Is the First Amendment Dead & Gone? You bet!

…and so are so many other rights

I just received an email with a link to the following clip, and with the link came the headline that read:


‘Wikileaks Has Proven the First Amendment is Dead & Gone!’

Is the First Amendment dead & gone? You bet! Has it been dead and gone for a while now? You bet! Where have these people been? Don’t take me wrong. I agree with what’s being said, and I’m so very glad that it is being said; finally. Maybe it took this latest war (this has been resembling a war more and more every day) to get some people see the reality on the ground-make that, in our nation…and while you are at it, make that for almost a decade. So why is this the case?

Please chime in with your thoughts on this, because the last time I checked:

The Fourth Amendment was Dead & Gone: Think NSA illegal eavesdropping; think FBI national security letters…

The First Amendment was Dead & Gone: Think state secrets privilege; think gag orders; think NSA again…

The Notion and Function of an Independent Supreme Court was Dead & Gone: Just go check the last ten years’ rulings when it comes to cases against the ‘tyrannical federal government’ and you’ll see what I’m talking about…

The Separation of Powers was Dead & Gone: Be my guest and review the Congress’ track record on oversight and accountability and you’ll be done in less than a second - since that’s how long it will take to read a blank page…or look for anything showing states exercising their power or having their ‘say’ when ordered by the big fed…

The Adherence to US Military Code on Violations of Geneva Convention was Dead & Gone: Need I even elaborate?

Okay, don’t get me started again. I have already covered some of these issues…pretty intensely;-) Instead, let me know why we are among the irate and very minute minority who are seeing all these deaths!

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  1. hctroubador says:

    There has been a concerted effort to grow the powers of the Executive Branch with the tacit approval of a neutered congress for years. What you see now is unchecked power, made worse by the fact that President is just a ceremonial figure who is an errand boy for the international banking cartel.

    The corporate coupe in America is complete and has been for some time. Complaining about violations of the constitution is a waste of time because the corporations are trans-national and are self-selectively not bound by the strictures of any nation state.

  2. Bill Bergman says:

    Well, the fact that Fox is allowing this person to voice this opinion at least has to highlight some irony, if not suggest room for hope that our First Amendment isn’t dead yet. For that matter, it isn’t dead, period, as long as we fight for it.

  3. hctroubador says:

    @ Bill,

    It’s alive only as long as the Federal Government doesn’t believe it’s threatened by a few libertarian nutjob keyboard warriors. As soon as the threat to them becomes tangible you can be sure that a false flag event will herald a new era of enhanced ‘security’.

  4. Back when the Oliver North Iran-Contra crap was going on, I figured it was more of the same lying and deceit we witnessed during the Vietnam war. Then, George H.W. Bush came along, and wasn’t all the impressive during the debates, and yet somehow he wins the presidency, and the wheels were set in motion. There were bits and pieces of information getting out, but it was quickly quieted by the MSM.

    Clinton get’s in, and people end up dead, and Whitewater get’s a quick ditching. But then, and here’s where I think things really started to go south, this right-wing religious group of crazies goes after Clinton for having sexual relations. I guess they figured it’s worse for a president to screw an intern vs. screwing the American people. The CIA and FBI were starting to do more and more things that were not within the bounds of the constitution.

    Let’s move ahead to Dubyah. When he was running for his first term, I just figured that Gore was a shoe-in. And then came the hanging chads, and the entire debacle that was the 2000 election. At that moment, I felt a sinking feeling in my gut knowing that this country was going in a very bad direction, and corruption was rampant. And there were more than a few violations of the constitution regarding the election, but the right people were put in place in the supreme court to make sure it all happened the way the puppet-masters needed it to.

    9/11 happened, and I just had this uneasy feeling that it was not really an attack from an outside entity. It seemed to convenient that Bush was “out of town” and he sure didn’t seem shocked when he was told what happened. He looked sick to his stomach, knowing that Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rove put into play what would later be deemed a false flag. This is where it all went to hell.

    As soon as they started talking about Homeland Security, and some of the laws they wanted to pass, and some of the things they were doing, it just seemed to surreal that nobody really questioned what was going on. Wiretaps, frozen bank accounts, warrantless arrests and the list goes on.

    And then the whole bullshit with the color-coded threat levels, and the fact that prior to every election, and every vote in the senate, the threat level would get raised, to instill fear in the people to spinelessly allow our lawmakers to whittle away at our rights.

