Halloween for the Children of the Nations of Mighty Oil

When a Boogieman and a Ruthless Coward Become One

HalloweenHere comes another Halloween. It’s that time of year when the children of our nation concoct imaginary ghosts, monsters and boogieman, and take joy in confronting the made-up scary characters and symbols. It’s a game of pseudo scare. Everyone knows it. The ones too little to understand have it explained by their parents and older siblings. It’s the annual ritual of the pretend game of pretend scare. It’s the hidden scare pleasure button semi-pushed by a fictional charade of fictional characters: ghosts, monsters and boogiemen. The generic ghosts are given generic faces. Nameless and anonymous fictional men are boogieman. It is our Halloween.

What if this Halloween was exported to other parts of the world where horror and atrocities are woven into the people’s lives? What if this ritual was adopted by the children of the war-torn nations? What if these children who’ve been seeing, hearing and experiencing daily horrors and fear were to concoct their own Halloween characters? Would they solely rely on imaginary and made-up monsters and boogiemen, or would they designate real-life boogiemen as their Halloween characters and symbols?

ObamaI think the children of war-torn countries with mighty oil, or the kids in the nations on the mighty oil path, would not have to resort to a concocted, fictional and generic boogieman. You see, they have known, seen or heard of a real one. Their boogieman would have a name and a face. He’d be known for his ritualistic map combing, where he’d bend over a map, run his fingers over the page while humming:

 Eeny, meeny, mighty oil

Get that country by sheer force

If it fights back, fry by drone

Eeny, meeny, mighty oil

He’d keep humming until his finger, remotely controlled by the shadowy powers behind him, would come to a halt, on top of a nation- the chosen one for his coming round. If you happen to be one of the children in that nation …well, then may God help you; because no one else can.

The Boogieman with a name and a face would be coming after you with his man-less extension.

He’d be frying babies and mothers without having to hear the sound of their sizzling skin.

His man-less driven bombs would be hitting unknowing children at dinner tables or in bed.

ChildWhy man-less? Well, because it would take a certain type of man, a rare kind, to do it in person, to be able to stand the sound of those sizzling skins or the screams of the frying mother and her child, and keep doing it. But man-less is how it is done when a boogieman and a ruthless coward become one. And this kind of a coward boogieman with a face and a name is far scarier than any boogieman that can be concocted by any fiction. Just ask the children of the chosen Eeny- meeny- mighty oil nations. They’d tell you.

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  1. It is WAR CRIME.
    An Illegal WAR.
    War crime.
    Karzhai tells Obama to his face, if US attacks Pakistan, Afghanistan will fight with Pakistan.
    OOPs. I guess they endured about as much freedom as they could.
    Al Qaeda plants its flag atop Benghazi Court House.
    Is John McCain or Uncle Tony Blair going to ask them about the politik of that ? Hillary?

    Meanwhile, back in TVlala, the Lone perception manager about to unveil a 3 tonne bronze monument at ground zero to commemorate 911
    a COWBOY on a HORSE ‘freeing the oppressed people of Afghanistan’
    from the women/children killers[sic] of taliban/Al Qaeda.

    It just does not get any more stupid, vapid, than this.

    The psycotic behaviour patterns shown to benefit CIA employees equally manifest in the bunkers of the damned,
    their fingers on their joysticks,
    killing the children.
    the snuff movies of neocon

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