BFP Exclusive: Syria- Secret US-NATO Training & Support Camp to Oust Current Syrian President

Using al-Assad vs. Assad

weaponsI have been closely following the situation and events in Syria as they unfold. In doing so I totally bypass what’s being misreported by the US mainstream media-Washington Post, New York Times, and the like. I also pass on anything dished out by the Rockefeller-Soros-Carnegie connected popular quasi alternatives. Instead I rely on a few truly alternative news sources, my own sources in the area (let’s call it the vicinity), and my current and former government insiders. As you may expect I end up with facts and a picture completely different than the popular marketing products fed to our public by the mainstream media and quasi sources.

I want to bring to your attention a crucial case (operation) largely blacked out or significantly lightened up by the popular press. Here is the sanitized version, twisted, and reported by the mainstream

AlAssadChief military defector in Turkey denies training troops in Syria

Head of Syrian military defectors has denied a news report that he crossed the border from Turkey to Syria to command troops loyal to the opposition force called the Free Syrian Army.

"News reports that appeared on a number of Internet sites that I had crossed into Syria to command troops there are false. I am in Turkey at the moment in a safe place," Col. Riad Al Assad told the Anadolu Agency on Tuesday. Al Assad said an estimated 15 thousand Syrian soldiers had deserted and joined the Free Syrian Army to fight against the Damascus regime.

"Four hundred troops quit the Syrian army yesterday alone. Last week, 15 officers including colonels have pledged their allegiance. The Syrian regime is scared of the Free Syrian Army now," Al Assad said."The fall of the Syrian regime is unavoidable."

First, let me tell you right off the bat: the above article is in the ‘lightened up’ category. While the article doesn’t provide its own false information, it does showcase a main premise based on a subject who is in fact issuing a false denial. Further, the article purposefully doesn’t delve into why and how Col. Riad Al Assad ended up in Turkey, and what he’s been doing there.

Here is another brief mainstream paragraph on Col. Al Assad:

Dissident colonel Riad al-Asaad, organising defectors in Syria from his new base in southern Turkey, denied government allegations that adjacent states were allowing arms smuggling into Syria. “Not a single bullet” had been smuggled from abroad, he told Al Jazeera television.

Again, as in the previous piece, this article stops short purposefully. It doesn’t get into logical questions such as: What exactly is ‘organizing defectors’? How do you organize defectors in Syria from across the border? Is it a coincidence that his HQ is right inside the US Incirlik Base in Adana, Turkey?

You see, those alternative news and blog sites put down by the first cited article had it exactly right. Col. Riad al-Assad has been in Turkey, working with U.S. & NATO, right inside the US Incirlik Base in Turkey, to do exactly what he vehemently denies: smuggle US weapons into Syria, participate in US psychological and information warfare inside Syria as the middle-man whom Syrian protesters tend to trust, and help with funneling intelligence and military operators across the border and night-time drop offs by air.

The joint US-NATO secret training camp in the US air force base in Incirlik, Turkey, began operations in April- May 2011 to organize and expand the dissident base in Syria. Since then, in addition to Col. Riad al-Assad, several other high-ranking Syrian military and intelligence officials have been added to operations’ headquarters in the US base. Weekly weapons smuggling operations have been carried out with full NATO-US participation since last May. The HQ also includes an information warfare division where US-NATO crafted communications are directed to dissidents in Syria via the core group of Syrian military and Intelligence defectors.

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Coming Up Next- Same Operations-Same Motto: Not so Secret US-NATO Training Camps for Chechen Leaders and Militia. Please stay tuned.

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