Rep. Jean Schmidt Found Guilty of Accepting $500,000 in ‘Indirect’ Turkish Lobby Payment

The Revered Bruce Fein & Foreign Lobby Dollars in the Form of Illegal Payment of Legal Bills


I’ve been meaning to write about this for weeks, and just got around doing it. Maybe the subconscious procrastination was due to the conscious sanitization of this news by venues like this. Maybe it was the dread of having to tackle one of the quasi media phony darlings like this guy. Or maybe it was the repressed exhaustion-frustration I went through a couple of years back with this. Okay, allow me to start with the fairly recent development reported ‘incompletely and badly’ by the New York Times:

Representative Jean Schmidt, Republican of Ohio, has been ordered by the House Ethics Committee to repay a Turkish-American group $500,000 for legal services it improperly paid for to help her pursue a defamation lawsuit and other legal proceedings against a Democratic opponent in the 2008 election.


As you can see, very consciously the Times avoids naming ‘that Democratic opponent.’ Because naming him, David Krikorian, would require some fact citing and more context-background on the case; the case they together with the rest of the mainstream media went out of their way to black out. And doing ‘that’ would God forbid bring up the long-blacked-out state secrets privilege in my case. And ‘that’ my dear friends, is something that has been forbidden to these stenographers in the media circus.

So let’s continue the no-coverage coverage of a very significant case involving Congresswoman Jean Schmidt and the twisted and rechanneled Turkish Foreign Lobby dollars:

The action by the House committee, disclosed Friday, did not come with a formal punishment, because ethics investigators concluded that Ms. Schmidt had been misled by her own lawyers from the Turkish American Legal Defense Fund about who was paying the legal bills.

Ms. Schmidt was ordered to amend her annual personal financial disclosure reports to acknowledge the gift from the Turkish Coalition of America, which actually paid the bills, and then reimburse the lawyers.


 The report above casually, and very quickly, glosses over one of the implicated, that is, directly implicated, parties in this case: Schmidt’s lawyer- the lawyer who supposedly, and intentionally, misled his client, and did so with a dollar amount not in the thousands, but actually half a million dollars. Ordinarily this slip by a government garbage disposal facility like the Times would not raise big flags. However, this lawyer is no ordinary lawyer. The lawyer in question here happens to be a famous, very public, high-profile and very deviously and shrewdly marketed man. The lawyer in this case is none other than deceivingly perceived Bruce Fein.  A man who has gotten very wealthy thanks to the foreign lobby, in this case the Turkish lobby in need of a man who knows the maze that gets the cheese to the congressional mice:

In 2007, Ayasli transferred $30 million in stock to fund a new endeavor, the nonprofit Turkish Coalition of America. The organization is headquartered in a Washington suite that has also been listed as the address for the Turkish Coalition USA PAC, the lobbying firm of Lydia Borland (who has represented the Turkish government), and the law firm of Bruce Fein and Associates (Fein comprises half of the Turkish American Legal Defense Fund).

In addition to the advocacy done through the ATC (which also funds trips to Turkey for congressional staff), a handful of its members--Citigroup, BAE Systems, Northrop Grumman, Chevron, Textron, United Technologies, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, which spent a combined $80 million lobbying Washington last year lobbied Congress directly on the genocide resolution and other issues important to Turkey; the Aerospace Industries Association, a trade group, helped coordinate the effort.


Oh wait, Bruce Fein is married to Mattie Fein, the Republican candidate who ran against Jane Harman in 2010. Had she won, how would one go about calculating and deducting her campaign-donation  ‘gifts’ from her husbands million-dollar foreign lobby gifts? Isn’t it interesting? And as far as Turkey’s former partner lobby, the Israeli Lobby, this is where Bruce & his voluptuous wife stand when given the Zionism litmus test:

7. Would you support Israel taking military action to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons? Under what circumstances?

The United States should support whatever Israel believes is justified by national security worries over Iran.

