The Ratings Game …Or Something More Cynical?

Timing Is Everything & There Are No Coincidences When…

hypeI believe when it comes to DC dirty politics, when it comes to the new world order machine, and when it comes to US presidents, timing is everything and there are no such things as coincidences. The one billion dollar question always remains the same: what’s the real game-what’s the real deal. Considering the mainstream media’s sensationalism and propaganda tactics and their cemented role as an extension of the establishment, one must step back and take in the entire landscape, the context, connections, and of course the timing. Only after that, after putting the pieces together instead of dumbly staring at the images spread before us by the media, we have a chance to get a grasp of the reality-facts; or at least a chance to come up with real questions. Now, please help me make sense of some strange timing and coincidences in the latest developments:

5 days ago, on April 27, Obama released his infamous birth certificate after almost three years of adamant refusal (I for one could not care less, and was bewildered by the ridiculous hype!).

Yesterday Obama announced Bin Laden’s death as a result of some secret US military operations near Islamabad, and so far the evidence of his groundbreaking announcement has been either buried in the deep sea or obfuscation of mysterious relative detainees.

Today for the first time a sitting President-Obama and his wife will appear on the Oprah Winfrey Show for an hour long interview.

What’s the ‘real deal’ here? Are we looking at some souped-up PR campaign to repair long-slipping presidential approval rates? Is this a desperate and manic attempt for positioning in the next presidential elections 18 months away? You can never be cynical enough when it comes to dirty politics, so on that front:

Are these latest developments part of a preemptive operation to counter some ‘mysterious’ and soon to come embarrassing disclosure(s), a ready to break scandal, or a major government scandal?

Do they intend to use the recent staged developments to increase Obama’s chances in garnering higher public backing and support for a soon to come preemptive war, let’s say with Iran or Syria?

Okay, I am looking at these bewildering recent developments, and accordingly I am speculating. I invite you to join and add your interpretation and or speculations. What say you?

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  1. Poolman says:

    Pure political theater. This stuff is all manufactured to keep the peeps in line. This should be a very interesting month…

  2. Bill Bergman says:

    We probably shouldn’t feel like paranoids for questioning the motives and veracity of Big Media and Big Government, given their record. And the specific questions that remain at issue on the immediate issue deserve closer scrutiny.

  3. cdithaca says:

    I’m guessing this is a cover for a massive cut to Social Security and Medicare that Obama will be “forced” to make as a compromise to the Republicans to raise the debt ceiling. He’s clearly going to do this, and since he’s governing with a coalition of Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats (the same coalition Bush used), it will be enacted into law. We must screw the elderly, the children and the sick so we can buy more F-35’s and space weapons to fight cave dwellers in Afghanistan.

  4. cagold says:

    Dollar falling of a cliff, gas prices approaching $5.00 a gal. USA economy in a tailspin. Obummer popularity falling like stone. They need something to rally America, even if it another BS story. I do not buy it, I think OBL is wheeled out when they need a shift in America’s mind set.Thank god finally now he is dead, for the 9th time.Who is going to be their go to guy next? They need bad guy to instill fear so they can be our saviors, as we loss our rights.

  5. This comes within days of the Guantanamo-interrogation wikileaks dump — in which bin laden is conspicuously absent.

    and after a decade during which any number of us intell contractors and officers have told the press he’s probably dead.

    it also comes as petraeus comes to cia. perhaps he’s known within the apparat as an osama-skeptic (ie believes osama probably died in december 2001) and peeps decided best way to bury the hatchet was to end the drama now. send in the boys and bring osama out — whether he’s there or not.

    more generally, the pentagon team that obama inherited without changing is now being shuffled. the timing of this house-cleaning raid could have something to do with that.

    why we went to afghanistan, and why we are not out, are much more important questions.

    malalai joya and chomsky last month on topic:

  6. @ Bill: right, never a conspiracy when the government is spinning. Well, the government, NPR, Wash Post, ABC …it takes an entire village to sell a farfetched conspiracy;-)

    @newcombat: good points. By the way, just send an invite to Joya for BFP interview…hope we’ll hear back.
    @cagold:kill a few birds with one stone? Makes sense, doesn’t it?

    Anyone here listened to NPR this morning? Talk about government-war PR machine!!!

  7. Orambo for president..and Oscar! camera ON…lookin good Chief! Looking right at us.[His’serious’face.] No more left and right speechifying.[Note to Perception Management team! Well done!] Timing is everything in Circus, trumping Trump in the game. Brian ‘deja’Williams organ grinding us through the story board on msnTV SAMO drone filling in the gaps while psychotic joy expressed at ground zero,manic waving of false flags:) Ten years ago williams rode us through ‘the big day’ just the same. smooth expert guiltless spin. I thought HE was dead.
    Then, impossible theater, burial at sea. Handing the matter over once again, to comedy. But. Do the writers of this episode think 911 conspiracy ‘goes away’? now? Because of this? That “it never happened”[Freilds]?

