Did You Know: The King of Madrasas Now Operates Over 100 Charter Schools in the US?

Fethullah Gulen Takes the Great Game a Step Further

gulenThe Controversial Muslim preacher has now extended his tentacles into schools in the United States, where he controls and operates more than 100 charter schools within a calculatively set up maze of dubious NGOs. Fethullah Gulen, whose organizations’ net worth is estimated to be somewhere between $22 billion and $50 billion, owns and operates over three hundred Madrasas around the world, including Pakistan, Central Asia, and the Caucasus. While Gulen’s suspicious and secretive Madrasas have been shut down and or restrained in countries such as Russia, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan, based on these governments’ justified suspicions that his schools had more than just education on their agendas, his rapidly and secretively expanding charter school empire here in the US has gone quite unnoticed and unacknowledged.

In less than a decade Gulen’s Islamic network in the US has established over 100 publicly funded charter schools in 25 states. What makes this eyebrow raising phenomenon a very disturbing case is the fact that despite official documents and publicly available data Fethullah Gulen is going out of his way to deny his connections to these schools. The question is why? Here are a few excerpts from a USA Today article in August 2010:

The schools educate as many as 35,000 students — taken together they'd make up the largest charter school network in the USA — and have imported thousands of Turkish educators over the past decade.But the success of the schools at times has been clouded by nagging questions about what ties the schools may have to a reclusive Muslim leader in his late 60s living in exile in rural Pennsylvania.

Top administrators say they have no official ties to Gülen. And Gülen himself denies any connection to the schools. Still, documents available at various foundation websites and in federal forms required of non-profit groups show that virtually all of the schools have opened or operate with the aid of Gülen-inspired "dialogue" groups, local non-profits that promote Turkish culture. In one case, the Ohio-based Horizon Science Academy of Springfield in 2005 signed a five-year building lease with the parent organization of Chicago's Niagara Foundation, which promotes Gülen's philosophy of "peace, mutual respect, the culture of coexistence." Gülen is the foundation's honorary president. In many cases, charter school board members also serve as dialogue group leaders.

…lawmakers, researchers and parents are beginning to put the schools under the microscope for hiring practices — they import hundreds of teachers from Turkey each year — and for steps they take to keep their academic profile high.

The schools' unacknowledged ties to Gülen, they say, mock public schools' spirit of transparency.

My regular visitors are familiar with my on and off coverage of Fethullah Gulen and his movement. Others who have not read our previous commentaries and updates on this topic can check them out here, here, and here . I can sit and write volumes on Gulen’s history and his ‘real’ operations, but I am going to limit the length of this piece and provide you with a list of significant facts and background relevant to this particular post without going into other details:

-In 1999 Gulen defected to the US shortly before his scandalous speech, where he is heard calling on his supporters to "work patiently and to creep silently into the institutions in order to seize power in the state", became public. Turkish prosecutors demanded a ten-year sentence for Gülen for having "founded an organization that sought to destroy the secular apparatus of state and establish a theocratic state". Mr. Gulen has not left the United States since.

-The Netherlands has taken major steps to cut funding to all Gülen associated organizations and is investigating his operations. The Turkish Fethullah Gülen movement is really an Islamic fundamentalist group, claims Rotterdam council member Anita Fähmel (Leefbaar Rotterdam) on the basis of her own study of the Turkish movement.

-The Russian government has banned all Gülen schools and the activities of the Nur sect in Russia. Over 20 Turkish followers of Gulen were deported from Russia in 2002-2004.

-In 1999 Uzbekistan closed all Gulen’s Madrasas and shortly afterward arrested eight journalists who were graduates of Gulen schools, and found them guilty of setting up an illegal religious group and of involvement in an extremist organization.

-In Turkmenistan, government authorities have placed Gulen’s schools under close scrutiny and have ordered them to scrap the history of religion from curriculums.

Okay, let’s recap and pay attention to the absurdity:
Here is a Turkish Muslim preacher who fled Turkey after his alleged intentions to replace the secular government with one based on Sharia laws were exposed. He comes to the US, settles here, and starts taking advantage of our vastly and overly used nonprofit laws to build his network of dubious NGOs. Meanwhile he continues to expand his network of Madrasas and related businesses overseas-Central Asia, Caucasus, Balkans, etc.

