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The Boiling Frogs Presents Julia Davis

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Julia Davis joins us to discuss her experience with the Department of Homeland Security as a federal officer, her discovery and reporting of serious security lapses within the department, and the unprecedented magnitude of retaliation and abuses she suffered as a whistleblower. She talks about the recently screened documentary on her plight, The Terror Within, how the DHS spent their money on aerial surveillance with a Blackhawk helicopter and a fixed-wing airplane, warrantless surveillance, wiretaps, sneak and peek burglaries, Internet monitoring and On-Star tracking of her and her family, the mainstream media, and more!

JuliaDavisJulia Davis is a National Security/Anti-Terrorism Expert, Investigative Journalist, former Customs and Border Protection Officer and a National Security Whistleblower. Julia is a member of the Academy of Arts & Sciences and Screen Actors Guild. She serves as an Advisory Council member for the Hollywood Stuntman Hall of Fame. Julia earned a Master’s degree as an Aviation and Spacecraft Engineer, she is fluent in four languages and graduated with honors from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC). Julia wrote the screenplay for an award-winning feature film, authored teleplays for TV Series/ documentaries and is an accredited film and television producer. Her investigative reports, news articles and photographs have been prominently featured by various publications and news outlets.

Here is our guest Julia Davis unplugged!

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  1. Bad news just keeps on keepin on. Al Martin called it the vortex of the way things are, and we have just been taken through another circle in its hoop. What is it going on. why has it become so? These questions are on going. But promotion seems to be one of the indicators of the decline and of its ‘rewards’. Like dung floating to the top, so too the promotion identifies itself. 911 certainly indicates that pattern. But young men dying for filming out their windows is beyond sad.
    May he rest in peace.
    I know that we can’t.

  2. Just more evidence in what I think is the psychology of many if not most top government officials (I don’t mean the thousand of well meaning good intentioned people working for the government but the most top officials)

    What’s obvious is normal people don’t behave in the way these officials treated Ms. Davis. Most people in society have something called “empathy”.

    I think the officials and most government officials are clinical sociopaths, not the kind like in movies but the kind that have certain characteristics like lacking the capacity for empathy. You can see most of the sociopathic characteristics in abusive relationships. Though in the case of government officials the victims are the public.

    I don’t know why these sociopathic individuals rise to the top of government positions but I think it may be that checks and balances that are present in normal society have been removed in top levels of government and like abusers looking for their next victim they see that and gravitate towards those positions.

  3. My initial reaction to Julia’s story was complex. For at least 20 years I have faced similar threats, but being a ‘little person’ and a birthright American in the great scheme of things, no one takes you seriously. ACLU would not touch my case. If I had not had ‘pull’, my legal situation would have destroyed my professional career. As it was, it damaged my initial credibility in the teaching profession and restricted how much I could rise in my chosen career, where people are innately paranoid because their children are involved.
    My second response was to parallel Julia’s story with Leslie Oliver, a movie director, and small time film star, who undertook to provide generic pharmaceuticals from Mexico legally, and ran afoul of Big Pharma. She had the same sort of harassment, and fled to India to Dharmsala to remain outside of the U.S. Ed Asner, if he is still alive, can tell you her story.
    My third response was to suggest that people begin to look at Infragard and its intrusion into our daily lives through the fundamentalist right. It is the same neighbor ratting on neighbor, guilty until proven innocent, that communists endured in the former Soviet Union.
    My fourth response is less generous toward Julia. Surely she could read people somewhat, and realize that she was compromising her integrity to stay on the inside, and get a nice living out of it. I realize that first and second generation immigrants don’t always see the dark side of our country where parasites run rampant. Is her story being ‘allowed out’ to raise the level of fear among the general public? I consider this a valid point, because there are many more covert ways to destroy a person, and label them off the deep end, without such visible harassment, particularly when they knew she had the ability to record her surveillance, and bring it into a court of law.
    I disagree with Julia’s statement that whistleblowers are the only ones to pay the price. Anyone that speaks Truth to Power faces retaliation. The degree of sacrifice is a matter of your impact, and of your innate ability to protect yourself. Documenting through video, and cellphone cameras, is a good strategy, but not really reassuring to many. There are others ways to protect oneself and put ‘the fear of God’ into these perps. All avenues that are legal should be explored.

  4. @BFP: Good interview. Ms. Davis seems very well spoken and I’m glad her story is being told. I would have liked to hear more about the original case of the 23 people she was raising a flag about and what her opinions are about why they were allowed in and why DHS was so pissed about her raising that flag. What were the motives? It was only in passing that she mentioned them covering their a**es. But that seems a little extreme for just a CYA reaction.

    @Simon: Is her story being ‘allowed out’…

    Where? Here?

  5. @Zica I believe her upcoming film will receive a nationwide audience.

  6. Great interview!

    @Simon I don’t blame her for not being able to read the situation as people in powerful positions are there mainly because of their tremendous talent to deceive; however, I was a bit surprised to see the trailer hosted at IMDB. I’ve become skeptical of anything “promoted” in the mainstream or nationwide.