I know Mr. Fein has many pro-liberties fans out there who are mistaking him for ‘real;’ some consider him a real constitutionalist who stands for liberties and against secrecy. That’s very similar to those who fell for Obama the constitutionalist. Remember, Obama the author of a very constitutional book? Recall the beautiful words spoken and sold as pro liberties, pro change, anti secrecy and beyond? Well, you have a similar situation with Mr. Fein: he talks a good talk, and writes well. As for who Mr. Fein is: you are looking at a man long succumbed to foreign lobby and military industrial complex lobby dollars. You are looking at a man far more loyal to Israel and its lobby than to our nation. You actually have a man who believes any war would be justified for the sake of Israel. And in the latest Schmidt case you are looking at a man who helped funnel half a million dollar foreign ‘Bakshish’ to his congresswoman friend, and even indicted by the lame Congressional Ethics Committee as an attorney who intentionally misled his client.

Yet, you see none of this in the New York Times coverage. These points are intentionally omitted in mainstream media reports. Just as they were during my case-a topic that threatened corrupt US officials, MIC and Foreign lobbies.

I think I have made the case for the intentional black out and modification of this development by the US media. I am going to stop here, but you can read and watch more on this here.

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  1. theepitbull says:


    I’m glad you decided to post this!

    Officially, I’ve made The Boiling Frogs my main source for alternative “real” news!

    More like this 🙂

    Love “Light” and Energy


    PS: In trying to post…I got the interfaced cycled (3) times?

  2. linda lewis says:

    This reminds me that the Martin Luther King memorial was described the other day as the only one on the National Mall not dedicted to a president or war. That’s sad enough…but, even the memorial for King, who advocately so eloquently for peace, shows him with a stern look, his arms folded in a classic defensive pose. Didn’t he prove that peace is strength? Or did I only imagine that?

  3. Bill Bergman says:

    That article you link at the bottom includes reference to ‘federal filings,’ e.g. “The most recent Federal filings show that Hastert, one of several registered foreign agents for Turkey, now receives $35,000-a-month to push the Turkish government’s agenda on Capitol Hill.” What federal filings are these? Where can they be located?

  4. theepitbull says:
  5. Bill Bergman says:

    thanks, theepitbull

  6. j kanarcho says:
  7. Sibel: Your last “here” will no longer load at Youtube. Great review of topic. Thanks.

  8. @Jkanarcho: Unfortunately Yes. I like and respect Dr. Paul. Hope he’ll get rid of this taint; dirt. He shouldn’t fall for this Israeli Lobby Zionist who’s been serving Turkish-Israel lobby for over a decade…

    @thymesup: Maybe you can find it @ BradBlog. I don’t know what happened woth Brad-he’s been MIA and no show/no response for almost 2 years. Hope not due to presseure from his funding ‘mothers.’

  9. Greetings from “Mean Jean’s” congressional district! -the one she is supposed to be representing, that is.

    Re: Mattie Fein’s boobs -they look fake… yuk.

    Re: BradBlog -used to be a regular reader during the Bush years, especially on election fraud and Sibel’s story – but since then he seems to be mired into partisan nonsense… I deleted it from my RSS feeder when he parroted the ‘Tea Party inspired Jared Loughner’ meme… Whatever one thinks of the Tea Party (not much), that kind of rhetoric shows great a disdain for the First Amendment.

    In any case, Sibel, he did give your story its widest domestic distribution when he wrote that article for Hustler Magazine!

  10. Oivae: Greetings, and thank you for the comment. I guess with this particular picture she was trying hard to show off her ‘conservative’ side;-)

    Re: Brad BLog. He certainly did, and I’ll always be thankful to him for doing what no one else (at least no visible site)did with that deposition and the follow up after that. Truly sad to lose him to partnership, ‘outside’ influence. He has/had a great potential and a solid following. He lost many…including me. He is very intelligent person, and I still hope to have him back; ‘independently’ and ‘sober.’

    Since you are from this mean congresswoman’s district you may be able to spread the word (thatis, the facts) about what/who she’s been really representing. I know chasing the local media there is pretty hopeless, but local bloggers maybe?

  11. Sad about brad blog. I used to be a regular reader.

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