Turkish Imam Fethullah Gulen Nabs George Bush PR Queen

Fethullah Gulen’s Cosmos Foundation Hires Bush Karen Hughes & Here is Why!

hughesHere at Boiling Frogs Post we have been covering the infamous Turkish Imam Fethullah Gulen, his $25 Billion network and CIA guardians, his more than 1000 Madrasas in the Balkans, Central Asia, Caucasus and elsewhere, his Charter School Empire here in our backyard, and of course, as always, the incredible blackout and selective coverage by the US mainstream media when it comes to this controversial operator. Maybe all that work was not totally futile after all. In the past few weeks, thanks to relentless and collective efforts by a group of concerned American teachers-activists, Imam Gulen has been receiving some deservedly eye-brow rising media coverage. Obviously, more than a few eyebrows must have been risen, since in a desperate attempt for damage control one of Fethullah Gulen’s main foundations has reached out and hired (make that bought out) George Bush’ queen of PR, his former campaign manager, and the former Undersecretary of State, Karen Hughes. The buyout terms must have been very steep since both parties, Gulen’s Cosmo-Hughes, have been mum about it when questioned:

The largest of the Texas charter operators, Cosmos Foundation, Inc., has hired no less than Karen Hughes of PR heavyweights Burson-Marsteller to -- uh, what's the word I'm looking for -- help Cosmos pass the school construction bond bills. Other than the fact that Karen Hughes has declined to state how much cash she's receiving for her, uh, help with the bond bills…

Here is Karen Hughes in action, paving the way to her lucrative lobbying and PR position with Imam Gulen’s Charter School operations:

Here is a clip from one recent exposé on Gulen’s Charter School Empire:

There is not much information or details on the federal investigations of Gulen’s charter schools other than that the investigations are being coordinated by prosecutors in Pennsylvania where Gulen resides in his private castle, guarded by more than 50 Turkish security guards:

…but federal agencies - including the FBI and the Departments of Labor and Education - are investigating whether some charter school employees are kicking back part of their salaries to a Muslim movement founded by Gulen known as Hizmet, or Service, according to knowledgeable sources.

Unlike in Turkey, where Gulen's followers have been accused of pushing for an authoritarian Islamic state, there is no indication the American charter network has a religious agenda in the classroom.

Religious scholars consider the Gulen strain of Islam moderate, and the investigation has no link to terrorism. Rather, it is focused on whether hundreds of Turkish teachers, administrators, and other staffers employed under the H1B visa program are misusing taxpayer money.

Federal officials declined to comment on the nationwide inquiry, which is being coordinated by prosecutors in Pennsylvania's Middle District in Scranton. A former leader of the parents' group at the State College school confirmed that federal authorities had interviewed her.

Bekir Aksoy, who acts as Gulen's spokesman, said Friday that he knew nothing about charter schools or an investigation.

Recently released Wikileaks cables contain some details on US unease over Gulen’s operations:

Classified documents recently released by WikiLeaks recount U.S. officials' growing concern over large numbers of Turkish men seeking visas to work at American charter schools founded by followers of Fethullah Gulen, a powerful Turkish Muslim political figure who lives in the Poconos.

"Gulen supporters account for an increasing proportion of [the] . . . nonimmigrant visa applicant pool," a consular official in Istanbul, Turkey, wrote in 2006, according to one of the documents posted by WikiLeaks two weeks ago.

"Consular officials have noticed that most of these applicants share a common characteristic: They are generally evasive about their purpose of travel to the United States."

One destination for visa holders is the Truebright Science Academy, a charter school founded in North Philadelphia by followers of Gulen.An analysis of H1-B visas conducted for The Inquirer showed that the number granted for Gulen charter schools has grown substantially since that 2006 report. More than 2,500 have been issued since 2007.

The acting chief executive at Truebright, Tansu Cidav, has declined to discuss the school's operation.

Turkish staffers at Truebright are paid more than their American counterparts, state pension records show. In the last school year, a Turkish math teacher who was not certified and spoke little English was paid $54,000; a certified American science teacher was paid $40,200.

The common theme of Gulen’s US network in dealing with the recent inquiries and investigations seems to be: ‘No comments.’ They have refused to acknowledge or respond to all inquiries, even those on the minutest details of their American tax payers’ funded operations.

