlement Schemes

So how did Maksim Bakiyev’s meager personal business grow into a major empire encompassing banking, oil, and telecommunication industries? We don’t have the complete answer to this question; not yet. Not with so much information still buried and ‘protected,’ and with only little sketchy details here and there.

Interestingly the following selective pieces of information happen to come from the Wall Street Journal.

The career of Maksim Bakiyev was watched closely in Kyrgyzstan, because nepotism among leaders has been a problem in the past. During the five-year reign of his father, the younger Mr. Bakiyev's financial interests grew from a modest import business of cash-and-carry goods into an empire spanning banking, oil and telecommunications, said Edil Baisalov, until recently the chief of staff for Ms. Otunbayeva. Mr. Baisalov said U.S. business ties with Maksim Bakiyev were part of a larger pattern of the U.S. turning its back on human rights in the region, dialing back its criticism of authoritarian regimes so it could win their support for the war in Afghanistan.

And this on one of Bakiyev’s embezzlement schemes:

While details of the charges are sketchy, one involves the younger Mr. Bakiyev's relationship with Asia Universal Bank, a Kyrgyz bank that was advised by U.S. consultants APCO Worldwide and Kroll Associates and whose board members included three former U.S. senators. Prosecutors allege that the younger Mr. Bakiyev steered to AUB part of a $300 million Russian state loan to Kyrgyzstan, and personally benefitted from it, the spokesman said.

Critics of the Kyrgyz government were suspicious of Maksim Bakiyev's relationship with AUB, which under his father's rule grew from a little-known bank to the country's most influential financial institution. AUB shuffled a large amount of money out of the country when the government collapsed. On the night of the coup, April 7, officials at AUB approved international wire transfers that they say were requested by AUB clients totaling about $170 million, or more than 10% of the country's banking assets, according to central bank officials.

Okay, let’s stick with WSJ’s storytelling and their lame coverage of another Bakiyev scandal involving shady fuel supply deals with the US:

The new government has also accused the U.S. of enriching Maksim Bakiyev through fuel supply deals. It says a fuel-supply contractor, Mina Corp., a privately-owned company based in Gibraltar, had lucrative U.S. government contracts to supply fuel to the U.S. base. The government says Mina, which is operated by a former U.S. military attaché, used smaller delivery companies that were allegedly controlled by Maksim Bakiyev, and funneled as much as $70 million a year to them.

The Kyrgyz government has produced no evidence of the alleged payoffs, saying the case is under investigation. Mina denies the accusation, and its operations manager, Chuck Squires, says he never even met the president's son.

Of course, since this story came out on June 15, some of us who’ve been paying attention have learned much more about the infamous Mina Corp. and this Chucky guy who was easily let off the hook by WSJ;-) Back to the WSJ narrative and another culprit who happens to be a US citizen:

U.S. financial advisors around AUB and Maksim have decamped from Kyrgyzstan. One of AUB's former board members and minority shareholders, U.S. citizen Eugene Gourevitch, is a fugitive from Kyrgyz fraud charges filed by the interim government. Contacted by email, Mr. Gourevitch denied any wrongdoing, saying that his recent work in Kyrgyzstan was "based entirely on perhaps my overly idealistic beliefs and aspirations" for development of Kyrgyzstan.

And here is another culprit who happens to reside comfortably in UK:

AUB's former chairman and chief shareholder, Mikhail Nadel, now in London, says he won't be returning anytime soon to Kyrgyzstan, whose new leaders he accused of "banditry" and who he said were now plundering his bank. Mr. Nadel confirms there was a surge in transfers at the time of the government collapse, but they were only clients rescuing their funds from a coup.

Now comes the juicier part minus real details involving our famous APCO and three US senators:

In 2005 the Central Bank of Russia launched an investigation of AUB, and later issued a statement reviewed by the Wall Street Journal saying it suspected the bank of "suspicious operations" to help companies evade taxes. Mr. Sarbanov said that when he tried to help the Russian bank investigate, he was forced out of his job by President Bakiyev.

The following year, the bank hired APCO Worldwide and Kroll as advisors. Kroll published a report in early 2007 saying the bank had a "solid foundation" to enact controls against money laundering. Former U.S. Senators Bob Dole (R., Kan.) and J. Bennett Johnston (D., La.) joined its board. Earlier this year, Mr. Dole resigned and his seat was filled by former Democratic Sen. Donald W. Riegle, Jr. from Michigan.

In April 2007, Mr. Dole and Mr. Johnston visited Bishkek on AUB's invitation. Mr. Dole also visited the U.S. air base, and had an audience with President Bakiyev.Mr. Dole declined to comment for this article. Mr. Johnston denied ever meeting with Mr. Bakiyev "or any of his family or anyone who spoke for him."

APCO said its staff and independent board members worked with AUB to improve governance and compliance procedures at the bank. Kroll said it advised AUB on helping the bank install anti-money laundering mechanisms, and raise the bank's overall standards. Mr. Riegle said he agreed with the APCO statement.

Western diplomats said they got visits from a Kroll representative, who gave them briefings on AUB's anti-money-laundering efforts and due diligence on its shareholders.

I guess we now have a general idea as to how Maksim Bakiyev made it rich in the oil and banking industries in less than five years. After all, he had  backing and direct support from APCO- Kroll and three US senators to make his banking embezzlement scheme work, and he had a former attaché and ex-CIA’s ‘management skills’ to make his US airbase supply scheme execute smoothly!