    Good morning world. Next chapter begins.

  8. ejungkurth says:

    After the bombing of the USS Cole, the Yemeni authorities rounded up the remaining perpetrators within something like 4 hours. They found their safe house which was full of bomb making equipment. I can’t remember the group, but it wasn’t al Qaeda.

    The FBI said no, we know it was Bin Laden, and sent a team to Yemen that was headed by John O’Neill. O’Neill caused a lot of problems with the Yemenis, for instance trying to arm his team with automatic weapons, and was eventually declared persona non grata by the U.S. ambassador. Pretty heavy stuff. He was forced to resign in 2001 after he temporarily lost the counterterrorism plans for New York City. He got a job as head of security for the World Trade Center 3 weeks or so before 9/11. He was killed on that day, supposedly by the collapse of the towers.

    So, I believe Bin Laden’s statement of 9/16/2001 in which he said he had nothing to do with the attacks. I believe the Yemenis caught the perpetrators of the Cole bombing. I even doubt that Bin Laden had anything to do with the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut. I think he is just a convenient cipher that the feds trot out whenever our all-powerful military or all-knowing intelligence agencies get dope slapped.

    So, my take is that this was a botched raid carried out without the knowledge or permission of the Pakistanis. The destroyed helicopter doesn’t make much sense otherwise. It’s also an echo of Carter’s failed Iranian rescue mission, which always seemed fishy to me. This time, though, the administration is taking the lemons they’ve been handed and making lemonade, something that Carter was too honest to do.

    “There are two things I know to be true. There’s no difference between good flan and bad flan, and there is no war.”

    PS Shortly after 9/11, NPR ran a story about how 9 out of 10 Americans thought we should invade Afghanistan. Then they played 4 or 5 interviews with people on the street, all of whom were against invasion, except for one guy who sounded as if he had an IQ of 75. That was about the last gasp of integrity, though. CBC is just as bad.

  9. lightviperr says:

    The media’s interest is interwoven with the strategic interests of the US government. They will never deviate from any issues that are strategically vital to the US government, regardless of the evidence. There are numerous examples of, oil pipelines, bases in Afghanistan, WMD’s in Iraq, Iraq reconstruction etc, etc. The media will shroud it in the insulator of freedom and democracy instead of exposing it as empire and corruption.

  10. robert fisk’s take at The Independent is worth reading.

    Fisk takes it as certain that (contrary to current accounts fluffing the american apparat) bin laden was ‘betrayed’ by his pakistani hosts.

    IF SO — ONE WONDERS THEN if the betrayal may have been part of a deal struck two weeks ago when the head of pakistan’s cia — the ISI — came to DC and Langley and demanded of Panetta that the drone campaign stop and — re raymond davis — that all cia activity in pakistan be notified to islamabad.

    maybe the americans said okay — but throw us osama’s bones.

    upon which the isi chief replied

    either (x) okay — it’s time, he’s history (as fisk points out vis a vis the mideast popular revolts)

    or (y) we can’t give him up — he died in 2001. but perhaps we can help you wind up the drama. some of his wives, other close ones, are living in abbott town, you know …

  11. would be great, sibel, to hear ms joya on a boiling frogs chat

  12. re “betrayal” — juan cole relates:

    The US story that the Pakistanis were not given prior notice of the operation is contradicted by the Pakistani news channel Geo, which says that Pakistani troops and plainsclothesmen helped cordon off the compound in Abbotabad.

  13. Of course it’s all planned to re-elect Obama. There are no limits of campaign financing. Do you really think that Oprah would have the nerve to publically question Obama on Bin Laden’s killing? Not a chance.

    Literally, almost everywhere you look in this case it’s about money and power. The Power Elite Inside the Beltway. The corporate MSM. The defense industry. Perpetual wars that many Congresspeople are getting rich off of.

    Allan Nairn was on Democracy Now on Monday talking about Bin Laden. He said that what millions of people need is a leader to unite them and stand up to Obama and the govt. In theory, it’s a nice idea. But in reality it won’t happen.

    Why? Various egos of the many people involved. If one person is seen as “The Spokesperson for the Left”, the neocons AND many on the Left will try to destroy them. Example: Cindy Sheehan.

    To her credit, Sibel tries to stay out the recycle-content stuff that many other sites do. Despite endless attacks she still keeps going in trying to get actual facts out. But unfortunately, if one person is seen as haveing a “breakout star” moment (go showbiz for a second), what happens? Others who are jealous will try to cut her down for no valid reason.

    Who’s to blame for this “egomania”? Part of it is being in a corporate MSM society. There’s only so much time in the day. There are only so many outlets that might give you coverage. There’s only so much in donations that people could give. That means that many have to fight to be heard.

    Nobody in the corporate MSM will dare to publically push Obama on this up to the election.

  14. “Mysterious” and embarrassing soon to come disclosures… uhhhh… like maybe from the DAVID HEADLEY/THR trial due to begin May 16 in Chicago perhaps??? 🙂

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