Boiling Frogs Exclusive: Intelligence & Law Enforcement Experts on Ever-Changing Bin Laden Death Script

Not All Sources and Experts Are Equal- Here Are some Real Ones!

directorThere are ‘experts’ views,’ and then there are experts’ views. There are ‘government sources,’ and then there are government sources. Not all experts are equal. And, not all sources are reliable. Am I talking in riddles? Of course not; give me a chance and I’ll explain.

We have members of the popular media (mainstream and quasi alternatives alike) ever anxious to market and disseminate government conspiracy and propaganda. They, members of the popular media, have their own rolodex of ‘experts’ and analysts, some on their payroll, to help them propagate the delivery and execution of government-given propaganda-conspiracy. The same principle applies to ‘sources.’ The popular media relies on their government sources who act as middle-men-government messengers who’ve been given a government written and approved script to be delivered; almost always anonymously. Well, this is exactly what we have been getting from our media, around the clock, since the announcement of the Bin Laden Death Operation: ever-changing government scripts, delivered mainly by anonymous government sources to the US media, and further embellished and expanded upon by government-connected experts and analysts on the payroll.

On the other hand, there are many independent real experts whose analyses and views you won’t, or rarely, get to hear or read about; at least not in the mainstream media or at quasi-alternative sites. And there are current and former government sources not tasked with messenger duties; many of whom don’t see the ‘calculated’ necessity to remain ‘anonymous.’ I can assure you, you do not, and will not, read or hear these experts’ and sources’ statements, analyses or views when it comes to government-written stories and their media buddies.

Last weekend Boiling Frogs Post contacted several independent sources and experts, and asked them for their straight-forward take on the absurdity-filled and ever-changing Bin Laden Death story. I say independent, because they are. As you’ll see these veterans and sources come from all different walks of Intelligence-Law Enforcement-Military, and as far as political orientation goes, they fall into every single category-liberal, conservative, libertarian and none. I want to thank them all for honoring the request given to them on extremely short notice, and for being honest, direct, commonsensical, and in some cases realistically humorous. Here is what they had to say, and say it briefly per my request, starting with my favorite investigative reporter and bestselling author, whom I respect tremendously and consider ‘truly independent,’ James Bamford:

bamfordI don’t know what happened, but here’s what I suspect.  The White House press office was horrified.  The image of an unarmed Bin Laden killed in his PJs, and his unarmed wife shot as she was trying to protect him, was too bland for prime time TV.  So after consulting with the “perception managers” at The Rendon Group, they quickly called together a team of experts for a conference in the Roosevelt Room to come up with a better narrative.

Among those present was Nurse Nayirah, daughter of the former Kuwaiti ambassador to the U.S., accompanied by several PR representatives from Hill & Knowlton.  It was her false claim that she had witnessed Iraqi soldiers take babies out of incubators in Kuwait and leave them on the floor to die, a lie propagandized around the world by H&K, that helped push the U.S. into the first Gulf War.  Sitting next to her was Ahmed Chalabi, the man whose deceptions about Saddam and his WMD, heavily promoted by the New York Times, helped lead the country to war with Iraq.  Then there was Jim Wilkinson, the Bush master propagandist who needed to find a way to get the country behind the war.  He thus fed the story to the media of how Pvt. Jessica Lynch fearlessly mowed down Fedayeen terrorists with her M16 until she ran out of ammo, whereupon she was shot, stabbed, captured, tortured and raped.  Unfortunately, through no fault of Lynch, it was later discovered to be totally made up. Finally, there was General Stanley McCrystal, largely responsible for promoting the fact that football star and Army private Pat Tillman was killed in a heroic battle in Afghanistan when in reality he was accidentally shot by his own men.  The false story was then ballyhooed by the press and used by the Army as a major recruiting tool for the Afghan War.

After a few hours going around the table for ideas, the White House press people finally had their story.  With one hand wrapped around his wife as a shield, Bin Laden used the other in a desperate effort to fight off capture by firing wildly at the commandos with an AK-47, but was finally taken down with a bullet right between his eyes. 

