Additional Omitted Points in CIA-Gulen coverage & A Note from ‘The Insider’

Crucial Details Missing in the MSM Coverage of the Recent Intel Chief’s Exposé

gulenLast week I wrote about the Washington Post’s incomplete and one-sided coverage of the recently published memoir by former Turkish Intelligence Chief Osman Nuri Gundes exposing CIA Operations via an Islamic Group in Central Asia. Since then I have gone over the same book’s review and coverage by the Turkish mainstream media, and I have interviewed reporters and sources in Turkey who have read the book, followed the coverage, and or are intimately familiar with the topic. With that I now have several additional points on this exposé which further illustrate the journalistically mind-boggling piece marketed by the Post. Writing my previous piece cost me an associate whom I like and respect. It shouldn’t have. I still believe this was a case of institution-Government-editors vs. the journalist, with the former winning. I am not going to weigh my writing, modify my facts, alter the truth, tweak, and censor based on worries of losing a source, or a friend, or even readership. With that said I’ll briefly list my points gathered from documented facts and interviews, and sources familiar with Gundes’ recent book and Gulen.
Extensive Coverage in the Turkish Mainstream Media

As one might expect, the Turkish mainstream media (all major newspapers, magazines, radio & TV channels) extensively (and very intensely) covered the recent publication of Gundes’ book. The following are the main points on former Turkish Intel Chief Gundes’ CIA-Gulen allegations which were documented and reported by every single media outlet in Turkey (since mid December), including this one written by one of the most prominent journalists at Milliyet:
1-     In Central Asia, within Gulen’s Islamic schools, the CIA operatives worked under the guise of ‘American Teachers teaching English.’

Okay, the Washington Post article, going through the exact same publications/articles forgot to add these crucial details, which would have paved the way for journalistic investigation(s) leading to either confirmation or denial. The following is the only detail the article provided:

In the 1990s, Gundes alleges, the movement "sheltered 130 CIA agents" at its schools in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan alone

In this case, as others had done already, the existence of mysterious American teachers teaching English in Gulen’s schools in Central Asia has already been confirmed.

2-     The American Teachers working at Gulen’s Islamic Schools in Central Asia possessed US Diplomatic Passports.

I contacted my source, formerly with the State Department, and he confirmed issuing diplomatic status for at least 50 Americans to teach in former Soviet republics. When I asked him whether they were employed by the State Department, he said: ‘Not officially.’ I asked him whether they were connected to the CIA, and he responded, ‘I wouldn’t know.’ I inquired about the direct foreign employer(s) of these American teachers, and this was his response: ‘Private Turkish companies in education fields and several NGOs in Turkey.’ This particular source was retired in 2004.

Again, the Washington Post article conveniently omitted this particular detail. Publishing this detail would have required seeking comments from the State Department: “Have you issued diplomatic passports to American teachers in XYZ countries.” Of course, no such inquiry was ever made by the Post.

3-     Gundes provided details of a high-level official meeting attended by MIT officials, one of Gulen’s education foundation directors, the Minister of Turkish Education Ministry Department and other high-level bureaucrats, an official from the Prime Minister’s Office, and several owners of Gulen private schools. The location for this briefing where CIA operative teachers with US Diplomatic passports were discussed was at ‘Ogretmen Evi’ and the host was the Director of Foreign Study Program at the Turkish Education Ministry. The meeting was ‘recorded,’ and an official report was prepared. The report included the following details:

  1. One of the attending Gulen school owners owned and operated 18 schools for Gulen in Uzbekistan. The CIA operation disguised under ‘Teaching English’ at these 18 schools in Uzbekistan consisted of 70 CIA operatives, operating under a project named ‘Friendship Bridge’ (Operation Code Name). The operatives also submitted reports to a certain arm of the Pentagon.

  3. The same operation (name not mentioned) had 60 American-CIA operatives as English teachers in Kyrgyzstan; again carrying US Diplomatic Passports.

  5. The meeting (briefing) and analyses were later included in an official government report (Turkish Government) on Gulen’s operations which was ‘published.’