 After years of investigating him the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, due to his guardian angels in the State Department and the CIA, are prevented from bringing an indictment against him, so they try to kick him out of the US. But once again Gulen’s CIA angels step in and portray Gulen as a scholar, despite the fact that Fethullah Gulen doesn’t even have a high-school diploma and never went beyond the  5th grade. Among his angels who vouched for him were Graham Fuller, George Fidas, and Morton Abramowitz.

With his proven immunity Gulen accelerates his operations in the US, and now with a minimum $20 billion worth of operations and front organization he is the largest US charter school operator. Not only that, while American teachers are finding it much harder to obtain jobs, Gulen’s network, thanks to their closeted State Department ties, have been securing US work visas for Turkish and Turkic Republic citizens over there to come and teach at their charter schools here in the US. Some very interesting documented data on Gulen-based work visas provided to the Turkic individuals overseas here.

And here comes the most important question: Why is Gulen trying so very hard to deny his intimate ties to his organizations’ US charter school empire?

Interestingly, Gulen and his entourage have been gloating about these US charter schools as their territory and a major accomplishment, but not here; not in the US.  There are dozens of articles in the Turkish media such as this and this one.

Several dozen American teachers from Gulen’s charter schools have formed a coalition to expose the organizations’ documented ties to Gulen and other nefarious activities. A few groups have set up websites to provide information and exposés on this issue, since the mainstream media hasn’t been giving it deserved coverage. Examples can be found here and here.

I’ve been in touch with several teachers, some of whom have resigned from their positions to pursue and expose these long-censored operations. These teachers were willing to give up their income and go through incredible economic hardship during these hard times in order to warn the American public, and those who have so far gullibly entrusted their children to Gulen’s agenda that is being systematically implemented through his new charter schools empire. I am sure they will add their input to this article in our ‘comments’ section, and I am thankful to them for all the documents and sources they’ve been providing me.  We’ll continue our coverage of this case, so stay tuned.

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  1. I am a former employee of a Gulen charter school in Oklahoma. It is true that while Gulen’s suspicious and secretive Madrasas have been shut down and or restrained in countries, his organizations are alive, well, and thriving on the American Education System. The administrators of my former school have always denied any affiliation to Gulen, and any institute affiliated with him, such as the Institute of Interfaith Dialog. However, the school that I was formerly employed by operates under Sky Foundation, INC. based in Oklahoma City which serves and operates its charter through a partnership with Cosmos Foundation based in Texas. Dr. Bilal Erturk , Assistant Professor of Finance at OSU and director for the Institute of Interfaith Dialog is the President of both Sky Foundation, INC. and the school board for all of the Gulen charters in Oklahoma: Dove Science Academy and DSA Elementary, Oklahoma City campus, Dove Science Academy, Tulsa campus, and Discovery School of Tulsa.

  2. Thank you for bringing this matter to public attention. These schools claim to be unrelated to Gulen and his organizations, but it is very obvious that they are all connected. On the Gulen Institute website (www.guleninstitute.com) they claim “The Gülen Institute was established in October 2007 as a non-profit organization and a joint initiative of the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work and the Institute of Interfaith Dialog.”

    When you go further to the Institute of Interfaith Dialogue, you will see affiliation with the Raindrop Turkish House. The Raindrop website has links to many of Gulen’s outlets, including Ebru TV. It also has links to its different branches. The images on the Raindrop Tulsa branch show many of the administrators and teachers from Dove Science Academy and Discovery School of Tulsa participating and hosting different events affiliated with the Raindrop Turkish House.

  3. @Tekamthi: That’s exactly what I meant by ‘Maze.’ In a way very much like ATC/ATAA or even AIPAC: set up tens if not hundreds of NGOs and create this maze to cover up finacial footprints, foreign elements, political connections, local & federal donations…

    @HB80: If I remember correctly several other scandals came out in New Jersey…the charter schools there. Tons of coverage by Turkish MSM, but almost nothing here. How amazing to spread this rapidly in just a few years!! On the other hand, knowing how much Gulen has to blackmail CIA-State Department (‘You expose me, and I’ll show them yours; do you want me to tell them about how we jointly opened-operated 100s of Madrasas & mosques in Central Asia, Caucasus?’ …Anyway.

  4. deep_harm says:

    Thank you, Sibel, for keeping us informed on topics like this that receive inadequate attention in the press. Although, it’s frustrating reading because the people have so little power to do anything constructive about the problems uncovered.

