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‘They Made Me Do It!’

SnakeoThe Obama Campaign team has finalized its core message and marketing platform for the 2012 presidential elections. After several months of intense debate and ‘market research,’ the Obama Presidency ‘marketing executives’ have put together yet another simple and short ‘market catch phrase’ which may be proved brilliant, depending upon the degree of IQ decline and level of backbone reduction among its Democratic Base. And, no; the catch phrase is not ‘change.’ The new marketing makeover will be centered on the ‘They made me do it!’ message.

According to one of my inside sources, who did not wish to be named in this article for the fear of losing her/his ‘insider’ title and becoming a total outsider, an absolute ‘no no’ inside the Capital Beltway;

We must give credit where credit is due, and in this case credit for the platform message goes to the President’s die hard supporters, who have refused to give up on their president, and this despite the fact that everything changed on changes promised to them. We never expected this level of blind loyalty, and I must tell you, the president is riveted and hopeful…counting on this core base to hand him his next term. In a way, the bond between the two, the president and his die hard supporters, is like the marriage vow ‘in good days and in bad…’ except in this case it is even stronger ‘in bad days and in more bad days… and in even worse days…

During the first year of the Obama presidency his marketing executives were seriously considering a different platform based on a completely different message. Based on their research, all the president’s drastic changes on his promised changes were being justified and excused by the ‘too soon and not enough time to make real changes,’ argument. They rationalized; why not use that as a platform during the next presidential campaign?!

A few Obama team marketing executives gave this proposal serious consideration, while others voiced their doubt on its marketability. The question was - would it be that easy to sell Americans on a core message that said: ‘It always has to get worse before it gets better, and the worst part took four years. I smell the change nearing and I promise you the best four years…if you only elect me again.

The proponents of the ‘Four Years Is Not Enough to Judge My Presidency’ platform argued that based on history it indeed would sell. After all, the same ‘wanna-be-believers’ had totally disregarded Obama’s actual record prior to his candidacy, and despite all contradictions they‘d fallen for him, so why not this time? The opponents found the notion to be a bit too risky to gamble on, and they pointed to unpredictable factors such as an ‘increase in fatty fish consumption during the next four years, thus a significant increase in brain activity and logical reasoning ability among voters.’  In the end no decision was reached, and the proposal was placed in a ‘possible’ marketing platform folder.

The inspiration for now the finalized 2012 Presidency Platform came from the hard-core Obama supporters who have been consistent in shifting the blame from Obama, their choice of candidate and president, to various figureheads.

By 2010 the ‘too soon to judge him now’ crowd began switching to a new position based on ‘blame transfer & whine’. Die-hard supporters started to portray their president as a ‘victim.’ They chose the miserably failing war policies of Obama as a battle ground, where Obama the victim was constantly beaten by the big bad generals who kept making him do all the bad things based on even worse strategies. The evil generals were behind all Obama’s failed strategies and policies when it came to Afghanistan. So what if those generals were handpicked by Obama and kept in position by him? So what if Obama happened to be Commander in Chief and these evil generals’ ultimate boss? Inconvenient realities and details like that were discarded and poo pooed by these supporters; and with the mainstream media and the Woodward(s) of the propaganda machine as collaborators why would logical points like that matter anyway?

The brilliant Obama marketing team knew it the moment this ‘blame & whine’ shift started. They had found their magic potion for 2012. They would take it from here and turn this into a major campaign blitz. They would make Obama’s disastrous presidential record irrelevant, since none of it had anything to do with him. ‘They made him do it; all of it!’

The ‘They Made Me Do It!’ campaign preparation and packaging has now neared completion.  Of course, with two more years to go, it is still a work in progress and there will be additional points and complementary strategies. However, for a man famous for reinventing himself frequently and possessing a salesmanship knack that has been the envy of accomplished snake oil salesmen everywhere, it is never too early to start. He has already begun working with his bosses on the base speech to be used and modified for selected communities and audience groups.

The following is believed to be President Obama’s draft speech for his 2012 campaign platform - its authenticity is left to the readers:

My Fellow Citizens:

I stand here today still humbled by the trust you bestowed upon me four years ago, and shamed by the betrayal I’ve spent four years inflicting upon you. You put your confidence in me while I spent my entire presidential tenure letting you down. You placed upon me your hopes, and I took it upon myself to take them away one-by-one, and quite speedily if I may add. You gave me your votes, and I gave you only words in return and the opposite in actions. I know my record. I know all the changes I made to the changes I’d promised you. You see, I may not be a lot of things but I am still a man; at least last time I checked I was told that I was. And as the man who they say I am, it is my responsibility to tell you why. To show you the changed man I am today, after these four years in office, I am going to go ahead and say it: my presidency has been disastrous. I know you want to know why, and I have one sentence, just one sentence for you which sums it all up: ‘They Made Me Do It!

I, Barack Obama, told you that I opposed the Bush Administration's policy on warrantless wiretaps because it crossed the line between protecting our national security and eroding the civil liberties of American citizens, and I promised to change all that. I did not deliver on that promise, and I continued my predecessor’s unlawful practices in this area. And you want to know why? They Made Me Do it!