You know where I stand when it comes to partisanship and all the evils associated with it, right? Well, one of the very rare (if not only) positives that comes out of partisanship (sometimes) is the drive to bring out the ‘real’ dirt when it is associated with the other side-party. Unfortunately, this won’t be the case with Gulen’s operations. The pocketing of Karen Hughes for damage control and to further their nefarious activities will not become a ‘cause’ for the blind followers of the opposite party-the Democrats. Gulen’s operatives have been playing cleverly and safely (just like the MIC and the like): They have been pocketing and playing figureheads from both parties,

It’s very difficult to believe that any politician from the Chicago area would have nothing to do with the Turkish community there. For Jan Schakowsky to deny any relationship would be utter foolishness, of course, because she’s been very much involved lately with the Fethullah Gulen movement through the Chicago-based Niagara Foundation, whose honorary president is none other than Hocaefendi himself. This year Schakowsky wrote a Letter of Recognition for the Niagara Foundations 2009 “Peace and Dialogue Awards”. And Schakowsky did the same in 2008 and in 2007.

Naturally, these facts raise questions. How intimately does Representative Schakowsky know the Niagara Foundation in order for her to show such consistent and strong support? What benefits does the Niagara Foundation provide Schakowsky and the City of Chicago? Since the Chicago City Council backs and promotes the Niagara Foundation, what is the foundation’s real connection to Mayor Daly and former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, both of whom are involved in major, ongoing corruption cases?

Those of you who are new to this website, you may want to check out our coverage of Gulen’s operations here at Boiling Frogs Post in order to get a better view of recent developments. At the time, I received more than my fair share of ‘anonymous’ attacks and criticism for my coverage of Gulen Operations while the mainstream media was busy hushing the issue, sanitizing Gulen’s history-present, and censoring documented evidence. I wish I could say I feel a bit better seeing the recent small scale of media attention-interest, but I cannot. The latest coverage does not even begin to touch the buried explosive facts…but I will be cautiously optimistic. Here are a few select articles and analyses written and published by Boiling Frogs Post on Imam Gulen:

Did You Know: The King of Madrasas Now Operates over 100 Charter Schools in US?

Turkish Intel Chief Exposes CIA Operations via Islamic Group in Central Asia

Additional Omitted Points in CIA-Gulen Coverage & A Note From ‘The Insider’

The Sanitized Gulen Coverage Continues

This is it for now on the latest Gulen coverage. We were covering Gulen’s operations and related topics when it was unpopular, and we will pursue it after it ceases to be semi-popular. Please support Boiling Frogs Post and allow us bring to you what others won’t.

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  1. Turan Erbil says:

    Sibel gets it right again, good thing she isn’t living in Turkey or else we would both be arrested like our fellow journalists who dare say the truth about “The Imam’s Army”. This poster would be interested to learn what Ms. Edmonds has to say about the draft of the book which since yesterday has over 100,000 downloads.
    There is a huge amount of paper trail on Hizmet (Gulen Movement) in the USA, it is embarassing the recklessness this stupidity of outright lying and extending business contracts for the schools only to members of their group.
    These contracts are no-bid and amount to over $25 million given to Turkish ran: Ege Construction, Rainbow Painting, Atlas Construction. Besides ruining the local economies by only hiring members of Hizmet as teachers, legal analysts, finance directors, business directs and now even PE and ESL teachers the group keeps the money in the “family”. More than one USCIS person is scratching their heads wondering how they are getting h1-b Visas for people when there are thousands of qualifed people in the USA out of work for these positions? Who or whom is approving these h1-b Visas? The same ones that extended Hocaefendi his green card after he failed to prove he had extraordinary talent as a “teacher”
    Here is more information about Texas and the dirty business of charter schools and the Gulen Movement.
    Excellent research being done in Texas, Ohio, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Colorado, California, Arizona, and now even Indiana. We do as Gulen has directed “we are working in the arteries of the system until we reach ALL the power centers”
    Besides Ms. Edmond’s research, please research Dr. Aland Mizell and Dr. Joshua Hendricks (former paid speaker for the Gulen Movement)

  2. MythvsTruth says:

    Read the latest article about the “Boiling Frogs” at getthefact.com


  3. MythvsTruth says:

    A perfect article about the so called Gulen Charter Schools

    Gulen Charter Schools

  4. Turan Erbil says:

    Ah the “Gulen” Myth poster is spreading his propaganda and fake web sites.

