The Not So Gradual Degradation Of A Nation

Paying To Be Raped

Every single day millions of us are being subjected to the shameful processes of being searched, screened and viewed naked, patted, groped, fondled, poked and stroked by badge-wearing strangers- police under a different name. Every single day. Millions of us, Americans. Being violated. Being degraded. You know exactly what I am talking about. I am taking about me, you, your mother, her brother, his brother’s wife and toddler son, their grandmothers. I am talking about the systematic degradation of our people. I am talking about being raped of our dignity, privacy, and decency. I am talking about a daily systematic rape we actually pay to be subjected to. I am talking about severe violations we elect people to bring upon us. Yes, I am talking about traveling, TSA police, and being reduced to naked and helpless subjects of government police practices. 

Considering its short tenure, the motherland police force, aka Department of Homeland Security, has had a one of a kind success. In less than a decade it is now the third largest cabinet police department. It has around 200,000 employees, and that’s without counting contract employees - which exceed this number. Now remember, we still have the FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA…plus all the other state and local police forces from before. TSA makes up over 60,000 of DHS employees. This 60,000 federal police force oversees 450 airports, so that makes it around 133 police per airport. And that’s in addition to local airport police.

What do I mean by not so gradual and systematic degradation? I mean in less than ten years, they went from this:

Degrad1 to This Degrad2 then to This Degrad3

And now to this, this, this, and this all together:


Next, coming soon, very soon, it will be This

Degrad5 and This Degrad6 
Last week TSA announced that airline passengers should expect to see and feel additional pat-down procedures at U.S. airports over the coming weeks to provide another layer of security. They said passengers should continue to expect "an unpredictable mix of security layers that include explosives trace detection, advanced imaging technology, canine teams, among others."

The following blurb comes from CNN, thanks to one of its employees who chose to speak up a little, only a little (all emphasis in bold are mine):

Rosemary Fitzpatrick, a CNN employee, said she was subjected to a pat-down at the Orlando, Florida, airport on Wednesday night after her underwire bra set off a magnetometer. She said she was taken to a private area and searched, with transportation screening officers telling her the pat-down was a new procedure.

According to Fitzpatrick, a female screener ran her hands around her breasts, over her stomach, buttocks and her inner thighs, and briefly touched her crotch."I felt helpless, I felt violated, and I felt humiliated," Fitzpatrick said, adding that she was reduced to tears at the checkpoint. She particularly objected to the fact that travelers were not warned about the new procedures.

Okay, up to this point  I was pleasantly surprised to see this piece being run by a mainstream outlet, and the fact that this woman didn’t take the rape in silence and go away the way most do when it comes to these government sanctioned and implemented systematic rapes, but then I reached the following:

"I am appalled and disgusted at the new search procedures and the fact that passengers have not been made aware of the new invasive steps prior to entering the security area," Fitzpatrick wrote. "It appears once you enter the security area, passengers forfeit their rights. There were no signs, video information, etc. at the entrance of the security area at the airport. Why?"

She added: "As an experienced traveler for work who was in tears for most of the search process, I have never experienced a more traumatic and invasive travel event!"

First, let me give her due credit for saying out loud that she objected and felt: helpless, violated, humiliated, appalled and disgusted. But after that, it is my turn to be appalled. Is the process supposed to get less humiliating, appalling, traumatic, and disgusting if the violators give prior notice about the violations, the rapes, to come??!!! Please walk with me through the following reasoning:

Two rapists are brought before a judge. One had caught his victim by surprise through a blitz attack, then violently raped her. The other had stalked his victim for a while, sent her some disturbing warning notes, and then violently raped her. Victim one turns around and tells victim two: Why do you feel violated?! Your rapist gave you the courtesy of warning notes - and that makes his rape much less of an offense than my rapist!!

My question to CNN’s Fitzpatrick is this: Next time, when these people squeeze your breast, poke your buttocks and stomach, and grab your crotch, will you feel okay? Far less violated? All because now you know what to expect?!

After reading the piece I quickly scanned other news sites, both mainstream and alternative. Almost all of them picked up the story and reported it per the original, and the strongest cursory comment at one site was that the story and Fitzpatrick’s experience was ‘unsettling.’ Wow! How hard-hitting! But that was not what I found, and find, so very ‘unsettling.’ Not at all.

