Osama Death Script: Counting the Chickens So Far

Many Eggs Laid Inside the Osama Death Script Incubator

hatcheryThey say don’t count your chickens before they hatch. I say this doesn’t apply to the US political hatching machine, since there are more than chickens at stake. I’ll go even further and say we must start counting the eggs regardless of how many ultimately hatch. The cycle of laying eggs to hatched chickens is way too long in US political machinations hard at work towards the new world order. If one wants to keep up and be aware, one must pay close attention to the incubators and each entering egg. The Obama administration’s Bin Laden Death Script is the new designated incubator for a special batch of eggs. No matter how many will actually hatch. No matter how many will turn into specially designed future egg-laying chickens. What matters is the ultimate objective in engineering this latest designed political incubator. What matters is the path or paths set to follow the machine’s chicken delivery conveyor belts that will extend and wrap the globe, and deliver the new order.

We have had a few chickens hatch immediately following the death script; the early chicks. After the Osama Death Script release Obama's job approval ratings jumped 11 percentage points to 57 percent according to a New York Times poll, and 9 percentage points according to a Washington Post-Pew Research Center poll. The Osama Death Script also brought a reversal in months of rising opposition to the war, when polls showed that record-low levels of Americans thought the war had  been worth it in the long run. Also, a slim majority of Americans now say things are going well for the United States in Afghanistan, a four-percentage-point increase from late March. This marks the first time in nearly two years that the majority has held this view, and only the second time since Gallup began tracking these opinions on the war in 2006.

Pakistan appears to be the batch about to hatch. I am going to reiterate what I wrote in my article, Bin Laden Death Script & the Needed Trigger for Next Step-Pakistan, neither party-US-China-Pakistan, has played all their cards yet:

The White House neocons are in the midst of age-old diplomatic games, bluffing, and hedging their bets. They have the ‘foreign & military aid’ card. They have the ‘ISI dirt files’ card. They have the ‘ultimate China leaning’ card. And of course, they have the ‘mighty power of preemptive occupation war’ card which is always blessed and supported by NATO and overlooked by their butlers in the UN.

Sometimes we come across an odd egg or two standing out like a giant Ostrich egg among tiny chicken eggs; like the following strange case popping up with even stranger timing; could it be an egg from the Iran Batch? :

Two defectors from Iran’s intelligence service have testified that Iranian officials had “foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks,” according to a court filing Thursday in a federal lawsuit in Manhattan that seeks damages for Iran’s “direct support for, and sponsorship of, the most deadly act of terrorism in American history.”

Interestingly, despite all the contradictory, hole-filled and ever-changing Osama Death Script, and with so many eggs in the hatchery, we haven’t had any serious ‘Egg on the face’ case. One of the biggest reasons this hatchery-incubator had remained in a designed stage so long, until coming into the implementation stage recently, was the fear of losing a chicken or two that had been hatched from the 9/11 incubator. It was the question of what if the ‘Osama Death Script’ backfires and ends the motivation-reasons behind the many wars abroad and many newly gained government police powers here in the United States? It was the uncertainty as to whether we could continue this ‘Al-Qaeda Fear Brand’ and ‘war on terror’ without a healthy-wealthy and very alive Osama Man. The outcome, so far, has proved those fears baseless:

  Thanks to the real powers’ PR and propaganda machine, Al-Qaeda and the virtual terror machine have been deemed independent of Osama Bin Laden, and able to sustain, expand and grow ever increasingly and ever more powerful. The Bin Laden Chicken has been replaced by McQaeda Franchisees:

They kidnap Westerners in the deserts of Africa, turn Western-born Muslims into radicals, send bombs to the United States from Yemen and mount bloody attacks in Iraq and Pakistan.

These homegrown terror groups worldwide are informally dubbed Al Qaeda franchises - affiliates that do most of their own fundraising, recruiting and killing. The question now is this: What impact will the death of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden have on the ability and willingness of the franchises to mount attacks?

Emails found on flash drives from bin Laden's hideout in Pakistan two weeks ago show that he was communicating more than Western intelligence had thought. But Al Qaeda's ideology plays a much bigger role in fostering terror than bin Laden's personal involvement, said Gen. David Richards, Britain's top military chief."Yemen, Somalia and other places in the Middle East are today more important in a counter-terror context than what was going on...in Osama's compound," Richards told British lawmakers.