Again, the Turkish media quotes and covers these detailed allegations. None of these details, and what’s alleged as evidence by Gundes, were covered by the Post. After all, how difficult would it be to follow up and check out these American ‘teachers’ with Diplomatic Passports in the named countries? Make some use of the  Post’s foreign correspondents and partners stationed/anchored  there? No; the  Post would not dare open that can of worms. So what do they do instead: Take out all the details, get lies as quotes from the implicated CIA source, and say, ‘hmmmmm, see, nothing there.

This is consistent with Gulen’s own media networks’, such as Today’s Zaman’s, no-denial denial operation mode. Remember, these are the same groups who deny Gulen’s 100+ charter school operations in the United States (See here), and this, despite all the documentation and hundreds of witnesses’, including former and present Americans teachers who have worked at these charter schools. Today’s Zaman, one of Gulen’s propaganda machine arms, desperately denies Gunes’ exposé, and in doing so in such desperation, it ends up with a jumble of no-denial denial (see here).

Another point worth mentioning: You’d think with all the court documents and previous reports on FBI-DOJ and the Homeland Security Department vehemently opposing Gulen’s residency request in court(s), the Washington Post would contact their plentiful DOJ-FBI-DHS sources and ask for statements; right? Well, they didn’t. In the Gulen court case we had the CIA pushing big time for Gulen’s residency request, and DOJ-FBI-DHS opposing it. Why? Why did the FBI-DOJ-DHS oppose Gulen in court? I’d say this much-First Hand information, in this case: Based on FBI-DHS joint investigations of Gulen (White Collar Crime) and the involved files, they had plenty of reasons to oppose.

Finally, as a side note, the Post, at least Mr. Stein, was very familiar with my statements regarding Gulen-CIA-Central Asia operations; including the interview I gave to the American Conservative Magazine’s Phil Giraldi. Had Mr. Stein bothered to contact me he would have gotten what the Washington Post wished not to get.

I am going to end this post with a short piece provided to our BFP readers in the US by one of my sources in Turkey who has gone through Gunes’ book, and is a journalist with inside information and unique access to those closely involved in Gulen related investigations-operations:

Fethullah Gülen & the Origin of the Turkish Deep State

By ‘The Insider from Turkey’

abramowitzThose who think the Turkish/Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen was introduced to the CIA after he had left Turkey and established himself in Pennsylvania are missing the point. Same with those who are under the impression that the Gülen movement is primarily of a religious nature.

The first contacts of Gülen with the CIA go back to way before, we learn from the recently published book The witness of takeovers and anarchy by Osman Nuri Gündes, a former operative of the Turkish intelligence outfit MIT. In the eighties Gülen associated himself with fierce anticommunist circles in Turkey supported by the joint CIA and the secretive stay behind network, Gladio. We are talking about the same Gladio which was responsible for a series of far right terrorist attacks in Turkey and who composed the overture of the bloody 1980 takeover.

According to Osman Nuri Gündes, Gülen began his own anticommunist organization in the city of Erzurum. He also mentions Gülen with respect to Radio Free Europe, a CIA propaganda project against the Soviet-Union where previous CIA station chief Paul Henze was working as well. Henze has been described as one of the dark forces behind the takeover in 1980. Gülen’s main contact in the CIA however, was Morton Abramowitz, who was stationed in Turkey as a CIA employee before he came there as US ambassador. As mentioned previously on this website, Abramowitz later came to defend Gülen when he ended up having trouble with the US immigration service. 

So, once upon a time Gülen was very close to structures in Turkey of which the remnants can still be recognized in Ergenekon, the network that targeted not only Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s AK-party government, but also the Gülen-movement. This is due to the fact that the previous anticommunist network in Turkey turned away from the CIA in post-Cold War days, while Gülen and his supporters in the Turkish government remained loyal to it.

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  1. green frog of hope says:

    I so enjoy your work ! I admire your courage and strength.

    I wonder if you would answer me just one question?

