SOS in a Bottle: Raising the Political Asylum Quota for Americans

An Appeal to the International Community

bottleIn this urgent message delivered by ultra snail method of delivery due to restrictions placed upon our communication means (warrantless mass surveillance by our government targeting our telephone, text messages, e-mail, fax, and internet accessibility) we, American citizens, hereby urgently request that the recipients on the other side of the Atlantic and Pacific add our desperately repressed nation to their list of qualified political refugee nations and or raise their existing annual quota for US political refugees. We not only meet but surpass the United Nations 1967 Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees on the grounds of political opinion and membership and or participation in any particular social group or social activities.

We Americans, every single one of us, are treated as potential terrorists, are considered guilty with no way to prove otherwise. We all are subjected to round the clock surveillance (phone, e-mail, fax, text, internet accessibility; with internet activities soon to be monitored and restricted), and degrading physical probing-groping searches as mandatory requirements for our travel.

We United States Citizens have been deprived of expressing collective dissent even through the most peaceful means and pacifist manner. Our participation or membership in social groups or gathering that challenge illegal wars or anti humanitarian practices land us on our government’s never-defined ‘enemy & terrorist’ list, with consequences ranging from being prohibited from traveling by air, to having our homes raided and families intimidated by armed government militia, to being persecuted and thrown before a federal grand jury to face possible incarceration for our beliefs.

We now face prosecution, persecution , and even possible assassination for engaging in certain journalistic or Good Samaritan reporting of wrong-unethical-even illegal activities by those trusted with our nation’s health, wealth, and security. This situation now is being extended to those of us who may have read or disseminated information originally gathered and distributed by others. Today our whistleblowers are thrown behind bars, while our criminals who engage in robbing our taxpayers of billions of dollars, or, those who engage in torture and murder games are highly protected and handsomely awarded by our rulers.

We urge you to remember the Stasi and the suffocating repression suffered by the East Germans, and then, go ahead and multiply that by a four digit number of your choice. Any number will do, that is, as long as it has four digits. Our technology-enabled Stasis can tap and record hundreds of millions of communications. Our rulers’ mega corporate collaborators can pull the plug on hundreds of thousands of us with no recourse available or even imaginable. On top of all that, unlike those lucky East German-ers we don’t have a meager little wall to overcome, nor do we have a viable, trust-worthy, or sovereign enough neighbor nation next door to escape to.  Our frigid northern neighbor is as keen on outlaw style assassination as our ruthless rulers. As for our southern neighbor? First we’d have to make it to the other side of the border by surviving armed citizen-soldiers who can easily mistake those of us with dark hair for Mexicans to be hunted. Next, we have to survive the Mexican drug gang-police combination who may easily perceive us as competitors in their Narc-Territory. As you can see, the chances of our survival there are slim to none.

We implore you to grant us Americans ‘High Priority Political Asylum’ Status. At least consider a swapping arrangement whereby your high-level criminals, con artists, professional swindlers, and or psychotic serial torturers are sent here where they can find an agreeable working-practicing environment and unlimited government protection and rewards, and in exchange those of us in search of a reasonable degree of freedom and justice would be given asylum in your nations.

Urgently Awaiting Your Action & Assistance,

We the Freedom-Seeking Americans

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  1. I guess the responses (if any) will be delivered via bottle(s)! Boy, that’s a long time to sit and wait!!

  2. Depends on how much the bottle weighs.

  3. Hey! I JUST got the email notice. Patience is a virtue, Virtue is a grace. Put them all together for a very lovely face.

    Seriously though, I was thinking about this this morning reading Naomi Wolf’s article here:

    about the calls for using the Espionage Act of 1917 that Woodrow Wilson used to crush the anti-war movement against entry into World War I.