James Bamford- One of the country’s leading writers on intelligence and national security issues.

giraldiIf you factor in growth in government and the actual costs of the military and intelligence effort that finally succeeded in killing Osama bin Laden after fifteen years of trying, the renowned terrorist becomes the $3 trillion dollar man.  Considering that he has not personally directed a successful terrorist operation since 9/11 that is quite impressive, somewhat like winning a lifetime achievement Oscar at the Academy Awards ceremony.  And even 9/11 is by no means a slam-dunk for Osama as the Justice Department never charged him with that particular crime because they knew they did not have enough evidence to convince a jury.  So his story ends, shot down in Pakistan while resisting or possibly surrendering, with his wife and son or alone, in a lavish mansion or a shack, as a result of a great spy operation or maybe not, and with the President of the United States personally directing the operation or possibly just sitting in for a photo op.  Requiescat in Pace Osama. 

Philip Giraldi- Former Counterterrorism Specialist & military Intelligence Officer  of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency

kwaitkowskiThe executive-ordered assassination of Osama bin Laden, in what is now described as a rubbish-strewn, dirt-infested and barely habitable compound, does free up a spot on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list.   As a result of this grand and newsworthy success, after an interminable decade of really, really, really hard work, the flag-draped and platinum-plated military-industrial-intelligence complex is poised for even greater rewards, in both glory and gold.   Constitution-minded and economically strapped Americans, and those who oppose unnecessary undeclared wars of any kind, need to get back under the Bush-Obama bus, and quick.  Here’s why: President Obama will not remind Americans that bin Laden was never “wanted” by the FBI for the 9/11 attacks, and as such, bin Laden’s death is irrelevant to Washington’s long war in Afghanistan.  Likewise, former President Bush will not tell the country that the bin Laden connection to Saddam Hussein was manufactured in 2002 by neoconservatives bent on invasion, and as a result, bin Laden’s death has no bearing on Washington’s 9-year occupation and nation-building project in Iraq.    Come to think of it, not having Osama around anymore is stagnation we can believe in. 

Lt Col Karen Kwiatkowski- Retired U.S. Air Force lieutenant colonel and a specialist on the Middle East 

shafferTwo UN guys are sitting in a bar in Kabul – and one turns to the other and says “Did you hear the one about the president, the terrorism advisor and the pope?” The second guy turns to the other and says “Well – no – I have not” – and the first guys says “Me neither  - but it cannot be any more funny than the way the White House has handled the narrative of the Bin Laden raid.”

Four days after the Bin Laden raid, and in the middle of what must have been the 10th White House modification to the story, I was asked in an on-air interview “don’t you (in the Special Operations Community) have plans for dealing with the media?” – well yes, yes, we do…but this plan was not used due to the White House insinuation of their “academic smart guys and gals” – so the plan was not followed – because the raid became a White House center piece that was quickly (and badly) absorbed for purposes of supporting the President’s reelection.

National security – and what is best and necessary for the nation – should NOT be an issue that is used by either side for political gain…the harsh reality is that it often is.  As I have said many time: “I am not anti-war, I am anti-stupidity…” we have sycophants in the White House who will do or say anything to get the President re-elected and sacrifice the truth, and the nation’s best interests, in the process as they drive the clown car of freedom around the nation for a victory lap…

Lt Col Tony Shaffer- Intelligence Officer & recipient of the Bronze Star, with 25 years of field experience commanding and directing several key operational intelligence organizations

rowleyThe "fog of war" excuse for the Obama Administration’s horrendous series of factual errors in reporting bin Laden’s killing was mostly due to rushing to make the U.S. press deadline and take credit before being upstaged by leaks from international press.  One small detail that reveals the over-arching importance placed on Obama’s need for a bold, decisive press image lies in his unqualified announcement about getting his man that was made even before the DNA testing was completed.  The White House later clarified that they were 90 to 95% certain it was bin Laden based on photo comparisons and later they upped that to 95% certainty but there’s nothing scientific about "facial analysis" photo comparisons.  Quite likely another reason the Administration doesn’t want the dead bin Laden photo out now is that it would invite scrutiny of the hasty announcement.  I think the series of errors was mostly based on the rush to frame this quickly for the press so Obama would appear bold and strong on terrorism and get what Charley Cook projected as a 13% "bounce" in the polls.

