Gimme a Break: The CIA Asset Turned Taliban Bodyguard Assassin?!

Spin the Spin to Get the Spun Story Un-Spun

additup I said I was not going to waste time writing about the Ahmed Wali Karzai assassination story and let the stenographers in our media spread the preapproved nonsense. I wrote my piece and provided you with my own humble two cents, and I was ready to move on:

…on the other hand, once things sour, when those liabilities begin to surpass the asset and the profits, you’ll see the media rush and begin swarming around the no-longer-a-favorite Kingpin. Then comes a short period of silence, and after that Bam: You have an assassinated, murdered, suicide-d, or disappeared Old Kingpin case. Alas; no surprise there since this is how these Kingpins ultimately meet their end- this one ‘supposedly’ by the currently fashionable enemy: the Taliban. I promise you won’t be hearing a single word about this in a few days and forever-The Langley Way.


The entire scenario of a Taliban-Turned confidante bodyguard didn’t sit well with me; way too Langley. When you get a chance read a bit about the assassination of Vietnam’s Diem Brothers, and then you’ll understand what I mean when I say ‘Too Langley.

Anyhow, this morning I read the following headline: Bodyguard Who Killed Karzai’s Brother Was Trusted CIA Contact :

The bodyguard who assassinated President Hamid Karzai's brother had been working closely with US Special Forces and the CIA …

Everything made sense up to this point, but then came the following sentences:

…before he was recruited by the Taliban, raising fears over the Islamist movement's increasingly sophisticated intelligence apparatus which has managed to threaten the inner circles of power in Afghanistan.

Utter nonsense; that is, if you start adding 2 and 2 and another 2, and then check the result against the one presented to you by the media. Let’s add up a few twos here:

-We know that Ahmed Wali Karzai was a CIA operative and trusted asset for years.

-We know that the CIA relationship- aka working arrangement soured with Ahmed Wali Karzai around 2008, so he was outed by Langley.

-We know that Ahmed Wali Karzai had a pretty good relationship with a certain group of Taliban figure-heads and was pro dialogue with the Taliban.

-We know that Ahmed Karzai’s bodyguard, Sardar Mohammad, spent years as a CIA trusted asset and US ally.

-We know that Karzai’s Bodyguard was a well-know Taliban Foe and played an important role as a snitch reporting on Taliban and helping with their arrest.

Here is what the above twos add up to:

The known Taliban Foe CIA Asset assassinates former CIA Asset-Operative whose relationship with the CIA had soured, and who had relationships and dialogue with certain Taliban figureheads.

And here is the add up by the media:

The bodyguard turned out of the blue into a Taliban and assassinated former US operative who turned out to be a drug kingpin Ahmed Wali Karzai.

Now it is your turn. Please go ahead and do the math.

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  1. The most difficult part of the calculation is that it amounts to a suicide mission. Is the individual MK-mind controlled? We know such things are realistic, but do you opt for that analysis?

    Moreover, “The bodyguard turned out of the blue into a Taliban”. The word is plural, and the singular is “talib”, i.e., student or scholar.

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

  2. stu piddy says:

    The Mk mind control idea is absurd. The CIA is a group of very backward people when it comes to understanding human behavior. They have no insight. They couldn’t possible control anyone into doing anything without tying them up and torturing them.

    Any number of scenarios might have occurred, ones I can’t imagine, I suppose. Did he actually kill him or was he killed to make it look like he killed him? Was he forced into killing him? Did someone give him an ultimatum having to do with something for which he was about to be exposed for, or was his family threatened? Was he set up in such a way as he thought he might escape or have the blame on someone else?

    It is absurd to imagine that the Taliban have some super sophisticated “intelligence” network consisting of 5 guys sitting around a campfire outside a bone menders house, plotting all of this.

    The CIA is an organization of rural people, who are NOT sophisticated, but rather backward, who the government provides with lots of expensive technology and then the public confuses the technology provided by science with the “intelligence” of the CIA.

    It’s an organization of morons, who act with meaningless destruction that benefits no one.

  3. jschoneboom says:

    Bit of a Jack Ruby kind of deal.

  4. SanderO says:

    The CIA and much of the National Security State in populated by sadists and for lack of a better word paranoid psychopaths. Those who join these alphabet acronyms including the police and much of the military “get off” on power, violence, breaking the laws that everyone else has to follow, being above, beyond and outside the law. For most this special status is enough to draw them inside to what is lawless behavior which they of course don’t see it as such because they rationalize that it a job that MUST be done and done secretly, and heck… someone has to do it.

    These agencies are like magnets to sadists and psychopaths which EMBRACES their absence of ethics and a moral compass and enables them to act lawlessly, violently without the slight tinge of their conscience. In fact, most of them don’t HAVE a conscience. They are selfish and self serving. But this is a common attribute found in way too many humans and easily exploited. These are the foot soldiers for the true power hungry who take it to the bank big time. They don’t even see their employment of these foot soldiers as exploitation in the least. These sadists and psychopaths are doing what they love… and paid or easily manipulated into doing almost anything.

    You can get rid of these agencies, but can you get rid of the tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of sadists and psychopaths that this society produces and nurtures? I doubt that. These types have been killing, raping, waring forever and they are not about to stop any time soon.

  5. @SanderO: Looking at the list of National Security Whistleblowers, I think your brush is too broad.

    @stu piddy: Same as above. Also, I agree that we don’t know all the possibilities. As for mind control stuff, Hollywood is one thing, but have you watched Human Resources yet?
    (I’m curious about people’s reviews of this film.)

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