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Censorship Fanatics Come from All Walks of Life

censorIt is funny and sad at the same time. In the course of one week I have gone from Anti-Semite to Anti-Muslim. Within a week I have been labeled Filthy Jew-Basher and Fear-Mongering Islamophobic. I find it funny since the logic-free arguments of these fanatic labelers who are running around like headless (and brainless) chickens has a priceless comic quality to it; in so many ways it is simply hilarious to watch and listen to them. And I say sad, because the fanatic censorship climate created by these ignoramuses is not limited to their own eco-system; its incestuous multiplication and spread has been swallowing not only their immediate vicinity but the entire society at large via revised encyclopedias, academia, media …and especially the highly polarized forums and blogs.

It began last week when I wrote a piece on how in certain election campaigns candidates have been competing with each other on their degree of loyalty to a foreign country-Israel. And they were doing this openly. Those without blinders and with common sense got my points:

-Shouldn’t these candidates’ electability be about commitment and loyalty to our nation, its interests, and addressing its current humongous problems? We would be raising hell if we heard a candidate pledging their unconditional loyalty to France, Saudi Arabia, or Pakistan; and yes, they are all considered allies whether you agree or not! Then why should it be different when it comes to this particular controversial foreign country, Israel?

-Don’t we all consider foreign contributions to and support for our representatives here something to be truly alarmed about? At least distasteful and disgraceful? Large sums, direct and indirect support, by AIPAC and the like would be just that. No? Let me put it this way, in case you don’t get it: If the foreign entities were named something like Al-Hasmani Qaliani Fattullah, many would go out of their way to flag them down. AIPAC and the like are no different. They are foreign, with their own sets of interests and agendas; allies or not.

Since one of the candidates in my piece happened to be one with more special background and even more related facts, I went ahead and included some of  those important documented facts. Then, the moment I posted the above piece the attacks started pouring from the fanatic left (now pay attention, I am not saying ‘all lefties’ but ‘fanatic left’): I was accused of being Anti-Semite, Anti-Jew, Anti-Liberal, Anti-Democrats, Anti-Socialist…

-I noted that Ms. Schakowsky’s husband is a convicted felon. The courts found him guilty, he confessed to his crimes, and he went to prison. I guess based on the fanatic liberal argument: this documented well-known public fact was caused by Anti-Semite Anti-Jewish Anti-Liberals Anti-Democrats investigators, law enforcement, courts, judges, and yes, even prisons. How dare they investigate, convict and imprison the husband of a Jewish Pro-Israel Democrat Congresswoman?!! Further, how dare I or anyone else talk or write about this during the election campaign?!

In that piece I wrote a section on Jan Schakowsky’s role in criminal investigations by the FBI involving Chicago, and provided a link to a related article. This opened up an old wound for blinded ultra partisan Democrats who loved me conditionally: As long as your case involves Dirty Dick & Bush, as long as you point a finger at larva like Republican Hastert, we love you and root for you! Make sure there ain’t no bad democrats involved in your case, ok?

-Well, I talked about that case during my testimony under oath. Considering what side of the DOJ-FBI I’ve been on, even with a minute trace of untruthful response by me under oath they would have landed on me with both feet (wearing combat boots!!).

My piece included quotes from news articles on Jan Schakowsky’s status with AIPAC, and that despite some cosmetic, for-show-only, appearance of glitches between the two, AIPAC has been her supporter for a long time, and that as far as AIPAC is concerned Schakowsky is ‘Kosher.’ 

Based on the Fanatic Left’s argument; AIPAC (and its support) are considered KaKa-BooBoo-NoNo, if the recipient of the support happens to be Bush Era Bad Men, such as Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, and Paul Wolfowitz. They have always emphasized the evil AIPAC connections of those Bus Era Neocons, and since they reserve the sole right to Fanatic Political Correctness Censorship, no one, I mean no one from the left, accused them of Anti-Semitism. Now, if the same AIPAC happens to be an avid supporter of Democratic candidates, all previous deals are off - based on the pro-censorship fanatic left code.  To point out Schakowsky’s Israel & AIPAC ties are considered Anti-Semitic and Anti-Jewish, but to repeatedly publicize Bush-Era Jewish Neocons’ Israel & AIPAC connections and ties are ‘kosher.’ You see what I’m getting at?