    What we’re doing is “Sending out an SOS”:

  4. @Zica: I’m afraid it will be fairly light…at lease for content. Not many sovereign countries out there…X for Sweden, X for UK, X for Australia, X for Germany…hmmmm Cuba is still there (I don’t know…too close to Guantanamo; that would make it wayyyy too easy for the rulers…), maybe Venezuela…Iceland? Iran (I can act as our group’s translator;-)…I for one hope for New Zealand…

    @ Ishmael: :-)Thanks for the links. Should we take rowing classes? Reach out to our Cuban communities here in US and ask for tips on crossing the rough waters? Now I know you are a veteran/experienced seaman, so please prepare us for the journey(s).

  5. Apologies for horrendous spelling errors here and there…I am running after a handful babe (almost 2.5), and type as fast as I can when I get a few seconds breaks here and there…

  6. Lately, thoughts like your appeal have weighed heavy in my mind as I struggle to raise a family and still see clearly. It’s very hard to imagine leaving, but New Zealand would be the place to go… by sail.

  7. @Sibel. I actually spent 3 months in lovely Guantanamo Bay in the summer of 1978, BEFORE it became fashionable. As for New Zealand, THEY’RE also signatories of the UKUSA Communications Intelligence Agreement:

    Now, of all the place I visited, I always liked THIS place best:

    In fact, when Mad Mike Hoare and a group of South African Mercenaries tried to take over the country in 1979:

    My thought was, “If I was a mercenary and wanted to take over a country, the Seychelles is the one I’D choose.

    Warren Zevon, Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner:

  8. I’m on the same page as you too Sibel. Sometimes I wish I never woke up to the awful truth. I feel totally helpless. I’m a victom of the crumbling economy meaning I’m jobless and haven’t found work yet. At one point I was homeless for about 5 hours but sister decided to let me stay at her place in San Antonio. I wish I could do more to fight the Tyranny but right now, being penniless car less I’m plugging away with a blog page.

    Your exactly right about not having a sovereign enough neighbor nation to seek refuge from. Unfortunately because most other sovereign enough neighbor nations are stuck in the grip of the same evil empire that has us in their grips. It sucks all across the board.

    If or when I find work and start making some money I’m devoting any extra amount not used for living expenses to fighting tyranny and government corruption. I’d love nothing more than to be out on the front lines with groups like We Are Change. I’d love to be able to make copies of documentaries like Fall of the Republic The Presidency of Barrak Obama and go hand them out to people. But I feel so trapped not having any money to do those sorts of things.

    The good news is that more and more people are joining our side of the fight everyday and if that keeps happening we may have chance to claim victory.

  9. Hi Sibel,

    I’m a few steps ahead of you on this. Like many others, I have a valid passport and have lived abroad for 10 years (most of that in Japan and a short time in London).

    Next obvious question. Why the $%#$ did you come back? I’ve been back for about 9 years, and I still feel like a foreigner. I asked around thru several sources about filing as a political refugee. I think I have valid reasons for doing it (as you mentioned in your post). Most people either politely laughed at me, hung up. Or paused for a second, then laughed at me and hung up.

    Consider the case of Ken O’Keefe. He renounced his US passport and now is an Irish national. One reason he did it is because he didn’t want his tax dollars to pay for illegal and immoral wars.

    Now, no disrespect to anyone else here. But I’m asking a question. How many people would what he did? I’m not judging. I’m just curious to find out.

    Uusually when you hear emigration it’s some celebrity who says if (neocon) wins, I’m leaving. 99.9% of them are still here. Why? Who knows.

    But from personal experience I know that it is possible to do that. O’Keefe tried for political asylum in the Netherlands, but was denied. Also, when dealing with Immigration there’s the law. Then, you’re at the mercy of the person reading your file.

    Check around online and you’ll see that the emigration agent business is doing really well. Now, where would you go? That’s up to you. Where’s the “best” place to go (with so many other economies messed up)? Again, it depends on your situation and short/long term goals.

