AntiWar.Com’s Momentary Insanity or Selective Amnesia

Crucial Missing Information in Hasty Marketing of a Lap-Dog Watch-Dog

antiwarThis morning I was very surprised to find at AntiWar.Com a long marketing piece written on an infamous Lap-Dog Watch-Dog. Written by an apparently ignorant contributor, Kelley Vlahos, the piece is filled with highly selective and sugar-coated promotional misinformation. Missing from this PR piece for this corporate NGO was its $4 million backing by George Soros, Rockefeller family members, Carnegie, and numerous ‘Secret & Classified’ corporate backers. That’s not all. For a site that has been promoting itself as anti government secrecy, Antiwar.Com’s not-so-bright Vlahos conveniently blacks out POGO’s record on supporting the Obama administration’s retaliation against whistleblowers, his pro secrecy actions, and his anti transparency campaign since day one of his presidency. Let me show you the widely-watched record of this information that was intentionally left out by Antiwar.Com:

And this one:

Also numerous documented reports and article previously provided to Antiwar.Com; here are a few:

POGO: Mastering the Art of Lap-Dancing for Mega Sugar Daddies

A Watch-Dog for All Seasons

The Journey from Watch-Dogs to Lap-Dogs

The Tentacles of Megas

I have been a supporter of AntiWar.Com for many years. We have common readership with them here at Boiling Frogs Post. Granted, it’s been highly annoying to find more and more mainstream media (especially NY Times & Washington Post) generated news roundups at their website in the last few months, and less and less presentation of alternative voices. However, this one really goes beyond the level of my tolerance; as it should with many of their readers who have been dishing out $400,000 a year for them to remain an alternative. I hope their contributors will take this into consideration two months from now when they start beating the ‘help sustain us’ drum.  I know I am not going to support the next round until I see some signs of positive change…at least back to where they were before.

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  1. Bill Bergman says:

    The author of that article has written some interesting things in the past, but this one was just a little too glowing. And it sure is easy to criticize overpriced toilet seats, but not stand up when it really matters.

  2. @Bill: right. For me, the real mindboggling aspect: the writer’s full prior knowledge…which makes this not ‘ignorance’ but ‘intentional doo doo.’

    I know we share many readers with AW; please go to their site and notify them-via comments under the article (hopefully they won’t censor) or e-mail…Thanks.

  3. Bill Bergman says:

    Doesn’t look there is a comment facility at the article? The author’s email is, I sent her a note.

  4. Bill, ther is. If you go to this link/article: you’ll see a big banner that says click here to see discussion thread on this article, click there, and it will expand…than post comment(s). I see others have posted…Thanks.

  5. Bill Bergman says:

    Sorry, I just don’t see it, and I have both my contacts and my reading glasses on. Top, bottom? Or do you have to register with the site to see it?

  6. Bill Bergman says:

    Sorry, brain dead, found it

  7. “DB: We’re feeling very welcome on the Hill right now.”

    Says a lot, doesn’t it?

  8. Xicha: exactly, and this dim-witted lady can’t see it??! Doubt it. Please go to antiwar, and make yourself heard. The entire gov whistleblower community see the fraud this corporate lapdog is. We don’t want the general public misinformed by lies-filled and BS PR campaign like this. Here is the link again:

  9. More openness in what? I don’t feel we have ever been in such a state of secrecy (DENIAL) then we are now. Obama, (amoeba- what ever) has hyper-contradicted secrecy to an extreme.
    The fact that POGO is being funded by the axis of evil says enough…
    It’s as if POGO job is to ensure things don’t become public knowledge due to “government oversight” not for the people, but for the powers that be, and wannabe.
    Obama’s Transparency Award is as valid as his Peace prize, he deserves neither.

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