A few days ago, and a few days after the Schakowsky-Israel article, I wrote a brief piece on an infamous and controversial preacher, Fethullah Gulen, his documented background and international status, the never-solved or resolved mystery of his $20 billion organization’s net worth, and his new status as the biggest charter school operator in the US, with over 130 charter schools in 25 states. For decades his schools have been known as Madrasas in Turkey and Turkic nations, and now, interestingly and curiously, this man, through a maze of networks-organizations has been taking over US taxpayer funded charter schools.

As soon as I posted the article the attack of the fanatic left began pouring. Now, after being labeled as Anti-Jew, I was being given the new title of Anti-Muslim. Their fanatic blogs have been spitting out labels like machine guns: fear-mongering, Anti-Islam, Tea-Partier, Neo-Nazi Propaganda machine…you name it - And, my Muslim background and ancestry notwithstanding! How comic & moronic! Oh well, that pretty much describes the bunch.

I’ve been having fun watching the correlation between my posts and my follower status on twitter and Facebook. It is one of my pastimes when I have a few idle minutes in life. This is how it goes:

I write a piece on the Turkish military’s bad deeds, and within minutes I see my follower numbers drop by a few; all ultra-national Turkish entities. And a few minutes later it goes up by a few; recipients of abuses by the Turkish Military.

I write a piece on Israel lobby-AIPAC and there it goes; a drastic drop. Within a day or two I get a fresh list of supporters from the Palestinian side.

I write a piece on the some of the awful deeds of the Bush Administration, and if it has the target words-Cheney-Rice-Ashcroft, I become a hit with a few on the left; my numbers go up, and then down by a few departing fanatic Republicans. A few days later I write about the changes on Obama’s promised changes and his awful deeds against civil liberties, transparency and accountability, and a group of blind lefties depart from my list of supporters…

You really get the picture now; no? In a way I get to laugh a bit. The moronic blinded partisanship and biases can be kind of entertaining due to their inherent stupidious nature and even more stupid acts. This is how their reasoning (lack of!)would work if it was turned on them:

Obama says Taliban are bad bad people. Taliban are Muslim, thus, Obama is Anti-Muslim.


Obama’s civilian casualties in Afghanistan-Pakistan are all Muslim, thus, Obama intends to erase Muslims from the earth.

As I’ve repeated several times: the fanatic left’s stupidious reasoning is summarized in the above examples, and how could I take it seriously and not laugh?!

On the other hand, the situation saddens me greatly, because this is exactly what the establishment wants: large numbers of ignoramuses bickering, blinded irrational loyalties, a highly divided society where people are busy spitting at each other and eating one another rather than going after the joint enemies of all …

And finally, I am neither angry or being defensive. I am going to do exactly what I’ve been doing here at Boiling Frogs Post: write it as is, and say it as is. Our vigilant minority club has been expanding, and that’s all I need to keep at this as is. I have never bothered to post at fanatic right or fanatic left websites or blogs, so no worries there; I am not ban-able. I am not after a position with one of the fanatic left or right so-called alternative media outlets, so I don’t care about not being hire-able. I am not promoting a book or an upcoming movie, so having to be diplomatic (worthless by saying actually nothing, doing actually nothing) is not one of my problems. Unfortunately for you members of the moronic ignoramus political correctness censorship fanatics, I’ll be standing where I am and keeping on doing-saying-writing as usual. Within a few minutes after this post I’ll be checking the status of my Twitter-Facebook membership list, and I’ll be laughing at you allJ

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  1. Well put, especially in regards to the establishment. Just look at the latest release by WikiLeaks. MSM is crying about how this put’s our soldiers lives in danger? WTF? What about the lies that the Bush administration put out there in regards to WMD? Didn’t that put soldiers lives in danger? And, where are the “journalists” when it comes to asking the question, “if the government or military wasn’t doing anything wrong, then what’s the big deal”.