However, Al Qaeda franchises were responsible for the 2008 attacks in the Indian city of Mumbai that killed 166, and the 2002 attacks on a Bali island night club that killed 202 people, many foreign tourists.

The head of Britain's domestic spy agency MI5, Jonathan Evans, has said it's only a matter of time before "we see terrorism on our streets" from the Al Qaeda movement in Somalia, known as al-Shabab. He also said it is likely that Al Qaeda supporters in the Arabian Peninsula will step up attacks on Western targets.

eggsAnd just to reassure our real hatchery and incubator-designers, a few days ago, after the supposed Bin Laden death, our supposed representatives from both houses and both parties reached a deal on a long-term extension of the PATRIOT Act without any of the inconvenient civil rights provisions and for an additional four years.

As any critical thinking and attention paying reader may already suspect, there were many eggs laid inside the Osama Death Script incubator. Some have already hatched; time will show how many will last long enough and grow into full chickens. Some are about to hatch; follow the news and developments around the world and you’ll see and recognize the chicks as they pop up. Some may take a while to hatch; patience is a virtue, if the only one, our ‘real’ rulers are known to have. And some will never hatch; well, they say no risk no rewards.

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  1. lightviperr says:

    They are not going to be happy that you’re trying to make scramble eggs Sibel.

  2. theepitbull says:


    Have you seen this:

    Osama Bin Laden Papers, Videos: Largest Intelligence Cache Ever, No Evidence That Pakistan Knew


    WASHINGTON — U.S. officials will mine the secrets of Osama bin Laden by poring over an intelligence haul seized at the time of his death that a top White House aide describes as a wealth of intelligence about al-Qaida.

    It’s subtle, but, you can already see the White House mems/scripts at play; I really like this one:

    The administration has considered the risk of terrorist retaliation, he said.

    “We fully expect the threat to continue,” Donilon said. “We’ll continue to press very hard and take every opportunity we have as this organization tries to survive.”

    For sure, the White House will milk the OBL death script for a long time.


    PS: Link of the week: http://www.publiceye.org/huntred/Hunt_For_Red_Menace-07.html

  3. @Sibel: I’m looking forward to more naming of names and dirty deeds as part of your “Project Expose MSM”, referenced here.

    This Osama Death Script seems like a good theme for exposing some MSM actors.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. First mistake of the day? Listening to NPR’s “coverage” of Obama’s U.K. Parliament speech. Second mistake? Watching CNN’s coverage of it.

    All I heard was the usual soundbites. We value the ‘special relationship’ with the U.K. Really? That’s not what Gordon Brown says. Meanwhile, as Obama’s speaking, Tony Blair is sitting behind him. Why? Who knows.

    As far as Bin Laden’s death goes I know of one book and a movie that’s in production.

    Like everyone else, I’m seeing more signs of the govt. saying something’s a “terrorist threat”. Under current terrorist laws, since I support peace groups (Ken O’ Keefe’s end the Gaza blockade as one example), the govt. labels me as a “terrorist”.

    Yes, it’s ridiculous. Have I donated money to his group? Not yet (mainly because I can’t afford it). However, if I did, would the FBI come to my house? These days, I don’t know.

  5. “eggs’ taken from incubators left to die on cold floors” by Hill and Knowlton is a good war starter. Would Nayirah Al Sabah want the role again, we wonder? Performs well under lights. Kevin Ryan reports her father, Saud Nasir al-Sabah, as chairman of KuwAm, held a controlling share in Securacom at a later crucial date. No interest conflict there for the penguins of congress, clapping until their palms bleed – Watching the standing ovations reminiscent of politburo/NthKorea applause no one knew how to stop, given the implications of being first to sit down.
    As said, the PavRovian eggs laid by the Osama seals should give years of “saves” by the home team in the struggle of good over evil? The Rovians…I mean Romans have done this before., held onto tribal chieftains for years until needing their head on the plate for home crowd circus.