  5. Mustafa Pamuk says:

    Tekamthi is being much too generous to the Gulen Movement, in Oklahoma the brothers were actually ordered to shut down the Dove Science Academy in Tulsa because of a campus rape of an 11 year old student and chronic financial mismanagement.http://www.tulsaworld.com/news/article.aspx?subjectid=298&articleid=20091026_298_0_Citing976068

    In the true Gulen cover up the trial never made it to court, but instead the family for the girl received $60K while their attorneys received $40K by yet another Gulen “foundation”. Discovery school was opened as a private school as the Dove schools dwindle, Gulen just changes the names to escape bad press. The Oklahoma schools are tied in with the Texas Harmony Science Academies, Cosmos Foundation, Raindrop Turkish house, et al.

    I want to applaud Sibel as a fellow Turkish American who cares about the USA and the rights of families and children to be informed of the truth. Gulen has successfully worked into the arteries of education via the guise of local interfaith and Turkish friendship dinners. Snow jobbing local religious groups, community and political leaders with trips to Turkey and strategically placing Turkish professors in major Universities throughout the USA.

    A note about the uncredentialed teachers brought to the USA under hb-1 visas is they are not scholars and barely have a bachelors degree. However most are getting higher education in America at the US government’s expense as well as the tab for the Visas is paid for by tax dollars. This is a testimony of how poor the Charter School background checks are. If you want to learn more about Charter School Fraud and the many schools that have been closed down it’s isn’t hard.
    charter school scandals is a good place to start, they also have a complete list of Gulen’s schools in the USA and the network of Gulen Foundations.

    By the way, when you Americans are done with Gulen, please send him back to Turkey so he can face his charges of attempting to overthrow a secular nation which is why he fled Turkey in 1998 and lives in exile/seclusion in Poconos, PA on 40 acres.

  6. Mustafa Pamuk says:

    Another piece of recent information is how the Gulen Institutes are pushing the book of author Graham Fuller “A Day without Islam” It was Graham Fuller who was one of the 2 CIA people writing letters to Homeland Security in favor of allowing a Green Card to Pasha Gulen.
    As you all may recall or not recall, Gulen was turned down by Homeland Security (Gulen vs. US Homeland Security) as Gulen tried to prove he has some kind of extraordinary talents or education that would benefit the USA. Unbelieveable since Fetosh Gulen only has a 5th grade formal education. How did that one slip by?

  7. @deep_harm: Good to see you in the comments section! I agree. The number of these concerned praise-worthy teacher activists is going up. Now, that’s good news. Their movement is scattered around the country (25 states), so the next logical step for them: unite. They’ve been collecting documented goodies and soon we’ll be seeing more. On the other fronts: nothing good happening:-(

    @ Mustafa: Welcome to BFP. I am glad you brought up these points, the most important one, which I missed: There’s been dozens of law suits against Gulen, but Gulen’s people have been settling Every Single legal action, and takiing them out of courts-out of oublic record. Thank you for bringing this up & for the links!! Another good point you made: the two-way intimate relationship between Gulen & Fuller, and others such as Abramowitz & Grossman. This so-called scholar is an uneducated charlatan, but due to his services (CIA-State) in Central Asia-Caucasus-Balkans, he is being protected, promoted/marketed by our shadow government and their servants-Fuller, Grossman, etc. The parallel to Bin Laden is incredible…

  8. In regards to Mustafa’s comment, the uncredentialed, H1B visa teachers are also getting paid more than their American counterparts. Teacher salaries are public information. The Tulsa World newspaper posts the salaries online. Usually the schools give their H1B teachers unusual titles in order to give them higher pay. Teachers have filed lawsuits against the schools, but ultimately the schools pay a settlement to avoid negative press coverage. One such example is Couch vs. Harmony Science Academy.

    This website (http://www.myvisajobs.com/H1B-VISA-091-2009-SO.HTM) shows just how many H1B visa applications these schools are putting forth. You’ll notice the various names of the Gulen organization schools all over the list (Cosmos, Dove, Lisa, Sonoran, Horizon, etc).