Over at The Washington Post  another reporter has ‘tried’ to cover a bit more. This reporter happens to be a man I respect and like, but have become a bit more cynical and suspicious of lately… Jeff Stein used to be with CQ, and he has done great exposes including the ‘real story’ on the Harman scandal. Well, how in the world did he end up at The Washington Post, albeit it’s blog section??!!! I mean we’re talking about The Washington Post and its dirty parasitic shame-carrying agents such as Pincus and Eggen!! Okay, let me get back to Stein’s coverage instead of venting over the despicable WP:

Stein rightfully focuses on the key figure involved in Bakiyev’s fuel supply scandal; Mr. Chuck Squires, a former US Army Intelligence Colonel:

A former U.S. Army intelligence colonel has emerged as the focus of investigations into corruption in Kyrgyzstan, the Central Asian host to an American air base and hub of fuel supplies to NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Lt. Col. Charles “Chuck” Squires is a former defense attaché at the U.S. Embassy in the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek. Shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, Squires formed a company that, despite having no track record in logistics, was awarded a sole-source contract to supply fuel to U.S. aircraft at the Manas base, according to congressional testimony and an investigation by The Nation magazine.

“A graduate of the Russian studies program at Harvard University, Squires appears to enjoy excellent rapport with American diplomats and military officers and good relations with senior figures in Kyrgyzstan, including President Bakiyev’s son Maksim, in whose company I have previously observed Squires at Bishkek’s Hyatt Regency Hotel,” Scott Horton, an adjunct professor at Columbia Law School told a House Oversight subcommittee hearing on Thursday.

Now, remember how the WSJ article easily and unquestioningly let Chucky off the hook by simply parroting his denial of having any relationship with Bakiyev.  Not only that, this colorful CIA figure appears to be linked to other related shady enterprises:

Squires’s Red Star Enterprises, and another firm by the name of Mina Corp., share an official London address “in a former public housing complex that now leases office space to a multitude of small-time companies, escort agencies and business advisory services,” according to report by

Later in this piece I will go over Bakiyev clans’ heroin transport and transit enterprises, but business wise  it makes perfect sense to house your office of fraud and embezzlement enterprises with other related business categories such as escort and prostitution, and other smaller enterprises set up to launder the proceeds. No?

Although not named, only cryptically mentioned, other intelligence (aka CIA) figure or figures have also been involved in Bakiyev-related scandals:

“At least one other figure involved in the London management of Red Star,” Horton told the national security subcommittee, “has close ties to the U.S. intelligence community.” He did not elaborate.

Red Star, Horton told the panel, appeared “out of nowhere to administer hundreds of millions of dollars in supply contracts and which appears to have no significant customers besides the Defense Department.”

You bet! When you deal with hundreds of millions of unaccounted taxpayers dollars spent ‘over there’ and through the marriages with ‘groomed & installed’ corrupt puppets you bet you’ll have the hands of shady CIA operatives and filthy well-known former or current US elected officials like Senator Dole in that same pot all the way up to their elbows.

And where is this ‘typical’ CIA operative Chucky man now? Probably doing similar things in similar places while protected by his bosses in Washington. Do you remember BCCI & Roger Tamraz. And where is Chucky man now? Aha. Well, Jeff Stain puts it this way:

And where is the mysterious Col. Squires? Not easily found.“Chuck Squires, the director of operations of Red Star/Mina Corp., declined to answer any questions from on April 19 and referred all inquires to a Mina Corp email address.,” the Web site said.

Maybe subcommittee chairman John F. Tierney, D-Mass., will have more luck.

On Apr. 12 he sent letters to Red Star, Mina Corp., the departments of State and Defense, and the FBI asking for details on the contracts.

I don’t think Jeff Stein is holding his breath on that front. He may have lost a few things when he joined The Washington Post, but he couldn’t have lost that much common sense, having the experience and the knowledge he has. This is the latest on the status of the so-called outraged congress and their investigations of Mina Corp. and Mr. Chucky Squires, again as reported by WSJ:

KABUL—U.S. congressional investigators have upped the ante in their confrontation with two top Pentagon contractors who have received billions of dollars supplying fuel to troops in Afghanistan but have refused to reveal their owners.A congressional oversight committee has accused the contractors of stonewalling its investigation into the company and issued subpoenas ordering top officials of the companies, Red Star Enterprises Ltd. and Mina Corp., to report for questioning later this month.

But the current standoff over fuel contracts to coalition forces involves U.S. officials, not Afghans. Some of the chief officers in the contracting companies, Red Star and Mina, have been retired U.S. military officers who for the past seven years worked closely with the Pentagon to become a near monopoly supplier of aviation fuel to U.S. forces in Afghanistan. Since 2003 the Pentagon has disbursed more than $2.2 billion to the companies for fuel deliveries to Bagram air base in Afghanistan and Manas air base in Kyrgyzstan.

Company officials have so far said they need to keep ownership a secret as a matter of security. Chuck Squires, a retired U.S. army colonel who has worked as an operations manager for both companies, said in an interview in April that the owners "are private people who want to stay that way."

Mr. Squires's attorney, Edward L. Dowd Jr. of St. Louis, said he and his client will cooperate with the investigation "if the subcommittee is reasonable about giving me time to get up to speed on the facts."Investigators say they need to determine ownership as part of their effort to clear up allegations that company policies helped sow instability in Central Asia, which has become an important conduit for troops and supplies into Afghanistan.

Suuurrrrre. This will end up in the same black hole as BCCI and the rest; after all, this is based on the script and implementation of what we call ‘US Foreign Policy,’ written and orchestrated by the real agenda-setters, implemented by the gofers and operators at the CIA and State Department, and suffered by the people of the target nations’ and of course we the people of the United States of America…

Bakiyev Clan: The Lords of Kyrgyzstan Heroin Enterprises

As always the information and the news coverage on all these recent developments involving Kyrgyzstan, the Bakiyev Clan, and the ethnic violence in the south with the Uzbeks, has been presented in bits and pieces, censored here and there, and has left us with incoherent and incomplete sets of information either not digestible or not significant enough to pay attention to. The role of the Bakiyev clan in the drug trade, and thus the implications to the ‘groomers & planters’ is a good example. Here is a bit of coverage on this aspect of the Bakiyev clan, of course, minus the obvious: the US agenda-setters and operators who have been directly involved and partnered up with Bakiyev enterprises, including the billion dollar heroin enterprises:

"The battle for power is also a battle for drug money," Kyrgyz deputy security service chief Khubat Baibulov told The Associated Press. "The violence of this battle increases when you are talking about big money."

