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The Boiling Frogs Presents Russ Tice

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Russ Tice joins us to assess and explain the National Security Agency’s (NSA’s) ongoing and ever-expanding domestic electronic surveillance of Americans in violation of our rights guaranteed under the Fourth Amendment, and the implications and dangers of the agency’s massive Data Mining technologies and practices. He provides us with his analysis of the Congressional Intelligence Authorization Act of 2012 and the vetoes issued by the White House against two provisions in the Senate version of the bill, one of which requires that the Director of the National Security Agency (NSA) be confirmed by the Senate. He discusses the latest development in the case of former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling, who is suspected of leaking classified information to author and New York Times reporter James Risen, and the implications of the renewed request for a subpoena to compel Risen to testify at Sterling's upcoming trial. Mr. Tice talks about the case of NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake, the very troubling FBI-NSA information sharing-cooperation, the use of surveillance-generated information as blackmail against elected officials and more!

Russ TiceRussell Tice is a Former NSA Intelligence Analyst & Capabilities Operations Officer Specializing in Offensive Information Warfare (O-IW). During his nearly 20 year career with various US government agencies he conducted intelligence missions related to the Kosovo War, Afghanistan, and the USS Cole Bombing in Yemen. In 2005 Tice helped spark a national controversy over claims that the NSA and the DIA were engaged in unlawful and unconstitutional wiretaps on US citizens, and later admitted that he was one of the sources that were used in the NY Times’ reporting on the wiretap activity in December 2005. On July 26, 2006, he was subpoenaed to appear before a federal grand jury regarding violations of federal law.

Here is our guest Russ Tice unplugged!

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  1. I know you’re still working on this site, but I think it would be fair to let us download the podcasts, at least until we can start playing them with our Android browsers. We could download them and move them to our portable devices that way. An ever-growing number of people have come to expect to be able to use portable phones, etc. to get streaming media. It is the future and the present.

    It will sink in more after you get your first smart phone 🙂

  2. Wow – thanks! Did I just miss that before or did you add it?

  3. Xicha; For what are you thankful? (I mean, besides Sibel and Peter!) Is downloading possible, or not?

  4. I just finished listening to this interview. It was excellent. If I were an unmarried polygamist, I would propose to all of the BFP team. This is an unmatched source for news, real information, and a perspective that cuts through the veil. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you.

    Sibel, you did a great job at the end of the interview with your questioning of the whole incompetence narrative. Mr. Tice, who gave a great interview, answered that question somewhat in terms of a cover-up. My follow up to that is: If you question UBL instead of killing him, who says that means the public gets to listen to his interrogation? Who says that means the public is going to find out all this interesting stuff about the dark side of our relationship with the terrorists?

    And last, but not least, thank you, thank you, thank you for asking him about flight 93. His answer was very intriguing. I hope that this question will continue to be asked and that more and more will be disclosed.

    Now I’m going to shop for another BFP coffee mug…

  5. Thymesup: I was able to download the podcast. Wasn’t sure if I just missed the link the first time or if it was added after my comment.

    The link to download seems to be gone again though… Maybe its me.

  6. Mr. Tice: Thank you very much for the interview and for what you have exposed about the “Mammoth”, as you put it. (I think that’s going to be an anti-NSA song.)

    As you can tell from my previous comments, I am intrigued by your answer to the question Sibel posed, regarding flight 93. I’m trying to appreciate the sensitivity for individuals who may or may not know anything about this. At the same time, I have a strong desire to say “If you see something, say something!” Probably, people who did, did, but not to the people who need to know – the public.

    Theoretically, what’s going to have to happen before you will or won’t disclose what you may or may not know about 93?

    Are there others who need to agree to come out?

    Are some just afraid of the shakeup it will cause in society, or is it all personal careers and safety?

    Especially interested in whether you may or may not know about any official documentation that might or might not exist and whether or not it could or could not be shared here at BoilingFrogsPost.


  7. Thanks, Xicha; In past I’ve downloaded bfp and Corbett Report episodes, but can’t seem to anymore, though I’ve sent a donation to subscribe here at bfp. My apple may be nearly full. Need to move stuff to new hard drive I’ve had for a year. Computer says “software is up to date.’ but is itunes part of software.? I keep getting option to download itunes 10 or upgrade to 10.3 I’m kind of a Luddite. Could that be why it’s not downloading?

    Each time I go to itunes It shows the corbettreport episodes but I can’t seem to see the whole list to choose an individual program. In past, and recently, I’ve also tried to copy episode 45 on Ptech in order to share widely, as James recommends. But it won’t copy (I think because it’s radio (Bonnie Faulkner.) Also have been trying to record episode (I think) 118 about the 911 whistleblowers, which he also says to share. Very frustrating. Many of my friends don’t even have computers but are interested in hearing these shows. Also, I pack lobster bait as one of my jobs and bring computer(!) to listen while I work. The stench is commensurate with American politics these days.!