  6. What’s the final endgame of the OBL Death Script? How about the “securing” of the Pakistani Nuclear Arsenal as the excuse for armed intervention into Pakistan? When the OBL death story broke and they found where he was living, I had this vision of Bin Laden and A.Q. Khan hanging out together at the local Starbucks drinking coffee and comparing notes. We’ve had the nuclear terrorist attack meme drummed into our heads for years now. If Sibel’s story told me anything, it was that the entire Pakistani nuclear program was aided by high officials in the US government and run by the same organization that created the Taliban and supported AQ, the ISI. So the new boogieman is already in place.

    Also, Frontline had a very-enlightening recent piece about a Pakistani journalist who traveled with and interviewed Talib/AQ forces in Afghanistan you may want to take a look at. It illustrates why they have the support of the local populace and why the Afghani government doesn’t.

  7. theepitbull says:


    The Last Word on Osama Bin Laden


    http://www.youtube.com/user/corbettreport#p/a/u/0/OATF_BXEx8M – Video

    by James Corbett
    The Corbett Report
    24 May, 2011

    This is James Corbett of corbettreport.com with the last word on Osama Bin Laden.

    Osama Bin Laden was one of the 54 children of Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden, a construction magnate who made his fortune by cozying up to the royal family of Saudi Arabia. The bin Laden family has had an intimate relationship with the upper reaches of global power politics for the past half a century.

    In 1976 Salem bin Laden, Osama’s half-brother, co-founded Arbusto Energy with George W. Bush.

    In 1996, after the bombing of the Khobar Towers for which Osama took credit, the Saudi Binladen Group was given the contract to rebuild the facility (see article on page 14).

    Also in 1996, FBI agents in the Washington field office were investigating the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, a suspected terrorist organization that included Abdullah Bin Laden, the group’s president and treasurer, and Omar Bin Laden. BBC News uncovered internal FBI documents showing how the agents were ordered to stop their investigation. The case was only reopened the week after 9/11 and the day after both brothers fled the US with FBI permission.

    In 1998, another FBI investigation into the Bin Laden brothers, this one initated by the New York field office, was called off by the State Department because, it was revealed, the Bin Laden family had been granted Saudi diplomatic passports in 1996 and thus had diplomatic immunity inside the United States.

    On the morning of 9/11, Osama bin Laden’s half-brother, Shafig bin Laden, was the guest of honour at a meeting of the Carlyle Group in Washington which George H.W. Bush was also addressing….continued

    Excellent 🙂


  8. Blackflag says:

    Mel Gibson movie “The Edge of Darkness” had a very interesting and compelling character – Darius Jedburgh who has been sent in to clean up the “evidence”.

    In one scene, he describes his methods – which primarily includes creating a bunch of contradictory evidence – extra “killings” – that are not at all connected to the primary goal, and then he slowly releases “information” in a manner that appears to connect the murders.

    Thus, anyone trying to peel the onion follows trails that lead absolutely no where – but we are compelled to follow these lead-less trails, because it appears connected to the real event.

    You “egg” theory fits well here. So many eggs, most not linked, all hiding the real egg that is linked. No one can really tell which is real and which is not, because they are all eggs.

  9. Blackflag, forgive the obscure reference, but what you describe also fits the description of the “dual node network” -as illustrated in figure 3 on pg. 44 of The Invisibles: A Dialectic Horizon Press. 1976.

    Another area replete with diversionary minefields is in the “birther” issue. I’d say there is something to it, but does one have the patience and wherewithal to wade through it?

  10. That said, if one were to wade closer to the beginning of a minefield of “eggs”, we might expect less of these to be false – before the false eggs have exponentially multiplied.

    Ask ourselves then, when does the “birther” issue begin? – roughly in the summer of 2008. But months before this, it was apparently already underway in Bush’s State Dep’t, when the passport records of several presidential candidates were illegally searched – Clinton, McCain, and especially Obama. In Where’s the Birth Certificate? (pg. xiii), Jerome Corsi notes that of the State Dep’t contract employees who were caught violating these records, two were fired and one reprimanded. The one who was reprimanded worked for the Analysis Corporation, headed by none other than John Brennan, who is presently Obama’s cheif counterterrorism “czar” – the real Caesar? Do a quick search on Brennan and you’ll see why he had much invested in maintaining the status quo of the War on Terror era, and preventing any personal blowback therefrom.

    Perhaps this may go some way towards explaining why the first term of the Obama administration has more resembled – especially in “national security” matters – the third term of G.W.Bush.

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