Authorities and analysts have little doubt that Bakiyev and his relatives are at the heart of the drug trade.

"The whole Bakiyev family is involved in drug trafficking," said Alexander Knyazev, a respected independent political analyst in Bishkek, the Kyrgyz capital.

"After Kurmanbek Bakiyev came to power, all drug lords were killed, and (his elder brother) Zhanybek Bakiyev consolidated most of the drug trafficking in his hands."

An estimated 20 metric tons of Afghan drugs transit through Kyrgyzstan every year, most destined for Russia, Western Europe and the United States, according to a U.S. State Department report released in March.

And here are little tidbits at the end of this particular coverage attempting to lighten up (almost wash out) the real implications and those players implicated in US:

The United States has been stung by the accusation that its military campaign in Afghanistan has inadvertently boosted the fortunes of heroin poppy cultivation there. The suggestion that it may have benefited strategically from cooperation with a Kyrgyz government involved in the drug trade is likely to come as a further embarrassment.

Two State Department officials with knowledge of the region, speaking on condition of anonymity, said they are aware of the allegations against the Bakiyevs, but had no independent corroboration. The Drug Enforcement Agency refused to comment.

The heroin industry happens to serve our groomed and planted puppets by some divine and mysterious coincidence. The Bakiyev Clan shares the same path to wealth as the Bhutto-Zardari duo and many others; down to where they found refuge for their millions of dollars accumulated through drug and embezzlement schemes once ousted from their own nations.

When we talk about the strategic importance of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and other ‘stans’ we are not talking only about strategic in the sense of traditional resources-oil, we also are talking about  ‘narcotics resources’:

At the moment the stock of pure heroin in Afghanistan is estimated at slightly below 3,000 tons, and the revenues of Afghan drug suppliers reach around $3 bn annually. The international drug mafia earns at least $100 bn annually on heroin from Afghanistan, the money nourishing organized crime not only in Afghanistan but also across Central Asia – in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

And no, the real lords of these resources are not the farmers in Afghanistan or the mules transporting them. The real lords of heroin enterprises happen to be those who’ve been ‘groomed and planted’ to rule the source and transit nations, and the ones who rule those rulers who reside in the United States and other Western countries:

The revenues generated by the drug business are distributed among the criminal groups controlling various segments of the supply chain linking poppy farms to narcotics consumers. While Afghan poppy growers are enduring extreme poverty, the owners of the fields mostly reside in the US, Great Britain, and other Western democracies.

Western watchers opine quite reasonably that it is not in the interests of the US to fight the enormously profitable illicit drug production in Afghanistan. It should be also taken into account that the drug business serves as a serious source of income to many companies working with the Western coalition in the country. Heroin production takes massive quantities of acetic anhydride, acetone, and hydrochloric acid which are neither available in Afghanistan domestically nor can be delivered in required quantities by individual go-betweens. Recently the command of the German forces in Afghanistan suspected Ecolog, a Düsseldorf-based company providing laundry and garbage removal services to NATO in Afghanistan, of drug smuggling. The scandal is currently at full swing in Germany.

I started this piece on Bakiyev with two cases that may have appeared not related: Turkey’s Ciller & Pakistan’s Bhutto. I could have easily picked half a dozen others, but I think these two sufficed to illustrate our almost-canned foreign policy script and its implementation in countries of interest; the selection criteria and the method to ‘groom & plant’ puppet regimes: The training period in the UK or US, a complete disregard for atrocities and human right abuses, the strong partnerships with  the underground industries fully assisted and supported by our operatives (think Tamraz, think Chucky), the joint efforts in fraud and embezzlement, the unconditional protection from accountability & providing safe haven later when needed (both personal and for embezzled funds)…

Listening to ‘our leaders’ we hear the same repeated words in relation to these target nations and our intentions over there. First, the big, make that capital, D words: Democracy, Democratization, Development…Then, security, countering global threats such as extremism, Islamism, and terrorism…Just take a look at all the scripts, aka foreign policies, we have implemented, and all those in the process of being implemented, and see whether in reality you can find anything but our direct or indirect role in creating and or supporting corruption, drug trafficking, despotism, extremist and criminal factions/groups to be manipulated against our competitors or whatever faction/group we deem the enemy (or enemies) at the time …our script writers and implementers in Washington had another dream candidate. They invested in Bakiyev, trained and groomed him, gave him all the backing and resources necessary to quash dissent, corrupt, embezzle, take over the vast heroin transit industry within the borders of his fiefdom, maintain and use various extremist militia groups when needed … They provided him with top-name US senators to front legitimacy and prestige, they handed him CIA men to guide and help with setting up and running shady operations, they gave him big-name US financial corporations to shield his embezzlement schemes…

They invested in Bakiyev and gave him all that, but he never became the king. Bakiyev will rest and play in one of those $$$$$ castles set up for the exiled ‘groomed & planted’ kings and those who came close but never became a king. As for ‘they,’ well, I’m sure ‘they’ have had enough time to narrow down the list of ‘their’ next potential viable candidates for Kyrgyzstan to two or three; the next round of ‘grooming & planting’ process has already begun and is well on its way.

# # # #

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  1. Great post Sibel. This story sounds exactly like what Col. Fletcher describes in The Secret Team…..

    The CIA uses various networks to infiltrate our government and foreign governments for the benefit of private corporations. Since its inception, I have a feeling that the CIA has an entire network that has infiltrated the US government, which is how 9/11 (among other events) was staged and covered-up. The Secret Team has networks around the world, and clearly is at work in this case. The problem is that they also have contacts and agents working in the media and private sector, so getting at the full truth is an extremely complicated endeavor. Sibel does an excellent job of demystifying this network in this case.

  2. SanderO says:

    Incredible article Ms Edmonds and how depressing. It’s just another few examples of how we are all led around by the noses and ripped off and manipulated by these corrupt greedy people. It just never ends.