Coleen Rowley- Retired FBI Agent and Former Cchief Counsel of the FBI Minneapolis field office
ticeSo we come through the mountain passes that are being watched by tribal warlords who have our left over stinger missiles from the Soviet’s little adventure there, because if we fly too high the Pakistani defense radar network will pick us up.  We don’t know who is in this compound, so we shoot-to-kill every unarmed male resident on the spot, before we even know if Bin Laden is there.  And we insist Pakistan’s ISI intelligence service knew nothing of Bin Laden being in the middle of their retirement neighborhood for military generals and intelligence officials.  Oh, we wanted to do it one week earlier, but our government knew that on that day the Easter Bunny would be hiding multi colored eggs for all the little Pakistani children!

Russell D. Tice- Former Intelligence Analyst for the U.S. Air Force, Office of Naval Intelligence, Defense Intelligence Agency & National Security Agency

levineFrom my own 25-years experience on the inside much of it doing international covert operations, I'm pretty certain that the competing federal bureaucracies' decades long, often bizarre war for headlines is at the root of this whole weird episode. Of course this is fueled by the ease with which mainstream media is manipulated into printing absolutely anything that comes from their "inside" usually "anonymous" sources.

With the Bin Laden hit, the media skirmish started with the scramble for "credit" by the public affairs offices of each of the parties involved a.  First the Pentagon (Defense Intelligence) and White House take the lead.  Then the CIA, the Criminal Inept Agency, sorely hurting from five decades of being total and abject losers and perpetually at war with DIA, grabs the whole ball and runs with it, like they invented it.   This pisses off the DIA and leaks and counter-leaks begin to spring in every direction from inside sources on both sides, sniping at each other's "story."

But you can't count out the FBI, the Federal Bureau of Incompetence, who has been totally and insultingly left out of the whole mix.  Rumor is they even had an FBI Files episode on "How the FBI killed Bin Laden, "ready to go into production, no matter how Bin Laden died.  All they needed was a body.  Leaving them totally out of the kill of the dude for whom they've spent half their PR budget hunting, is...well...insulting to say the least. And you do NOT want to piss off the FBI.  Remember Cointelpro?!

Finally. What really happened? My bet is that some Navy Seal captain in charge of the guys out there circling around Pakistan's night skies in helicopters like sitting ducks waiting for the Washington suits to make up their minds, said, "Screw it!  I'll take responsibility.  Let's do it guys!"

Mike Levine- Retired supervisory agent, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA); also served the U.S. Customs Service, IRS (Criminal Investigations Division) & the FBI/DEA Task Force

McGovern  Obama’s Idea — Whatabad!

Killing Osama in Abbottabad

Serves only to get a whole lottabad

guys planning in sync

To pay back Murder, Inc.

From Kandahar to Jalalabad.

Ray McGovern- Retired CIA Analyst, former Army Intelligence Officer & Founder of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

dzakovicA part of me is going to miss Bin Laden, at least I understood him.  I certainly do not condone his methods or his twisted logic; but his actions were extremely predictable (I was one of the few people that actively tried to prevent 9-11). But I do not understand our own government.  First we attack a country that had nothing to do with 9-11, we lower our moral standing in the eyes of the world, we violate our Constitution, we turn our military into the Peace Corps resulting in thousands of our own military casualties and tens of thousands of innocent civilian casualties overseas, we treat our own citizens as guilty of something until proven otherwise at airports, the list is endless.  The final straw, however, is the PR campaign of the killing of BL.  If ever there was a “black operation” in the traditional use of the term, this was it.  Our government should have said nothing about this assassination.  Oh, word would have leaked out over time and years from now we could have our day in the sun, but this isn’t the time.  We celebrate this killing like it’s the winning touch-down at the Super Bowl.  All this dog and pony show is a rallying cry for the same fanatics that rioted and killed over cartoons.  How many more innocent lives will be lost just so our politicians can make a little splash in the news?