  9. Mustafa Pamuk says:

    Hey HB80 thanks for that info, it appears that the Gulen schools are getting more Visas for these so-called “scholars” than the largest school district in the USA (LAUSD)
    The reason Hizmet pays the Gulen Movement Teachers more money is because they Tuzuk (donate) up to 40% back to the Foundation that sponsored them. Again, this is tax dollars paying for the lobbying and agenda of the Gulen Movement. Hey why should Gulen use his own money when he can use clever bookkeeping of US educational funds to pay for it? Rumi Forum and Assembly of Turkic American Federations in Washington are well provided for with Educational dollars.

  10. In regards to Mustafa:

    Yes, the brothers were actually ordered to shut down the Dove Science Academy in Tulsa because of the campus rape of an 11 year old student and chronic financial mismanagement. Yet another example of the false pretenses these schools offer the public: “A bully free environment.” Dove is still operating. However, they lost their sponsorship through Tulsa Public Schools. Both Dove and Discovery School now have a full sponsorship through Langston University.

    The bullying allowed at these schools goes far beyond anything I’ve seen in a public school…that is saying a lot! Discovery had an ongoing situation with a student on campus earlier this year. The student continually defied teachers instruction, physically abused other students, and the administrators allowed this without consequence. The student actually brought a gun to school. Administrators took the gun from the student, returned the student to class, and later returned the gun to the student’s mother. Administrators failed to report the incident to authorities. Only after teachers threatened to inform parents and resign, the administrators suspended the student. Other teachers that inquired regarding the situation received administrative discipline for being unprofessional and insubortinate.

  11. @M.Pamuk: ” The reason Hizmet pays the Gulen Movement Teachers more money is because they Tuzuk (donate) up to 40% back to the Foundation that sponsored them. Again, this is tax dollars paying for the lobbying and agenda of the Gulen Movement. Hey why should Gulen use his own money when he can use clever bookkeeping of US educational funds to pay for it?”
    Certainly our guy with his below 5th grade education and no English is capable of figuring this out and use it. The question: The ‘Real’ guys behind this scheme; even more scary…Smoke & Mirrors.

  12. ohohmrbill says:

    There is so many layers of Turkish NonProfits and interfaith dialogs connected to these schools. Not to metion the private industries that are wrapped in there web. For example Raytheon in Tucson Ariona donates to the Sonoran Science Academy. Raytheon had laid off about 275 employees and then opened a plant in Turkey. They continue to support this charter school. Also this school claims they cannot find quiofed math and science teachers. Just in TUSD alone there have ben nine public schools that have been closed. By they claim they cannot find nyone to teach so they use tax payers money to bring in more of there on HB-1 Visas. At least the illegals that come into this country across the border did so on there own dime. Sonoran Science and the Gulen schools use our children and tax payer dollars and donations to do so. Looks as if this group takes more from the community than it gives back. Supporting these schools is supporting unemployment, supporting the Gulen’s Islamic Agenda while he counts his cash in Pococonos (our government protects him) and it is supporting a creeping jihad against the United States.

    Many people ask if what they are doing is dangerous why doesn’t th government do something about it? Well that in my opinion remains to be seen. They do have one of these schools on Davis Monthin Airforce base. So too answer that question about the our governemnt and our safety then remember Ft, Hood. It is not up to the government to protect our children It is up us as the parents making the correct choices. With so much contrversy surrounding these then why send your children there? They are not geting a better education as they claim.

    I would also like to point out the fact that Sonoran Science Academy of Arizona is also on the board for the Arizona State Board of Charter Schools. So if you do have a complaint against them your concerns will go no where. This a huge conflict of interest. As gulen commands his follwers to do ….move through the veins and arteries of the sytem until you every power center. In Arizona as long as parents keep sending and donating to these schools he very well might succeed.

  13. ohohmrbill says:

    Here is something else that readers may find very intresting. Rummi forum A turkish Lobbyiing group in D.C has supported state represenitives to sway there thinking when it comes to Turkey. Of course I feel money gerated from these charter schools (our tax dollars) is channeled up to Rummi through the laundering schemes.