I, Barrack Obama, strongly criticized the Bush Administration’s use of excessive secrecy and their repeated invocation of State Secrets Privilege, and characterized those practices as worst cases of abuse of power. I promised you to put an end to those practices. I didn’t keep that promise, in fact I went on invoking the privilege even more frequently that my predecessor. Here is why: They Made Me Do It!

I, Barrack Obama, gave you my word on having all my negotiations around a big table, televised on C-SPAN, so that people can see who is making arguments on behalf of their constituents and who is making arguments on behalf of the drug companies or the insurance companies. I went against my word, and I went all the way down that path. I made almost all my sessions and meetings secret, not only on national security matters, but everything else, including the negotiations on my quasi health care reform. I’ll give you one reason as to why: They Made Me Do It!

I, Barrack Obama, stood before you and made a clear and simple promise on Guantanamo and restoring habeas corpus to be promptly fulfilled within a year, and here is my verbatim quote: “As President, I will close Guantanamo, reject the Military Commissions Act and adhere to the Geneva Conventions. Our Constitution and our Uniform Code of Military Justice provide a framework for dealing with the terrorists.” We all know my record on that promise; don’t we? I betrayed you shamelessly by refusing to restore habeas corpus rights, and by continuing and expanding the indefinite detention programs. You want a straight answer as to why, and I have that answer for you right here, right now: They Made Me Do It!

I, Barrack Obama, have extended our troops engagement in a true quagmire in Afghanistan, and I have expanded our wars into Pakistan, Yemen, and beyond. In short, I have exceeded even the hawkish previous administration when it comes to wars and benefiting the war profiteers. By now you must all know and believe that this was due to ‘them,’ - They Made Me Do It!

[97 additional cases of my major changes on promised changes to be added]

I can go on and on and on and tell you about so many other cases, but my answer will not change, not a bit. They Made Me Do It!

You want to know who these ‘they’ are. You wonder why ‘they’ should have so much power over me. And I want to tell you, it does not, and should not, matter. Whether some of these ‘they’ are my subordinates or my real bosses is not an area I want to waste time getting into. Some questions are much better left unanswered. You must trust me on this. Stop looking back. Instead I am asking you to look forward. I am asking to give me another chance with another four-year round to see whether I can change the changes I made to the changes I’d promised you first time around. If you can’t find it in your heart to do it that way, think of it this way: The other candidate may be, can be, even worse than me. I know for some of you it is hard to imagine a scenario worse than what you got with me. And this is where I am today, asking you for a change: Change what you elected me to change in the first place, and that change will change us all. Now that is a change I can promise.

Between now and November 2012 I will try to keep you informed on significant developments and updates in this area.

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  1. If I were to believe Sibel’s analysis, which I do, because it is confirmed by independent sources, then the question must be asked – if we want change then who are the puppet masters and how do we affect them? I ask you to suspend disbelief about the following account as it provides a practical solution, but requires a certain element not common in the discussions at this blog. Whether you accept the anecdote, I suggest we correctly identify the puppet masters and stop worrying about ‘ghosts’ like Obama.

    Now to a story about those born into wealth. In this case it was the Rockefellers of Sleepy Hollow, who developed vast wealth, and were supported by the Rothschilds of Europe. They had donated 700 acres to a public trust adjacent to their ancestral family home in Westchester County, New York. I was told in prayer in the morning that I would come as a glittering sword to the Old Men Rockefellers. If you know anything about the Christian faith, you realize that I was a point man of a much larger effort on that day. What makes this personally significant are several factors. I had learned a part of Christianity often overlooked in traditional churches more like that of native American shaman. Also, it was near my birthday. I walked into the public lands across the 7 Dwarfs bridge, feeling some tension that is natural when one lives in the suburbs of NYC. I was trying to still my mind, which was preoccupied with a bit of lust, a common affliction of healthy young males that live in a house with a lot of attractive women. I sat down on a knoll facing the huge ancestral mansion of the Rockefellers (which you can use Google Earth to observe) As I sat there quietly, the lust departed, and a beautiful four point buck stuck his head up nearby and looked directly at me. I started toward the entrance to the private estate, several miles off. I passed horse drawn carriages and since it was October, the harvesting of corn. Crows were trying to get their share and above them was a red tailed hawk that circled, came over me, and then headed toward the private Rockefeller estate as well. I had been reading a book by an Australian farmer called ‘Talking with Nature’ that involved conversations with trees. Directly ahead of me was a huge double-trunked maple in its golden fall glory. The gate to the private estate was several yards beyond the tree. Not wanting to be seen talking with a tree, I walked around behind the tree, so that I could see the gate, but no one could see me. I placed my hand on the tree, visualized how the Rockefellers had accumulated vast wealth through their war empire, drawn from the power of the land, and felt the sadness of the land. I consciously prayed to give my love in the name of Jesus to heal the land. Just as I finished my prayer I heard the galloping beat of horses hooves approaching the gate. Being behind the tree, I could see no one. Then quickly, for a brief moment a young woman appeared riding a horse at full gallop into the private estate. She looked over at me calmly, said, “Hi, how are you?” I responded equally calmly, “I am fine, thank you.” Does this seem strange to you? Well if what you took as science fiction above was strange, what followed was even more peculiar, and I will describe my best interpretation from years later.
    The day these events occurred was Sunday, October 18th, 1987. On Monday, October 19th, my birthday, the stock market crashed. Here is my interpretation of how these events are linked. The world is not as it appears. A little understood mechanism called biogenic magnetite is a sixth sensory organ in humans. It is also present in birds, bees, and many other lifeforms. Shaman, ancient Celtic druids, and many others understand this principle in part. According to Joseph Kirschvink at Caltech, there are about 7 billion of these little magnetic crystals in most human brains, located primarily in the hippocampus, the result of endosymbiosis from 3 and a half billion years ago. One of the reasons the Rockefellers arose to such prominence was an ability within their family to talk mind to mind with each other. What I had done by blending so intricately with nature on their estate, was to disguise myself as a Rockefeller. The young woman who spoke to me, spoke mind to mind – that conversation could never have occurred so intimately in the brief span of time as she galloped by. It occurred mind to mind, and I essentially short circuited the group mind of the Rockefellers, which extended to their manipulation of the stock market, and caused them to make faulty judgments.