    But one point is this. I’m seeing a lot of people in various places who talk a mean game about Obama, the neocons and the ongoing crap that they’re doing. These people say that they’re angry. Yet, said millons aren’t willing to mount a sustained front to stand up to this.

    Where then do you say, right. It’s not going to change despite what Obama and others say. Therefore, to protet myself, my family, etc., we’re leaving. When do you make that decision?

    I’m not trying to one-up anybody in regards to activism. I’m just saying that on the progressive side it still seems like every person for themselves. As Sibel’s pointed out, how many other blogs basically just recycle content? What’s the point of the Huff Post and the MSM cable news channels? None in my opinion.

    If you do your best in a situation and it doesn’t change, isn’t it better to cut your losses, think long term and make your own change (depending on your situation)?

    Just an opinion.

  10. Yes!

    That enhanced PROMIS software… enhanced with artificial intelligence is real powerful. But this has probably been replaced by even better software?

  11. @rtjwilde: First, thank you for the sincere comment and sharing. Next, you are not alone, at least not here @ BFP. You know, amazingly the majority of good/solid activism-work is coming from people with hard lives; the ultra comfortable crowd: busy with their ‘ticky-tacky’ life…and couldn’t care less about the grim situations/issues…

    @Yoshi: “…Just an opinion” good one, and sincerely-put. I’ve established a fairly extensive network of expats in AU and NZ. We’ve been discussing many of the issues you brought up here…life abroad…and more. I’d rule out AU-from participation in our illegal wars to willing intel sharing to attitude on their share of Guantanamo victims…They’ve been nothing but a butler serving US tyranny. Period. I was disgusted by the treatment at airports over there (especially their immigration officers)…At least, politically speaking, that’s my take on AU…

    More later. I have tons of domestic chores waiting for my attention (No complaining;-).

  12. Hi Sibel,

    I admire your boldness and clear vision, your perception of the “real” reality…
    I left a communist country and moved to the U.S many years ago… The “old system” caught me from behind. To many similarities…
    Sadly the Americans do not have some system of reference to compare to. I do; and the fact that virtually there is no place to move to it’s depressing. The same system is everywhere…

  13. hair raising, if only for the accuracy of content. Content I fear will be taken by most as merely ‘ironic’. The slide into a neo-feudalist nightmare is frightening even to the fully informed and prepared; the pace and degree of the closure of your basic liberties has begun to outstrip even my worst imaginings before I chose to go. Short years ago, who could have imagined public acceptance of that monstrous erosion of human dignity confronted at every airport daily now?
    Since breaking out from the Euro-Amerikan prison zone – mentally&physically- I have tried repeatedly to alert staybehinds to the rapid closure of options – including that of getting out in time. But it’s as if a curtain of wilful ignorance has descended over the ‘western world.’ (Or a chemtrailed induced mental torpor?)
    One point in relation to the topic of N Amerikans seeking refuge in the free world… an unfortunate aspect of human nature is how quickly admiration can turn to loathing, love to hate etc… For decades the rest of the world has looked up to the western ‘democracies’ with a mix of envy and admiration. As the veil over the total bankruptcy of that society-both moral&economic- becomes lifted to the rest of the world, the crimes against humanity(as documented daily with depressing accuracy by VA) to which all of “us” have been made unfortunately complicit by merely turning away from of our countries’ serial state terror against innocents half a world away will begin to be studied and comprehended. Truly, the status of being pariahs from pariah states awaits those who leave it too late to revoke their membership in the killing machine.
    The comments page is not the place to go into details on this important point – those interested can view or for a more detailed explication of just how unsafe the world may become for ‘us folks’ both home and abroad.
    We all have our fated path, and unique way to fight back against the madmen – I stand in awe of the courage and persistance that you and Gordon Duff have already shown Sibel, and can only pray for your continued safety while you continue to tread where few others choose to go.

