The “Exceptionally “Redacted 9/11 Commission Interview

Newly Released 9/11 Commission Files at Cryptome.Org

911commLast week John Young’s information site Cryptome.Org began publishing documents related to the interviews conducted by the 9/11 Commission which were released for the first time. On January 3, Cryptome posted the 9/11 Commission’s report on my interview (the infamous Sibel Edmonds Case), and aptly titled this particular file as “Sibel Edmonds Censored Yet Again.” Once you read the PDF document you’ll quickly see the reason for Cryptome’s appropriate label. The entire report, by that I mean the entire report, is blacked out (actually, whited-out;-). It took me less than one minute to scan the entire document; basically, scrolling down the white pages-one white page after another. Initially, I was not a bit surprised. Hey, I’ve been declared the most gagged and classified person in US history, after all- State Secrets Privilege invocation twice, gagging the entire Congress for the first (and only) time in US history, hundreds of pages of blacked out DOJ-IG report… So, as I said, I didn’t find it a bit surprising.  However, after the minute it took to go over these blank pages, I started clicking and scanning all the other files (interviews by the 9/11 Commission), and that’s where I was truly surprised:

Despite some redactions here and there, and in a few cases fairly extensive redaction, there were no interviews where the entire interview (and the report on the interview) was blacked out in its entirety. Mine was the only one privileged and honored to such degree! Why? I mean, come on, we are talking about interviews with: FBI Special Agent in Charge on Counterterrorism, CIA Officers with Directorate of Intelligence with a Specific Focus on Drugs & Thugs, The Chairman of National Intelligence Council, NSA Chief of Counterintelligence & SIGNIT Support, Senior CIA Analysts…Yet, none of these interviews was redacted in its entirety. None. Please be my guest and make your own comparison; My 9/11 Commission interview document here, and the rest, here, here, here, here, here…You can check out the rest published by Cryptome here, and if you want more here for thousands of them.

I e-mailed Mr. Young to get his opinion and ask whether he had noticed the same interesting phenomena. He confirmed my observation and we shared the exact same conclusion: This particular interview was ‘exceptionally’ redacted.

secretNext, I started all over again, and this time I checked for the location of these interviews conducted by the 9/11 Commission. Why? Because after checking with the DOJ/FBI/State Department/DOD, the 9/11 Commissioners insisted that my interview to be conducted in a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility). I was stuck inside one of these almost airless highly claustrophobic dungeons for over three hours for my interview. I was told by the commission staff that this was due to the ‘extreme secret and sensitive nature of Ms. Edmonds’ information.’ Yet, none of the high-level counterterrorism officials, CIA operatives and agents, senior analysts…(at least all the ones I’ve scanned so far) were required to give their interviews inside a SCIF, or even a cleared room (they have specialists come and declare the room/facility clear & free of bugs). When you go to my interview document (here), look at the top of the page, find ‘location’ and see what it says. For mine it says: GSA SCIF. Now, if you were to go to all the other documents and check the interviewees’ location for the  interview, you’ll see No SCIF, and locations like: Commission’s K Street Office (regular meeting room), or, regular offices or meeting rooms within various government agencies & HQs.

Another interesting point that came to me later had to do with the length of the Commission’s redacted interview with me. I know I was in there for over three hours, and at the top of the report they actually confirm that. I know I didn’t waste time talking about the employment and whistle blowing aspects of my case, instead I asked them to get that info from the IG or various congressional offices. I spent over three hours talking, answering questions, and writing for the 9/11 Commission investigators, with no break, no interruptions, and not even a pause for side conversations. I have transcribed interviews, I have typed many pages of phone/recorded conversations at the FBI while a translator,  I have prepared many reports based on interviews, and I know that there is no way in this world you can transcribe or report on three hours of nonstop interview, especially mine, in less than 10-12 pages (single spaced!). Yet, the total number of redacted pages released by the 9/11 Commission totals about 5 pages. What else did they do with my interview besides redacting? This is what I call ‘sending it to a never-to-be retrieved Black Hole.’

I wonder what the US media has to say on this; especially the ones who’ve done their share of censoring and redacting on this particular case. Any ideas?

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  1. ZicaTanka

    Who are you calling a UFO jew bating no planer puke?

    Be careful because you know it’s probably illegal to call names on the internet by now. The secret police will come knocking on your door and haul your name calling ass to jail.