    Whats the matter Myth, are you one of the many Turkish Teachers that have been exploited by Hocaefendi? Many have not been paid or have most of their salaries garnished by Hizmet to support your efforts. What about that?
    So is USA today, Cincinnati News, Hawaii Free Press, Philadelpha Inquirer, Indiana Times, Arizona Star, Washington Post, UPI, Hurrieyet etc etc.,….all a myth? These are credible journalists not your silly and sorry blogs with no sources cited only your same old propaganda.

    Nice Try, America is on to this manipulation of the media. If that is all you have you might as well get your exit visas ready, I hear the Federal Prison has good food you might get your request for Turkish coffee.

    Gulen Charter schools and “keeping secrets”

    But then what do we expect from a group of naive single men who have been brainwashed at an early age. “stay with hizmet you will become rich” “spread the culture of Turkey throughout the world” “become part of the Gulen Movement’s inner circle” blah blah. its all been said and done before.

  5. @Turan Erbil: Welcome, and thank you for the well-articulated comment.

    @Myth: That is your standard of logic-counter argument-analysis? I guess your link does the explanation. Listen, I’ve been getting tons of threats & insults (all anonymous)from you guys via e-mail, various blogs comments, even forums like DU. You guys have two ways: bribe (politicians, journalists, etc), or, vicious attacks (anonymously, of course). Keep at it-you and the rest of your charlatan Gulen troop; you make me feel even more vindicated. I will never ban you guys from this site, since you are truly making the case, that is, the ‘real’ case.

  6. Pondoora says:

    Magnolia is pulling the same thing in California by employing former State Secretary of Education, mouthpiece-for-hire, traitor-to-America Kerry Mazzoni.

    * http://www.teamgsi.net/pages/kerry.html
    * http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Former-Secretary-of-Education-prnews-1522110512.html?x=0&.v=1
    * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WsiEhusbY4&feature=related

  7. Turan Erbil says:

    Leaving up their silly posting shows a lot of class on the part of Ms. Edmonds, she could easily take it down. But then that would be censorship, I say “leave it up” and let everyone read just how full of nonsense this group is. Their dribble does them more harm.
    They (Cemaat) never have a debate, to the argument it is always about attacking the person. This is why they will never get anywhere in the USA, Americans will fight back and not tolerate any censorship.
    Many of the members have been manipulated at a very young age and have no kind of social skills outside of the Movement and what it’s central goals are (expansionism) every task that is done is for the advancement of the Gulen Movement and nothing else. They have no life or thought outside of Gulen Gulen Gulen and the Movement. Ironically, most have never met the exiled esek and never will. Recently Gulen’s attorney/aide has been seperating themselves very very far from the schools and disassociating himself from them. When trouble starts, the politicians and Fetos start repeating the same mantra “I don’t know anyone at these schools”
    The children, politicians, inter-faith dialog, Noah’s pudding, etc., is all predictable and just a means to justify or obtain the end result. The methods are not working in the USA and the group is getting very sloppy and disorganized.
    I fear for the children in these schools, in February 2011 their Brookside Science Academy in Missouri, had some sort of carbon monoxide leak that sent over 11 children to the local hospitals. When you have substandard services, do not understand the American systems, and try to cut- corners with only Turkish businesses servicing the school facilities it is an accident waiting to happen.
    Another thing about this group”s attacks, they seem to have sexist undertones at least in the USA. Rarely to they go after men that oppose them it is always the females. Does this have something to do with their sexual confusions and Fetos directing them to delay marriage until they are 40 (or not at all as he has chosen not to)
    Maybe the “Myth” poster and his cronies have not proposed to their cousins yet, as President Gul has. Perhaps it is as simple as not being able to accept intelligent women with a mind of their own.


  8. ohohmrbill says:

    It is strange to me that Gulen had sued the FBI to get his green card. In his depisition he claimed that he was a scholar and was noted for his schools here in the states. Now that the pressure is on him he makes a statement to CNNTurk that he has nothing to do with them. Just like any bad guy in any movie he is going to run away and leave the rest of you to hang out and dry. That’s loyalty. All this pressure here and abroad and getting that extra attention may be leaving him with a little indegestion.

  9. FromTurkey says:

    Please… Please keep on writing about the topic!
    He had destroyed “so much” in Turkey!…

  10. FromTurkey says:

    He only has elementray school education and he says that he follows the path of Rumi but again nonsense. He is a Said-i Nursi fan. He has nothing to do with Rumi, he is just using his quotes.

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