What I find truly unsettling is that we only have a handful like Fitzpatrick who come forward screaming about the horrifying, humiliating, violating, traumatic …nature of these federal police practices (abuses) in all our airports. Now that is truly unsettling, shocking, and appalling as far as I am concerned. Millions are going through these routine rape processes (Yes, RAPE: raping you of your dignity, privacy, humanity, and more. Ok?!) without a peep. What is going on here? Have ‘their’ systematic humiliation and degradation practices been so successful that millions take it regularly without any protest, objection, action, counteraction?!

I am talking about the hard-core ACLU following liberals. Where the he … are you?! I can’t hear or see you. Where is the protest?  Give me a holler, and let me know where and when and I’ll be there to join. Here I’m hollering on the record. And no, don’t go file a couple of lawsuits and say that you’ve done your share; that lazy move hasn’t worked for at least a decade!!

I am talking about those on the extreme right of those mentioned above. What happened to your slogan of small government and keeping a tight rein on federal government practices? Isn’t this as close and personal it gets, when your feds are squeezing your testicles while breathing inches from your face, and while you are fully paying for these squeezing and probing services?! I thought you’d attributed these practices to those commies, shouldn’t you be barking when it is in your own backyard?

I am talking about old fashion patriarchal guys. Where are you macho and good ole cowboy mentality testosterone walking bags when your wives and daughters are being fondled, squeezed, and intimately probed? Shouldn’t you be roaring like lions and throwing punches like John Wayne when it comes to those who violate your ‘women’? Don’t you feel your manliness under attack when they make you stand in front of them, with your legs apart, arms up to each side, while their hands wrap around measuring your buttocks?

I am talking about us Americans, those to the right, the ones on the left, the upper class- lower class, and those in the middle…Here we are, the entire nation, being violated and raped on a daily basis by our servants whom we pay for dearly. Last time I checked we were paying them over $7 Billion - here it is with all the zeroes: $7,000,000,000. Please, don’t even try to bring up that ‘security’ punch line so overused and abused, because last time I checked they were not providing much in terms of ‘security.’ In fact they couldn’t even secure their own personnel files and records.

Soon they will be bending us over to give us a thorough cavity search. After that it will be all cavities… And after that…There will be one or two who may stand up and scream. And for ‘them,’ one or two, even ten will be very easy to quash and ‘eliminate.’ Yet, I am still here, still hoping; hoping that somehow I’ll get to see that number in the tens of thousands and beyond, and that’s the only hope I see to stop our expedited degradation process. They say it always starts with one. Well, here I am, willing to be one. How about you?

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  1. I feel the exact same way. What got me thinking about it more was an episode of Dexter, where a lady who had been tortured and raped was being subjected to a full body raping, or search as they try to call it. She ended up having flashbacks of those horrific events and left the airport. Well, how many other victims of sexual abuse are going through that exact same fear and anxiety? Not to mention those who have never even been touched in any “private part” of their anatomy?

    What would happen if everyone refused to be searched, all at once? What if we all planned to board the exact same flight and all refused any type of search whatsoever?

    What would happen if people were to start filing charges against the TSA?

    Now there are two. Any others?

  2. @Micwazoo: You get it, and I am glad to see likeminded people. Why don’t we start, try it, and see what happens. I’ll start a new post on this, and I’ll depend on you, the members of the irate minority club, to help implement.

    So, where are the other members?! I am waiting…

  3. I’m game.

  4. i’m game. at least volubly express the opinion of how ridiculous it all is.carry a sign-notebook prominently/”innocently” displayed is discreet and “casual” free expression (like “google wtc7” or “” in every public place you can.) it might spark debate or conversation. stay polite and “normal” looking for credibility.

    remind folks of how the christmas day/underwear bomber was escorted onto plane past security/state dept by official/well-dressed (cia) looking man, saying “it’s ok for him without a passport. we do this all the time.” do i have this right/correct, i mean.? the lawyer couple witnessed this but did it get any mainstream coverage? WE are not, apparently, really innocent until proven guilty. these are same procedures, but worse (the body scanners showing your nudity) for loved ones visiting those (usually of color) in prison.

    google “citizens for legitimate govt/ fort hood shooting anomalies”. and false flag/northwoods document. post signs everywhere, repeatedly with your concerns. it’s as if we live in some third world country which has no freedom of speech, ie. real newspaper/tv reporting, and folks have to post the news on light poles and such.