  2. Well poisoning water muddiers, of course.

  3. But, you’re right. Name calling doesn’t help. Sorry for calling GodSend a puke.

  4. What’s a puke?

  5. ZicaTanka says:


  6. Bill Bergman says:
  7. ZicaTanka, I’ve been called A LOT WORSE than a puke. Ever hear of “Skeptical Community”? If you want to expand your vocabulary of “names” you can call people that you don’t agree with, have a look at the conversations I had there (Puzzles and Games). Unless you are over 21, I recommend that you stay away! 😮

  8. @GodSend: Quit; enough already! I am not into censoring people, but one more junk like these, and you won’t be welcome here. @ Zica:Just ignore it, and stop responding to that nonsense, please. I am running a blog/website not a kindergarten!!!!!

  9. Sorry

  10. @Zica: That’s ok; my points were mainly for the other party;-)

  11. I didn’t start the name-calling, did I! When someone makes an intelligent and informed rebuttal to one of my comments (anywhere), I respond in a like manner.
    Sibel, while I respect your whistle-blowing which gave you your reputation, please refrain from blowing the whistle on me unless it’s justified!

  12. Zica Tanka already apologized at the behest of rtjwilde – which was the right thing to do. Let’s leave it at that.

  13. Let’s see if we can persuade someone else to blow the whistle on Zionist Israel for doing 911 – like Dr. Alan Sabrosky! Sadly, it seems that his whistle-blowing was not enough to get everyone’s attention. Jesse Ventura’s recent whistle-blowing was a little off-target but in the ballpark (Federal Gov’t complicity). Mel Gibson did some whistle-blowing a while back – but he was “under the influence” at the time and promptly retracted under pressure. We need a whole bunch of people like Vanunu, Freedman and Sibel to blow the whistle on Zionist Israel and wake up millions of comatose Americans!

  14. GodSend,

    It is a distortion of the facts to say the “Israel” or “Zionism” “did 9/11”. No doubt Israeli intelligence knew about it in advance as did other intelligence agencies. The extent to which Israel was operationally involved is unclear. The way you use the word “Zionism” it is just a code word for “Jew”. You are pushing the standard Nazi view that incredibly powerful super-Jews are behind everything. Hatred of Jews has always been the dark side of Christianity. After all, they did kill Jesus, right? You might actually believe this or you might be a cointelpro type, but in either case you are not a “Godsend” to this discussion.

  15. tonywicher

    You mean to say that Dr. Alan Sabrosky (and MANY others) ‘distorted’ the facts when he/they state that “ISRAEL (Mossad) DID 911”? You mean to say that the ROGUE State of Israel is not the Homeland of Zionists? You mean to say that you never heard of Alan Hart’s book “Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews”? You mean to say that Benjamin Freedman (a Jew turned Messianic Jew) distorted the facts when he documented that Israeli Zionists are really Khazars, NOT authentic Jews? You mean to say that Neturei Karta Black Hat Jews are ‘distorting’ the facts when they assert that ZIONISM = NAZISM? So who are the NeoNAZIS (ZIONAZIS), eh?! Authentic Jews CANNOT be Zionists! Zionism is an AFFRONT to Yahweh!

    You are right about only 1 thing: Jews condemned Jesus the Christ to the Cross. They called down the curse of His blood on future generations of Jews. Christ said: “THEY are not Jews but are the synagogue of Satan.” He called the Jewish leaders of His time a “brood of vipers”. The remnant of Jews will proclaim Jesus the Christ their Messiah when the time comes. However, none of this has anything to do with Zionism. Zionist Slimeballs are the ENEMIES</B of America and of Humanity! The proof is SELF-EVIDENT to all who care to look.

    You might be (and probably are) a Zionist yourself – or a Zionist Shill! In either case, you are a TRAITOR to America! Like Joseph Biden, the Zionist Slimeball said: “You don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist.”

  16. PS To anyone who does not know where to look: GodSend is a great place to start looking!

  17. Well, Sibel, it’s your blog. If you want to tolerate this Nazi scum, it’s up to you. I would say he has been sufficiently exposed.

  18. theepitbull says:


    I just extracted a few more points from my ‘Master’ file and have updated the .png/.jpg maps that can be reviewed here: .jpg .png

    Archive copy .jpg:

    @ Sibel

    For emphasis, most everyone in the truth movement ‘focuses’ on the 9/11 events and fail to understand the ‘big’ picture.