  14. You are quite right. Those of us with our eyes open can it see plain as daylight: we’re being kettled. It is the requisite next step in our rulers agenda. Neuter the ability of the slave class to rebel; necessary to overcome their lack of manpower. A few million of them with guns and body armour vs six billion of us with fists and feet; won’t make for a pretty picture at the showdown. Brace yourselves.

  15. Another angle on possibly moving elsewhere.

    I’m seeing a growing trend in various intl. media outlets to go corporate. Canada, the UK, Australia, NZ (to a certain extent), France and others. If you do go to these places, will you suddenly have way more freedom of expression there than here? From what I’m seeing, no.

    Also, many of these other places have TV license fees. Example: in the U.K., the average license fee is around 335 pounds a year. Lots of people bitch about how messed up the BBC is, how overpaid their talent is, and so on. Yet, I’ve never heard of anyone refusing to pay except for one person. A Brit? No. An American expat who actually appealed this all the way to the EU Human Rights Court. Did he win? I don’t knwo.

    But the common theme that’s coming thru is this. The corporate owners say there’s only ONE formula to make money. If you do any “progressive stuff”, we’ll sack you. Therefore, go the other direction and rip the s**t of the left. Some talk stations in the U.K. used to have the “token liberal” presenter to make it look like they’re “balanced” and satisfying Ofcom (the U.K. FCC) rules. Not anymore.

    Do you realize that here in a country of over 300 million there’s ONE “progressive” sportswriter? I defy you to find a sports radio station that DOESN’T carry ESPN. As someone who works in various parts of media, I have to fight the occasional urge to post a comment or call up some show because there’s literally no point.

    Despite the above, there are other places you can go to and be happy. It may involve a career change and other things to satisfy Immigration’s point system. Until then, think of ways to cut into the corporate profit margin. Do you really have to go this store, buy this certain product or listen/read/watch this content? If not, go elsewhere. Lots of people say I can’t be bothered to “protest” (this only means march in the streets and then get arrested). Not true.

    Really, the bottom line is this. While lots of big names on the progressive side say we all have a responsibility to bring about change, everybody’s resposible for themselves. Will I get the same national coverage that Alice Walker will? Probably not. Then again, I have my own niche and network that I use to get my views and content out.

    Quality content and promotion does work.

  16. I think we’re going to have to bring elsewhere to us this time.

  17. Possible Lines that Immigration Will Believe and then Give you a Political Refugee Visa:

    Our current President is nuts.
    There is no “free speech” here.
    Health care is a for profit racket, and not a human right.
    The NSA is monitoring this post as I write it to screen for
    “subversive and/or terrorist content that will threaten the Homeland”.
    Here, incitement to murder innocent people is “free speech”.
    Torture is legal and almost nobody cares.
    There are lots of rich and crazy people in Congress.
    If I go abroad and Obama says I’m a “terrorist” I can be killed.
    Hillary is third in line to the Presidency.
    An actually responsible media died a long time ago.
    Would you live in a country where Big Mac sets are almost $8?
    Noam Chomsky is one of the most famous political dissidents in the world.
    It’s illegal to publically criticize Israel.
    The Powers that Be refuse to give up their dream of global conquest.
    Obama actually thinks that Afghanistan is winnable. Isn’t insanity one reason for a President to be “unable to perform the duties of their office”?
    Much of the population refuses to deal with reality.
    Some of the rich and powerful (who shall remain unnamed, of course) are already leaving.
    Here, voting on a TV show to make Simon Cowell even richer than he is now is way more important than a Presidental election.
    50% of the population is on Facebook.
    If anything happens to Obama, Biden takes over. Is that an improvement or a nightmare?

  18. @emelio: Likewise; been there, seen that, and this looks way too familiar.

  19. Black Order says:

    Ms. Edmonds,

    This is my first post here at BFP. I occasionally stop by here when surfing the blogosphere and have only visited a few times. Today I decided to participate. Perhaps I’ll make it a habit.