    What upsets me the most is how willing people are to give up their rights and ignore the annialation of our constitution, all in the name of security. It’s amazing how f*cking stupid these people are. And it still blows me away that people in this country got more fired up about a president get a blow-job than they did about all of the destruction of our constitution and the pillaging of our rights since then.

    I just find myself overwhelmed at times wondering where to start, or what to do to try and turn things around. And this is where I see how well orchestrated their whole effort was. Not only were they able to push through all types of legislation that caused us to lose many of our rights, they did it in such a way that makes it hard to organize any type of resistance. There are so many areas that have been affected that it’s hard to figure out where to start, and because of all the disarray, it’s been that much harder to have a concerted effort of any type to undo all that has been done.

    Where does one start? The false election, 9/11, Cheney and Haliburtion, Rumsfeld and WMD???? A single focus get’s more attention than multi-focus efforts, it’s just trying to decide which effort is the one to go after I guess.

  5. Statement of principles from Operation Payback, the group that took down the Swiss Bank website in a DDOS attack and are also targeting Paypal for cutting wikileaks donation flow.

    So is Assange the new Marinus Van Der Lubbe?

    The stalking horse to be used to erect a privatized “great firewall” to “protect” the US proles from having their Sunday football games interrupted by the loss of their rights? Is he a paid covert operative or merely a really smart, principled guy being used as a dupe and set up in a honey trap? The key difference for me is the difference between the reaction to wikileaks and other whistleblower sites like here and cryptome is one of media impact. I wonder if sites like this one lack that impact due to our isolation from and failure to work with our natural allies and putting together something truly global in scope. Assange and wikileaks have done that.

    The prolonged demonization of hacker culture has been dressed up as a concern for struggling artists and the latest fear of “identity theft”. My take is the real threat to the powers that be is in hacker culture’s creative anarchy, belief in the free flow of ALL information and basic disrespect to ANY overarching authority. What Assange and his allies have created is an uncensored news archive that is both nowhere and everywhere. I must confess I found it quite interesting to read a cable out of one of the Central Asian capitols(Turkmenistan IIRC) with Prince Andrew holding forth to the US ambassador about the new phase of “The Great Game” even as events make the Afghani occupation ever more untenable on the ground.

    The real threat to corporations is their money. By targeting Paypal and the Swiss Post Finance as well as the upcoming Bank of America dump Wikileaks is striking at the heart of the corporate/government conspiracy. These are the conspiracy links that Assange writes of in his essays on Conspiracies from 2006. And Wikileaks is starting to expose them for what they are. Whether that’s used to shut down the Internet as the New Commons of Ideas or is ultimately defeated for the good of all is largely up to us.

  6. hctroubador says:

    @ Ishmael,

    In fairness, other sites, Cryptome especially, choose to keep a low profile and just disseminate the information. Assange chose to ride the media dragon and has not surprisingly been burnt for it.

  7. What’s really disturbing about this? It seems that more people overseas pay attention to and care about this than many here in the States.

    One example: John Pilger in London. Do a search on him and you’ll see lots of spot on comments about the importance of Wikileaks, why people should fight back in non-violent ways and more.

    Look at the irony in this. Pilger is well-respected worldwide, yet banned here by the corporate MSM. Noam Chomsky is also well-respected globally. Yet, here he’s treated like a political exile. And nobody says anything about it.

    Here in a country of 300 million, there’s no progressive media network. Look around at other Western countries and you’ll see the same thing (both in the corporate MSM and to an extent in state media). There’s a “corporate attitude” in content. Even the good old BBC is a waste of time (IMO) because they have no more credibility.

    The last part of the problem is that on the progressive side nobody’s backing anybody else. If you have a progresisve site or blog, have you ever had another progressive site cross link with you? I’ve NEVER had that happen (despite numerous polite requests that lots of “media experts” say you should always do). That tells me that it’s the Chris Hedges idea of every person for themselves. All that matters for 99% of these sites is making money.

    When people like John Pilger actively use their name and influence to positively do something but the same doesn’t happen here, am I the only one who’s embarassed by that?

  8. Because their mind control is not working on us Sibel. Everyone else is in a mind numbing trance. And the mind controllers don’t like that very much Now they’re saying “We better hurry up and get things under raps.”

