The Mockery Award, the Fraudulent Club & the Gullible Cheering Crowds

A Serious Assault on Transparency & Government Whistleblowers

upsidedownHave you ever tried standing on your head in order to view the world upside down? What if the world stage before you turns upside-down; will you then have to stand on your head to view it right-side up? You see, we have a fraudulent institution that has been standing on its head, and has been trying very hard to get you to either stand on your head to see what they see or simply look the other way and take their word in describing a totally upside down phenomena as right-side up. Enough for riddle-like communication; let me put it all in perspective for you, ok? I’ll start with the actors:

We have a very typical Washington DC NGO institution posing as a front. As a front, this establishment NGO front sells under the pretense of being an advocate for transparency, open government, and whistleblower protections. It gets over a million dollars in grants from guess who, the establishment-from Rockefeller to Carnegie to George Soros, to pose as a not for profit organization for government whistleblowers. And it has done very well for over two decades - evident by the same grants from the same establishment that keep flowing into it; evident by creating lots of noise while ensuring no feathers are ever ruffled during the process. The Congress loves them, and knows how to do the pretense dance with them very well. The executive branch also loves them, and views them as a predictable and reliable ally that has to sometimes pose as their foe.  More importantly, they are adored by the President who pets them and gives them a bone or two for being the good loyal pets that they are.

We have a President in the White House who indisputably has the worst record in our nation’s history when it comes to the insurers of government transparency- government whistleblowers. We have a President who loves unconstitutional secrecy and baseless-imaginary presidential executive powers to quash transparency and accountability. We have a President who has an utter disdain for First Amendment practices such as peaceful protests. Okay, let me provide you a glimpse of this President’s indisputable record on Anti-Transparency:

The worst president in US history in persecuting, prosecuting and jailing government whistleblowers and truth-tellers: The list of his known whistleblower victims so far includes Thomas Drake , Bradley Manning, and Jeffrey Sterling, but then again, these are only known ones, and the President has been busy going after reporters and forming Grand Juries in order to hunt more.

One of the worst presidents when it comes to invoking baseless and unconstitutional executive secrecy to quash inquiries into secret illegalities: The list of this Presidents’ known invocations of unconstitutional secrecy called State Secrets Privilege so far includes NSL Illegal Wiretapping- Jewel vs. NSA & Shubert vs. Obama, Covering up rendition & assassination case- Anwar al-Aulaqi , Illegal torture case- Binyam Mohamed. Just remember, these are only publicly known and proven cases of this President’s unconstitutional secrecy record. There are many others whose existence has been secret.

The only President who has reenacted Fahrenheit 451 by actually collecting and burning a book with a never-justified secrecy and classification excuse: Lt. Col Tony Shaffer’s book-Operation Dark Heart.

A President who has been a staunch supporter of jailing peaceful protestors on his way to becoming a president who has jailed the largest number of protestors in the last three decades: there have been over two thousand six hundred, 2600, arrests of activists protesting in the US, 670 people in 2011, over 1290 in 2010, and 665 a in 2009.

A President under whom FOIA secrecy has been increasing drastically, and for the first time ever this secrecy’s costs have surpassed $10 billion: FOIA under Obama

shhhTo recap we have a President known as the worst president in our nation’s history when it comes to transparency guardians-government whistleblowers; one of the, if not the, worst president, when it comes to using and invoking unconstitutional secrecy and executive privileges to cover up his secret illegal actions and practices; the worst president in the last three decades when it comes to arresting peaceful protestors; the only president who intercepts and burns book(s); the first president to ever surpass the $10 billion dollar threshold in creating and keeping secret documents. Would it be a giant leap to conclude that if not the worst, this President is one of the worst presidents when it comes to being anti-transparency?

Now, ladies and gentleman, this is where the above world stage turns upside down, and does so in secrecy. Less than two months ago,  Project on Government Oversight (POGO), along with four other NGO clowns, put together an award, Anti-Secrecy & Transparency Award, walked to the White House, and presented this award to the worst president when it comes to government whistleblowers & truth-tellers, and unconstitutional executive privileges and secrecy. Wait, that’s not all, they go along with the President to keep the meeting secret.

President Obama finally and quietly accepted his “transparency” award from the open government community this week — in a closed, undisclosed meeting at the White House on Monday.

The secret presentation happened almost two weeks after the White House
inexplicably postponed the ceremony, which was expected to be open to the press pool.

This time, Obama met quietly in the Oval Office with Gary Bass of OMB Watch, Tom Blanton of the National Security Archive, Danielle Brian of the Project on Government Oversight, Lucy Dalglish of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, and Patrice McDermott of, without disclosing the meeting on his public schedule or letting photographers or print reporters into the room.

The transparency advocates who presented the award to Obama say that the recognition is important, because despite the work left to be done, Obama has done a lot to change the government’s posture toward openness issues.

That’s right. During the worst period ever for government whistleblowers, when they are facing jail and torture, in the midst of Kafkaesque government practices- torture, state secrets privilege, raids on and arrest of peaceful protestors, POGO, a phony NGO that has been milking government whistleblowers’ suffering for decades, goes about appeasing their grant-giving establishment masters and emboldening a ruthless totalitarian president by presenting him with a mockery of an award- Anti-Secrecy & Transparency Award. Maybe less than a few public spectators were permitted to know about and cheer this mockery, but nonetheless, it is a despicable act against all government whistleblowers, and all peaceful protestors who have come under this totalitarian president’s raids and arrests. It is a disgrace to transparency and open the government advocacy. It is an insult to all liberty-loving Americans.

pogoIn case you are wondering why I have singled out POGO among the disgraced group of five: I’ve known this organization for years; many government whistleblowers I represent have known and seen through this establishment institution. For years they have sabotaged many of our activities in Congress by making behind the closed door deals with establishment guardian representatives and senators. They have used our cases and names to further their whistleblowers-defeating agenda. They have enriched themselves handsomely by serving their Carnegie-Rockefeller-Soros masters handsomely. More importantly, they have created a false illusion of whistleblowers and transparency advocacy - robbing the public of their trust and assurance. For the last few years I’ve been practicing the excruciatingly painful exercise of ‘biting my tongue’ in the face of their anti whistleblowers and anti public operations, and justifying it under the  ‘prioritizing one’s battles’ mantra. This ridiculous assault they launched against transparency and whistleblowers was the last straw. As it should be for any American who values integrity, transparency and accountability.