    First, I’d like to say that it’s an honor to be here and write this as I know a little about your story, and very much admire your courage. Your ability to stay true to your core values in spite of the pressure and adversity you’ve had to endure is most impressive.

    Now, about the Appeal to the International Community…

    It really puts things into perspective when there is so much sentiment out there regarding Amerikans taking the position of potential refugees. Yours is just one in a string of many. Call it a really bad sign of the times.

    I’ve been “awake” for quite some time now(no unwitting boiled frog here) and abhor that the U.S. has become nothing less that an Imperialist Fascist Oligarchy reminiscent of 1930’s Nazi Germany, …only far more technologically advanced, as you so eloquently described above.

    I’d like to think that there are enough humane people out there with a conscience who are in foreign government positions to honor your appeal. I’d like to think that they’ll remember and take into consideration, the US’s role in the liberation of Europe in WW2, that perhaps they will feel in some small way that they owe us one.

    My logical side tells me that there IS no place to run to, that the other industrialized nations are just as bad, or will be in the next decade or so. (Not that an industrialized nation is all there is. Give me a deserted tropical island, a pocket knife, fishing pole, various seeds, and a female companion, and I’m set for life, lol.)

    I’m not running anyway. I’m staying here to ride out the impending storm. I was born here in Amerika. It is my home, and I have an inherent tendency and natural right to defend it. Besides, I don’t have far to fall as the only thing I have to lose is the one thing I value most, …what’s left of my freedom.

    I was born free and I intend to stay that way till the day I die. I will not be suppressed.

    I’d rather die on my feet than to live on my knees.

  20. Giving all the politics a positive spin. Speak Truth to Power it works. Look at Wikileaks and Ron Paul. Now Beyond Words like beyond war begins with a little hard work. “Consider the case of Ken O’Keefe. He renounced his US passport and now is an Irish national. One reason he did it is because he didn’t want his tax dollars to pay for illegal and immoral wars. Now, no disrespect to anyone else here. But I’m asking a question. How many people would what he did? I’m not judging. I’m just curious to find out.” Being of Irish descent, I kind of like this quote. Deciding to remain in the U.S. for now and not support war, I have for many years opted to make less than $5,000 a year on average. How one might ask? By spending time as I did today at absolutely no cost transplanting yakon with one old timer and five college students on a farm. This plant uses inulin instead of sugar, treats diabetics, and we were doing this as volunteer labor on a black owned farm, where 30% of the black community has diabetes. After all was done, of which this was only part – it also included a lesson in watching 20 acres of open pollinated, organic triticale growing despite efforts of ADM, Cargill, and Monsanto to block these kind of initiatives – including hand cranked flour mill for nutritional density, combine, seed drill – say these students got a real education today. My reward, besides seeing happy students emerging from finals and brainwashing – well I was given a beautiful bird of paradise, which I gave to a millionaire, who allowed me to harvest a tree full of juice oranges to feed me old mam and meself.

  21. theepitbull says:


    This is an important topic, especially, for TIs/whistleblowers.


    I agree cut your losses, think long term, and get the hell out!

    Political Asylum is a joke insomuch as an American citizen obtaining Asylum in another country. The process in most countries is extremely difficult and confusing; not to mention ‘political’ 🙁

    Moreover, it takes support or deep pockets to move abroad ‘if’ you can get out of the country! Depending on your situation it could be dangerous.

    Not something to approach in an ad-hock way. Make your plan – work you plan.


    Link of the week:

  22. Hi Sibel. Hope you read the comment I submitted (though it didn’t post cause I guess there are more than 2 or 3 links).

    Although it’s a rough sketch of an idea I think it a good start and advice on a solution to the situation not only in the US but other countries too.