  2. Napewaste says:

    I don’t read many people (and believe even less), but you are one of them. I brag about you and link to you all the time over at Glenn Greenwald’s ‘Unclaimed Territory’. Some of us are just not buying the ‘company line’. Patriots are lonely people they say, at least until it becomes safe (to paraphrase Mark Twain). Have a pleasant weekend.

  3. @Napewaste: I don’t want to sound cheesy, but I am truly honored. It is so easy to get discouraged and say heck with everything (ain’t worth it), and I have some of those pauses (more frequently than you may think), but then, there are times like this and people like you who get me going again; so yes, thank you.

  4. Every load bearing President has limitations.

  5. I have been disappointed with these so far broken promises, but I still support Obama and am hopeful for slow adjustments in the right direction. I don’t think it matters much who is at the helm. Democrats and republicans have to pretty much sell their soul to the party. I’m sure Obama has been shown where the lines are drawn. JFK is still a close memory for an example of one who attempted to buck the system, and him a for sure blue blood.

  6. I don’t think one makes it to president these days (last 30 years or so) without being acceptable to the MIC… who I sense staged a coup with the JFK assassination. My sense is he was trying to buck the MIC the CIA, wind down the cold war, perhaps redirect out nation toward more socially conscious efforts. That wasn’t going to cut with the CIA which was all about secretly advancing imperial objectives of the corporate giants, Wall street and so forth. One can’t really distinguish the military from the defense contractors and this is way more extensive than makers of fighter jets, bombs, bullets and so forth. Anyway… my sense is Kennedy likely believed that this was not a good thing for America – endless war and a war based economy. The MIC through their top people might have told him back off and he probably fired a few.

    They undertook secret efforts to attack Cuba and this pissed off JFK and he tried to shut the anti Castro Cubans down. The anti Castro Cubans remain today radical and militaristic, are inside the CIA and have staged false flag terror attacks intended to influence US policy and have managed to keep it quite anti Castro since.

    Then there was the gold mine call Nam which the MIC wanted in the worst way and again they did a false flag with the Gulf of Tonkin Incident… and in we went and the MIC made out and the generals got to play real war and express their sadism with impunity. JFK likely saw the madness of this too and wanted out. MIC and their “guys at the table” said Jack we are not going to put to pasture by the likes of you. They likely killed him and his brother and then MLK who was now beyond racial justice and demanding and end to the war for much the same reasons…

    So they staged their coup and left our puppet gov in place for appearances. It all looked like America… parties, debates, elections and so forth. But this was all for show. Regan came along… and began the assault on the socially conscious government and once again we got this trickle down rubbish where if the rich do well we get the crumbs… rising tide raises all ships rubbish… and the killing continued. RR was a great cold warrier… got some ships named after him.

    And then came poppy Bush… CIA son of Precott who was in bed with the Nazis and likely was part of the coup. Whoopie we got one of our own on the thrown. Iran contra and all that… How cool CIA in the oval office 24/7. How cool is that!

    Any one who wins the presidency learns that they can be put on the hot seat and need to heel. Bubba learned that and his hubris led him right into a trap. So he learned to love the MIC and accept the millions that come when you make it to the other side of a presidency. JFK didn’t need the bribe.

    W wasn’t even elected. The coup arranged for his ascension and demonstrated in spades that our own elections are a crappy as any third world nation. And the supremes said you can buy them – money + free speech. Now we had no skeery commie threat the MIC got to work manufacturing a new one and the excuses. Time for a new false flash and W will just read his cue cards. And we can skeer the pants of the public and they will roll over like a frighten puppy. Watch them take their shoes off to fly on a plane with nary a complaint. Sheeple we got. And we don’t have to draft them to fight… waring will be the only way the poor could possibly get a leg up… of the live through it. 911 changed everything. The coup was now more brazen – American Exceptionalism was the code word for we can rule the world, steal from it, kick ass and do whatever we want to anyone we want.