    That’s why whoever still goes to shop at Walmart is going to see that ugly nazi psycho Janet Napolitano on computer screens. That’s right folks welcome to Walmart’s rendition of George Orwell’s 1984! To bad it’s for real. And the message is? “If you see something, say something” The official recruitment of Citizen Spys! de-facto agents for the Department Of Homeland Security is now in session.

    I found this to be quite ironic I saw this about 30 minutes before you posted Judge Napolitano’s freedom watch video.

  9. Thats not all the judge is saying.

    attack at this weakest point. House of cards. Lucky Larry and # 7.

    gates is a terrorist. clinton is a terrorist.

    all we got to do is redefine them.

  10. Ishmael is correct.

    The government is master of compartmentalization and distraction of its citizens. People get so warn out just getting ends to meet… Meanwhile the elites, who have time on their hands, clean us all out.

    The failure to organize for the common good is just temporary. Leader emerge as needed.

    People like you Sibel must keep plugging. You or someone like Julian Assange may catalyze, be the critical mass that produces the avalanche that produces a “self organizing mob” that ends up saving the Constitution, the first, fourth amendment and all items that you list above.

    The situation does seem pretty dark though. Just keep pitching.

    Corporations and the government bureaucrats never know, who the spark will be or when? Occupiers of the key slots in an openly fascist system; harbor worries that keeps them awake at night.

    Ishmael, sleep soundly… may your minds be overcome with peace.

  11. I wonder whether Valerie & Joe are laughing, crying, (Or both!) over the WikiLeaks issue?

  12. ‘rubbing eyes’ I can’t believe I’m watching FOX ! 🙂

    Sibel, you and Julian are warriors of truth !

    Peace everyone

  13. It has been dead. People are assigned to “free speech zones” when they protest and the media refuses to cover them or talk to anyone. I am not falling for the wiki glam at all. They just sandwich state propaganda between the obvious. Love Sibel but Assange is a con-artist attention whore.

    Thrice this month we have the FBI caught in entrapment scams for homegrown terrorism.. hold that thought. Like Xe is outsourced private military, this wiki thing was private intelligence, not whistle blowing. They got the early funding from anti-China factions and stacked itself with a break China board, then took the money and started on the path to demonize Pakistan and Iran (enemies of Israel and India) Not a peep about the illegal drug trade in Afghanistan (as the CIA profits form that) nothing on the blackmakert weapons trade out of the state department or our own DoD. It’s nothing of substance just stuff everyone already knows but from an “authoritarian” source with a very nice leftist face painted over it all. Please a theater guy with white hair dressed in white getting info form a homosexual informant to poo poo the military… it’s so over the top. First red flag should have been the MSM hyping up wikileaks before it even did anything and then reporting it with such energy afterward. I mean what was the first leak a video of Iraqis being shot from the air? So what, things like that are all over the web and have been for years, 100 of them. Why did this one get so much attention because its from a WL.

    Three types of info comes out
    1 No Duh cables about things that are already public
    2 Personal data on world officials but not Israel or India
    3 State propaganda about Iran, Al Qaeda, Pakistan etc all bullshit.

    1 goes together with 3 to create credibility
    2 has nothing to do with entertaining us with gossipy information, 2 is a clever way of saying, to the US mainly, we have eyes and ears all the way up your skirt, even private conversations. Do what we say, it’s blackmail

    Then this week the US backs off the settlement freeze.
    As a result of the rape-gate bull hackers attack several businesses involved in shutting down babyface assange, this while a bill to censor the internet is in the congress, going after “hackers” can act as a pretext to shut up the real bloggers who expose real truth about the state. Already one of the women has returned to Israel. Assange poo poos 911 truth as a means of dividing the peace movement. (that was already explained)

    Assange told TIME how he admired Ben Netanyahu, TIME in turn gave WL praise BEFORE they even leaked anything, and then later made babyface the man of the year. Assange was in Israel making deals/getting approval before releasing info that only he has the 256 character password for.

    Iran rejects wikileaks as do many other leaders, and crytome a real whistle site, that was working with wiki in the beginning outs them as intelligence. (crytome is who gave us the info on UMS owner Dominik Suter as a 911 suspect from grabbing the Italian and Polish translations of the FBI suspects for 911 that were removed form the English sites)

    The conventional means of smearing Iran have failed. If not war, the strictest sanctions possible are to be placed on Iran. The US cannot afford or support a war with Iran short of another false flag, which is why the FBI is test running so many of them recently.