    a cheap plastic bottle of red/bright light blue? acrylic paint, a brush and cardboard boxes broken down, and a staple gun can go a long way toward expressing “the news that needs to be told? but isn’t being!!! on major thoroughfares, near stop signs/lights. not sure of legality of posting on actual light poles, but if someone already has been, i figure it’s fair game. kind of fun and makes folks wonder. somebody might become a bit better informed. question the prevailing assumptions. lynn b

  5. My own experience with TSA, already recounted here, led me to avoid flying at all costs, especially out of country. Then the tale of the pilot who had for 4 and a half years daily entered screening for flights, but refused a full body scan on the day it was inaugurated. His option was a body search by TSA. Refusing that, he refused to fly; his boss was called by TSA before he could defend his decision. Since in the thinking of the Elite parasites we are cattle, their biggest problem is overpopulation. Not too many steps more to forced sterilization. After all we turned a blind eye to it being done to our own Native Americans for generations. What goes around, comes around. I love a few Floyd Westerman, a Lakota, songs on this subject. From a strict economics point of view, the airlines must be losing huge amounts of revenue, why are they ineffective at leveraging their corporate muscle to end this abuse before they go under?

  6. @Simon: Have you seen the latest on UK airlines on this?

    So why do I have so many more comments over @ FB than here?! And tons of comments via e-mail!Excellent comments/suggestions…How am I going to consolidate?!

    Stay tuned…I’ve been thinking…and working on a few ideas. Meanwhile, please post your suggestions/comments.Please?

  7. “It will soon be his job to kill them”…A line from a novel. Coming to terms with alternatives to dying is even less appropriate isn’t it? Finality is so much more provocative. Sometimes you just get caught up in a destination I guess? However, blood-lust is taking a back seat to alternative forms of aristocracy. For instance, our President could sell jet planes to India. He could sell jet planes and then India would have a defense budget for training more Indian intelligence agents. Then those agents could prepare the Indian population to be queer and violent. Americans, seeing this growth spurt in India may then take a step back and reconsider how they manage their own queer violence. Because those pictures up there make me sick. I would rather watch a turtle scratch around on hardwood floors.

  8. New Paradigm says:

    These airline “safety” protocol upgrades are another notch in the belt of fear mongers, chipping away at our liberty through supposedly justified inconveniences. It is another degree in the pot of water that will cook us all unless we come together and call out the absurdity. Like Simon says, it’s enough to make us refrain from travel, rather than subject ourselves to unreasonable search. Like thymesup said, the under ware bomber basically got away with his plot. If it weren’t for the passengers, the plane would have been bombed. What’s wrong with that picture?

    The moment I heard about the attacks on 9/11, the first words out of my mouth were “There was domestic involvement”. Research since has led me to believe that “domestic involvement” was more direct than I would have imagined possible (how naive I was) for the purpose of inciting fear and vengeance to go to war with an illusive enemy (terrorists), install the Unpatriotic Act, stripping our liberty and subjecting us to what ever indignities deemed appropriate. For what? To make the rich richer and enslave every day people in a prison of fear.

    The good news is that because of people like you Sibel, willing to suffer injustice rather than blindly submit to status quo, every day people are becoming enlightened. Thank you for your work!

  9. It’s probably a good thing that I’m TOO Poor to fly these days. My practice in the past was to fly wearing my “Original Dept. Of Homeland Security” T-shirt with the pic of Geronimo, My friend Robert’s Great-Uncle Mangas and the rest of the Warriors of the Apache Resistance on it taken while THEY were still at War with the US. Of course, since it’s a crime to lie to federal officers, I would be forced to inform them that I would NEVER carry a bomb on any plane I was flying on since it would be far easier for me to sit at the end of the runway with a shoulder-fired, heat0seeking missile instead. Besides, if I WAS going to use one of the aformentioned, I would be far EASIER to find since I would be doing THAT at the end of the Taos airport when Don Rumsfeld’s CORPORATE jet was taking off. I have no interest in shooting down planes full of innocent people. Now, planes full of GUILTY people is an entirely DIFFERENT matter. Besides, it wouldn’t be ME doing anything like that but the Samuel Brannan Memorial Committee of Vigilance.

    Think that would earn me a return trip to lovely Guantanamo Bay? I was there in 1978, BEFORE it became fashionable.

  10. Sibel, you might want to look at this

    It should help you pull all those responses together.