  14. Wasn’t it great to observe Gulenist “William Pack” get completely unraveled?


    I didn’t think anything could be better than seeing Hakan Berberoglu of the Niagara Foundation getting outed here: http://blogs.ajc.com/get-schooled-blog/2010/07/07/despite-good-schools-north-fulton-parents-line-up-for-new-math-and-science-charter-school/

  15. ohohmrbill says:

    The issue with a child bringing a gun to school is another tragic example of what these Gulenist will do not to bring any negitive attention to themselves. By law as a public school they do have to report such issues. Even if a parent reported it local law inforcement is even confused as to what a charter shool is so it gets reported but nothing happens. Sonoran Sceince tried to conceal sexual harrassment from me by a teacher to my daughter. They have also tried to conceal the fact that a teacher a had two students to a party where liquer and beer and pot was beinf consumed on front them. Dove Academy tried to conceal the rape of an eleven year girl. By not reporting any of these incedences to public officials they are infact putting our children more harms way than they are doing good. I could be wron but maybe they are above the law. With that being said do you really want to send a child into a place where there is no safety or accountabilty for staff members what so ever? I am sure any child molester would find safe haven working in one of these schools. After all the princible and the Turkish board would have his/her back and conceal any wrong doing for such a dangerous staff member. It is just a matter of before something goes dangerously wrong at these schools.

  16. HannahKOLuthon says:

    Thanks to all contributors for an interesting and puzzling thread.
    I agree with Ms. Edmonds in wondering who are the “Real guys” behind this scheme. Could it be people with an interest in having an ample supply of future suspects (and patsies) for Islamic terrorist plots? I have no quarrel with the philosophy of Rumi (Mehvlana), but there seems to be sufficient evidence to suspect the worst in the Gulenist version. Moreover, the manipulation of well meaning religious folk in the service of clandestine programs is certainly not limited to Sufis and their brethren, as anyone familiar with the U.S. political scene is well aware. Unfortunately, much of this seems to be constructed so as to ensure “deniability”. In any case, thanks again for the thought provoking thread.

  17. @ HannahKOLuthon: Thanks for another well-articulated comment-yours always are.
    “I have no quarrel with the philosophy of Rumi (Mehvlana” Neither do I.

    Can you think of a single NGO in US with that level of money? No one has been able to trace this guy’s funding.

    Unfortunately, the blinded Fanatic Politically Correct groups have taken this as ‘Sibel: the anti-Islam’ post. The same people made me to be ‘Anti-Jews’ a few days earlier with Schakowsky post.
    Today, in a couple of hours I’ll have a new post-going on record with ignoramuses like that!

  18. Mustafa Pamuk says:

    Any educated person would not accuse Bioling Frogs of being “anti” anything. If they are a sophisticated reader they will understand it is pro-transparent, pro-democracy, pro-progressive. These positive traits and characteristics are many times missing from our governments and “movements” no matter where they are or what they choose to worship or govern under.
    This Gulen Movement from what I am reading here and elsewhere, has many arteries to it. It is no surprise that the arteries reach to power centers. This is the same model in our native Turkey and world wide, that the movement is attempting.
    Peronally, I am not for any religion, government or ideology getting this powerful or controlling.

  19. Mrs Edmond,

    I’ve read your articles and from what I understand, are you trying to say that the organisation is secretly after some form of world domination?

    I’ve worked in the “foundation” “organisation” or what ever it’s called for a very long time (Now I’m out). I read most of your articles and “evidence” and I can’t seem to tie it all up. I didn’t detect many of these “secrets”. There are certain impressions I did get from the organisation. These were different to what you suggest. It seems to me like it is all falling apart. Now, most of the guys who lead these schools are just doing their own things, enjoying their lives and not really connected to anyone.

    Another thing, you state that he is a 5th grader in almost every article. An attempt to belittle him perhaps? However, the way I see it, this 5th grader is among the most intelligent people of this century. It comes to show that school does not teach you everything. He has achieved more in his life, then some people could in many life times…

    Or perhaps, with the 5th grader comment, your aim is to say he is a figure, and there are others behind this …. thing? If so that is just your theory not fact.

    Too much unknown, too much theories and conspiracies. And perhaps too much paranoia..

    I am not labeling anyone as anti-islamic or anti-jew. Just expressing an opinion.