Bogdan Dzakovic- Special Agent, Team Leader of the Red Team (terrorist team) and Federal Air Marshals for the Federal Aviation Administration(FAA), and  Former Coast Guard Officer & Federal Criminal Investigator

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  1. lightviperr says:

    When evidence is controlled by one side it’s exceedingly difficult to objectively ascertain the facts about that event. I want to trust my government but my government keeps giving me reasons not too WMD, Jessica Lynch, and Pat Tillman, terrorism, 9/11 etc.

  2. jschoneboom says:

    Thanks for soliciting these responses, Sibel — this is like the All Star Team of informed independent analysts!

  3. Unfortunately, this is only going to get worse for several reasons.

    Like Sibel has shown, you have some experts who are actually experts in intelligence. Their opinions are based on solid professional experience. Then, you have the others that are microanalyzing every possible angle on this. Some do it for hit and view rates. Somebody will be the first to write yet another book about Bin Laden. In every situation, that’s to be expected.

    However, here’s one thing that will never happen. No MSM person will publically dare to directly question Obama on this. If they do, they’ll be labeled as “unpatriotic” and possibly sacked. There are valid questions in this and also in 9/11. But, nobody will do it.

    It’s pretty insulting (IMO) for Obama to meet with the 9/11 fmailies. But he won’t reopen the investigation and the Commission Report. Most people would then say, why did you even bother to go?

    Answer: re-election photo op. If no Democrat opposes him for the nomination, he’ll be the candidate with at least $1 billion to spend (possibly more). In 2008, at first he tried to come off as Mr. Campaign Reform. Then it was screw that! We want all the money we can get. Now he’s got his wish.

    There are some who actually think it’s ok for one person to buy the office. Some actually think it’s a good idea for Mike Bloomberg to run in 2012. He’s perfect. He’ll spend only his own money. But it never occurs to them that that’s the biggest problem. What does THAT tell you?

    Even if there was solid evidence that Bin Laden’s death was totally staged, millions would still vote for Obama. They’re brainwashed by the Democratic elite to think you only have two choices.

    Two weeks from now, the MSM will totally drop this.

  4. so, beyond the fact that the rat everyone smells REALLY STINKS, nobody so far knows what happened beyond their own experience of deceits past. Active and passive. I see what you mean by factional in-house compartmentalization and secrecy . How every good democracy should work.

    Does the reported death concentrate the attention forward to re-invigorate 911investigation or not? Wouldn’t the ‘rest of the world’, which must becoming fully aware of the false flag nature of OBL death and 911, be getting a little tired of backing US unilateralism built on that nanothermite DUST pile narrative?

  5. @jschoneboom: I loved every quote; all smell pure, nonpartisan, direct, and some, funny big time.

    @ remo: you are right. We don’t know. All we know: lies, deception, changes, discrepencies…Very similar to 9/11.

  6. theepitbull says:


    I was thinking about nominating the “White House” for an Academy Award, but, after reviewing with much discernment, this latest Osama bin Laden production wouldn’t make it out of kindergarden script class with an F.

    I’m not reading this BS!


    PS: Nice list of objective experts 😉

  7. camusrebel says:

    yes, a fairly impressive list of opiners, credentials out the ass. But none of them touch on the odd fact that OBL has been dead over 8 years?

    Really? And only one passing inference that nine eleven was an inside job? Thanks to Remo and Sibel for reminding us how deep the lies go, and by extension, how much this whole farce resembles low quality Kabuki theatre.

    The changing storylines are a tell. Lies upon lies upon lies…let’s just bury the whole mess at sea. No pictures, no video, no first person interviews. Disgusting.