    Of course, the really sad thing is 99.9% of the people haven’t a clue and wouldn’t believe it anyway. We really are under the thumb of these insane people and it seems that there is no way to rid the world of them. They multiply like rabbits and our CIA uses these jerks for even bigger prizes.

    The CIA is the central villian in this massive manipulation and corruption. No?

  3. camusrebel says:

    I was under the impression Benazir was on the good team. Perhaps that just shows what a fine PR job was done. I will look into it more but perhaps someone can tell me why we had her murdered if she was playing ball.

    My sources say the hit was put in by Cheney’s squad, Blackwater boys…same that murdered Pat Tillman before he went public with his disgust.

    Welcome back Sibel, if that is really you. Your prose does not sing with satirical irony or drip with poetic metaphor as it used to.

  4. “The CIA is the central villian in this massive manipulation and corruption. No?” The second; think about their bosses-the permanent ruling circle; the real rulers untouched by elections.

  5. ….don’t worry, we think about them all the time………………

  6. Of course the real rulers are untouched by elections. That is how the CIA and the “Secret Team” (aka Deep State) works– it’s a network of individuals that are in it together, coverup for each other and promote mutual interests. Right, Sibel?

  7. google KROLL.911 for details.

    Also at 4.30 mins into corbett report [
    [ ]
    Abdol Malik RIGI discusses Manas/CIA involvement in his IRANian terrorist attacks. PLUS, added bonus for building 7 watchers,a further look at NISTs pinnocchio Shyam SUNDERs nose growing at ever faster speed,[sure the speed of Deceit], delivering REAL meaning to “jeopardy/ public/safety” in our freedoms of information….
    No rest for the wicked.

  8. Great article Sibel. Good to see you back. A lot of articles I’ve been reading about the Kyrgyz riots and the whole coup have seen the hand of outside agents in both. Even Karimov in Uzbekistan said neither Kyrgyz nor Uzbeks were to blame for the riots (see But the question is then who was responsible. It had to be either Russia or the US I’d think. If the coup was organized from outside I currently just can’t see Russia doing that. So then what exactly did the Bakiyevs do that they needed to be taken out by us, the same ones who groomed them. Did they just become too greedy, was there just genuinely too much unrest even within the Kyrgyz government, some other reason. And what if anything is the connection between them and the rioting. Is that the Russians trying to take the chance to destabilize things. Somehow this seems unlikely to me. Maybe we’ll never know. But here’s thought, we know we’ve been importing militants and attempting to radicalize the populace in Chechnia at least, and the same may be happening in other CA republics. But if we’re radicalizing the populace in some way that would tend to cause a certain tension with the leaders we’re grooming and befriending there. Wouldn’t they prefer a docile populace. So these seem to be alternative strategies. Bakiyev is gone and bloodshed and ethinic rioting (like what we used in Xinjiang) ensue. So perhaps the Bakiyevs were just getting too friendly with the Russians, or too big for their britches and playing both sides too well and the strategy of causing chaos became preferable, the coup being part of it. Anyway, just some thoughts.

  9. Sibel said: “think about their (the CIA’s) bosses-the permanent ruling circle; the real rulers untouched by elections.”


    Sibel always says or implies that a set of Americans are the supreme criminals. Wrong. The USA’s criminals are Number 2. The Rothschilds are Number 1.

    Sibel never goes to Number 1, never follows the money to the top. Why? Because she works for them. Directly or indirectly, she works for them.

    That’s why I had to write the article:
    “Blowing the Whistle on Sibel Edmonds”
    on The Equal Party site.

    I guess I won’t be welcome around here anymore. Ok, counter-bloggers, let’s see what you’ve got.

    Meanwhile, true and honest Americans, please stand up.

  10. holy fduck!. James Laffrey has just thrown the curve ball.[refer above]
    A grenade! It has come around the back of several apparently disingenuous heads, the putrescent fishbird [loon] prominent among them,- past the wreck of Cheonan[47 hands], through the dust of 911[inside-outside/false flag/controlled demolition/mossadCIA and whoever the fk else], and smacked me in the face …or is it in the faith?
    Sibel Edmonds. Defend! defend! does this stand or indeed take us further into the depraved stretches of madness?

  11. ZicaTanka says:

    Looks like JL will have to find a new place bto advertise his website with every post. I’m just glad he’ll save us all.

  12. ZicaTanka says:

    remo, that kinda sounds like the kids at high school who yell fight! fight! and gather around in a big circle. JL’s article suggests Sibel is a human trafficer – JL is off the deep end with guilt by association (and I use association loosely). He also says Ralph Nader is a Rosthchild-funded fake lefty. Sorry, but I don’t think the dick deserves a response from her.

  13. An excellent analysis.

    Question: how exactly does Lukashenko of Belarus fit in all this? Aleksandr Grigoryevich has been harboring Bakiyev the elder under a mighty peculiar “presidential and governmental protection” since the latter’s April overthrow…

  14. @ Metem: I’m with you- it carries our ‘M.O’ (funding & using the militia in the south)not the Russians. Also, Russians were pushing for the extradition (the loan embezzled by Bkiyev)…until the ‘Pseudo Spy Scandal,,’ that is;-)

    @ Zica Tanka: this guy is not even worth deleting…his lunatic rant says it all.

    @ Johan: Belarus-Russia tie has been weakening…here is an interesting recent article:

    Has the Kremlin finally had enough of Belarusian President Alyaksandr Lukashenka? The past two months have featured a gas war between Moscow and Minsk and a televised mudslinging match between Lukashenka and the Kremlin.

    Lukashenka had long been one of Moscow’s most reliable partners in the former Soviet space. But in recent years he has increasingly become an irritant, cozying up to the West, refusing to recognize the independence of Georgia’s pro-Moscow separatist regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and demanding cut-rate prices for Russian natural gas.

    And now there are increasing signs that the Kremlin has had enough.

    ‘The Godfather’

    On July 4, the Gazprom-owned television station NTV broadcast the first installment of an unflattering documentary about Lukashenka titled “The Belarusian Godfather.”