    We are not in Afghanistan to get Osma Ben Laden as the WL reports to believe Osama is alive, and al qaeda is real etc. And we certainly are not in Iraq because of Al Qada all those prewar lies have been exposed. 911 truther aka critical thinkers were exposing it all before the war began. Afghanistan is about pipelines, the HBJ and TAPI lines to India with Unocal and Halliburton taking in more than a few pennies and China being blocked out. The US bases in Afghanistan sit along the proposed TAPI pipeline which started a long side the massive increase in troop deployment. And it lands right in India who desperate needs the gas for its growing population and industrialization. It’s 1 billion person customer base has been attracting and partnering Western and Japanese companies for everything form cell phone contracts to cars. Japan’s largest cell phone company for example has far more subscribers in India than Japan.

    The False Flags of the underwear bomber from ECIL/OIS run by the Indian government and the cargo nonbomb attack which have allowed these naked scanners(contracted by the parent company’s Rapiscan and brokers through the Chertoff group aka a former head of the DHS who could assure an attack would work with out risk) are placed on Yemen the last of two places with ports that don’t have a western military presence which are China’s gateway into Africa. The other is Somalia, and both Yemen and Somalia have been hit with pirates myths (brought on by dumping toxic waste in their waters), terrorists and finally Al Qaeda. They pulled the Al Qaeda card out again after the xmas bombing. How continent that it was an “underwear” bomb meaning see we have to inside your underwear to find them…and look we are the only ones with this machine to do so. Al Shabab in Somalia is the org pleading loyalty to Osma and tearing Somalia apart was busted with an America cell trying to join aka create Al qaeda in Somalia, and Israel was busted running a fake cell in Yemen who they were trying to point to as Al Qaeda.

    Iraq and Afghanistan both border the strongest country in the middle East, Iran. And Afghanistan i=hit first borders Iran and Pakistan. Israel and India would love to see Iran and Pakistan isolated weaken and eventually crushed. The US is has been able to pay off Pakistan but Pakistan’s puppet gov is quickly losing its ability to control everything in its borders. NATO is losing the war because of the inability to check greed, and spending so much per soldier that attacks on supplies and machinery is drying them up. Iran benefited as much as Israel from the Iraq war. The US is on the brink of a total dollar collapse, Iran and Pakistan are slowly winning this fight. China found a nitch in rare earth metals, and is not shaken by the recent Korean incident. (started by SK shooting first into the waters and hold a massive mock invasion drill into NK)

    Wikileaks is the new As Sahab to promote propaganda not as a ridiculous Al Qaeda Internet spokesperson but as an indirect mouth piece for Israeli propaganda via cherry picked cables from brainless military grunts who are repeating the trash leveled on them by the pentagon. My fear is Israel has enough dirt on those who were holding out to force a potentially global war both physically and financially. and Aisa is going to win.

    We cannot let the US be a police state. And the way to reverse it all is going to be from the US people and even a few of the talking heads who have caught on. Crush the TSA and Co via Ron Paul’s bill. Audit the Fed once Paul is in a Chairman position. The American people want this it is going mainstream. It IS going to happen. Without that they cannot continue the wars of aggression. Drop the wikileaks glam which is as undeserved as the bs herd mentality run wikipedia which also has the CIA and megaphoners censoring the political information. Don’t allow the peace movement to divide. Turn away from the attention whore and get the focus back where is was before the babyface theater drama was set in motion. Hold the Fed’s feet to the fire and strip power away from the police/security state by outing the TSA and their unconstitutional gadgets. The cons screwed up big time at the airports because it acted as the kick in the butt needed to get regular non-political Americans involved and listening to political Americans, truthers, real bloggers etc who have been able to spring board from the TSA to other topics, and the public is listening.

    vid from two days ago about wiki glamor,

  14. notexactlyhuman says:

    If the courts cannot legally hush the press at an entities request, the next best recourse is to purchase the press, which has proven far more effective.

  15. Ry makes a lot of excellent points.

    The US is a fascist state, Intel – CIA, FBI etc. are making sure that the people stay in line. Terrorism is completely bogus… made up to instill fear and take rights away and advance fascism.

    Blowback exists, but not in the form of jerks with bombs in their underwear. 911 WAS a false flag op. It was another big move for the coup which did its first on 11/22/63.

    The American people are boiling frogs and will not wake up till their cooked… but the economic collapse might jolt them. The worst is yet to come.

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