  23. New Zealand.

    Prime minister John Key : Key began working as a foreign exchange dealer at Elders Finance in Wellington, and rose to the position of head foreign exchange trader two years later, then moved to Auckland-based Bankers Trust in 1988.[3]

    In 1995, he joined Merrill Lynch as head of Asian foreign exchange in Singapore. That same year he was promoted to Merrill’s global head of foreign exchange, based in London, where he may have earned around US$2.25 million a year including bonuses, which is about NZ$5 million at 2001 exchange rates.[3][8] Some co-workers called him “the smiling assassin” for maintaining his usual cheerfulness while sacking dozens (some say hundreds) of staff after heavy losses from the 1998 Russian financial crisis.[4][8] He was a member of the Foreign Exchange Committee of the New York Federal Reserve Bank from 1999 to 2001.[9

    As reported by Auckland Herald, on the phone to Benyamin Netnyahu within 24hrs of the election win 2008 inviting Israeli Embassy back to Wellington. Previous Prime Minister Helen Clarke had banished embassy after mossad found stealing passports etc etc.
    Not mentioning Richard[Dick]Allen, CFR? still?, living part time down in Arrowtown [or was then][Nicky Hager doco:The Hollow Men’] not far from Millbrook Estate where Billy Clinton comes for R&R occasionally. And Tennant And Mueller were photographed at the airport ‘down that way'[Queenstown] weeks after 9/11.

    Our hope is your hope. It flickers in the winds of change. The secret world and all that. New Zealand is under the same spell the whole western world is.

  24. @Black Order: welcome, and thank you for the comment. I am with you, this piece is meant as a louder wake up bell. Outside our irate minority club so many are badly in need of a hard shake-up wake-up; they are either in denial or simply blinded. As for ” Perhaps I’ll make it a habit.”: I certainly hope so.


    This is better understood in the original Spanish if you are fluent and links our present chaos to the financial empire in the link above.

  26. Black Order says:

    Sibel – “welcome, and thank you for the comment.”

    Black Order – Thank YOU for the reception, and the opportunity to speak my mind.

    Sibel – “I am with you, this piece is meant as a louder wake up bell. Outside our irate minority club so many are badly in need of a hard shake-up wake-up; they are either in denial or simply blinded.”

    Black Order – Indeed there are many that need to be awakened. I often see those that are exactly as you say; “in denial or simply blinded”. They prefer to remain ignorant or rationalize the painful truth staring them in the face, anything to avoid accepting the reality about what’s happening in this country and abroad.

    But have faith. They’re waking up at a rapid pace. The internet and courageous people like yourself have given rise to a modern Renaissance where those in power with ill intent cannot hide for very much longer.

    Their illusion of control is soon to be, if not already, long gone. Their misdeeds are no longer as easy to execute. Try as they may to avoid scrutiny or to quail dissent, it’s only a matter of time. Their days of unbridled corruption are numbered. They’ll eventually have their day of reckoning. Sooner is better than later…but it WILL happen regardless as you cannot suppress the human spirit.

    Your story is in and of itself, proof of such spirit. Keep fighting the good fight!

    Sibel – “As for ” Perhaps I’ll make it a habit.”: I certainly hope so.”

    Black Order – With kind words such as that, how can I not?


  27. To some here, maybe it’s the same mixup that happened to Sibel and her old TSA source post?

    Don’t misunderstand. When I talk about asylum, I DON’T take it lightly at all. I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite a bit and live in the UK and Japan during critical times (when Thatcher left and then in Japan during the “Zombie Bank Era” that’s still happening).

    I’ve met and seen lots of people in various groups that hit the streets when necessary. In several countries I’ve seen both sides of it. The side that the rest of the world sees with lots of expats, a high standard of living, a great holiday spot and more. Then, you talk to the locals and you find out what’s really happening.

    Can you name one Western country that would seriously consider an American’s application for political asylum? Look at Canada and vets that apply there. Since the wars started I only know of 1 vet who got it (out of hundreds who were denied). Someplace in Europe? I seriously doubt it. Part of the problem would be Obama’s still in office. Immigration might say, ok. We agree that Bush II sucks. But if Obama’s so bad, why did so many vote for him (and various other questions)?