    Kind Regards

  20. Mustafa Pamuk says:

    Merhaba peace541;
    Perhaps you missed Fetosh’s teachings about “keeping secrets” from his “Pearls of Wisdom” as a refresher course for you, I have attached the link as a reminder.
    There is no paranoia here, only hard facts and data. However, one might tend to wonder why you are (Now I’m out) and have discontinued your work with Hizmet. “These guys who lead these schools are just doing their own things, enjoying their lives and not really connected to anyone” Yalan Yalan, they are all connected even from Turkiye.
    It is very evident you are a follower of Fetosh, and defend him every given hour with your last breath. It is a shame he doesn’t share his $25 billion+ in wealth with you or maybe he does. The reason people are facsinated with Gulen’s 5th grade level of education is 1) His spinmaster’s portray him as a scholar. He is not and furthermore doesn’t even speak English. 2) Who pulls the strings to Gulen the puppet? We know that Gulen is merely a figure symbol and nothng more. Not a Theory but fact from those -like yourself who are in the “organization” and who are still there or have left.
    Hitler also didn’t have an advanced education and some would say he too “achieved more in his life, then some people could in mnay life times”
    but other prefer to refer to Hitler as an “insane genius”

    Gulen’s “Keeping Secrets” from “Pearls of Wisdom”

  21. Mr Pamuk,
    First of all, thank you for the link, I have been enlightened. I now know how to keep a secret.

    On the issue, you seem to have your “hard facts” and “data”, but you don’t even know what you are really up against. You ask, “who pulls the strings to Gulen the puppet?”. So I say: if you find out, let me know.

    Your statements are all theories until proven and accepted on a broad scale. All you do is read this and read that, then you convince yourself you have it all figured out. Then label and insult all those who show a slight contradiction to what you say.

    Ask yourself, will your “hard facts” and “data” be able to stand as strong evidence in a court of law? Can you prove beyond any reasonable doubt that someone (Gulen or whoever) is guilty of a crime (perhaps conspiracy)? If not, your “evidence” cannot be called FACT and that is it.

    I haven’t spent as much time on this issue as you clearly have. I am not going to pretend I know everything. All I said in the above post was the “certain impressions” i got from the organisation. I did not say, they are like this and THAT IS FINAL. You were more than welcome to say, I was incorrect or I have misunderstood, but instead you resort to labeling me as a lier and die hard Gulen fan.

    Further more, you said: “Any educated person would not accuse Bioling Frogs of being “anti” anything. If they are a sophisticated reader they will understand it is pro-transparent, pro-democracy, pro-progressive.” Well then, how come all the people who have commented above received compliments for their comments, but when I said something from another perspective I get: “Yalan, fetosh fan, share some of his wealth, etc.”
    I only asked the writer: What she thinks the ultimate plan is… And tried to tell her to be a little more respectful to a man that millions around the world follow. I personally don’t, but I know people who do. My involvement in the organisation was very discrete (was a long time, but I wasn’t actively involved or attached to anything, therefore I may have been left in the dark to many things).

    You said, “It is very evident you are a follower of Fetosh, and defend him every given hour with your last breath.” From the few simple and objective statements I said above, if you were able to say this statement to me,,, then that means I can easily say to you, you are a blind follower of Mrs Edmond and will defend her to your last breath. Since you got involved and criticized my comment when it clearly said “Mrs Edmond” at the start.

    Is he a scholar? You say he is not a scholar and is only some 5th grade guy with “spinmasters”. The one reason you put that for him not being a scholar is, he does not speak english. I’m sure you have many more reasons and arguments but you mentioned this one in particular, so I will reply. Mr Gulen is considered by many, and I mean millions, to be a scholar in the religion of Islam. There are many areas of knowledge in Islam, a person can become a scholar in any of these areas. However, a prerequisite for a muslim scholar, is to know the Arabic language, NOT ENGLISH. Which Gulen does know very well. So, you might say, is he a scholar then? The answer, from my knowledge and experience would have to be YES.

    Now it’s time for HITLER. You could have perhaps thought of a better example then that. I don’t see any Hitler in Mr Gulen. But there are definitely people out there who do resemble Hitler in our time. I won’t get into that.

    In Conclusion, I probably would not have written any of this if you had not labeled me something I am not. Mrs Edmond has written articles about being labeled as “anti-islam” and “anti-jew” while trying to make a simple point. She clearly did not like it. While trying to make one point, people completely ignore and just label you as something and then discredit you. Don’t do this Mr Pamuk.