  8. jschoneboom says:

    @camusrebel: seems to me saying it’s a “fact” that OBL has been dead for over eight years is abusing the word “fact.” I know there are good reasons for believing it — I’ve believed it myself, and still probably half believe it. I probably 80% believe it even. But to maintain that belief, we have to believe the Pakistanis, who have custody of the wife and daughter as I understand it, are not only making up lies to back up the US story, they’re making up lies that back it up while contradicting essential elements of it, ergo the story changes. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong! But isn’t that just a bit strange? Maybe it’s a legacy issue. The Pakistanis gave him up but they didn’t like the human shield story? I don’t know. But isn’t it enough to create a shred of doubt in your mind? In any case I think we have to consider the “dead ten years ago” idea to be a theory, not a fact. Bearing in mind that theories can be very strong.

  9. Blackflag says:

    By calculating who benefits from the “sudden” death of OBL now, only then can the story presented to the masses be rationalized.

    Cui bono?

  10. lightviperr says:

    Plato’s “The Allegory of the Cave” really encapsulates how difficult it can be to bring people into reality, when all they have seen are shadows. Many point to shadows as reality, it’s difficult to debate when the foundations of those arguments are false. Reality is TV.

  11. kmwakak8 says:

    It looks like a fine list. Thank you as always, Sibel.

  12. SanderO says:

    The US government has a track record of spinning facts into positive PR in support of some agenda or another. The US gov’s many intel agencies are involved in covert activities with double and triple agents, others who are in the media to spin a story and so one can only conclude that ALL the players who perform and report this stories are engaged in PURE PROPAGANDA.

    OBL as master terrorists was the creation of the CIA.. supposedly. He was used in the proxy fight with the USSR in Afghanistan and like other CIA assets.. Noriega comes right to mind… they get “uppity” and want to cash in or act on their own drunk with the power (and money) given them by intel. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    The entire GWOT is manufactured for the national security state to:

    have an enemy and a justification for wars and weapons manufacture and that bloated ever increasing DOD budget

    instill fear in the public which renders them into easily manipulated fodder to support the MIC’s ever expanding needs for money, power and the perceived national security justification for this existence

    Are there disgruntled people around the world who have been stepped on and abused by the USA “free enterprise” system of exploitation? You betcha. Do they want “revenge” for the abuse they have taken? You betcha. Are they organized in an international “force” aka Al Qaeda to wage war against the great satan… in a credible scope such that they are a real threat? NO WAY JOSE. Intel continues to run double agents operations to give the APPEARANCE that AQ has “big shoulders”. They sell them weapons and as in 93 WTC bombing… DO THE JOB (thanks FBI!) so that they can elevate AQ to be a real threat and of course begin / advance the terrorism narrative.

    The absence of what anyone would call “clean, legal standard” evidence about this kill job or even the many terrorist ops from the underwear bomber to the Padilla matter and virtually ALL the gitmo “monsters” renders the Osama Kill job a phony as a 3 dollar bill.

    The “impressive list” of ex spooks hardly impresses as they were all at one time complicit in the same “types” of PR and phony operations or were fervent supporter of the national security state… who claim and probably have “seen the light” and are now ratting on “the man” … the guys who paid their salary for decades. None of them wants to fess up to the BS of the CIA / Intel created terrorist… as if the CIA and Intel don’t do such things. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

    Which one of this impressive list will come out and admit that WE.. the USA gov’s intel agencies.. CIA, FBI, DIA you name it because there are 20 or more of these groups… not to mention the Brits, and the Israeli and every other nation… are engaged in what is simply FALSE FLAG operations in support of the over arching agenda of their governments … and in the case of the USA… the MIC’s agenda and the self serving national security state with its hundreds if not thousands of corporations cashing out on WAR, WEAPONS, and everything related that makes money… from security cameras to MRE’s to uniforms.

    War is power and waging war makes those who do is rich and powerful and untouchable… by a democracy… ie the people who are purported to being served by the national security state.

    Lies are easy to tell and big lies are even easier.

    Obama is a world class liar… as are most pols and talking heads. And some don’t even know they lie or believe their lies as truth.

    Osama killed last week? Show us clean evidence that will stand up in a court of law… You’ll never see it… ever. Like 9/11 it was a PR event and the narrative is not supported by evidence… real evidence.. just dog and pony shows. It’s all about manufacturing consent and driving public opinion and money to the powers that be.