    The coup had their people everywhere… the ministry of public education… I mean the lamestream media would carry the message, the courts would be seeded with corportists who would rule for the right in every case or block, stall and delay justice. Justice delayed is justice denied. Evidence was manufactured with confessions tortured out of anyone they wanted. Torture was as CIA as apple pie was American. The CIA boasts they have 100s of plants in the lamestream media… and a huge PR budget to propagandize the people.

    A few too many people were not happy with W’s madness and being slaves and so they wanted something new and so the coup gave them a black man… a trojan horse to once again hide inside of. He was a PR dude and sold the people on a product that would not deliver. Whether he believed his own nonsense of not is immaterial. Once he was given the conch (Lord of the Flies) the coup gave him his marching orders and reminded him of JFK, MLK, RFK, JEJ jr, Welstone, 9/11, Tonkin, the election of 2000 and who really makes the world go round. Obi, here are your marching orders and get with the program… or else. We can make you a martyr too… or a millionaire multiple times. We inform… you decide.

    The CIA IS the executive branch. It doesn’t work FOR the president, he works FOR them and if he doesn’t get with the program they work ON him. The national security state ARE killers by profession… as are the MIC and the police and so forth. They consider killing a means to some end and the end justifies the means. Torture is on the table. War is good. Lying serves a purpose.

    President is just an acting job where you can cash out or get panned very badly and not get to appear in the second act. That’s the deal. They have all the guns and poison darts and control all the levers of this nation and the national security state. Big bro is here.

    Winston Smith… you ain’t goin nowhere.

  7. ooops that JEJ jr should read JFK jr sorry I type bad – shoot me.

  8. 344thBrother says:

    I wasn’t there!
    I never knew anything!
    I’m not in charge!
    My wife’s mother hoodoo’d me!
    Columbia University won’t release my records!
    The CIA is threatening me!
    Bin Laden is out to get me!
    My teleprompter malfunctioned!
    I’m a sports addict!
    It’s NOT MY FAULT!
    but but but…

    On a personal note. Sibel, I think the reasons we don’t see the kind of traction we need to really force some REAL change in this country, aside from the above…

    20% of America are lost, forever.
    51% of Americans depend on Government money to survive
    The economy has paralyzed many people who were just clueless before
    The wars are in someone elses country
    TV and mass media is still heavily censored and controlled
    People are getting worn down and frightened by what’s coming
    People who aren’t broke, are preparing for the worst.
    A goodly percentage of Americans are just cowards
    911 has been successfully (so far) pushed out of American consciousness
    The “Education system” has failed miserably, by design
    Punditry and spin has replaced debate.
    The American “Justice system” is breaking down
    Everyone is pointing fingers at everyone else

    and basically, our so called leaders are bought off, blackmailed, bribed, threatened and killed off as necessary.

    I can surely hear you when you get discouraged, but I suggest that we look at how far we’ve come. We should realize that this will never change without some serious hard knocks, the people in power know that they’re “All in” and if they lose now, they lose everything, so they’re trying to control the center of the board with their power pieces while we try to hem them in with our bodies (pawns). (When was the last time you saw a mixed metaphor of Chess and Texas Holdem?) : D

    All I can say with any assurance is, Sibel, there are good guys and bad guys in this thing and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Probably much much worse. However to those of us who continue to fight the good fight, and who keep clawing our way forward toward justice and logic and truth, often at great personal expense, we will win,

    You have been, and continue to be one of our most valuable and honorable assets. Regardless of the costs and the frustrations and the sadness, just having posted to you and having heard you speak has been a great honor and a strengthening effect in my personal life. If you ever need someone to take a bullet for you Sibel keep me in mind please.

    Dave Short
    PO Box 243
    Salyer, CA

  9. ZicaTanka says:

    Great humor in the draft speech, Sibel. He might want to add:

    “…and I think you all deserve another four years of betrayal, because it looks like you still choose not to realize that you’re getting screwed by a corprotocracy that can push you around because it knows you won’t fight back. And I can help you maintain your status as ignorant cowards. I can provide, without interruption, the paranoid bliss you expect from your nightly news, your airport security line, and especially your president and commander in chief.”

    Thanks for the “insider info”.

  10. ZicaTanka says:

    Side Note: Go Prop 19!

  11. ZicaTanka says:

    (sp) corporatocracy

  12. I’m glad you are amused with the speech.

    I’m not.

    I did not start out as an Obama supporter, but I am now and I’m really tired of the people who simply walk away in disgust. I never expected miracles from Obama because I have a deep understanding of just how screwed up the entire political machine is in the US.

  13. ZicaTanka says:

    I never walked away from Obama. Was never with him. Most that voted for Obama were scared into it. And now they’re more scared, and later they’ll be even more scared, and so on and so on… Yes, the political system is screwed up. So stop being scared into supporting someone who is obviously bad for us. That’s pure fuel (fool) for the corruption.

  14. Fck Obama! The Ilk of Ilario Pantano is the worry. This Bona fide neo nazi killer drone, spawned out of NY, Goldman Sachs, 9-11ies and the Iraq execution machine, Kills two unarmed men to ‘set an example’ by shooting them up to 60 times – s i x t y – maintaining, and the military ultimately agreed, that these two men, though unarmed, had made some sort of menacing movement towards him, and that justified what he did.