    On July 15, Lukashenka hit back, airing an interview on state-controlled television with Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, a bitter foe of the Kremlin.

    Saakashvili thanked Lukashenka for not recognizing Abkhazia and South Ossetia and accused the Russian authorities of waging a “propaganda war” against Belarus.

    Citing the still-unsolved killings of journalist Anna Politkovskaya and human rights activist Natalya Estemirova, the Georgian leader said Russia was in no position to criticize any country’s human rights record.

    The tit-for-tat continued on July 16, when NTV aired the second installment of “The Belarusian Godfather,” which linked Lukashenka to self-exiled Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky and ousted former Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiev.

  15. Kingfisher says:


    What makes you think Squires worked for Langley, and not Bolling?


  16. Kingfisher says:

    You sir, are comedic gold.

    “You can be offended by this if you want, but in regard to RVF, I smell child trafficking.”
    How big of a whiff did you have to take? What does child trafficking smell like, Mr. Laffrey?

    “This is a photo to use to sell trips to Bangkok. This is a photo to entice politicians to your secret mansion party or penthouse suite in the Watergate or Hilton.”
    Gold, pure gold.

    “Edmonds doesn’t exercise control in regard to her counterbloggers. In fact, she routinely engages in communication with the most obvious and comparatively sophisticated of her counterbloggers — who goes by the name Kingfisher.”
    I am flattered.

  17. to ZT. I stand corrected.

  18. Laffrey makes some interesting points. I sure hope that Sibel will address them to clear the waters.

  19. Ah, yes… “Rothchild, wRothchild, what makes your child so wroth? You’ve been feeding that child barley malt, when it should have been barley broth! Rothchild, Rothchild, tell me where the money’s piled..” etc. Hooey!

    It’s understandable that the CIA should look to supply its “assets” from outside their own (secret) budget… and ever since the “Golden Triangle” days of keeping Gen. Kun Sa securely armed, by playing a courier role there, the CIA has gone time & again to this most lucrative & purely capitalistic & amoral pursuit. The vexatious (if hilarious) activities of one US agency working at apparent cross-purposes with one or two (or more) others only seems badly designed on the surface. I mean, what would happen if the US simply BOUGHT all the opium in Afghanistan? It might work better for the farmers, and maybe the Taliban would have to rely more heavily on oil sales to the US from Saudi Arabia for their operations, but what of the DEA? Would they REALLY want to see an end to drug proliferation, any more than a prison guard would rejoice in the decriminalization of marijuana & other banned substances? A gov’t job is a JOB, after all. Of course, opium can actually become a useful “value-added” product… unlike the purchases of plutonium-laden slugs (from the Russians & others)… which are, however, purchased in the same spirit as might characterize the purchase of opium. (But, of course, I’m crazy. I thought that “we” should have bombed the rural Afghans in the fierce Winter after the earthquake with loaves of French bread… until they were sick of the stuff. We would have gotten millennia of notoriety- myth-quality stuff- out of such a tactic. The Taliban might have had a harder time recruiting from among those whom we had broken with bread…)
    I think it was the Russians… getting tired of being gamed while being exported into by the Bakiev’s minions… just pissed them off. And it’s always fun to rattle your faux “ally” by pointing out the fragility of his supply lines, which run through Your neighborhood… ^..^

  20. Exstasique says:

    Behold the power of linguists.

    Actually Sibel’s article is beautiful because it generalizes the technique:
    pick a country, do the intel cycle(spot,observe,analyze,recommend
    action, analyze, continue observing), and transfer technology to
    another country.

    This successful algorithm is elaborated elegantly here, and when done by a linguist it, well, takes the clothes off of damn near everybody – including of course the emperor.

    Same technique of disrobing the power elite which Sibel uses here could be applied to any of the SNG countries, also central America, S America and well just about any of them; that is why it is so elegant. And well done with a sense of humour.

    How it works? Spot a dictator say like Aliyev (I refer to Azerbaijan, what Escobar (Pepe) calls an American “colony”) ? He was SON of the former Papa Aliyev who was / had been KGB cointerterrorism chief ( a la 1995 and before) of the directorate and installed as dictator in perpetua; his unctuous son installed himself 2 years ago as perpetual dictator, er I mean leader, P.M., whatever.

    That country BTW – something Sibel could have mentioned here – most of the people consider themselves as sheep, and politically impotent. I lived there and other Asian countries for years, and watched with disgust. Oh yes they have elections, they make big pretty POKAZYXA advertisements and campaigns but still – not a gd thing changed and the people know it.

    Sound familiar say to 2004 USA? But I digress.

    What is compelling is the technique Sibel unveils here of ID’ing the process, not just the people – here in Sibel’s article. Small wonder she publishes intensely but not so frequently; this is good. Take her linguist based techniques and apply them to ANY puppet regime.

    Well done. I should know because I too am a linguist.

  21. @Exstasique: Thanks, and good points. Interesting you mention Azerbaijan because that’s what I was/am planning to write about… in light of Mr. neocon Matt Bryza and his neocon wife Zeyno Baran. I’d love to have your input. Of course you know all bout ‘the casinos’ and how hooked was/is Aliyev Jr. Please, when you get a chance, e-mail me.

    @JRF: Are you kidding me?! Let’s see if I were like this guy, similar crowd, sitting in some mental institution, or lived in my parant’s basement with booz/hash while I collected unemployment…then, maybe. I have alife, family, job(s), and much more…the last thing I am going to do is to sit and type ranting sentences in response to some loonies ranting carzy sentences. If you’re looking for that kind of a site with that type of a blogger, then so long, my friend; don’t waste your time and ours here.

  22. ZicaTanka says:

    @Sibel: The water is clear from my view. I wonder if some are either cognitively challenged or purposefully promoting disruption for the sake of disabling communication.