  11. @Ishmael: Sigh. Great comment as always…You’ll have an e-mail from me today.

    @ Micwazoo: Thanks. I’ll check it out.

  12. I am reminded of a quote from Voltaire: “Those that can convince you to believe absurdities can convince you to commit atrocities”

    Its all connected. We now can accept torturing innocent people. We now can accept drones splattering granparents and children all over the village. We have accepted being spied on relentlessly and illegally.
    We are a budding fascist police state and most people have been so propagandized as to be ok with that.

    As thymesup and New Paradigm have alluded, none of this would be possible had it not been for that fateful september morning nine plus years ago.

    Our only way out of this box of insanity is to be loud, vocal, relentless, unafraid and unambiguous in our demand for 9/11 Truth.

    To the extent we make lame excuses for not working toward that end clearly and vociferously every day……that tells how much we really do or not accept being raped.

    Sibel, the time has come to jump in with all your body and soul. DC911Truth is having a meeting tonight at a nice Indian restaraunt in Dupont circle, at 7pm. Details at our website. We would love to see you there.

    We can complain about the symptoms or we can cure the disease. Peace.

  13. Okay people, check this out:

  14. camusrebel says:

    I’ll take that as an, “Cant make it tonight but thanks for the invite”

    OOhhh, lets all “opt out”. For one day. Next May. That’ll show em.

    I bet they cancel the program the very next day.

    Yes, lots of people are pissed, pilots included. Thats good. Will it stop the fondling? No, of course not.

    SE, I know you are more aware than even myself of how deep the rabbit hole goes and how ugly it gets down there.

    You will always be a heroine to me. I can only surmise you have been threatened to lay off certain subjects. I know what they are capable of.

    So…..good luck in your quest to alleviate the symptoms. You have done much for the good team. Thanks.

    I cannot in good conscience chastise you for not going the extra mile into full blown trutherism. Although I will always stress that it is our only real hope, you have shown a light into some very dark corners, it is up to others to clean em out.

    But if you like a good vandalu sauce, maybe you could still drop by, my treat. Wouldn’t have to mention it here. Decent curry, tandoori…mmmmmm….just sayin. We’re there once a month. We’ll be in a private room upstairs. We could discuss local actions confronting TSA policies also. Peace.

  15. @CamusRebel That quote rocks!

  16. Of course NPR’s Andrea Seabrook thinks they make her look a tad thinner – plus, she’s just a little excited to have the world contemplate the enormity of her corporeal self.

  17. Dennis Leahy says:

    I just hardly ever travel any more, other than short hops, by car. (I used to fly a lot, 20 years ago, but those days are long gone.)

    So, it would be disingenuous of me to say I’m a participant in a big “opt out”, but if I have occasion to fly, I will not take the X-ray scan. For me personally, it is more the health risk, well, “risk” is not the correct word, getting a big dose of X-rays is not a health risk, it is a guaranteed health hazard. If I absolutely have to fly, I’ll get groped and complain loudly, write letters… but that is not going to deter them.

    Now, flying with my 11-year old daughter would be a completely different story. I won’t allow them to X-ray dose her, nor will I allow them to grope her. So, I guess that means we’re driving, not flying.

    I’d love to believe that even 50% of the travelers would/will opt-out, and complain loudly in a groping session. If half the passengers would opt out, the lines would go so slowly that there would be massive disruption at airports, and they *might* be forced to change the procedure. But, I live in a land of more than 50% sheeple, sound asleeple, who will do whatever they are told, maybe pout for a minute or two, then start talking about their favorite “reality” TV show.

    Oddly, in some warped ways, I realize that it is good that our freedoms are being taken away, a freedom at a time, relentlessly. It is probably the only thing that will wake up another 20% to 30% of the people and get them mad enough to participate in general strikes and/or hit the streets in protest. We have already seen that refusing to provide universal health care did nothing (the dumbass sheeple protested getting medical coverage!!!), foreclosures were not enough, massive multi-billion dollar theft is not enough, loss of most civil liberties is not enough, and most are too stupid to know that the wars are imperialistic slaughter or that 911 was not bin Laden and cohorts. So, it will take a lot to push the average US citizen over the edge. A *lot*!

  18. In regards to the statevsyou “opt out” plan, why not try and implement across the country for 11/24, deemed to be one of the busiest flying days? A mass e-mail campaign where 1 person sends to all their contacts, etc. If we wait till May 2011, they will have established their control.