    This scion of high-end modern Americana is now in a tight race for North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District. Given thumbs up by Guilliani and Palin.
    Here cometh the ice man. The severely handicapped trauma psychotic fresh from practicing in the corporate killing fields of the illegal and lost war.
    At the door. of congress.
    Enduring freedom everyone?

  15. @Zica: That makes the two of us plus the majority of our Irate Minority club;-)

    @Politicky: ‘Amused’ was not the first goal anyway, if you catch my drift. If you don’t catch my drift, no worries, you are not alone…So now our only hope is ‘miracles’? Hmmmmm, if I remember correctly he promised miracles, no?! Pretty straight forward, he said as a president I will have power to stop X Y Z, and I will if you elect me. Then, he became the man, and took X, Y, and Z, multiplied him by ###, and shoved it up …Your deep understanding doesn’t appear to be deep enough. Who is taling about ‘walking away’? Over here, we like to talk about getting rid of the two-party (difference only in names;-)monopoly system and more…Like it or not people are doing it. Whether they are forming Tea parties, or coffee parties, or decaf iced tea parties is not the point,the point is, the disgust is translating to small degree of action (good or bad), and that’s what needed. I am sure you’ll cast your vote based on ‘the lesser of the two evils; one evil with evilness degree of 98, the other, 97.6’ …so very sad.

  16. Was there a glitch or was my last post too long or somehow offensive?

  17. The MICC is merely a tool of the central banks/Federal Reserve.

    Governments (you and me) have to borrow money to purchase weapons & material, personnel & contractors to wage war. Do you think Raytheon’s net profits combined with all the other military contractors’ net profits even begin to hold a candle to the interest on the gross expenditure for a entire ten year war (both sides)… compounded for decades or half a century?

    For folks like me, the economy and unemployment are far too present to get worked up about silly little things like privacy, rights or the Constitution. But then, perhaps that was the idea? Prop 23 in California and taxing those nice folks frakking Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania… how can you vote for something that will lose jobs?

    Obama’s biggest mistake was wasting his political capital and 18 mos on health care while the economy floundered and people lost their jobs and homes. And now that it is obvious, what do we hear from the White House? *crickets*

    Kennedy’s biggest mistake was the same as Lincoln’s (and all the other presidents who died in office every 20 years when they attempted to prevent the renewal of the central bank charter), they spit in the face of the central bank by instructing the US Congress to create our own currency without the permission of a privately owned central bank. Silver Certificates? Greenbacks?

    The Federal Reserve Bank is a privately owned corporation with the singular legal right to print money and sell/loan it to the United States for interest/profit. The United States does not have the legal right to print its own currency. How does that even make sense?

    When the banksters want to transfer more wealth to themselves (constantly until they have it all), they instruct governments to borrow money and make war on each other… or suffer the collapse of their economy when the central bank arbitrarily contracts the money supply and stops loaning money. Historical fact.

    What choice do they have? How can a president say no? Every one who tried, died.

    Your local branch operates with fiat currency created out of thin air and fractional banking practices. They are allowed to loan out ten imaginary dollars for every “real” dollar they hold on deposit. Of course, don’t forget every one of those real dollars represents debt, not value. They are all on loan from the Fed, at interest. On top of the interest the Fed collects on the initial currency it loans the govt, how can there be enough money in existence to pay off all the loans in existence? There can’t be. Without constant expansion, global economic collapse is inevitable. The birth rate of industrialized nations goes flat, and there are no more places left to expand. Why do you think we let illeagl aliens in? We need them to pay more taxes. We have run out of ways to kick the can down the road. The game is over, the banksters have no choice but to bankrupt the slaves…

    “Give me control of a country’s money supply and I care not what laws they make or who makes them.”

    The first rule of fight club…

  18. It’s the people that will have to pull the rug out from under the banks. I’m with BillH in that it’s game over, or at least very close. I think the only thing that can pre-empt their game is to get this damn 9/11 conspiracy out in the open where justice can play out on center stage. It has been building momentum, especially overseas. If we get enough people not beholden to the system willing to point fingers and demand evidences, we might just steal the thunder from under the instigators of this new world order. They have certainly gotten sloppy with their coverups over time. With the state of the economy and to use one of their favorite catch phrases we may just have the “perfect storm.”

    This needs to be fought on a spiritual level as well. If everyone would commit to overcoming this evil captivity with whatever means they have available to them, good can still come from this. We need that hope. We need that unity. We must demand justice. The greatest criminals to our republic are walking around in broad daylight and being promoted in the halls of government and commerce. Apply the laws of the land starting at the very top. If you are a praying person, pray into these very people’s lives. This will not right itself without much intervention on our part.

    So I don’t get too down on Obama. I voted for him, and I wasn’t scared into it. He has confessed to being a spirit-filled Christian, with which I can relate. He’s intelligent, articulate, contemplative, and speaks sincerely, yet he is a politician. A politician is just a salesman. Of course he’s in the position of head salesman of USA,inc. Before he was hired, he was mainly selling himself and his party. And now, as head salesman, he simply can’t go against company policy, a policy I’m sure he may have suspected, but was not totally privy to until that inagural day. I’m sure now he more clearly sees that there are minefields in every direction. I’m certain they have been pointed out. One wrong move and “another one bites the dust”.