    Kind Regards,


  22. Mustafa Pamuk says:

    Merhaba Peace 541;
    Ask yourself why Tarim and the rest resist being deposed and sworn in to give a declaration about their life long association with Fetosh.
    Clearly you have studied Fetosh from an early age and have learned to keep secrets as the great 5th grade educated scholar has directed you.
    It is interesting how your post changes from professing to work for the foundation and organizations although you declare “now I am out”
    Peace 541, you are a current member of Hizmet lets not play games, Americans are not as stupid as your group orginially thought.
    Theories? No theories but fact- name one thing where we had no back up information or stated any falsehoods as you have. Name one unfactual statement about Gulen. Oh wait let me give you one. Gulen is not a “Scholar” by any standards, Islamic or non-Islamic. Gulen’s books are not even written by him they are written by his group of writers through his various publishing houses.
    There is a list of legal issues with the schools, between teachers and the schools and parents/students with the schools, anyone with a legal pacer account is able to pull these cases up. Either you are truly in the dark in the Gulen disorganization regarding all of the issues going on or you are trying to gloss over the glaring issues with the Gulen managed schools.
    The ultimate plan is obvious to anyone that knows Gulen’s history in our native Turkiye. Worldwide dominance and control of interfaith dialog, media, education, miliary and police<—– currently the Gulen Movement is under investigation in Turkey for this very thing. In Gulen's own words "you must work in the arteries of the system reaching the power centers"
    Your fodder is predictable, you start with asking the obvious questions then re asking them as if they were not answered in order to discredit your opponent. It is mere Taqiyya, and nothing more, your smoke and mirrors are obvious and your undying love for Gulen is evident. You live, sleep, eat and breath "Gulen" and it is very cult like.
    Millions that have studied Gulen believe there are similarities between Gulen and Hitler. Hitler and the Youth Movement of Germany, Hitler worked indoctrinating the youth of Germany via schools, camps, and german song / dance performances.
    If Gulen was so loved by the great people of Turkey, why did he flee like a coward rather than face a court of law in Turkey to the charges of overthrowing a secular nation. Rarely leaving his compound, he lives in seclusion for a reason. Think about that and get back to us on why he has become a prisoner of his own empire.

  23. Mustafa Pamuk says:

    Turkey: Gulen Movement taking PR Beating in Arrest Row
    Polokwane School in S. Africa, 3 of the brothers were arrested for molestion at a school they were teaching at.
    Indoctrinating African children to learn another language and religion/culture is wrong. The Gulen Movement has charges every week throughout the world as they dance on the slippery slope of pushing their beliefs off on others. The kettle is boiling, the frog will soon not be able to take the heat much longer.
    Even Uncle Sam won’t be there to help.

  24. @Mustafa Pamuk: Thank you for the link (S. Africa)! “After school, they teach the children about the Islamic faith.The men can’t speak or understand English at all. Court proceedings had to be translated into Turkish for them.” We keep at it and hopefully ‘they,’ the MSM, will be forced to report…Remember until it became ‘fashionable & politically correct’ they were censoring molestation reports/incidents on Catholic schools…Again, people, this is not to say ‘Catholic Schools’ are bed and they all engage in molestation, just that when it happened it was considered ‘too sensitive’ tp thoroughly report on…

  25. ohohmrbill says:

    @ Peace541 “Ask yourself, will your “hard facts” and “data” be able to stand as strong evidence in a court of law? Can you prove beyond any reasonable doubt that someone (Gulen or whoever) is guilty of a crime (perhaps conspiracy)? If not, your “evidence” cannot be called FACT and that is it.”

    Please do not be so coy with this. I have been warned by people from Turkey whom I would consider reliable with there information when I started with all of this. I have been told to just drop it, that the Gulenists are dangerious people. In Turkey they use various cowardly tactics to stop or silence those that oppose them. I have recieved threats of harm and lawsuits. So my question to you is, why haven’t they done so with me? Bring it on boys.

    After all violating the cival rights of a citizen is a pretty serious matter is not? Abusing a child and then trying to conceal sexual harrassment from a teacher to student is also very very serious. I see a trend and over whelming similarities with these schools. With that being said and knowing they are all connected I will not back down.

    Even if I were to quit and walk away, there are dozens of others that will still continue my fight. The fire is lit and more and more others are rising and taking on this challenge and making a huge difference. It is only a matter of time before this movement in the USA will be quenched. Now that these schools are becoming high profile and so contiversial, they are now a religious and political target. Why would anyone send there children into a potentiol hot zone? As a parent it is your first duty to keep your child safe.

    In reality we do not know who the enememy really is do we? Remember Ft. Hood? Remember Colombine? They really do ignore bullying and show favorites to certain children don’t they? How about the Oklahoma bomber? In his mind he thought he was good patriot. Knowing also that these are cult members of Gulen, have you seen a cult movement end well in this country? Take your child out of these and you remove doubt.