    On another note, I’ve been re-listening to podcast 28 with Boyle and enjoyed his focus on taking the step of prosecution. I’m wondering if you have any thoughts about how more alleged criminals, currently or formerly in the US government, might be prosecuted. I would also reference your statements in the American Conservative last November. How can a common person help to move prosecution forward?

  23. Re “How can a common person help to move prosecution forward?”–
    I listened to former U.S. Attorney John McKay (one of the 8 US Attorneys fired in 2006 for various reasons) a few days ago lamenting the fact that the current administration apparently prefers to let bygones be bygones… and will not likely pursue former Atty General Gonzales & others in that matter… or ANY matter, perhaps.

    McKay is a Republican, and has, maybe a “head & shoulders” visibility above “a common person”; and yet even he doesn’t appear to be hopeful of justice being pursued in any areas of mis/malfeasance on the part of the former administration.

    I, too, would like to know what any of us can do to propel some well-deserving buttocks forward by means of the Boot of Justice. ^..^

  24. [] Michael Smith. [paraphrased]”….laundered funds transferred through two of the biggest banks in the U.S.: Wachovia Corp. and Bank of America Corp was no isolated incident. Wachovia had made a habit of helping move money for Mexican drug smugglers. Wells Fargo & Co., which bought Wachovia in 2008, has admitted in court that its unit failed to monitor and report suspected money laundering by narcotics traffickers — including the cash used to buy four planes that shipped a total of 22 tons of cocaine.
    The admission came in an agreement that Charlotte, North Carolina-based Wachovia struck with federal prosecutors in March, and it sheds light on the largely undocumented role of U.S. banks in contributing to the violent drug trade that has convulsed Mexico for the past four years.
    Wachovia admitted it didn’t do enough to spot illicit funds in handling $378.4 billion for Mexican-currency-exchange houses from 2004 to 2007.
    “Wachovia’s blatant disregard for our banking laws gave international cocaine cartels a virtual carte blanche to finance their operations,” says Jeffrey Sloman, the federal prosecutor who handled the case. ”

    three hundred and seventy eight billion gets you an agreement with prosecutors.
    Perhaps we would ask mister Sloman what he thinks any of us can do with regard prosecution.
    Peter Dale Scott states:
    quote:My personal conclusion is that deep forces, not fully understood, are at work now in Kyrgyzstan, as they have been earlier in Afghanistan and other drug-producing countries. My concern is heightened by my increasing awareness that for decades deep forces have also been at work in Washington.”
    “When I first wrote about Washington’s protection of BCCI, I assumed that the BCCI benefited from its status as an asset or instrument for covert U.S.and British intelligence strategies. Since then I have come to wonder if CIA and BCCI were not both alike instruments for some deeper force or forces, embedded in the state but not confined to it, which has or have been systematically exploiting the drug traffic as a means to global power.”

    too big to fail?

  25. @Sibel- I value everyone’s input. Trying to figure out this mess is challenging, and I do believe he raised some interesting points in his piece. I’m not saying I endorse what he wrote and contends, but his main point– that you and your writers never actually come out and tell the truth– is worth noting and something I have been harping on since I first discovered your story and information. THAT is what I am concerned about. 9/11 was clearly a staged operation, just like many other events in history. Laffery claims that it’s the Rothschilds that are the true source of the power in the world, and I simply haven’t done the research to reach that conclusion. I think people get distracted trying to blame the Jews for everything. The Deep State works in countless ways, and employs or uses individuals of every race, ethnicity, and religion. There are many sources that claim– convincingly if you ask me– that Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers to distract the American public from the true crimes of the CIA (drug running, compromising politicians and other powerful individuals, and assassinations) and blame the war on the Army. Was he a Deep State operative (for lack of a better term)? I don’t know. Like I said, I’m trying to figure this all out myself, and it’s confusing stuff. But when you and your guests discuss important issues and somehow fail to connect all the dots (like 9/11 being a staged operation), it seems as if you’re trying to obfuscate and distract rather than address the real issues that confront concerned citizens such as ourselves.

  26. ZicaTanka says:

    JRF, pretty heady stuff you’re trying to figure out. I wonder how long it will take you. Let that dick know when you figure it out. Watch out though; he’s funded by Rothschild lizards. I’m thinking some cognitive challenges might be weighing down your scale, so try not to make too many other decisions for a while. You might think you’re helping, but that’s only because you really want to think that; it has nothing to do with what you’re actually writing.

  27. @Sibel Edmonds (July 20th, 2010 at 9:22 pm): Thank you for the Lukashenko link, it sheds light on that character.

    @Exstasique (July 23rd, 2010 at 11:38 am): Fully agreed. My observation too.

    (BTW, apropos of those “confused” trolls: just ignore.)

  28. @ZicaTanka- What exactly are you trying to say? You didn’t even address the concerns I was raising with this website and the guests on this show….

    I’m trying to expand the discussion and debate taking place here. Making fun of me for raising these issues certainly isn’t helping to do that….

  29. ZicaTanka says:

    I’m saying stop harping and start listening. If you have a question, it might be best NOT to reference JL when you ask it. Or did you want to continue to point people to his website and insulting vomit? What you write makes it apparent that you don’t know what Sibel has said or written or stood up for. You parrot ignorant statements about what she allegedly hasn’t. That’s not expanding anything – it’s harping. I’ll try to take Johan’s advice.

  30. I have been listening, quite intently and repeatedly. I still haven’t heard a response to my original and only concern: why haven’t Sibel and her guests fully connected the dots regarding 9/11 and many other events? I just listened to the first Boiling Frogs podcast with James Bamford, and him, Peter, and Sibel all ignore the obvious truth and only explanation for what happened on 9/11: elements of the US government and military were directly involved. There can be no doubt. Everything that happened that day and after had been planned out in advance by these people that are making trillions of dollars off of it. The Patriot Act was planned. 9/11 was thought out and planned. The invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan was planned. The issue Laffrey raises is completely valid and something that you or her (or anyone on this site, really) has failed to address in any meaningful way. You are ignoring what I’m really trying to get at here (I said in the first response that I did not endorse what Laffrey wrote or contends; I have not done the research to have an opinion). Why hasn’t anyone connected the dots and spoke the honest, simply truth about these events?