    I’ve dealt with tourist visas. I’ve dealt with work visas and renewals in Japanese Immigration. I’ve dealt with trying to survive in a bi-lingual environment when you’re not bi-linugal. I’ve had to lie to Immigration to avoid being homeless and then deported. So again, I do value a visa (regardless of what type it is).

    Hope that clears up any confusion.

  28. Slightly off topic. Now that the uber rich tax cuts will be renewed, what do we do now?

  29. Black Order says:

    Yoshi – “Slightly off topic. Now that the uber rich tax cuts will be renewed, what do we do now?”

    Black Order – A:

    a)Be a good little obedient statist and pay your taxes so YOUR hard earned money can be spent by someone else on something you don’t approve of.

    b)Perpetuate the cycle of corrupt so-called representative government by lending to it’s legitimacy with your vote.

    (Please forgive my facetiousness. I couldn’t resist.)

  30. Off topic, but you need to know this. What’s the latest in the Wikileaks saga? “Anonymous” is now using fax machines to shut various people and corporations down:

    It’s the same basic idea as flooding a site with requests till it crashes. They have running lists of fax numbers to call and teams are tying up the lines with various Wikileaks releases, cables and more.

    They’re not threatening anybody. It’s a perfectly legal way to express your First Amendment right to free speech. Actually, I’ve tried several times to get others to do this. But nobody wanted to. Now though they have the people to mount and sustain this. Good for them.

  31. If you’re interested in doing this. here’s the free fax link:

  32. Just heard that Michael Moore put up a large part of Assange’s bail. Now he’s out and under “strict conditions”.

    While I support Wikileaks overall goal, here’s something that the thousands of articles, news outlets and Twitter posts have totally missed.

    Moore puts up a lot of Assange’s bail. He also offers server space in the States for Wikileaks. He also has Assange in his new documentary “Control+Alt+Wikileaks”. Yet, the ONLY reason he posted a lot of his bail was “to support free speech and the important work that Wikileaks is doing”? I don’t think so.

    Moore puts out “Sicko”. One of the key former corporate guys who went after him is now his best buddy? Now, Assange as well?

    That’s not just a case of cynical progressive burnout on my part. It just really bugs me that in a growing number of cases, making money is more important than actual activism? FYI: a major Hollywood studio is putting out a feature film about Cheney getting impeached. Word is it stars several well-known progressive actors.

    Which means nobody can be bothered to do the real thing. Instead, we’ll just fake it and hopefully get rich off it at the same time? I have a problem with that.

  33. Someone please explain this to me.

    Sane rational people like Bernie Sanders in Congress can say if you don’t like what people are doing in Congress, email/call or fax them. Yet, if you talk to anybody else they always say we can’t publically say that because that’s “abusing our position” in Congress.

    I don’t get it.

  34. Morning Sibel,

    I’m listening, and trying to learn.
    I fit into the “been self-employed for 30 years” bunch that has seen our client base shrivel to the point I am making about the same money I was making 3-4 years into my venture, which is to say, not much.
    I see my ability to build in today’s environment as an exercise in futility because there simply because people are not out there that need my services like there was 10 years ago. I began to see the incremental decline in business shortly after 9/11.
    Now, I’m basically broke, living in a small apartment, and just treading water.
    At 54 years of age, I am once again considering gathering my few meager belongings and hitting the road to try and better myself.
    Being a free person is all but impossible in this country anymore and I feel like I’ve exhausted every opportunity to grow my business.
    Where can a guy like me go that has hardly any money, a few clothes and the skills.
    I am a farrier. A dinosaur, really, but at one time, I was so busy I could accept no more clients. Now, the horse industry has shrunk. People that had 20 head now have 4. Even my most affluent clients have pulled in their purse strings.
    I have looked around on the web, but I’m not the most savvy person when it comes to figuring out the requirements for emigration.
    I have worked hard, every day of my adult life, been on my own since I was 15 and I’m ready for taking ‘that step’.
    I tied the knot in the end of my rope years ago hoping things would turn around, as one of my best assets has historically been longevity in an area. But this area is dead. It just hasn’t stopped moving yet.
    I would greatly appreciate any direction, insight, and definitely encouragement I can get at this point.
    People like you inspire me, though and I know no matter how bad I have it, many have it worse than I do.
    Being a veteran does not help make this choice any easier, but this country in no way reflects what I understood the USA to be. I’m ready to turn my back on it. It turned its back on me long ago.