    It is only a matter of time for the cheese slide of someone’s cracker and do some real damage. I just ask the families to just walk away. It just isn’t worth it. Facts or not as a parent sometimes it is better to go with your gut instincts.

  26. Mr Pamuk,

    You clearly did not understand my second post very well. I won’t repeat it, I’ll just say this:

    From what I understand, you are just looking for an opponent here, on the Gulen side, so you can attack them with all you got. You clearly have spent a lot of time reading and “researching” on this topic. You don’t want all this information to go to waste, so who ever shows any signs of defending Gulen, or showing any other perspective, you attack with all your information. Then, your friends in the “irate minority” get involved to back you up. After all, this is your home ground. Hence people like Sibel hanim the wise thanks you but ignores me.

    Some of your comments made me laugh though and I do thank you for that,
    “Clearly you have studied Fetosh from an early age and have learned to keep secrets as the great 5th grade educated scholar has directed you.
    It is interesting how your post changes from professing to work for the foundation and organizations although you declare “now I am out”
    Peace 541, you are a current member of Hizmet lets not play games, Americans are not as stupid as your group orginially thought.”

    I only heard about Gulen 4 years ago. But at the moment, I wish I learnt about him from a early age and I wish I was from inside the “hizmet” just so I could refute your arguments. I can’t answer many of your questions because I do not know, and I don’t have the time to research and find out.

    That is all for now,

    Keep an open mind and relax a little, don’t be so aggressive. If I can find a good Gulen supporting opponent for you I’ll refer him to here, and you can have fun arguing with each other forever.

    Until then,


  27. @ohohmrbill,

    First of all, nice name 🙂

    You said, “Please do not be so coy with this. I have been warned by people from Turkey whom I would consider reliable with there information when I started with all of this. I have been told to just drop it, that the Gulenists are dangerious people. In Turkey they use various cowardly tactics to stop or silence those that oppose them. I have recieved threats of harm and lawsuits. So my question to you is, why haven’t they done so with me? Bring it on boys.”

    If this is true then you have every right to be upset, angry and worried. I respect your views.

    Thank you for your comment.


  28. Azizem Sibel,

    what do you expect under the tyranny of secularo-fascist mono-law, monolithic structure which dictates her laws to all SPEEs (Sosio-Politico-Economic-Entities), denying their right to make their own laws and implement tehm to their members only?
    Do you expect under such a tyranny pseudo-SPEEs like IL and Gulen wont emerge?!
    Azizem those pseudo-SPEEs are just by-product of secularo-fascist state, in fact they are there to save the phenomena (salvare apparentias) of the State. Your expositions of such pseudo-SPEEs help no purpose other than idle talk which they call in Turkish “Geyik Muhabbeti”.
    Carry on Azizem, carry on;->

    With best regards,
    Grand Sen~or.

    BTW, It is funny that your blog doesn’t except my name as Grand Sen~or.

  29. Mustafa Pamuk says:

    Interesting developments this week in the Gulen Charter schools.

    The Tennessee School board has DENIED the application for Knoxville Charter Academy. The reason? The board had concerns about the board members and adequate knowledge about education. The Tennessee School Board was also direct about their concerns of the applicants long time associations with Fethullah Gulen and the Gulen Movement. Of course the 2 applicants lied about their association with Gulen, but the evidence was overwhelming. http://www.metropulse.com/news/2010/nov/10/two-proposed-schools-come-short-knox-county
    This direct honesty by the Tennessee Knox School Board was a step forward for the other school boards in the USA to address their concerns with transparency.
    This week the Gulen Chicago School – CMSA (Chicago Math and Science Academy) made their case known by showing up en masse at the Niagara Foundation (yet another Gulen NGO) sponsored Gulen Conference in Chicago, November 11, 2010. http://pureparents.org/index.php?blog/show/1239

    Some of you may recall the unfair treatment of the American teachers at this school, who were fired for voting in a union. CMSA has decided to work with the American teachers rather than proceed with the expensive law firm known for union busting. Was Principal Ali concerned about the truth coming out in court? Will CMSA be able to turn education around for the children? Will Gulen go away in Tennessee, Colorado and Utah where they have been denied expansion? The saga continues………….

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