  31. Ex-Kyrgyz president’s brother to be tried in Bishkek:

    “… Akhmad Bakiyev was detained late on Wednesday in southern Kyrgyz city of Jalalabad as Kyrgyz police continue hunting for members of the inner circle of Kurmanbek Bakiyev, whose stronghold was in the south of the country. Several close relatives of the former president have been charged with corruption and involvement in the violence in the country. …”

  32. That was a really great post, thanks very much. I don’t follow this stuff so closely, so this is great. I remember seeing this whole “organized crime” structure that keeps coming up in “the west’s” foreign policy. It seems like this cold war duality also keeps coming up like in the example of this US staged coup against “the guy who was closer to Russia and China.”

    @JRF–Peter ( I assume you mean Peter B. Collins)doesn’t ignore 9/11, he was on stage with Richard Gage from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Er, and Richard Gage doesn’t speculate so much on who might be responsible because his focus is on a real public investigation that would eventually deal with identifying specific perpetrators.

    @rivodem and ZicaTanka We can write the Hague in support of Francis Boyle’s case at least. Might I suggest maybe donating, writing letters and letters to the editor, and volunteering might be stuff we can do. It’s sad to get these “we prepared this general letter on this issue that has nothing to do with what you wrote” responses, but I heard a great quote from Gandi: “What you will do will be insignificant, but it’s important that you do it.” And besides it’s really impressive to give the post office person a letter addressed to “The International Criminal Court.”

  33. Human Rights violations. Indirect communication. Destructive teamwork. The biggest drug dealer on the planet… Follow the script, soak in death.

  34. I got the map. computer chip in landscape far away.
    we kill your children. and thats ok………
    rat a tat a tat.

  35. Groomed and planted politicians are OLD OLD news dating back to a PAST democratically elected IRANIAN president,deposed by the CIA in the 1950’s so the puppet Shah could be installed. Maksim Bakiyev, Ms. Tansu Ciller and Ms. B. Bhutto have been recent “perfect examples of a Middle Eastern leaders who were selected, declared ‘viable,’ supported, promoted, installed, and protected by our foreign policy script writers”. (and by big brother)
    Better follow the “new” news. Julian ASSANGE and WIki-Leaks (, an organization with only five full-time staffers, who observations about the bad quality of the World’s MSM are quoted below from two websites noted below:

    We particularly enjoyed his nonchalant answer of “yes” when asked by TED curator Anderson whether WikiLeaks had changed the world. Assange also observed: “It’s a worry, isn’t it, that the rest of the world’s media is doing such a bad job, that a little group of activists is able to release more of that type of information than the rest of the world’s press combined.”

    Assange also acknowledged the fundraising struggle WikiLeaks has faced in the past. In January 2010, the site only consisted of only five full-time staff–impressive, considering the site is responsible for processing over 1.2 million leaked documents–and its only revenue stream comes from donations. Though the organization was the highest-rated finalist for a half million dollar grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, WikiLeaks was ultimately not selected. Hopefully that the site has begun accepting submissions again is an indicator of renewed financial support. AND–Bradass87–had-said-he-would-reveal-the-truth–/652604

    Moreover, in reference to the alleged leaker Brad Manning, who now faces U.S. Court martial proceedings:

    He said his job gave him access to two high-security networks: the Secret Internet Protocol Router Network, SIPRNET, which carries US diplomatic, and military intelligence, and the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System, which includes “top secret” classification.

    Bradass87 said the networks had enabled him to see “incredible things, awful things that belong in the public domain and not on some server stored in a dark room in Washington DC almost criminal political back-dealings the non-PR version of world events and crises”. More often Sibel chooses more important stories. Hope Sibel and Julian are careful people because at least half a dozen governments in the world hope that these folks would somehow just disappear.

  36. This website won’t log out

  37. ZicaTanka says:

    @willl, Try this page:

    That should have a log out button on the top right.

  38. High Priests of War
    by Michael Collins Piper
    (comments interspersed in italics)

    Preface: This is a Bible study and review of the book by Piper. There are two very controversial Biblical interpretations within the context of this study. As for the first, I refer any reader to Heb 2:14 if they have questions about my interpretations of Satan. I remind Christians, that there must needs be heresies among you, that they which are approved of God may be made manifest. If the reader remains convinced that Satan is alive and well, I will not argue the point. I only ask that one examine themselves to see whether this belief leads to a state of fear. Whatsoever is not of faith is sin. He that doubteth is damned (condemned). My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
    The second controversial point has developed over a period of five or six years, and is the main subject of this study. I first began to question the legitimacy of the nation of Israel after meeting Jerry Levin, a Messianic Jew. Jerry was a bureau chief for CNN in Beirut, Lebanon, and was captured by Hizballah. He remained in prison for eleven months. The U.S. refused to help because of their relationship with Israel. Sis, his wife, and his Muslim captors finally obtained his release. Today, he lives either in Alabama or in Hebron, where he escorts Palestinian children to school because Israeli settlers stone them and burn their fields without consequences. Later, I learned that many orthodox Jews agree with my premise that the nation of Israel is an illegitimate offspring of the Khazar Jews. The Khazar are not birthright Jews, but rather Jews forced into conversion rather than face death at the hands of Christians and Muslims.