    I mean really, why isn’t anyone at all asking that question? If you ask the difficult question, you’re deemed Anti-whatever. And it’s my belief that it won’t be too long before the corrupt government’s restrict internet access as much if not more than what is happening in China. Until then, I’ll continue to look forward to articles like these.

  2. @micwazoo:Thanks. With these political correctness extrimists so many people get intimidated and stay silent. I hope this post will get to reduce the level of intimidation (at least for my readers, and encourage them to talk and say what they really believe.

  3. i’m as extreme left as you can get sibel, but what that means to me is that i value the truth. i don’t care if i learn something negative against someone who’s supposed to be on “my side” or some jerk from the other side. if they’re taking aipac money, they are not on America’s side.

  4. this page was blocked the first time i tried to access it. i’m glad you got it out there!

  5. Sibel said: “…this is exactly what the establishment wants: large numbers of ignoramuses bickering, blinded irrational loyalties, a highly divided society where people are busy spitting at each other and eating one another rather than going after the joint enemies of all … ”

    YA THINK?!

    That’s what I call bashing the nail on the head of the elephant in the room. Pardon my mixed metaphor. 🙂

    Did you happen to catch the interview with Ingrid Betancourt Pulecio on Charlie Rose last week? Amazing story.


    “Ingrid Betancourt discusses her memoir ‘Even Silence has an End – My Six Years of Captivity in the Colombian Jungle,’ the book chronicles Betancourt’s six years as a hostage of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia known as FARC.”

    FARC would foster resentment among their captives by treating some better than others so they would be less likely to attempt to organize escape.

    Divide and conquer, baby. Oldest trick in the book.

    United we stand, divided we fall. One nation, under God, indivisible, with justice for all.

  6. @famfacal: Thank you for the sincere note, and basec on my def. you are not ‘extreme/fanatic’ no matter what side…

    @BillH: “Divide and conquer, baby.” I truly love my irate minority club members here!

  7. ZicaTanka says:

    This culture of tape-over-the-mouth sure makes it difficult to strike up a meaningful conversation with your neighbors. Thanks for keeping it rational, Sibel.

    We also could call it authoritarianism, rather than correctness.

  8. there is a war on. WAR requires polarity. And racism is everywhere. You can change a lot of basic structure under guise of WAR/National Security FISA stuff.
    New American centurists got their bases where they TOLD us they wanted them and scope out degree of the challenge. Not easy. Full spectrum dominance leaves a lot of pissed off people. A lot of dead people. This is factored in.
    known unknowns possibly Wikileaks? Scale suggests it. Certainly hope so! Damage control underway. Very difficult to paint soldiering exhibited in such brutal manner as’good guys’doing Gods work’ etc, even with Blair type saving his own miserly arse ‘innocent wide eyed book-boy memoir. But definitions have been changed before, and again, polarities are utilized in times of war to cover a whole lot going on. Degree of challenge to commission theory 911 also possibly an unknown necessitating active infiltration of ‘truth’ networks in order to destabilize. Will Cass Sunsteins ‘Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs'[OIRA] be enough to counter gravitational collapse physics?
    Cognitive Infiltrations festering like warts on the nose of ROVE everywhere.

    Question is always the same. Where too with this? The big gray planes are still flying.I saw one of them just now. Numbers of the dead are still rising. And the chess board is in four dimensions with a lot of very nasty players of ALL races, all groups all religions up to their miserable necks in this..
    It is the unknown unknowns and a lot of hard work[positive actions in the good]that are going to pop this bubble. Your insights are every bit of that. Thanks.

  9. @Zica: “We also could call it authoritarianism, rather than correctness.” Interesting idea…You are right ‘correctness’ gives it a positive spin, doesn’t it? Hmmmm yet, it’s kinda bottom up? Starts with the groups/people, then makes its way up: legislations/courts/etc…where it finally becomes state (authority) imposed & implemented? I like critical thinking like this, and thankful that you share it here…the more perspectives on this the better.