    A smart salesman might throw out a big hunk of prime in the front yard for all the watch dogs to fight over and feast on, smiling and waving at them as they savor the flesh. While I can pray and hope he’s got his helpers in the back digging up all the bones, mending the broken fence panels, fixing the gate latch, and picking up the piles, all the while the dogs are distracted with their tasty delight. I’m not willing to write him off yet. I’m not willing to give up this soon with what could be a Trojan Horse, God’s gift to the owners Carlin warned us about. It could happen…

  19. @BillH: This particular WordPress Spam filter blocks certain length POSTS and those with over certain number of links…

  20. The private business sector includes jails. Jail proprietors have already deadlocked the emotions of our dependents. Included in this deadlock are the recipients of accessible international health care. Money is no longer a motivator. Jail is ILLEGAL, only adding to the distrust. We need people working to get well!

  21. @Poolman: Religion, hope, and USA, Inc. It’s all the same fantasy/nightmare.

  22. @edit_mommies: I agree. It’s a conflict of public interest.

  23. @ZicaTanka: Admittedly, they have all been hijacked. But when things start falling out of the sky, it will be a game changer. I, for one, haven’t thrown in the towel.

  24. This from a child of insiders even though he is legally an adult. Some of them have no clue what drives the family empires. It confirms a premise I suggested at the beginning of this thread. Trick or treat? I suggest commodities is the way out. Learn to grow your own food and create local, sustainable communities based upon barter. They can never enforce all of their empire mandates if we the people rise up.

    “I attended a family luncheon in NYC several years ago and a magician joined us for entertainment. He asked us all to think of a number between one and one hundred, and that we would write it down. 60 percent of the people wrote down the number 36. I believe I have seen in action this thing you are talking about, most recently in London, A sufi stopped me in the street wrote the number seven and the word blue on a piece of paper, balled it up then put it in my hand without my seeing it. He then asked for a number between one and ten, and my favorite color. I suspect he injected the number seven into my mind before I thought about it, or even as I thought about it. Perhaps it was another trick though. (Name withheld to protect the innocent)

    Happy Halloween! Good Samhain!

  25. Oddly enough, I was pondering another confabulatory route of defence for the President… with the voice of a devil’s advocate you might say: The vultures are circling

    But perhaps the case… really the apology, was never better made than by Richard Nixon himself. Tonight, as Game 4 of the World Series was getting underway, I finished reading Fletcher Prouty’s The Secret Team – highly recommended for anyone who wishes to understand the history of the subversion of our government. While somewhat dated (originally published – then supressed – in 1973), it is still very pertinent to our times. The title of the final chapter is Five Presidents: “Nightmares we inherited” in reference to a very frank admission that Nixon made in an interview with journalists in January 1971 (following the light rebuke of the ’70 mid-term elections – that is, “light” in comparison to what Obama is in for this Tuesday). The question came from Nancy Dickerson of PBS, refering to an early ’68 campaign speech: “You made a speech how the next President had to give this country the lift of a driving dream… Well, as yet, many people have failed to perceive the lift of a driving dream…” – Sounds like the fate of “Hope” and “Change” doesn’t it? Nixon’s reply: “Miss Dickerson, before we can really get a lift of a driving dream, we have to get rid of some of the nightmares we inherited. One of these nightmares is a war without end. We are ending that war… But it takes some time to get rid of the nightmare. You can’t be having a driving dream when you are in the midst of a nightmare.” At the time five Presidents – Truman, Eisenhauer, Kennedy, Johnson & Nixon – had contended with the nightmare, in each their own way, with futlity. And of course the same goes for every President since then… except perhaps, as I am reading this, I look up at my TV to see George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush riding in a golf cart to mid-field of Rangers Ballpark to throw the opening pitch of Game Four. For them, the “driving dream” and the nightmares were one and the same (read Russ Baker’s Family of Secrets to find out how).

  26. ZicaTanka, consumer goods f*** us up and make our lives suck. Jails throw us in the s*** and prune our kids. We’ll form Benson, they children can be Hedges. No they cannot,..thrill us.. but who will love the hedges, when we are gone? Pathetic losers more than likely. Rule begotten naysayers close to three feet from our designated areas. And what does all this control have to do with quality? How long before they, start touching our hedges? The time it takes for quality to effect the limitations of their control. Maybe these limitations are enhanced with factors including addiction or down right lies. Might as well prove the ignorance of our children with school or intersections of increasing difficulty. Is this diabolical or just Obama’s problem?

  27. ZicaTanka, consumer goods f*** us up and make our lives suck. Jails throw us in the s*** and prune our kids. We’ll form Benson, the children can be Hedges. No they cannot,..thrill us.. but who will love the hedges, when we are gone? Pathetic losers more than likely. Rule begotten naysayers close to three feet from our designated areas. And what does all this control have to do with quality? How long before they, start touching our hedges? The time it takes for quality to effect the limitations of their control. Maybe these limitations are enhanced with factors including addiction or down right lies. Might as well prove the ignorance of our children with school or intersections of increasing difficulty. Is this diabolical or just Obama’s problem?