    Thanks for any suggestions. I’ll look again for where to download. Curious.

  8. jschoneboom says:

    Excellent interview. Was glad for the (gentle) push-back on Tice’s acceptance of the “incompetence theory.” I could *almost* buy incompetence, really stretching my credibility to the max, if not for the fact that steel-framed buildings don’t suddenly drop like prom dresses from fire. Nothing like a hard physical fact or two to bring you back to reality when you start to waver about what you can and can’t believe.

    Great to hear you ask about Flight 93, and wow, what an intriguing response! Tantalizing. Frustrating. But good to know there may or may not be people who may or may not know something and may or may not be enticed into speaking on or off the record some day.

  9. “Mammy this makes no sense”

    The BF podcasts are enjoyable, highly informative, with clever people. I recommend this one as well. But again this show had a number of logical inconsistencies that were almost painful to hear.

    At minute 41 Russ Tice had the quote about kindergarden age children saying ‘mammy this make no sense’ when confronted with the Osama Bin Laden killing/myth discontinuation. This was directly followed by:

    “Part of my work in the black world was to always come-up with cover stories for everything you were doing. And not only one cover-story but a back-up cover-story in case someone figured it out. One, two or three back-up stories. Plan B, C, and D and back-ups for each. But they botched the whole thing up. The story is so bad that I think any common citizen would say “That obviously makes no sense” and I guess congress was just trying to put something in there to placate the citizen who was smart enough to know that something was fishy in that whole nonsense”

    Peter B then changed the topic (which is a pattern), while I find this highly interesting and informative and worth pursuing. When the stories A to D are designed by the best in the PR-business — which is definitely the case for operations like the end of the OBL-myth — one might expect that story A is for the majority who reads only the headlines, reads junk newspapers, or watches the commercial media. The somewhat richer story B is for the quality newspapers. And the even richer story C is for the alternative media. And story D is still to be disclosed. (Who knows it might be a hart-wrenching story of George H Bush pleading on behalf of the Bin Laden clan and the house of Saud to deliver OBL to his family to live the rest of his life, after thorough debriefing saving many innocent lifes, somewhere in seclusion in return for some sort of Arabic diplomatic help bullshit.)

    When I look at the current situation, the whole media plan has worked out without a glitch. The stupid sheeple bought story A, the quality newspapers had something to appear critical in the eyes of the intelligent sheeple. The alternative media had great fun speculating, we still don’t know what happened, and it is not a real issue anymore. Therefore it was not botched up at all: it was a success. There was no real incompetence, only apparent incompetence as part of the media strategy.

    So when we look at the 9/11 incompetence (even without considering all the promotions that befell the “incompetent”) we see exactly the same picture: apparent incompetence as part of a strategy.

    And that strategy has been hugely successful: 2 to 3 trillion dollars have been transferred from the people of the US to the elites that control defense and that need an actual police-state to protect their ever increasing wealth against the wrath of an ever increasing number of hopelessly befuddled poor.

    The banking bailouts showed the same pattern: the incompetent rating agencies who “mistakenly” rated utter junk as AAA+. Again apparent incompetence (without repercussions) as part of a strategy. And trillions were transferred from the people to the rich.

    What is difficult to about the concept of ‘apparent incompetence’?

    PBC always reasons from the incompetence angle like at 52.30 “… what they tell us about the Intelligence Agencies and how they bungled the attacks of 9/11”. To bungle means ‘clumsily or incompetent, leading to failure or an unsatisfactory outcome’. That the outcome is unsatisfactory for him does not mean that it is ‘bungled’. How naive can one be.

    I like PBC’s shows. I considered donating for a long time, but his default incompetence angle gives me the creeps and keeps me from donating. For example his attention to Guantanamo Bay is often excellent, but how is it possible to utterly neglect the looming main purpose of what is happening there. Especially when you contribute to the anti police-state awareness activities of the Boiling Frogs?

    Torturing innocent prisoners is not about information: no-one knows anything and you need to go on for ages to determine that. The first and foremost purpose of torture is much more likely the selection and education of domestic torturers for the moment the US police-state becomes really unpleasant. Would anyone who has no difficulty in practicing torture on innocent people have difficulties in torturing liberal voices form the leftcoast? Don’t think so.

    Please don’t think that smart people are incompetent — that is incompetent thinking.

    Sibel is right. One needs to look from (not at) the big picture. Simply ask the question “How does this and this change the temperature of the water?” and you can understand much of what is happening and who benefits.

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