    Imagine if people stood outside at some of the bigger airports and handed out flyers to those going inside as well, stating that they should refuse the body scan and the TSA molestation. What would happen then? Are the airlines willing to set off a catastrophic scheduling mess for that entire weekend?

    Just a thought, but I think the longer we all wait, the less anger people are going to feel about this and the less motivated they’ll be to do something about it.

  19. The TSA is even feeling up little three year olds. You can always tell a red flag for a fascist state by observing their restrictions on transportation. Who owns and builds and was contracted to produce these naked body scanners? Because I believe they must be attached to the patsy on a plane bomber from last xmas. So who got the massive security contracts?

  20. Here’s a few links some of you might find interesting. (notice all the PAC and lobby firms attached to them)
    The two companies are L3 Communications Corp, and RapidScan Systems whose parent company is OSI systems. Just at a high level I see a lot of their work is outsourced to India amongst other countries. I thought though that stimulus money wasn’t supposed to go to products produced outside of the U.S.?

  21. And I submitted to quickly. Also, I found that L3 was granted their contract within 5 days of the underwear bomber. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know how many government officials had invested in their and\or OSI Systems stock prior to the contract being signed?

  22. @micwazoo.

    WOW! Another company I worked for for a time. I worked for Level 3 in California as an outside plant tech splicing and plotting their fiberoptic cables in Colorado, Utah, Nevada and Southern California in 1998-2000. Then they were building the massive fiber and fiberconduit overbuild on the Telecom network, but I’ve noticed in recent years their Big expansion into DOD and DHS contracts as well. Originally, the company was staffed by many former Qwest employees including me. The way they screwed me was, I had to resign to care for my infirm Mom-in-law because they had a hiring freeze just as I was trying to trnasfer to Phoenix to keep my job while I took care of the aforementioned. So they vested my IRA all in Level 3 stock. Unfortunately for me, their contracted vestment rate was at $69/share. The DAY they vested me, Level 3 stock was selling for $18/share. So, how to you turn $5000 into $50? Invest in Level 3.

  23. People should be mad at L3 Commuications and Rapiscan too

  24. You know if Wonkette is on your side, you might be making some cultural headway:

  25. I have what I believe is a simple solution to the atrocious acts against the flying society by the TSA. DON’T FLY. I’m not being facetious by saying that. I believe that if you’re not happy with something, you should stop doing it. Stop doing it, flying, for a short while and it wouldn’t take long for the airlines to put a stop to what’s going on. That’s just my opinion. It’s simple and that’s what society needs, to get back to simple.

  26. @hisrascal: Your simple solution presents a slippery slope. If you didn’t like what the traffic laws, would you stop driving? Riding your bike? Walking?

    What is at stake here is not the consumer’s choice, but the citizen’s rights.

  27. @zicatanka: The difference between flying and driving is that you need a license to drive and that’s why you’re required to obey traffic laws. If you don’t, they jerk your license. You DON’T need a license to fly as a passenger. So if, say, 30% of airline passengers refused to fly due to the new draconian security measures, the airlines would go bankrupt. The real question I have is this,

    How many of these Security measures are used on private, corporate jet flights?

    In the interest of fairness, I think all the Kings of Corporations and celebrities that use private airports and business jets should have to undergo the EXACT SAME security measures as commercial flights. After all, a Lear jet with a full fuel tank makes JUST as good a flying bomb as a jetliner. How long do you think those measures would last THEN if those people had TSA employees feeling up THEIR wives and children or irradiating THEM?

  28. I have been trying very hard to wake up men and fathers on several forums. I am currently doing three men’s Bible studies groups, but the guys are dull minded and fearful of man-government. I have repeatedly stated that government schools are not raising up men who know how to love, lead, teach the Truth, take care of, and PROTECT their children and families.

    Beyond that, I wrote a memoir about my stand against an ignorant judge and an unfaithful wife. I stood in the judge’s face and told him that no one loves my sons more than I do, and that divorce law was not written to make it legal for adulterous at-fault mothers to throw away not-at-fault fathers and keep his children and income. I asked for my sons back everytime I set foot in a court room, but the judge had me put in handcuffs, legirons, and a prisoner cell for about an hour. Then he still refused to return my sons, forcing me to grieviously watch my sons raised in shack-ups, bars, and government schools. (She wasn’t doing anything “illegal”)

    I COULD NOT FIND ONE CHRISTIAN MAN TO STAND WITH ME. EVEN THE SO-CALLED SHEPHERDS POINTED AT ROMANS 13 AND SAID, “Your services are not needed in my church,” after he had asked for volunteers.