  28. ZicaTanka says:

    Sounds like both.

  29. I was reading about Silvio Berlusconi and his use of his media empire to further his political goals in Italy and was struck by the similar political vertical integration at Fox. Rupert Murdoch buys up big ticket sports events, the Circuses if you will, and uses them to subsidize his “News Operations”, which all have a self-serving rightist slant. He hires Republican politicians as “analysts” while they’re out of office including all but ONE of the current Presidential luminaries so they get constant public exposure. He provides media saturation for the erzats Corporate-funded Tea Party movement as the method of increasing it’s influence and channeling populist rage for corporate goals. Now, with the unlimited secret spending on political ads, Billions more pour BACK into Fox News, entertainment AND sports channels in the form of paid political advertising. The same paid political advertising that people like Karl Rove say will now be ongoing THROUGH the 2012 election.

    I was looking for a comparison that fit and I remembered Frank Capra’s “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington”. Edward Arnold plays a William Randolph Hearst-like Press Baron in it that fits the bill. Here’s an exchange between him and the Claude Rains character:

    Senator Joseph Paine: He can raise public opinion against us – if any part of this sticks…
    James Taylor: Aah, he’ll never get started. I’ll make public opinion out there within five hours! I’ve done it all my life. I’ll blacken this punk so that he’ll – You leave public opinion to me. Now, Joe, I think you’d better go back into the Senate and keep those Senators lined up.

  30. Just watched Oliver Stone’s documentary about Chavez and other populist South American leaders and their battles with USA, Inc and the IMF. The media was used pretty heavily in the attempted coup – Stone does a good job of showing just how ugly our MSM can be. The film is called South of the Border.

  31. @ZicaTanka, I have’t seen that documentary yet, but along the same vein is this article I read yesterday that is quite good:

    That is why I do not trust the MSM to report without bias. Whenever I watch “news” on the teevee, I am suspect of the “facts” they expouse, and generally go online for confirmation. Just one reason why I enjoy this site.

  32. anyone counting how many key ‘voting-moments’ are presaged by Al Qaeda bomb plot terror alerts these days – ??

  33. Thanks for the article, Poolman. Looks like it mentions a lot of the same stuff. I’ll read it.

  34. @Sibel,

    I certainly agree with you that the Obama administration is not to be trusted. It is completely under the control of the military-industrial complex. The only thing I will say is that the MIC has been in control since the Kennedy assassination, and we have not had a real president since then, so in that sense Obama is no exception. A “real man” like Kennedy would try to regain civilian control, even if it meant being assassinated. I see no sign that Obama is such a man.

  35. @tonywicher: Exactly. And no difference when it comes to the two-party monopoly system. We need third, fourth, fifth parties…This ‘vote for lesser of the two evils’ propoganda, advertised by the real bosses, should be ended, by us. This is the right time to do exactly that…

  36. @Sibel,

    The problem with the “third party” route is that it only splits the progressive vote and helps Republicans. So the choice becomes (a) cast a protest vote for a third party which may feel good but only helps Republicans, or (b) hold your nose and vote for “the lesser of two evils”. So far I have chosen (b). For example, in the last election here in California I voted for Boxer and Brown; I still do consider them significantly better than the alternatives, which were Whitman and Fiorina. Also we should consider that there are some 9/11 truth people in the Democratic party – in Colorado, for example, where the Dems just voted for a new 9/11 investigation. There aren’t any at all in the Republican party. So I still think, given the rules of the game, that the best bet is a real insurgency to take over the Democratic party. I would like to see a strong challenge to Obama for the nomination in the 2012 primaries.

  37. @Tony: “The problem with the “third party” route is that it only splits the progressive vote and helps Republicans” I really dislike that line of reasoning: A- There ain’t nothing progressive about Democratic Party; B- It has to start somewhere and grow from there; C- We need more than 3; hopefully, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 until it works itself out based on public supply-demand dynamic; D- It should work for Republicans as well; there are many Republicans who are extremely unhappy with their party and they don’t fit in to only one mold either…

    I really dislike branding based on parties. To say, oooohhhh, that helps Republicans is the same set of dumb mentality that is marketed by the owners of both brand; same owners, same parties, two different names.

    I don;t see any differece between Harman-Palosi and let’s say Hastert. Again, that’s the brain wash you people have been through. Zero difference.

    Finally, you axpect the same corrupt and totally owned party to give you a better candidate?! Haven’t you seen how alternative candidates of both parties have been marginalized?! Kucinich, Ron Paul?!Please wake up, and wake up others;-)

  38. ZicaTanka says:

    @tonywicher: I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way that there is any problem with the “third party” route, is that people such as yourself create that problem by spreading irrational fear and submission (not just the MSM). In other words, you’re stealing our votes, you spoiler. You need to quit being afraid to lose, in order to win. The sad irony is that the majority of people would vote for a non-D/R candidate if it wasn’t for fear mongering gossip. I hear “s/he can’t win, so I’m being pragmatic” from individual progressives more than from the MSM. It’s not like there is a majority support for the D or R platforms. Play your part by becoming a link in the rationality network, not in the support-the-corporatocracy-lesser-evil-gossip-MIC-complicit-irrationality network. Experience the integrity that’s there for the taking, just waiting for you. I approve this message.