  35. Hey Firehammer – c’mon over! I just left you a message on your Utube account, but you might not check it often…there’s a few of us “fomerly free world” folk over here in ******(Sibels old neighbourhood!)what jumped out in time, settling down and gettin organized for life after the collapse of Imper-zio Amerika. That means 4 legged friends…this area there’s a few of us with horses and no farrier within 300 kliks…sea coast, pine forest, bright blue skies(remember what that was, before chemtrails?)mountain vistas…gotta get busy on my new project,, but I bin too busy building stables, fences, and filing hooves…we could use a good man with hammer and tongs! And hey all the rest of you frogs! The clan be gatherin, back here where we started from**…Time to sit tall in the saddle agin, like we were back in the day… Scythia will ride again!

  36. Years ago I got a sailboat and took a few years off and sailed to the tropics. I’ve kept that boat and when the sh*t hits the fan, I will sail the hell out of here… that is unless there is American Revolution r2… then I stay and fight. I’d say there’s a 1/10 chance that she sheeple will fight back… but the gun toting libertarians will… and most of them are not in urban centers. Closing down cities will be a piece of cake.

    People’s movements are being restricted.

    It’s come on pretty fast… hasn’t it?

  37. G’day Sibel,
    Came across your excellent informative site via directions from another web site. Included in my favourites now for much future reference.
    I’m an Australian living in Australia and a Vietnam vet to boot,(thus have first hand experience from way back, on U.S. disinformation, deception and corruption) found your comments regarding Australia a little strange.
    YES, our Government is compromised, very much so, has been ever since the Whitlam Coupe as you are no doubt aware, the good old U.S.of A. had a hell of a lot to do with that via the CIA and their Nugan Hand bank deal.
    Any Australian politician ever since, knows very well not to buck their masters, and we do have a few who forgot who was responsabile for placing them in that position in the first instance. As our late P.M. Mr Rudd knows all to well.
    Whilst our Government is seriously compromised, the people of Australia are far from it. As the last election demonstrated very clearly, the folks are beginning to see the light and voted accordingly.
    I suspect over the coming years, if we’re not embroiled in a world conflagration, further enlightenment will prevail, thus placing pressure on our idiots in Govt, to shape up or ship out. I live in hope anyway.
    Regards packing up and abandoning ship, can’t see myself ever doing that.
    My parents did that 57 years ago coming to this country for a new start and look where it got them. The old folks got it right, you can’t solve a problem by running away from it, they’ve got to be faced dead on, no matter how unpleasant it may be.
    I have over the years come to the conclusion, that the only time folks will take to the streets and rebel, is when they have nothing else left to loose but their lives.
    This is born out by developments all over the World today by the protests we see ever night via the media.
    In Australia, we are lucky enough, to have escaped the impact of the GFC, especially in my home state of Western Australia, where the money flows in like water, thus people have rooves over their heads, food on the table and a few luxuries whenever.
    As long as that prevails, they will be placid and refrain from voicing their views too loudly. Rest assured, when the crunch comes, you don’t want to get in their way. LOL.
    Enjoy reading your articles, and am impressed that you are so fearlessly taking on the U.S. establishment.
    You do have my support and best wishes down under.

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