    Do you support the current government of Turkey?

  2. Thanks for directing us to the Jeff Stein coverup story — that’s how I take it — a whitewash, deliberately intended to reduce the impact of this new book coming out in Turkey. You are, if anything, too kind to Stein. Evidently this happens because of the personal connection. Tough situation.

    But his omissions can’t be due to his not knowing or knowing about a lot of what you point out. It’s obvious that he hasn’t worked at finding corroboration for the Gundes claims. But he HAS worked at finding ways to diminish their credibility.

    How much WaPo pushed on him doesn’t matter; he’s complicit in tendentious, worse. In propagandistic journalism. And that’s the way it goes. Everybody knows. Well, some do.

  3. “I am not going to weigh my writing, modify my facts, alter the truth, tweak, and censor based on worries of losing a source, or a friend, or even readership.”…without knowledge of the internal pressures which might cause that to be written, allow me to suggest that your readership takes as given your uncompromising integrity and unconcern with the need to tweak truth to conform with a supposed ‘reality.’ Nevertheless, as previously indicated, at this point you stand at a juncture where there is only one road forward -full disclosure of that data(and analysis)which is uniquely yours to elucidate. That Gulen/GreyWolves, etc etc are puppets of an Amerikan adventurist foreign policy is not in debate. Your point is won.

    What stays in the shadows, until the arrows in your quiver be aimed with the irrefutable evidence of the truth, is that this mentioned policy is in turn a subsidiary creation of the string pullers behind the marionettes in DC. Just as it remains forbidden to discuss the hidden hand of the Donmeh in Turkey, so the hand of the Sabbatean at the top of the puppet government in Amerika is naked yet unmentionable…till you summons the courage of your ancestors & witness what you know and the world waits to hear exposed…

  4. HannahKOLuthon says:

    Thanks, as always, for the detailed account of what is clearly meant to be left in darkness. This is clearly a major operation, the true goals of which have never been revealed, much less clarified for the benefit of the American people. It begggars the imagination, however, to believe that merely educational aims are involved here.

  5. Revelarts says:

    Sorry you friend has pulled away. Thanks for you steadfastness.
    Your an inspiration, peace to you and your family Sybel.

  6. Sibel, as I hope you know, I put your work and materials at the highest level of value and trust. That’s why I was sort of surprised when I searched your website for the name “Indira Singh” today and found no reference to it.

    Sort of surprised but not very, because after all, I had never heard or read the name myself before last night. Then I read about Joe Bergantino and PTECH in a comment by a poster at Raw Story, and decided to do a little digging. I was vaguely familiar with the story of a software company in Boston that had some connection to 9/11. In my search I stumbled on this page ( making reference to the Corbett Report, again entirely new to me. Where has this been hiding? The page is titled “Why is WBZ covering up critical 9-11 evidence? PTech investigation proves too hot to handle, for some at WBZ”

    It includes a link to a Corbett Report broadcast, introduced by this fellow Corbett, but is primarily an replay of an interview at Guns & Butter by Bonnie Faulkner of Ms. Singh, who turns out to be a brilliant programmer overseeing at that time the purchase of some of the most sophisticated software on the planet on behalf of the entire operation of JP Morgan Chase. The best out there seemed to be this PTECH, which was in use by dozens of top secret branches of our military and intelligence sector, the Congress, and law enforcement on wider levels. Singh, in her efforts to get this software to work for Morgan discovered that it was partially owned by someone (this was Oct. 2001) on the terror watch list.

    She calls PTECH “the one golden thread you pull on and the whole 9-11 story unravels.” I strongly urge you to listen to the audio, The relevant material begins at time=7:44

    Be well, dear lady.