  39. There is a movement that is almost a year old that is gaining momentum.

    The videos and ideas seem to have merit. It is a grassroots movement, unlike the TP movement, and doesn’t advocate any political party.

    We have to separate business from government, in the very same way we need to keep religion separate from state. If we can succeed to get our country back from the corporations that run it, we could possibly restore the republic. Apparently there is a provision for a convention in our constitution to arrest power from the legislature.

  40. ZicaTanka, So how should I have voted last election? Peace and Freedom? Green? Libertarian? You say I’m “stealing your vote”? That’s funny, but who is “you”? We need a political insurgency, all right – revolution from below. I am not sure what the best strategy is. I understand all too well that honest progressives are marginalized, whether they are Democrats like Kucinich or third party candidates like Nader. I have been enduring this for my entire adult life.

  41. Poolman,

    OK, I’ll check out this “coffee party”. For me the best hope is that the 9/11 truth movement will develop into a political party or will take over the Democratic party from below.

  42. What’s up with Justin Bieber?

  43. I compromise my self esteem for the besmirched, innuendo of senseless people. If any of these politician’s words could equal anything else besides a framework for an invisible nation, I would nominate everyone I see for the ballot.

  44. First of all, you are one of my few heroes, though the word itself is hyberbolic. I’ve admired the way you’ve put yourself on the line in the pursuit of truth. Your article is spot on, but that won’t be so apparent to those that are in Obama’s camp. He clearly is a brand product, and was brought in to further what I refer to as a corporatist agenda under cover of the Left. IMO he is a created brand/product. A ‘friend’ I’ve made on facebook has a book I recommend for everyone. “The Empire’s New Clothes” by Paul Street. It would behoove everyone, whether they consider themselves on the Left OR the Right to step outside their paradigm and realize how things work on the top, and always has so, through our history.
    (BTW, I just friended you on FB, and received some kind of warning about spamming. Hopefully, you won’t reject it, but if you do, please don’t mark it as Spam, something I never do anyways. Either way, thank you for doing what you do.)

  45. @Jeff: welcome to BFP, and thank you for so effectively articulated note. “The Empire’s New Clothes” will be on my book list to purchase before the end of this year. Please let me know if your FB request gets rejected…

  46. Dennis Leahy says:

    Hi Sibel!

    You need to know how many of us have deep admiration and respect for you. Somehow, the magic of your personality, your guts, and the truth were brought together in a way that also provided the basis to get National Security Whistleblowers Coalition off the ground, and got other whistleblowers whistling.

    Thank you so very much for what you have done and what you are doing. I believe it is extremely important for the general public to see the truth come out from (some of) the intelligence community. Many ordinary citizens speak the truth, but have no clout or “street cred.” You most certainly do, and so do the other intelligence personnel that have come forward.

    Standing ovation!


  47. @Dennis: Welcome, and Many thanks for the kind note. I just saw your FB request; added, and nice to have you in both places.

  48. New Paradigm says:

    I believe Barack believed what he said when he said it. Then came the first secrets meeting with George Junior. There was a change in his energy when Barack walked out from when he walked in. “They” let him win, it is obvious. That is part of polarizing the masses. Since he’s been in, the legislation passed has been a smoke & mirror game of marketing.

    But is it Barack’s fault? I say no. I say we haven’t had a president in charge since Kennedy and he got dead because of it. If the Republicans were in the White House, would it be different? Hell no! George and Bill before him played their role in the middle class demise. We were complacent and deluded to believe we could trust government to do right by the American people (self included). For the history of this country, it has been about the elite maintaining power and control. And the masses are so busy blaming the other guys that we don’t explore the underlying problem.

    We talk about a third party, or fourth but that won’t solve the problem when the party system is supported by dollars from big corporations (generated through employees, small share holders & consumers) but funneled to the interests of the executives/board members/majority shareholders. Americans believe what we are told over and over again. The best candidate for president couldn’t pay enough to get the attention of the masses. He wouldn’t get media attention. Barack used social media to give the campaign a “grass roots” feel but was bought and paid for by huge corporations.

    But the good news is the horrible state of the economy/war/injustice is affecting so many people on all different levels in such poignant ways so quickly that there are huge numbers of people waking up all at once. I don’t know what is the right answer. But I do know that lots of us are doing our own little slice of the work necessary for the consciousness evolution now in progress.

    My recommendation to everyone is to do whatever you do for the good of everyone. Take hardship and process the anger/fear in a productive manner like Sibel. Expect resistance, ridicule and difficulties so you won’t be surprised that your project isn’t funded, given media attention, rewarded by the powers that (think they) be. Do what you are passionate about and trust that you will be supported (some how, some way). Know that you DO make a difference, even when you don’t think anyone is paying any attention.

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