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  1. I have spoken with several experts to learn if my idea for those seeking to post without harassment is really possible. It seems like whistleblowers might want to go directly to the people. This is particularly tragic for students in situations like those in Bahrain. I originally suggested using TOR, Ubuntu, and Vidalia. I have added a modification for encryption. These are all freeware and relatively easy to use. That seems to be the real problem. People with the geopolitical knowledge are frequently not up to date on the latest computer technology. That’s why we hire geeks. They can’t shut all of us up. The more that use these partially secure mediums, the harder it will be to stop the truth coming out. I would love to hear how real whistleblowers have learned to get their message out.

    For Microsoft: Get Gpg4win 2.1.0 in order to use Enigmail
    Locate Enigmail, download, and set up.

    For Ubuntu – load from software center, but you must use Thunderbird for
    this to work.

    Setting Up basics:
    Get the public 8 digit code from recipient and begin with 0x
    Click openPGP – Key management and generate a new key pair.
    Under Key management find keyserver upload public keys for
    Enter the 8 digit code that allows you to decrypt their message.

    These are the comments from ‘experts’:

    That’s really a shame, because it gives these security agencies a plan:
    find all the TOR routers and then monitor each one! That’s a whole lot
    better than the usual “needle in a haystack approach”. If I were Bradley
    Manning, I think I’d just load my file on a memory stick, take it to an
    Internet cafe, pay for a high speed terminal in cash, and use an assumed
    – from my email of March 10, 2011
    At this point I feel reasonably certain the relevant US security
    agency has all the TOR router nodes cataloged and under surveillance.
    Very likely the same is true of the Israelis who may very well have done
    the cataloging for the US). But is it true of the security apparatchiks
    in these middle eastern fiefdoms? Maybe not. But since the US is very
    interested in identifying ringleaders, so it
    can check up to see if they are Islamists, I’m not sure it would be a
    good idea to use TOR.
    If you ask me, Facebook could be totally secure if it were used
    together with encryption,such as steganography. Read the Wikipedia
    article on the subject, and you’ll see what I mean. But on second
    thought, if they are cracking down on “social media” Facebook might no
    be a smart choice. There are lots of other public/membership sites where
    you can post comments,blogs, pictures…etc. Steganography of sound
    files or picture files on the net where there are billions of both could
    be as secure as you want to make it. The only problem is, almost any
    Internet user becomes a suspect in these countries where the average
    person is illiterate.

    Another expert:
    Sorry, I don’t have sufficient knowledge to advise what would be
    effective counter-measures for an individual these days (though the use
    of encryption like PGP (open Pretty Good Privacy) can’t hurt, if you’re
    worried and can get all the people you exchange email with to use it
    too). I’m not familiar with all the current software, and nobody without
    security clearance has info on what the government has done to upgrade
    their capabilities in the five years since I exposed their warrantless
    surveillance activities. Since Congress subsequently put its stamp of
    approval on it, you can be sure they are going full bore, while Obama
    prosecutes the whistleblowers.

    Those who have state power always have a huge advantage over the rest
    of us. This is a political struggle requiring a fundamental change in

  2. jschoneboom says:

    Sibel, thanks for this. It would be useful, I think, if you found the time, to compile your evidence against POGO and spell out whatever is known about these back-room deals. How bizarre for Obama to get this transparency award though…just when I thought life couldn’t possibly get even more Orwellian….

  3. lightviperr says:

    A nice book burning always helps to revitalize my faith in democracy. I almost forgot about that incident.

  4. This is the first I’ve heard about books being burned.

    In the bigger picture though, I’m seeing more of a battle for money and power. The Supreme Court says there are no limits on camping contributions. Foreigners and foreign corporations (who have many rights that people do) can do whatever they want. Netanyahu goes before Congress, and they all obediently stand and applaud on cue. Instead of focusing where necessary, the MSM throws out diversions like Ed Schultz getting “suspended” by MSNBC for calling Laura Ingram a slut. However, if Michael Reagan goes on-air and says we should put suicide bomb belts on little Arab kids and blow them up so there will be fewer terrorists to worry about, the FCC won’t touch that or fine him. Why? Because that’s “free speech”.

    Have a nice weekend.

  5. Bill Bergman says:

    On first impression you go overboard on a few things, but on reflection, you do a good service period. Thanks.

  6. SanderO says:


    Thanks for this post and the truth about the fraud in the oval office. I see no difference between him and W except O is a bigger liar… same policies… advancing what W began. That was some change eh?

    The choices are tweeddle dee and tweedle dum… again. The water is boiling frogs… jump in!

  7. Just wanted to note the passing of poet, spoken-word artist, seminal rapper, activist and prophet, Gil Scott-Heron at 62. If we gave learned anything in the 41 years since this was first performed, it’s that only the COUNTER-Revolution will be televised.

    The Revolution Will Not Be Televised:

  8. <~~~~ Been Whistling. Been Ignored. Well almost ignored, dot gov seems to be the only party paying attention though and they have discredited my tune so much the masses only laugh and call names.

  9. ^ One more tune.

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