    So, now you want men to stand up to other men who only fondle their children and wives? Geeze… they won’t even stand up to men who steal their children, wives, and income. By the way, when the shack-up dude tried to throw me out of the house when I went to pick up my sons, I defended myself. My son told his friend, “My dad is tough.”

    Too many generations of men raised in ignorance of the Truth. God is love and Truth. Why aren’t we teaching our offspring love, truth, responsibility, courage, justice, and independence in our churches? I wish someone would have taught my ex and the judge. Give the boys a video game and they can pretend to be tough….

    Jesus brought a F(f)ather’s love to mankind, but America’s fathers don’t know it. THANK A CLERGYMAN.

  29. FernHohenzollern says:

    Perhaps Rosemary Fitzpatrick’s dismay at no warning “signs or video info” in the airport security area to announce the TSA body scan was because, had they been there, she could have devised an evasive action. Sometimes, when people are herded around, things can happen very fast. Those responsible for our loss of freedoms are varying the techniques. Their aim is to bewilder. But they can’t get us all.

  30. When we Americans finally say a resounding “NO” will be a happy day. Our foray into real freedom is only just beginning. I only hope it’s not too late. I will not fly.

    The airlines need to get on board with the people or they will go the way of the buggy whip. It is saddening to see the helpless sheep lining up to be molested, whilst the system slaves believe the lie they’re told when they sign on.

    Sic gorgiamus allos subjectos nunc. “we gladly feast on those who would subdue us” Addams family motto.

  31. @Pathos: Agreed. And, like the very appropriate quote!

  32. cadillac1960 says:

    First of all, thank you Sibel for all you have done in the name of protecting our freedoms and fighting for what is right. When I first became aware of you and your efforts on exposing the 9/11 truths you were aware of, I could not help but feel an admiration at a molecular level. You are a brave woman who deserves the respect and admiration of all freedom loving Americans.

    On the current subject of “pat downs” and “naked body scanners”, I have been thinking of a solution for some time now. Many people may not find this to be the perfect solution, but I do believe it could create a resolution to this situation. I call it the “Speedo Accord”. I am sure you see where I am going with this but bare with me.

    Airport bathrooms are now designated as “TSA War Rooms” or TSAWAR. In TSAWAR, travelers will congregate to transition into their TSA battle fatigue. This fatigue consists of as little clothing as possible (a speedo and some nipple covers and a bikini for the ladies or something similar) to give the TSA agents little to no reason to need to screen you via body scanner or pat down.

    Many people will feel uncomfortable with this process, but think of the nullification it could bring to their police state tactics. And on top of it, think of the public outcry it would bring when people realize what people have to go to in order to wake up the public and stop the tyranny. Being that a very high percentage of Americans are overweight, this will add additional gravity to the outrage. Imaging that 250 lb hairy man with vericose veins and sagging skin standing right in front of you at a security checkpoint in nothing but a speedo. NO ONE will want to tolerate it and I believe it could quickly put an end to this outrageous violation of our rights and privacy.

    I know this sounds extreme, but it is legal and I believe would be VERY effective. Whatever we do, we need to find ways to stop this tyranny without turning the whole house into a bloody revolution. This tactic would be multi pronged in that it would use humor, disgust and simple undeniable logic to show the error of their ways. I have no flights scheduled soon, but when I do and if the current state of affairs is similar to or worse than the current practices, I will don the protocols of the Speedo Accord, and may the stars help us for what it could do to the poor souls at that airport ;~)

  33. cadillac1960 says:

    Sorry for not completing this, but travelers who have completed the airport screening process can then return to the TSAWAR on the other side of the Gestapo line and transfer their image back to the one they would prefer to project to the world. I am certain some would stay in their minimal wear for comfort or to put an exclamation point on the statement, and others still who like to flaunt would use this as an opportunity to do so. Whatever the case is, it would be a short interlude to your airport trip which would actually make the screening lines move much faster, therefore nullifying the extra time it took to change into battle fatigue.

    Believe me, if this starts, it will be an avalanche of press coverage and the whole world will be watching TSA’s every move as they attempt to respond to this new battle technique. And once tyranny is put under the lights and microscope, it slithers back into it’s corner to prepare it’s next scheme, which we will address in due time.