  10. I like the truth no matter what flavor it is served. Labels are great for catalogging purposes, but are less valuable in defining ideologies. I would rather be offended than deceived. Keep getting the truth out and you will attract readers regardless of affiliation. The offended ones are only hurting themselves by fleeing any critique of their strongly held notions. If any belief system cannot stand up to scrutiny, it isn’t worth holding, imho.

  11. I don’t know if you’ve seen this French documentary, but I caught it on Sundance late last night. “It’s Hard When Your Loved By Jerks”. The film documents the events and civil trial resulting from French Satirical Magazine, Charlie Hebdo, reprinting the infamous Danish Muslim cartoons and providing more of their own.


    If nothing else, it shows that Freedom of Expression and satire are STILL alive and well in France. If we AREN’T Afflicting the Powerful, we’re not doing our Jobs right. So take it from a crazed, Vietnam-Vet Loner, the Walking Stereotype, If EVERYBODY is pissed off at you for pointing out their contradictions, you’re on the Right Track.

    Besides, what would they have us DO?


    Non, Merci!

  12. @Ishmael: …and you wonder why we miss your writing/articles over here?!! Please come back to us:-)I will check it out; love documentaries.

    @Poolman: “Labels are great for catalogging purposes” well-said, and thank you; I think this is your first post here, so let me welcome you to BFP.

  13. You are spot on as usual Sibel, but be careful not to stoop to their level and start name calling. Just tell the truth and keep your head up and out of the muck!

  14. Kingfisher says:

    “I would rather be offended than deceived.”
    This is a virtue and a rarity.

  15. ZicaTanka says:

    Not sure that I agree that “correctness” comes from the bottom up though. Seems to start taking effect as soon as there’s a leadership doing the labelling or a group (group-think) to protect.

    There are, of course, valid complaints against bigoted speech and ideas (e.g. racism), which effect those at the bottom more than the top. What’s happened is that the leading labellers have kept us afraid to speak or think, using the perception of their authority more than valid complaints. (Picture O’Reilly shouting “shut up!”, “turn his mic off!” or those who belittle “truthers” with snide remarks) The authority or protection/representation of authority stands out and is more effective than the apparent complaints or ideas.

  16. Zica, I was looking for the original Lenny Bruce recording of this but found THIS version from Dustin Hoffman’s film “Lenny” ABOUT Lenny Bruce that sums up MY feeling on ad hominem speech.

  17. @Ishmael: Awesome clip! Even at 6:30 a.m. before I’m done with first cup of coffee…

  18. Thanks, Ishmael. Reminds me of this clip of Beatty playing Senator Bulworth talking about obsenity.

    Especially the part where he says to use the labels until they lose their meaning – reminds me of the Bulworth clip at 4:30.

  19. And if you want to see Hoffman and Beatty together, you should check out my favorite movie of all time: Ishtar!

  20. theepitbull says:

    Another E.X.C.E.L.L.E.N.T. Post!

    Great News Sibel! You only get censored and attacked when you kicking their butts!

    Keep up the great work!


    PS: Link of the week LOL LOL LOL


  21. Napewaste says:

    Long time reader and admirer, Ms. Edmonds. Keep the fire lit!

  22. Thank you for this article. We live in a media world and virtually every thing is experience “second hand”. While there may be objective reality, this is a null concept to our existence.

    We all want the truth, but knowing that all information about “reality” is filtered. (Macluhan) Here are some choice quotes.


    It’s a dog eat dog world out there and don’t expect “altruism”. It’s a concept which seems so rational and just, but requires everyone to embrace it. And they are not gonna!

    No matter where you look and go you will find censorship and message control by those who have the power to do so. It’s expedient and serves their selfish interests. Don’t expect the world to behave in the selfless way a mother does to her children.

    Down we go… consumed by greed and self interest (of others).