    Review: The media promotes the terrorism industry. Herman & O’Sullivan cite a four part series on counter-terrorism that appeared in the New York Times in 1984 – information generated by Israel and AIPAC.
    Bernard Lewis, Princeton University professor and his son are active in AIPAC. They heavily influenced the thinking of Dick Cheney. Recolonization of the Arab world through Iraq is their goal. At heart of the controversy are Biblical mistranslations in the Qur’an that point Moses toward Mecca and not as the lawgiver of the Ten Commandments outside of Canaan.
    Boiling Frogs Post while initially an advocate of free speech and truth about 9-11 has come full circle practicing covert censorship among its readers, redirecting focus from the U.S. to false flag operations in Afghanistan, even allowing its obstreperous counterblogger to confuse the issue of Turkey, where Sibel and her friend from Kurdistan are most knowledgeable.
    The special report from American Free Press ’50 unanswered questions about 9-11′ contains a wealth of information unanswered in mainstream media. Christopher Bollyn has frequently been cited as among the most forthright in challenging the official U.S. government scenario as to what happened on 9-11.
    Following former Joint Chief of Staff Lemnitzer, the defense establishment has gone on to formulate plans designed to provoke war through a staged terrorist attack.
    “In that day, Jerusalem shall be a burdensome stone and all they that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces.” The crisis in the Middle East has drawn in the rest of the nations of the world. Divisiveness among U.S., Europe, Russia, and China as empires has been exacerbated by the Iraqi invasion, and now occupation of Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, preparatory to Israeli bombing of Iran nuclear facilities.
    We all know that it is impossible for a pyramid to stand freely in such an upside-down manner. It has been supported on its four corners by the empires mentioned above. The answer should be obvious for American citizens. Biblically, the diaspora is not over. Jews are among us and remain Keepers of the Law. Forget Israel. Let it collapse or fall on its own merits. It is a nation that practices genocide – the same genocide imposed on it during the Holocaust.
    The best way to preserve the American Empire is to eventually give it up, thus setting the stage for global governance by Jews, for Jews, for Ever. Is this where we are headed?

    Zechariah 12:3 KJV
    “And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.”

    Revelation does not come often, and it was only after I wrote the piece on the ‘High Priests of War’ that I realized what was revealed. It was the concept of an inverted pyramid that made it all click. Russia, China, Europe, and the U.S. are generally considered the world powers of today, or as some put it – The Empires. Each are fragile and ready to self-destruct if you are viewing them from the inside, like we do here in the States. To one degree or another, all are pulled into the geopolitics of the Middle East. For us, it is the mistaken belief that Jews and the physical location are one and the same. It’s like that devil thing, which I knew to be true when I got such huge relief from not believing in a supernatural boogeyman any more. This stirred an outrage throughout the Christian community in NYC and followed me along the East Coast of the U.S. If one were to tell most Bible studies that false Israel is the burdensome stone in the verse above, they would become outraged. My interpretation makes complete sense, but the scale is so large, that a simple grasp of the obvious is difficult. Everybody is using Israel for their own agenda and uneasy with the Jewish manipulation of U.S. power in our political make-up. I was warned a long time ago that you can go off the deep end believing, much less talking about the End Times, because God the Father is the only one to know the day or the hour. I can still say with certainty that we can know the season, and it looks like Fall is approaching from the Bible verses where Jesus tells us we can discern the seasons by trees losing their leaves and then asks why we cannot discern the times we live in. If you go online and look up the meaning of Jerusalem, what follows comes from two root words which are below the name of Jerusalem. In Hiphil, one root means ‘to make an end of’. Add that to the other root meaning in Hiphil ‘to point out’. The best translation then for Jerusalem in Zechariah 12:3 becomes -to point out the end of.

    There is the song from Lamb, a Messianic singing group: The Hebrew meaning of chadash from Strong’s concordance is “a new thing” 02319. vdx chadash, khaw-dawsh’ from 2318; new:–fresh, new thing. …”

    Jerusalem descending
    the city from the sky
    Abraham’s dream
    the answer to my cry
    The pain of all the ages
    we shall no longer know
    Yerusalaim chadash
    All things are made new
    The glory of Yeshua
    is coming into view

    Jerusalem = “teaching of peace” to throw, shoot, cast, pour be in a covenant of peace, be at peace
    a.(Qal) be at peace
    b.peaceful one (participle)
    b.(Pual) one in covenant of peace (participle)
    c.(Hiphil) make peace with cause to be at peace
    d.(Hophal) to live in peace be complete, be sound
    a.(Qal) be complete, be finished, be ended be sound, be uninjured
    b.(Piel) complete, finish make safe make whole or good, restore, make compensation make good, pay requite, recompense, reward
    c.(Pual) be performed be repaid, be requited
    d.(Hiphil) complete, perform make an end of

    a.(Qal) throw, cast cast, lay, set shoot arrows throw water, rain
    b.(Niphal) to be shot
    c.(Hiphil) throw, cast shoot point out, show direct, teach, instruct throw water, rain

  39. “practicing covert censorship among its readers” This statement requires clarification in deference to Sibel. Many of you will recall Ishmael and his expertise regarding the Mark Klein incident. If all Internet traffic is routinely split, then interception of comments is possible between my site and Boiling Frogs Post. For those of you faced with this dilemma I discovered a trampoline effect that allows me to post. I am blocked through Google, but if I go via the site administrator to Sibel, I can post.
    In defense of Jim Laffrey, there are many twenties-something readers to this site. That is encouraging. Jim works in Viet Nam and holds a responsible job. That says something. The level of detail in his allegations against Sibel and study of the Rothschild rule of Chaos is extraordinarily complex. I admire that he has taken on the challenge to get to the core truth. As for the most outrageous claim that Sibel is somehow linked to the pedophile rings, then consider this: Washington, D.C. is rife with pedophile corruption. If anyone doubts sensationalist Wayne Madsen, then I can add from, alleged involvement by Ralph L.Boyce, former U.S. Ambassador to Thailand, or anecdotal evidence of Saudi Princes taking young boys from Thailand, raping them to death, then burying them. Why don’t we address this horrible abuse that our intelligence community is well aware of? I personally don’t think Sibel is in any way linked to the pedophile trade, but can understand someone new to the site suspecting a link, then testing to see if she responds. She responded appropriately.

  40. Simon. In the middle of Jer-usa-lem, is [the] USA. just fortune i guess. As play on letters, but, given the depth of your reporting , and the time we are in, an interesting subtext.

  41. Here are some questions raised about JL’s question-raising on Edmonds…

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