    America is clearly nothing but a hypocracy… You can take that to the bank.

  13. camusrebel says:

    ahhh… the Sandman, as pithy and on point as ever.

    the FBI doing WTC ’93 is truly a nugget not glomed on to frequently enough by ………..anyone.

    amen brother. wish I could by u a beer some day. I’m in the DC area.

    R U anywhere close?

  14. SanderO says:

    Sorry Camu… I go to the beltway area for protest and a visit to the museums. I’m up in NYC and we have our own madness of greed power and wealth to observe up close and personal.

    Philip Agee published Inside the CIA Diary in 1975. I don’t know how old each on the stellar list of Intel Insiders who have opined here were, but Valerie Plame, for example was 12 yrs old when the book came out so perhaps she never read it. And Sibel was 5 years old at the time. To me this book laid out the modus operandi for the national security state, and the alphabets.

    I was in my late 20s and it was an eye opener for me and informed by view of how out government operates so as each one of these big events unfolded I viewed them through the filter of what Agee had revealed.. Iran Contra, Allende, Noriega, Marcos,… and Tonkin was already almost a decade old at the time and came as I was facing the draft.

    Recently we have seen a constant stream of Intel PR ops including OK bombing, 911 the mother of all false flags and Mainstream Media nonsense, the previously mention 93 WTC bombing and the list goes on. Heck they been caught red handed trying to take down Chavez several times and have admitted to numerous attempts on Castro.

    The Alphabets operate outside of the law, the justice system and there is no accountability. How fun is that? License to kill, mame, corrupt, bribe, run drugs, create rebellions, push people and nations around like pieces on a chess board and always with that… cover of plausible deniability and the excuse that it is done for “national security”. How many lies were put out about the might USSR by the alphabets and their media lapdogs such as the old gray lady the NY Times, The WAPO and so forth????

    It’s great to have whistle blowers such as Sibel who I am assuming was rather naive about the national security state when she signed on to lend her language skills to the effort. I am sure she suspected that the creeps in Turkey and Iran were no angels either and needed “watching” and listening too. Apparently she learned from work that our guys were rather corrupt and in bed with whomever stuff their bank account… such as the ex leader Hastert a real piece of work.

    But whistle blowers are protected only in some sort of mythical way by our society. We embrace the notion of the honest worker who exposes wrongdoing for the good of the people. But in reality most whistle blowers are trashed big time and suffer for the good deed…. no good deed goes unpunished eh? And most are completely intimidated by the documents they sign which silence them… so few really deliver the goods as did Philip Agee… and no one seems to ever be held accountable.

    But send in a hooker and justice will work lickity split as we saw this past week and with Spitzer.

    I sure do give Ray McGovern credit for his recent protests. But I wonder what was in his head as he read the daily brief to Regan… the great statesmen.

    Is it my imagination or are their cover stories and false flag black ops such as the “underwear bomber” becoming more obviously scams by intel? How do people accept this rubbish at all? Get some black man to try to board an international flight with no travel documents and luggage and see how far INTO the airport he can get, let alone on an international flight in the post 911 world. If anyone doesn’t know that Umar Abdul Mutallab was a false flag CIA scam coming right before Xmas… they are way beyond hopelessly naive.

    Yet it seems that the vast majority of Americans accept the CIA – media narrative… and are now getting groped and undressed and having their body scanned just to travel on a plane these days. Ya know anyone old grannie could be a dangerous terrorist with her bra stuffed with PET.

    Where is the outrage?

    Is anyone’s hair on fire in the country?

  15. There’s a cartoon out on the Net depicting this sweet little old granny at an airport check-in counter telling the airline employee: “I’m not going anywhere — I just came for the patdown.”

    Chuckles aside, the event has been awarded enough spin to throw the planet off its orbit: shortly before her death, Mrs. Benazir Bhutto told Mr. David Frost in the course of an interview that Sheikh bin Laden had died years before. And, not missing a beat, Mr. Frost moved effortlessly onto the next question. The interview should still be out there on YouTube.

    Anyhow, thanks for assembling such an array of informed opinion, Sibel!

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