  23. @Napewaste & theepitbull: Many thanks. I think we have many other supporters who’ve been silent for a long time, and I hope talking about these issues openly will end their silence/ bring them out.

    @ SanderO: One of the downers- The so-called alternative media was supposed to act as a counter, yet it has become a carbon copy of what it intended to counter…Even with my alt media BFP guests, the first place I check: the source of funding…and NGOs of ‘interest’;-)

  24. Maidhc Ó Cathail says:

    Thanks for inspiring this article, Sibel.

    Fortunately, there are a few sites willing to publish it…


  25. Maidhc Ó Cathail says:
  26. I find censorship in all organizations because they all are top down power structures… even when they are voted into that perch at the top by those at the bottom. This is a representative concept which is no more than… you guys give me your consent to do what I want. Trust me.

    Progressives are no different with the abuse of power and the need for message control. There is a genuine need to maintain both an air of openness/democracy and at the same time legitimacy and professionalism. It is the latter where we see the arguments which “appeal to authority” being used. And it is used several ways… one is simply the exercise of authority by a privileged person and the other is to assign more value to the opinions/words/theories/pronouncements are people who are considered authorities by virtue of experience, titles or letters after the name.
    However logic doesn’t care who uses or abuses it… it doesn’t care about the title of the person or the level of education. Logic stands on its own.

  27. @Maidhco: I just finished reading your piece. Good job, and thank you for sharing the link.

  28. John Trudell, American Indian Movement Activist, Santee Sioux Poet, spokeman for the Indians of All Nations 1969 takeover of Alcatraz Island, REAL victim of the FBI COINTELPRO program when his wife, two children and mother-in-law were all killed on the Pine Ridge Reservation by a fire of “unknown origin” the DAY he burnd a flag in front of the Justice Dept. in DC, said it best.

    Im MY Reality, I’M Crazy.”

    Over the years, I have found him to be one of the most insightful and prescient social critics of MY lifetime. Mother’s World Media has a new website collection of his poetry, music and social lectures here:


    LOTS of thought-provoking goodies here. I recommend you start with his presentation before the US Social Forum in Detroit this past June and work back from there. As a Native American, he brings a 10,000 year history in this land and a 400-year experience in dealing with what he calls, “The Civilizing Process”.

    “Before our white brothers arrived to make us civilized men,
    we didn’t have any kind of prison. Because of this, we had no delinquents.
    Without a prison, there can be no delinquents.
    We had no locks nor keys and therefore among us there were no thieves.
    When someone was so poor that he couldn’t afford a horse, a tent or a blanket,
    he would, in that case, receive it all as a gift.
    We were too uncivilized to give great importance to private property.
    We didn’t know any kind of money and consequently, the value of a human being
    was not determined by his wealth.
    We had no written laws laid down, no lawyers, no politicians,
    therefore we were not able to cheat and swindle one another.
    We were really in bad shape before the white men arrived and I don’t know
    how to explain how we were able to manage without these fundamental things
    that (so they tell us) are so necessary for a civilized society.”

    John (Fire) Lame Deer
    Lakota Sioux, 1903-1976

    I leave you with THIS Trudell video, which always reminds me of you.

    Heart Taker:

  29. Hi Sibel,

    Food for thought: I have noticed that you havent mentioned that Richard Perle is according to his own comments a registered Democrat.

    Is there actually any difference between radical left and radical right when it comes to corrupt Israeli or Turkish networks? Frankly, the only difference is passive(Democrats)/aggressive (Republican) corruption thereby defining passive aggressive climate of Americans…

  30. Mustafa Pamuk says:

    Wear the badge proudly. When people resort to personal attacks they have lost the battle.

    If they had no fear of the truth, they would attack your message rather than you personally.

    BTW; i was born into an Islamic family, I am not particularly nuts about any ideologies or powers controlling government, education, media, etc. Religion is a belief system that is sometimes based on control.
    I am not sure I have ever read anything from Sibel that was particularly anti- anything except for pro-transparency.

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