  7. dutchbradt says:

    Oddly enough, the accelerating economic decline of the middle class is a source of hope. If the American people can no longer be distracted by the obsessive consumption of consumer goods, it will become more difficult for them to ignore their loss of civil liberties.
    Americans believe what their government tells them because it is so easy to do so. As long as our society provides the majority of citizens with the creature comforts they enjoy, few are willing to rock the boat. They can ignore the abuses and just get on with their lives. As more and more Americans lose their jobs, their homes and their confidence in a prosperous future, the possibility that their government has been lying to them becomes more and more plausible. Their economic dissatisfaction will turn to political dissatisfaction. (I’m sounding like Lenin!) The irony is that it is the political and economic elite who are the very ones responsible for pushing the majority over the edge by their own greed and over-confidence in their power. The American people have to be bought off if the ruling class are to retain their power, but the rulers seem to have forgotten this. The Great Recession has become an experiment in just how far our rulers can push the majority into economic degradation before they turn on them.

    Americans are happy to give up their freedom in exchange for a little comfort and security. Their willingness to cooperate in their own subjugation will diminish, however in proportion to the disappearance of that comfort and security,

  8. @dutchbradt I agree; however, that “boiling point” at which it will be too late to fight back, is quickly approaching, if not here. I think the ruling class – who has not slept a wink in decades, as they’re too busy creating and/or destroying the legal framework, agencies, mercenary military, false flag events, not to mention, building up their resources (FEMA camps, underwater and oversized coffins, MRE’s, etc) that will serve to keep us “helpless” and at their mercy – is watching the “pot” and observes the onset…they’re getting very brazen as of late.

    Once control of the Internet is established, and once they get our guns, and complete control of our food, I think our fate is sealed. Obama just signed his 86th executive order http://canucwhatic.blogspot.com/2011/07/obama-signs-his-86th-executive-order-to.html which potentially gives him total control of 16% of our population, the rural part… the part of the population with guns, and the FDA is doing their utmost to outlaw any and all competition for Monsanto.

  9. jschoneboom says:

    I had the same response as Zica, I wanted to hear more about the 23 people who came in, I wonder if any follow-up is available. It just doesn’t make any sense as a retaliation for making somebody look bad. Too extreme. Ms. Davis seems to chalk it up to a screw-up that made people look bad. I think it’s just as likely it wasn’t a screw-up at all, but somebody doesn’t want a light shone on it.

    It sounds crazy no matter how you slice it but it makes slightly more sense as a way of trying to ensure that nobody followed that story anywhere. Could be highly counter-productive though, as now there are lots of people way more interested in the story than there otherwise would be. Extremely bizarre story, whatever is behind it.

    When you shock Sibel Edmonds, you’ve really gone over the deep end right?

  10. kmwakak8 says:

    Thank you both so much. You are both such bright, intelligent women who simply tried to do the right thing.
    I am a firm believer in doing the next right thing… yet even as upper management in Corporate law, it was “not” the right thing if I wanted to keep my job. So be it.
    Granted, in this capacity its a a far stretch from “Federal” whistle blowing, yet there were times I was asked to do very unscrupulous things,
    Of course I had questions I was not supposed to ask… I’ll call these people “Italian brokers…and attorneys”
    I got a lot of “hush money” when I was younger, yet after a period of time it started to eat away at me. I was blessed and cursed with “conscious” as well.
    There came a time where my integrity and conscious “had enough” before I knew it I was reconciling an account that was ALL “HUD” money! (and lots of missing checks!)
    When I realized what I was in the middle of, I was in pretty deep…
    It was the cast of characters involved in pilfering funds from HUD that was disturbing- some were upstanding members of the community.

    Per the comment above mine, I have seen extreme cases of retaliation for “making someone look bad” or simply telling it like it is.
    “Egomaniacs with inferiority complexes do it all the time…”

    Citing codes and regs certainly didn’t save the day… it just made the players nervous- and I (thankfully) got my ticket out of Corporate kindercare (upper management, baby sitting adults)with pay.

    It would have been so much more fun to see a group of attorneys be disbarred, yet being my mother’s only living child- I had to think of more then revenge games.

    Thank you both for your invaluable contributions by sharing your story. I realize it is a huge risk factor, but personally I’d rather stand my ground for what is true and just then to compromise my integrity, as was once “expected of me” by accepting bonuses to look the other way.

    I haven’t had to live that way in a long time, for that I am very thankful.


  11. Supporting all sanctioned whistleblowers targeted in political retribution. Today another UPS order was delivered with box deliberately cut open on one end. This past week all of my communications were disrupted in one manner or the other. This is the counterintelligence reverse psyops of “no touch” invisible physical torture under the four principles of the CIA Torture Paradigm applied in conjuncture with the fractionalizing methods of ongoing illegal Cointelpro operations. I am a U.S. government torture victim.

    Bob Levin

  12. Sibel when can we use our avatars in here?

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