Obama’s New Middle East Policy: “Ambitious Fiction & Monarchial Bastards”

Escobar Brilliantly Summarizes Obama’s New Middle East Policy

obama524Pepe Escobar had another brilliant piece on Obama’s recent Middle East speech, and as always he is on the money:

So to make a story short, here's a concise New Middle East Obama policy. We support "our" bastards (dictators) who are sophisticated enough to beat, arrest and kill their own people in the low hundreds (Bahrain). We get slightly annoyed by "our" war on terror collaborators who crudely beat, arrest and kill their own people also in the low hundreds (Yemen). We're strongly inclined to ditch our support for unreliable, Iran-aligned dictators who beat, arrest and kill their own people in the high hundreds (Syria).

We unleash war - via the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as a weaponized arm of the United Nations - over unreliable oil-wealthy dictators who beat, arrest and kill their own people in alleged thousands (Libya). And we remain absolute mute about "our" monarchical bastards who pre-empt the possibility of democratic protests (Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia) or invade their neighbors to smash ongoing peaceful protests (Saudi Arabia).


And this on Obama’s flowery rhetoric which failed big time to conceal what that speech was all about:

And when Obama stressed that "endless delay" won't "make the problem go away" he totally missed the point; it's by employing "endless delay" tactics that every Israeli government has kept settlement-building on overdrive and totally encircled East Jerusalem, while relentlessly applying a "divide and rule" strategy (pitting Fatah against Hamas) to crush Palestinian morale.

No flowery rhetoric can conceal that this is all about - what else - "protecting" Israel (mentioned 28 times in the speech). Further factual confirmation this weekend, when Obama addresses the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee bash, and next Monday, when Netanyahu addresses that Tel Aviv talk shop known as the US Congress.

You can read the entire article here, and tune in to our latest Podcast interview with Escobar here.

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  1. camusrebel says:

    oh dear lord, it was far worse than a “talk shop”. I had the great misfortune to stumble upon bibby, live on CSPAN, giving audience to his groveling subjects in Congress.

    Sickening. Tough call on what was more revolting. His “I am master of the universe” tone….or, all the unanimous standing ovations for mere throwaway lines. Does the ENTIRE congress jump to their feet in near throws of ecstasy for every other line from any other land grabbing thug.

    That abomination was mistakenly “created” in 1948. We, as a sane and rational world must de-create it before its 70th birthday.

  2. For everyone who supports AIPAC and Israel’s Gaza Blockade, maybe you should consider this.

    Look at the similiarities between this and many of the same things that have happened and continue to happen here in the States:

    stealing people’s land
    keeping different groups of people under oontrol thru stop and search, random profiling and ultra high unemployment rates.
    The high foreclosure rate that continues.
    Some cities (ex. Detroit) that are almost ghost towns.

    Why don’t more people see and talk about these similiarities? First, we don’t see the military in the streets every day. Legally, they CAN be deployed within the States. Also, with the real unemployment rate (22%?), human beings being who they are can only take so much.

    If you’re living in a run down area and feel like you have no future for a variety of reasons), how would you feel if the President consistently said you don’t count? No matter how much we’re in debt or how badly our national infrastructure crumbles, none of that matters. Our top priority is finding and killing the “terrorists”.

    Would you just sit back and do nothing?
    Would you use violent protest to change the system?

    I’ve seen this frustration in many places (the States, Europe and in parts of Asia). Obama needs to keep in mind that when pushed hard enough, people will do and say anything to survive. Do I want to see people get killed? No. On the other hand, if the powers that be think somehow that Americans are immune to that, think again.

  3. I recently saw a group of new recruits on a public street getting drilled by the sgt. while it looked like they were waiting for a bus to take them to boot camp (the young, nervous looking kids still had their hair and each had a small gunny sack). I parked the car and watched for a minute, wondering if this was legal to take place on a public street. Any thoughts on this?

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