  7. proudprimate; thanks for that relatively recent info/story of wbz relating to indirah singh. have asked same at this site before in past 4-5 months, to no avail. i’m wondering/hoping i.s. is keeping a very low profile somewhere safe/writing? and that’s perhaps honored here, as well. hers is an amazing story. sure you’ve watched her at the ’04 citizen commission hearings linked at site you mentioned. james corbett also recommends spreading her story far and wide but i cannot seem to download into itunes for copying the bonnie faulkner interview to share as j. c. recommends.perhaps because it’s radio. i’ve copied plenty of others but can;t get this/or other radio shows to work. there’s also an anomaly where the #45 that hers is (i think) at one list is, instead, someone named james carmody when you attempt it.???
    i fear fear rules.
    some more links in case you’ve not seen:
    (I believe there’s a transcript somewhere i’ve seen).
    also maybe related: foreign-relations-consultant-to-mitre-corporation-found-dumped-in-landfill/#respond

  8. @thymesup I had trouble downloading the interview as well. If you go to this link

    and right click (or ctrl click) on the link that says “play this clip in your computer’s media player” it should give you the option to download the clip. That worked for me.

  9. @thymesup —

    many thanks for your useful info. I thought it would be highly unlikely that Sibel could be unaware of this blockbuster story of PTech and Mitre, but not finding a hit in a search of the site, I wondered. So they do know each other.

    You’re saying you tried in vain to post the #45 mp3 to iTunes? I’ve never tried to post things there, although I used to DL stuff FROM there. Would it help if I reposted the mp3 at my website? I assume you are saying it’s intentional blocking by editors. But just in case the linkages are to blame, here it is at my site, with the first 7:44 removed:

    I wondered when Sibel was having health problems if it was more like threats, but she’s back in business since then. I just thought when I heard #45 that this was the biggest breach of supposed stable government I had yet heard of. what could be worse, except eating babies 3 meals a day at the White House or Black Masses in the National Cathedral?


    Oh, my God —

    “Wheeler clearly had strong knowledge about tankers, their use and acquisition. Starting in 2009, he became a consultant for Mitre Corporation, a not-for-profit organization that manages federally funded research and development centers. Mitre currently operates such centers for the U.S. Departments of Defense, Veterans Affairs, and Homeland Security, along with the IRS and the Federal Aviation Administration.”

    Lots of threads to pull on this FDL piece.

  10. @thymesup

    I just finished DLing the whole 23 sections of that NYCC conference, for safe keeping (1.26G). What a blockbuster! I haven’t watched it all yet, but I will.

    I just went to my job and retrieved the book I mistakenly had shipped there, and it is another blockbuster: “Extreme Prejudice” by Susan Lindauer. Have you heard of her? There’s another great GREAT potential Boiling Frogs interview.

  11. “I wondered when Sibel was having health problems if it was more like threats… what could be worse, except eating babies 3 meals a day at the White House or Black Masses in the National Cathedral?”

    Allowing for all intended jocularity, your question deserves an answer. What’s ‘worse’ is that certain forces hate and fear that subgrouping of humanity best referred to as the “melatoninally-challenged” to such a degree as to be actively involved in plotting their destruction for generations now. The fate of Ukrania, Armenia, and the other victims of a genetically based religious persecution in the East is entirely lost upon the West I fear.
    You don’t have to believe in reptilians, annuki, ufo’s or be any kind of nutjob at all to know this to be true: just by waking up from the induced trance that the western peoples have been placed under, the latent survival instincts of our progenitors kick in. Ask yourself why ‘The Lord of the Rings’ has been voted the most popular book of the C20th time and time again…it was not a work of “fiction” that Tolkien wrote, but rather, a guided tour of our past present and future fates…tapping into the hardwiring of our genetic subconcious. The real “metafictional” narrative instead of the postmodernist pap designed to disguise and replace it’s message to us.

    Yes, the author of this blog will be under threat – the messenger from the East carries the seeds of what ZOG fears the most – unity of the peoples of Persia and Scythia once more – Rome and Constantinople freed of cabbalist intrigue, Antioch and Persepolis united, East and West in harmony. That smallest of warriors, as prophesied, will be the one to topple the clay-footed giant. Let the prayers of those from both within and without the fallen lands protect and fortify her in pursuance of this mighty deed.

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