    The events on the 11th September 2001 are of themselves a tragic for sure, but, the one thing very few seem to grasp is that it was a compartmentalized operation with many sub-compartments.

    My point….9/11 itself is a ‘sub-compartment’ of a much larger operation. When on considers the specific aspects that allowed 9/11 to happen it points to a higher level of expertise insomuch as a intelligence operation.

    That being said ‘what’ you where hearing with respect to your activities for the FBI are back channel transmission derived from that ‘Larger Group’.

    Moreover, that ‘Larger Group’ are the also behind the missing trillions, attempted stealing of nukes, and are running operations that are developing ‘its’ agenda/operations.


    The Marxist’s global agenda is moving along at breakneck speed. The only way to completely stop the privacy invasions, expanding domestic police powers, land grabs, insane wars against inanimate objects (and transient verbs), covert actions, and outright assaults on individual liberty, is to step outside the dialectic. This releases us from the limitations of controlled and guided thought.

    As such, I allude to this in my report “The Ominous Parallels” stating:

    More important is the BIG PICTURE in the why our government is doing this not only to its on citizen’s, but also, throughout the world. First, everything was put in motion after the attacks perpetrated against our country by same THUGS and CRIMINALS that are exercising these crimes against all of us.

    The WHY can be answered with respect to the United States internally in that there is an effort to destroy the wealth base of anyone who opposes their status quo. As a result, the wealth base is being shifted and developed towards their power base.

    For emphasis, their power base needs to be developed as to allow them long-term control over the populace and this control can only be guaranteed by insuring that those controls are in their hands. In particular, this is done by installing their puppets/players/people in business and government.


    With respect to externally this is being done covertly by running “False Flag” operations that allow the U.S. to exercise its military strength over third world countries in ensuring that no other country develops into a power to resist this hidden plan that the “Elites” have put into play using the attacks against our country as an excuse. Moreover, this is why we are in Iraq as to develop excuses to attack Iran, Syria and other country’s that posses natural resources that can enrich that country’s wealth.

    Effectively, this is the ‘why’ of your redacted interview in that some of the back channel players are mentioned and discussed etc.

    In my humble opinion.


    PS: Question to ponder on a long snowy day: In running large scale ‘black’ operations what skill sets/etc would be needed?

  19. theepitbull says:


    Per user request; here’s the update with ‘another’ extracted point from my ‘Master’ file. I’ve starting using the .gif format, which, is smaller and should load faster.

    Hopefully, this should resolve users slow download issue, if not, my sincere apology’s:(

    Archive copy .gif:

    Hope this helps!


  20. On the subject of Israel, Zionism and 9/11, I recommend the following youtube link. I have been saying these things for years.

  21. theepitbull says:


    I just extracted (2) more points from my ‘Master’ file and have added (1) point after reading Susan Lindauer book for a total of (3) updated points to the .png/.gif maps that can be reviewed here: .png .gif

    Archive copy .gif:

    1. What the Pentagon Pundits Were Selling on the Side: Propaganda Meets Corporate Lobbying

    2. Harry M. Jansen Kraemer, Jr.- Current SAIC Board Member – Former CEO Baxer International

    3. Richard Carl Fuisz

    Middle East

    In 1981, Baxter International acquired Medcom.[1] Fuisz provided documents to Baxter directors and to The Wall Street Journal showing that Baxter International sold a plant in Israel to comply with the Arab economic and political boycotts of Israel.[6] In 1993 Baxter was the first company to face criminal charges under the anti-boycott law.[7] As a result of Fuisz’s documentation and testimony, Baxter pled guilty in March 1993 to violation of U.S. anti-boycott laws and was fined $6.5 million.[8]

    He told the House Agriculture Committee in 1992 that Terex Corporation had built mobile Scud missile launchers for Saddam Hussein with the “CIA’s blessing”.[9][10] Terex “vigorously denied” the charge and started a libel suit against Fuisz. A 16-month federal investigation concluded that there was “no credible evidence that Terex supplied Scud missile launchers to Iraq” and the New York Times printed a retraction of their Seymour M. Hersh article saying “The Times has no evidence that contradicts the task force’s findings.”The Sunday Herald in 2005 reported on documents provided by Iraq to the UN naming companies that had provided assistance to Iraq’s weapons program. Although the US government attempted to censor the contents, Terex is listed in a table of “UK firms that sold arms to Iraq”, arms that involved “rocket” material.

    Hope this helps 😉

    Love “Light” and Energy


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