    To the TSAWAR Batman!!!!

  34. Call for a general strike of all pilots and flight attendants.

  35. freedom4ever says:

    i don’t know what is more fustrating. trying to wake people up or silently having to watch our freedoms taken away…

    if their (governments) aim is to stop us traveling then boycotting the airlines would be exactly what they want.

    what we all want is to be able to fly again without all this aggravation, right?

    how do with accomplish this when even the pilots association can’t get anywhere with the TSA?

    perhaps we should organize a peaceful protest at some of the major airports? start with washington d.c.

    perhaps we should insist that all our senators, congressmen and president’s children demonstrate how harmless the naked body scanners pat downs and full cavity searchers are? maybe give us some signed autographs of these non storable images, too.

    i don’t know about anyone else but i am very tired of all of this.. i wish the sheeple would ‘wake up and grow up’ then we might all have a chance to keep our freedom.

  36. @Cadillac: I am all for it, but would I do it myself? hmmmmm. A definite no, but I will applaud those who will. Now how am I going to get rid of that image(250lb hairy man… in speedos) tonight and fall asleep?!;-)

  37. whitewraithe says:

    Bless you Ms. Edmonds for speaking out on this vile government’s latest atrocity against the people.

    Like you, I am appalled that more people are not making a lot of noise especially when they and their children are being molested by TSA agents in broad daylight.

    Why is this situation not a huge RED flag to the public? If there really was the amount of terrorism that DHS propagandizes then why won’t Washington close the borders? Is that not the first order of business for a country or government when exposed to an external threat?

    If dumbed-down Americans would look at this issue with a little logical reasoning I believe they might realize how the government has duped them. If they refuse to close our borders, then how much good will more invasive airport security measures provide? None! We are being exposed to this ludicrous, Draconian measure purely to indoctrinate us and the next generation to totally submit to any and all forms of government invasion into our lives.

    How to combat this violation of our dignity?

    Refuse to submit.

    They, meaning our masters and controllers, can only violate us in so long as we – the people – cooperate with them.

    I was appalled the last time I was in an airport three years ago, and I can assure you that I will never again darken the doors of any American airport until these measures are suspended, nor would I subject my two small grandchildren to these indignities, ever.

    Another suggestion would be to organize a day of no-flying, period. A couple of hundred thousand passengers refusing to fly in one day would hit the industry with a convincing jolt.

    Refuse to submit, refuse to fly.

  38. cadillac1960 says:

    Well, it looks like my idea has already been implemented in Germany. Here is a short video:

    People need to get on board with this though, it could really change things.

  39. This is of course fascism coming out into the open. The same coup which offed JFK and then gave us 9/11 blaming it on Islamic crazies is actually waging a war of oppression on the American people and using the fear of Islamio terrorism to further hobble the American public and their spirit.

    Our constitution is basically meaningless as it is not being observed… well it is… under glass.

    Wake up folks… look what they did. They staged a coup and left the old government in place so no one would know or suspect a thing. They even got the existing government to pass laws nullifying the constitution, funding illegal wars, sanctioning torture to garner false confessions, render the justice system worse than a 3rd world dictatorship of communist show trial. They rig, buy and steal elections and then go on to have a system of legal bribery called lobbying to lock out the people from their representatives.

    Wake up America, we’ve been living under a coup for half a century and the fascists are only wanting more and more and getting it with nary a struggle.

    We’ve seen one false flag after another used to manipulate the public and the congress to authorize illegal and senseless war. Our most effective foreign policy apparatus is the CIA which DIRECTS the president and then does whatever it wants to extend the war economy, agenda, and the corporate state.

    The press has not only been infiltrated but it has been bought and used a mouthpiece for the fascists talking points in a never ending stream of propaganda.

    I don’t fly any more. I wouldn’t anyway and thank god I have no need to.

    But wait – RFI chips are coming and will be injected into your children, place in your driver’s license, the clothing you buy.

    If we can’t fight this… and I don’t think it will happen. (the left is not too militaristic) our only hope is the complete and total collapse of the economy and everything else with it. And it’s coming There’ll be hell to pay all around… especially with all the trained fascists in the national security state.

    American Exceptionalism. We got what we deserved because we didn’t speak up and fight back when the fascists made their move after WWII to take over America. And they did it. Look around you.

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